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omnihello i have a urgent problem with my lubuntu install11:52
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Guest7535i cant log in to my main user when i log in it get stuck in the screen where its loading the profile but it wont continue to load desktop bars etc11:53
Guest7535i can manage to create other profiles to which log on to but i cant access my main profile and the problem is that i dont have the encryption passphrase written anywhere yet so i cant externally decrypt my home folder11:54
Guest7535i would reinstall if it wasnt for the files inside the encrypted home folder which i need but cant log in to11:55
tatvai need command for installing tor in ubuntu can anyone help?14:55
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Kaboom I'dlike not to have to type my password session PLS23:16
wxlKaboom: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Boot_Install_Login#For_release_12.04_and_on_.28LightDM.2923:22
KaboomTHX a lot :)23:23
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