FritigernSo... Wow. X was for some unknown reason using nearly 5 gb (out of my 12). a relog did fix it, but I have no idea what actually caused it00:07
GreenDayFacebook is trashnet...00:07
FritigernNo, i'm sure that's not the reason why00:07
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SeminarianSomeone have a working link on how to enable magnet-links in firefox and ktorrent, i have tried all kinds of stuff in about.config but nothing works :/01:09
claydohSeminarian: this worked for me: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/101286401:17
Seminarianclaydoh: thanks works!01:30
SeminarianWhat's the timeframe in what kubuntu 15.10 should be "relatively bugfree" ? months? weeks?01:31
SeminarianI'm really loving the GUI01:31
Seminarianbut there are some bugs01:31
Seminarianand haven't checked out 14.04 out yet01:31
SeminarianI should do that, at least from a live cd  :)01:31
apparleIs KDE Connect working in 15.10 ?01:34
apparleSomehow the device just doesn't show up01:34
claydohSeminarian: 16.04, lol, or else update plasma01:41
claydohapparle: it works for me01:42
apparleclaydoh: I just figured out the problem01:51
apparleI've enabled UFW, and that's blocking kdeconnectd01:51
apparleI'm not really a expert on writing firewalls, can anyone help me create a firewall rule which will allow kdeconnect ?01:51
apparlewriting firewall rules*01:52
Seminarianclaydoh: Ohh a backport is an upgrade.. always thought it was a downgrade or something01:57
SeminarianSo plasma won't be updated by doing "apt-get dist-upgrade" until I upgrade to 16.04, is that correct?01:58
claydohnope, Seminarian backports are things taken from a newer version (inn this case 16.04) and rebuilt for the previous version01:58
claydohyou have to get the plasma updates via the ppa or waiting for the next Kubuntu release01:59
SeminarianIt's always a gamble right01:59
Seminariangonna gamble :-)02:00
SeminarianI'll ad them to repositories and do dist-upgrade02:00
Seminariancool i'm a fan of backports!02:00
claydohyes, and no, you always take a chance but overall it works well, and has for manhy years02:01
Seminarianwhen is 16.04 due? is that the same release time for Ubuntu 16.0402:01
Seminarianalright I'm going to do it right away02:01
SeminarianBut if bugs are fixed in plasma they would never be fixed unless people upgrade to 16.04, isn't that strange?02:02
SeminarianI always assumed that if you take 15.10 in 1 year and do apt dist-upgrade.. All bugs would be gone02:04
SeminarianOr do they branch off just to fix bugs ?02:04
Seminarianfingers crossed for reboot02:19
Seminarianawesome, it sure is an improvement :-)02:29
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KdEuZeR15Hello all!03:24
KdEuZeR15I have an issue with kubuntu 15.1003:24
KdEuZeR15Kalarm simply will not work.03:24
KdEuZeR15Sends error messages, even with a clean install.03:24
KdEuZeR15Help would be greatly appreciated, or maybe an alternative.03:25
ponchale someone connected I have a question?04:16
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ponchalehola quade05:25
ponchalehi how are05:25
valorieponchale: if you want to upgrade, you'll need to run `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade`07:06
valorieand that will take awhile perhaps07:06
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darksimI don't seem to be able to find a nice comparison between 15.04 and 15.10, anyone have any idea where I could find that?11:59
darksimOh wait it's 14.0412:01
acheron88darksim: In regard to the new plasma desktop, or something else?12:03
darksimacheron88: yeah that along most other things12:04
darksimI guess I'll just go with 15.1012:05
SeminarianHey guys I've enabled "Active screen follows mouse" in windows behavior but applications still don't launch to where my mouse focus is at? Sometimes they launch on my left (integrated laptop screen who is not primary monitor).. What am I missing?12:07
SeminarianEven when I minimize from my primary (hdmi) monitor the minimizing animation shows all windows going to the task bar of my left monitor12:10
SeminarianAlright on th ebright side found where to put the keyboard shortcut to move the iwndows  manually from screen to screen12:21
Seminarianreally weird when i play the game on my 27 inch and minimize it it goes back to left monitor12:25
BluesKajhowdy folks13:14
darksimHm...I need some help with my /boot/efi partition13:39
darksimI sort of have...formatted it13:39
BluesKajdarksim, sort of?13:42
