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alkisgHi, I'm beta-testing git recipes, but it's been stuck at "in 10 minutes (estimated)" since 2 hours now: https://code.launchpad.net/~alkisg/+recipe/satisfy-daily10:35
alkisgAnything I can do to speed it up? Should I report it anywhere? Should I just wait? :)10:36
cjwatsonalkisg: Looks like some of our cloud infrastructure for builders failed overnight.  Let me see if it'll come back up with a swift stab.10:37
alkisgcjwatson: thanks, btw this branch and build is solely for testing, I don't mind if it's delayed, deleted etc etc10:38
cjwatsonalkisg: It's nothing specific to this build.10:38
alkisgYup, got that10:38
cjwatsonalkisg: Only partial success, but it should be enough for your build to happen in some kind of finite time now, and I've asked for sysadmin help with the rest.  Thanks for reporting.10:45
alkisgThank you cjwatson :)10:46
cjwatsonalkisg: (The estimated build time can be a bit misleading, but you can see a more complete view on https://launchpad.net/builders/)10:46
dakerhello can someone check this account https://launchpad.net/~a0905260705 (possible spam)10:49
alkisgcjwatson: do you think it would be OK to migrate a small project that is hosted upstream on launchpad, from bzr to git? Or should we wait until things stabilize a bit more?10:49
cjwatsonalkisg: Git hosting is stable10:50
alkisgCool, and if we hit issues with recipes or translations there are always workarounds... thanks again :)10:50
cjwatsondaker: I only see the weird code import.  Anything else?10:51
cjwatsonalkisg: Note that direct translation commits only work to bzr branches at this point, not to git.10:51
dakercjwatson: he is playing with bugs https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/71175010:52
ubot5`Launchpad bug 711750 in LoCo Team Portal "Meeting chair drop down uses launchpad username not IRC username" [Wishlist,Fix committed]10:52
alkisgWe're thinking of seperating the translations branch (=bzr) from the code branch (=git)10:52
cjwatsondaker: That's not spam, that's usually just a confused new user playing with the UI10:52
dakercjwatson: https://code.launchpad.net/~a0905260705/loco-team-portal/1 (he is trying to import a bitcoin address https://www.maicoin.com/zh-TW/btc_addresses/1PBdd56RXypysB83oXH5crxdZVjvcRdqkR.)10:53
cjwatsonYeah, that's definitely weird.  I'll send a warning10:53
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cjwatsondaker: actually, changed my mind, suspended that user.  thanks10:57
dakeryw :)10:59
aquariusI seem to have 2fa turned on on my LP account, and I don't know how to turn it off (and can't log in from this laptop to turn it off, because I don't have a 2fa code). Help? :)11:08
dakeraquarius: you need to confirm that you are the real aquarius :p11:11
cjwatsonaquarius: You need #canonical-sysadmin11:12
cjwatsonaquarius: And it's probably 'cos you're a member of ~sso-2f-testers11:13
aquariusI suspected this might be the case, although this weirdly doesn't seem to have come up for the last three yeasr11:17
aquariusalthough maybe I was just already logged in everywhere and it's because this is a new laptop :)11:17
aquariuswill ping the sysadmins. Cheers11:18
cjwatsonYeah, possible (though a little unusual) that you managed to just have sufficiently long-lived sessions ...11:18
cjwatsonIt's only relatively recently that it started enforcing for that team, although "relatively recently" here is something like six months ago11:19
aquariusthis is a punishment for me acquiring a newish laptop :)11:19
cjwatsonGotta correct the karma somehow11:19
wgrantWe haven't reset LP sessions since 2014.11:20
wgrantSo it's quite possible.11:20
aquariusmemo to self: log out of stuff occasionally11:21
cjwatsonalkisg_away: Builders repaired and the queue has cleared properly now.12:18
stubHmm, two branches, one git repo in the git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/prodname namespace13:45
stubMy charm, and the built charm. Is it a terrible idea to host them in the same repo, even though one is generated from the other?13:46
stubI can probably be trusted not to merge them13:47
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cjwatsonstub: Seems fine.14:25
wxlis there any way i could have a private mailing list on launchpad?15:43
wxlor at least not have the archive be public15:43
wxland/or have the archive only accessible to team members?15:43
cjwatsonOnly for private teams, IIRC.15:43
cjwatsonLP mailing lists aren't ideally flexible.15:44
wxlboo and private teams = $$$?15:44
cjwatson(Also overkill ...)15:44
wxloh well then15:44
wxlthanks for the help as always15:44
cjwatsonIf it's Ubuntu-project-relevant and you have special requirements it's probably best to ask for a lists.ubuntu.com list at rt@ubuntu.com15:44
wxlk thx15:45
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