wxlphillw: fwiw xubuntu said 32 entire disk worked fine without bug 966480. is it possible you have a bad image or something???22:00
ubot93bug 966480 in plymouth (Ubuntu Precise) "The prompt asking for media removal is not shown at the end of the installation" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96648022:00
wxlyes but it sounds like they have to participate in 16.04 :)22:01
phillwthe md5 is okay, and I didn't see it in manual partitioning.... could be a glitch with KVM. Just didn't see it on any of the 6 tests yesterday...22:03
phillwnot seen it on 1st 32bit test22:03
wxloops wrong channel that last one22:03
wxlphillw: have you don't any more than just the one test today?22:04
wxlphillw: also i seem to remember that issue affecting different vms in different ways22:04
phillwdone the full suite of 64 bit22:04
phillwjust done 1st one of 32 bit22:05
wxland you saw the bug on every test?22:05
phillwnope, on full install, auto-resize but not with manual resize..... Hence my suggesting it could just be a vm glitch.22:05
wxlyeah and the xubuntu test was on vbox so there's that22:06
phillwI don't have vBox installed at the moment, it had a fall out with kvm (this tends to happens after kernel upgrades)22:15
wxli'll do some further testing then and get back to you.22:15
wxlianorlin: Kamilion: krytarik: teward: adueppen: sorry for the massive pinging, but can you check and see if you get bug 966480 in a full install of 14.04.4? phillw has seen it in kvm, although xubuntu is not seeing it in vbox, which is strange. may be vm-specific.22:33
ubot93bug 966480 in plymouth (Ubuntu Precise) "The prompt asking for media removal is not shown at the end of the installation" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96648022:33
phillwwxl: a re-run of the 64bit full disk install has passed okay. Seems like a kvm issue.23:02
wxlphillw: a temporary one huh?23:03
phillwwxl: more likely intermittent ....23:03
wxlin other news the respin i mentioned in email *IS* going to happen, but when is unsure presently23:03
wxlyeah that's what i meant23:03
phillwokies, I'll watch for the respin and dust off cloud-piglet to do a bare metal install on. It's due to have fedora installed, so can be a bare metal machine until 16.04 is out.23:04
wxlsounds great. thanks. i'll email the list when i know more but if you catch it before i do an email awould be appreciated23:05
phillwwilco, but Nio spotted this one 1st :)23:06
wxltrue :)23:06
ianorlinI might have a few paritions I don't really need I could install on as well23:39
wxlthx ianorlin23:44
wxlphillw: do you want to nullify your comment on that bug, btw? :)23:45
ianorlinwxl once it is 20160215.1 is the respin I want as that would be first for today right23:48
wxlianorlin: .1 is the respin for proposed. multipath-tools will be .2 or tomorrow :)23:48
* wxl notes it's almost tommorrow, utc anywho23:49

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