BluesKajwhat's left partition-wise?13:42
BluesKajwiped the whole drive including uefi boot partition?13:43
darksimNo I have all the partitions intact so to speak13:44
darksimI was distrohopping a bit cuz of promises and I made the decision to format the efi partition, I haven't changed any partitions in size13:44
darksimI formatted root home and efi while leaving my bulk storage untouched and mounted on a junk folder13:45
darksimI just didn't expect it all to break so badly when I formatted the efi, I thought if you changed the OS too much you had to change it13:45
BluesKajformatteed to?13:45
darksimWell it was supposed to be the exact same as it was...just cleaned up13:46
BluesKajwhat did you use to cleane it up?13:46
darksimWell I used the partition manager that was provided during installation of the OS13:46
darksimIt knew it was like FAT32 /boot/efi13:47
darksimso all I did was select the format option13:47
BluesKajso you still have a gpt partition table etc13:48
darksimI should, can I check that quickly somehow?13:48
darksimlsblk doesn't give me that info13:48
darksimHm I fired up KDE Partition Manager, since Im in Kubuntu Live USB13:49
darksimand both the SSD and the HDD are still gpt partitioned13:49
BluesKajdarksim, sudo fdisk -l will tell you the partition table type13:49
darksimthe SSD is 250-ish GB and is  supposed to hold both the efi, root and home13:50
darksimwhile the HDD just holds files13:50
BluesKajDisklabel type: xxx, should show13:51
darksimOK /dev/sda : the HDD is gpt13:52
darksimand /dev/sdc the SSD is also gpt13:53
darksimand further looking I get that /dev/sdc1 is EFI system type13:54
BluesKajok well , if you still have the proper formatting for uefi-boot then ubiquity should be able install grub to the uefi-boot14:03
darksimDoes it matter where I put my boot loader installation?14:05
darksimI mean I think I'd like to use the SSD but it's sdc and the HDD is sda14:05
darksimWhich means that the HDD is found before the SSD, does that matter?14:06
BluesKajdarksim, kubuntu installer ,ubiquity will put it in uefi-boot where it belongs14:06
darksimSo during disk setup, that's ubiquity?14:08
BluesKajdarksim, which drive has the uefi-boot partition, that's where grub should be installed14:08
darksimthe SSD /dev/sdc is where I'd put the boot loader installation14:08
darksimand the EFI partition14:08
BluesKajubiquity is the kubuntu installer14:08
darksimbut I don't think ubiquity is handling this well, I don't get the correct selections14:09
darksimUse as: FAT32. Format: Yes. Mount point: /boot/efi.14:09
darksimShould I do that?14:09
darksimI had to put that in manually in Ubiquity tho14:10
darksimJust saying14:10
darksimHm...why can't I select format...14:12
darksimDang it14:12
BluesKajI prefer manual partitioning , you have more control14:13
darksimThat's what I'm using in the installer14:14
darksimI never use the guided one since it always wants to wipe a whole disk and I like seperating /home to it's own partition even if it's on the same drive14:14
darksimI just don't get why I can't use the format on the efi partition14:15
darksimI just can't click the button14:16
BluesKajif it's already formatted, why worry14:16
darksimWell maybe it isn't?14:16
darksimIt's borked for all I know14:17
darksimNot sure what's in it14:17
soeewith new systemd Grub -> sddm time is ~ 6/7 seconds here pretty nice14:18
BluesKajlet ubiquity worry about that , grub should install there automatically at the end of the installation afaik, it may ask you if want grub to install14:18
BluesKajsoee, does grub install automatically to the uefi-boot partition?14:20
soeehmm i'm not sure14:21
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI14:21
BluesKajdarksim, how did grub install on you last linux OS ?14:22
darksimWell I was using Linux Mint, installed Kubuntu no real problem, tried to install Manjaro, failed, went back to Kubuntu, still failed14:23
darksimSo yes you can probably blame Manjaro for this14:23
BluesKajfailed, what were you doing etc14:23
darksimI got the partition manager and I set it up as I described, only difference is that the partition part of Manjaros installation let me put a format on the efi partition14:24
darksimWhich I thought would be a good idea since Ubuntu-based to Arch-based was probably too big of a leap to leave the important stuff intact, I thought14:25
darksimso after install was done I rebooted and the system was caught in a loop, resetting whenever it tried to load any drives I bet14:25
darksimSo I had to open up the PC and actually unplug the SSD with the supposed boot loader installation and efi partition on it, launch it back on again with live USB, make a Kubuntu live USB in the Manjaro live environment and then boot up Kubuntu live environment. I also plugged in the SSD mid-session14:26
SeminarianHey BluesKaj if I press ctl - alt -del in plasma 5.5 the logout window should appear on my primary monitor right?14:28
darksimWell the installation is complete14:28
Seminarian*"primary display"14:28
darksimI went into KDE Partition Manager just to check and the sdc1 didn't have a boot flag14:28
darksimso I put a boot flag there, is that OK?14:28
darksimthe efi partition that is14:29
BluesKajdarksim, did you try setting the ssd as the first in theuefi/bios boot sequence14:29
BluesKajSeminarian, usually, yes14:30
darksimBluesKaj: I'll check that when I restart now14:30
BluesKajSeminarian, I don't have multiple monitors, but idoes appear here when using those keys14:31
SeminarianBluesKaj:it always comes at my left display (integrated laptop screen), I even enabled "follow mouse cursor" in "window rules"14:31
SeminarianIf I launch counterstrike it also shows up on my left display (not primary)14:31
SeminarianIf I launch playonlinux as well on my left14:32
SeminarianAm I missing a setting perhaps?14:32
BluesKajSeminarian, i don't know much about multiple monitors, sorry.14:32
SeminarianOk no problem man14:33
SeminarianIt's really buggy, sometimes the window manager crashes and the display manager restarts14:33
Seminarianwhen changing montior configuration14:33
BluesKajI use my TV as a monitor, it's large enough to not need more then one14:33
Seminarianokay cool, do you use custom shortcuts or default shortcuts for your window management?14:34
SeminarianI have a 27 inch but like to use my 17 inch to put some other static data or video clips open14:35
BluesKajSeminarian, no I use activities setup with different apps in each14:36
SeminarianOkay I really have to check that feature out sounds promising14:37
SeminarianWhat kinda work do you do on your computer? Coding? Design? ..14:37
SeminarianLol :-)14:41
SeminarianBluesKaj: What kinda work do you do on your computer? Coding? Design? ..14:41
BluesKajSeminarian, i'm a retired guy who uses and tests linu/kubuntu mainly as a hobby, so i do have time on my hands to some degree :-)14:44
BluesKajespecially here in the great white north in winter :-014:45
SeminarianHaha cool okay ;-)14:46
SeminarianWinter really is computertime14:46
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Seminarianvery basic question.. Where can I find the equivalent of the "update menu, addiontal software" tab of Ubuntu in Kubuntu where I could change the installed Nvidia display driver16:42
SeminarianI can't seem to find the menu16:42
BluesKajSeminarian,Kmenu>computer>system settings>driver manager16:45
emmy laptop has a touch screen but i cannot understand what is the use of that.16:46
emIs there a way in Kubuntu 15.10 to turn that off?16:46
emim wondering if its the reason why every time i turn on my computer there is stuff on the desktop i never put there.16:46
SeminarianBluesKaj: Oh, i looked there but clicked it away too soon. Thanks!16:47
BluesKajSeminarian, which nvidia driver fits your gpu?16:48
SeminarianBluesKaj: I'm installing 361 (recommended) I have gtx860M16:49
SeminarianI was using 358 before16:49
SeminarianLooked up on nvidia site and they suggested the 361 as well16:49
Seminariantime for a reboot and testing if there's any difference in the game16:49
electriceelHi there17:00
electriceelFor the Kubuntu Live DVD what's the pasword?17:00
electriceelI'm not able to change the user name17:00
BluesKajthere is no password17:01
electriceeluser name is Live Session User17:01
electriceelIf I click login without entering any password17:01
electriceelit just blinks and comes back to the same screen again17:01
electriceelIs there any other way of logging in?17:02
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guiltzenis rekonq the best browser for a KDE distro?19:03
guiltzenthe best QT browser19:03
soeeit isn' t mainteind i think19:08
soeetry Qupzilla19:08
guiltzennice, i will give it a try! thanks19:09
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powertonadomoin moin19:14
Jyhem_Good evening. I switch from kubuntu 12.04 LTS "precise" to the latest kubuntu: 15.10 "wily". I can't find any way of moving my konversation settings to the new computer (the 15.10 one).19:18
Jyhem_I tried transferring both .kde/share/apps/konversation/ .kde/share/config/konversationrc but the new konvesation has no knowledge of all the list of servers and channels and passwords and accounts :-(19:20
Jyhem_yet, all that info is obviously in .kde/share/config/konversationrc but it is ignored :-(19:21
Jyhem_Any idea ?19:21
RealKinetixJyhem_: Tried ~/.config/konversationrc ?19:22
Jyhem_RealKinetix: no, let me try19:23
Jyhem_YES! Thanks a lot, RealKinetix :-D19:25
Jyhem_I would never have guessed :-(19:25
RealKinetixNo worries...  I hadn't run it on my system here, so fired it up and did a quick look for it's config file19:26
RealKinetixYou probably could have save your conversationrc file as some other name entirely, then removed all instances of konversationrc and started konversation to see where the config file showed up19:26
RealKinetix... Just giving you the suggestion on how I would have looked myself if I was in your position.19:27
Jyhem_my home directory is so cluttered, how could I have seen there was a new file ?19:27
RealKinetixfind . -iname 'konversat*'19:27
Jyhem_good point. I did that on the origin computer, not on the target one. Silly me19:28
RealKinetixhah!  That19:29
RealKinetixThat'd do it19:29
Jyhem___Soon I can switch off the old slow computer. :)19:32
snypzhello all19:34
Jyhem___Anyone has an idea how to make unread feeds show up in big bold visible black in akregator? In the 15.10 version, the bold does not stand out at all. That makes it hard to see something new showed up19:35
snypzanyone running kubuntu on sufacebook?19:35
snypzKubuntu host19:36
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wkaspari find the uer managemet in kubuntu 15.10 'not so good'19:47
wkasparwhy a virtual user?19:47
Jyhem__you mean guest user?19:51
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Seminarianweird stuff going on, I go to driver management  in plasma 5.5.. Select the nvidia 355 driver.. It installs , i click refresh it lists as 355. I reboot and check and "Using x.org x server nouveau.." is marked instead of the nvidia driver?21:54
SeminarianWhat's going on?21:54
SeminarianTried to install different nvidia drivers like tihs21:55
darksimI have set alsamixer's auto-mute to disabled because I like to have sound coming out of both my headphones and speakers at the same time21:59
darksimBut for some reason I have to unplug and plug in headphones to get any sound in my headphones21:59
SeminarianThis time I've done "apt-get install nvidia 355" rebooted, and driver manager still lists nouveau? Driver manager is wrong?!22:01
darksimiirc installing it only lists it as available in the driver manager?22:06
darksimNot actually applies it22:07
darksimAlthough sometimes when I use the driver manager to apply a driver it works for a while, then reloads showing nouveau22:10
darksimAnd I have to try again heh22:10
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apolhey, what should I be telling someone with ubuntu to do to install Plasma?23:42
apolapparently apt-get install kubuntu-desktop doesn't work anymore23:42
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apolmaybe shadeslayer? :/23:45
apolhey, what should I be telling someone with ubuntu to do to install Plasma?23:53
apolapparently apt-get install kubuntu-desktop doesn't work anymore23:53
Fritigernapt-get install plasma-desktop should work... in theory. I never tried it myself. May I suggest testing this in a virtual machine frist?23:55
valoriehi apol23:56
valorielast time I checked, which was a few days ago, kubuntu-desktop worked23:56
valorieis this in 16.04 ?23:57
valorieor 15.1023:57
apolok, my mother is operating my sister's laptop23:57
apolit's 15.1023:57
apolI send them the commands through whatsapp, everything is very rudimentary23:57
valorie$ apt-cache policy kubuntu-desktop23:57
valorie  Installed: 1.331.123:57
valorie  Candidate: 1.331.123:57
valoriein wily23:57
valorieeasier than apt-get these days is just plain apt23:58
valoriesudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade23:58
apolmaybe they need apt update23:58
apoldidn't think of that23:58
valoriethat's why I always do it together23:59
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valoriealso remember to tell them about the up-arrow key in konsole23:59
valoriehuge timesaver23:59
valorieand saves from a lot of misspellings23:59
valoriewhatsapp, dude23:59
Fritigern(same goes for the tab key)23:59

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