Ivanx507hello :P03:53
Ivanx507Anyone here tested ubuntu-sdk in kubuntu?03:54
Ivanx507i like more plasma 5 but i wanna make a great scope03:54
mrqtrosHi all07:09
mrqtrosalecu ping07:09
mrqtrosalecu ping08:02
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alecumrqtros: pong11:15
mrqtrosalecu hi there! Seems that my scope causes dash crash (sounds funny)11:33
mrqtrosalecu I want to discuss it with someone from dash's team dunno anyone from it11:34
popeymrqtros: well done!  😃11:36
alecumrqtros: saw your email, it's about the Academy scope, right?11:38
mrqtrosalecu yes11:38
mrqtrospopey thanks :D11:38
alecumrqtros: I think pawel is the right person to handle that11:39
alecumrqtros: saw he responded to your email11:39
alecumrqtros: let me ping him11:39
mrqtrosalecu thanks!)11:40
mrqtrosalecu I am worrying about this because of participation in contest (Scope Showdown)11:40
alecumrqtros: here's pstolowski11:44
alecupstolowski: thanks for your help11:44
mrqtrospstolowski hello :)11:45
pstolowskimrqtros, hi!11:45
mrqtrospstolowski first of all - thanks for your reply in email11:46
mrqtrospstolowski does anyone else have such issue? When a fix will be released?11:47
mrqtrospstolowski is there any workaround? I am worrying because of participation in scope showdown11:48
pstolowskii have just received a couple of reports this morning and still investigating11:48
pstolowskimrqtros, ^11:49
pstolowskimrqtros, i've a test cases with a dozen of stress tests and cannot make it crash. still unsure about root cause.11:50
mrqtrosCan you simply run my scope?11:50
pstolowskimrqtros, good idea. do you have a click package for the phone by any chance?11:51
mrqtrospstolowski yes, w8 a little11:52
mrqtrospstolowski https://yadi.sk/d/p4bmL_Bgos74C11:52
pstolowskimrqtros, thanks, trying11:53
mrqtrospstolowski scenario is - open it, w8 for full download of 4 sources, then find something (for example "Haskell", 2 results), then hit back (or clear search query)11:53
mrqtrosIn most cases this causes dash crash on phone11:54
pstolowskimrqtros, right. reproduced.11:56
mrqtrospstolowski do you have logs or something like that?11:56
mrqtrospstolowski is it bug in scope or in Dash itself?11:57
pstolowskimrqtros, question - do you call register_category for all the categories always, even if they will have no results (such as with Haskell example)?12:04
mrqtrospstolowski I think yes12:04
mrqtrospstolowski I shouldn't?12:13
pstolowskimrqtros, no, that's absolutely fine, just trying to recreate the scenario12:13
mrqtrospstolowski source code is open, feel free to use it: https://github.com/QtRoS/courseexplorer/12:14
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mrqtrospstolowski any news? :)13:04
pstolowskimrqtros, no, sorry, still investigating13:11
pstolowskimrqtros, your scope is almost certainly innocent13:12
mrqtrospstolowski nice to hear that)13:17
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mrqtrospstolowski how is it going? Can I help?15:03
pstolowskimrqtros, had a lunch break, so not much new. my stress tests https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/unity-scopes-shell/model-update-crashfix/+merge/286069 don't trigger the problem15:06
pstolowskimrqtros, would it be much work for you to modify your scope to push all results into a single category all the time, and see if this still reproduces it?15:07
mrqtrospstolowski not so much, but I can build click in evening only15:09
pstolowskimrqtros, i see. i don't need this click, just let me know if single category makes a difference15:10
mrqtrosAh, ok, can test it in evening, ~ 19:00 utc, is it ok?15:10
mrqtrospstolowski what kind of error do you get?15:11
mrqtrospstolowski segfault?15:11
pstolowskimrqtros, yes15:14
mrqtrosSeems that bug suggested by you (https://code.launchpad.net/~chihchun/unity-scopes-shell/lp1535377/+merge/285123) is really affects15:15
mrqtrospstolowski, ^15:15
pstolowskimrqtros, yes, i see same stacktrace15:15
mrqtrospstolowski so what are you trying to find out?15:15
pstolowskimrqtros, but i don't understand the root cause  and don't agree with proposed fix15:15
mrqtrosI also do not like this fix (to be honest)15:16
pstolowskimrqtros, i'm trying to find a way for reproducing it programatically in my tests15:16
mrqtrospstolowski no much clear15:16
mrqtrospstolowski these methods beginInsertRows, beginMoveRows and so on are quite hard to understand15:19
mrqtrospstolowski let me look myself at model15:20
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pstolowskimrqtros, ok. btw, your category renderers have 'subtitle' mappings, but there is no subtitle attribute in results (shouldn't do any harm, except for some warnings from the shell i guess)15:25
mrqtrospstolowski yes, got it, will fix15:27
faenilahayzen: yo15:35
ahayzenfaenil, hey what's up15:35
faenilahayzen: any news about music app?15:35
ahayzenfaenil, define news :-) .. i've nearly got the convergence stuff working15:36
ahayzenat Uni at the moment, should hopefully be able to get it in a state tonight to push15:36
faenilahayzen: great to hear, keep me updated :)15:36
ahayzenfaenil, will do :-)15:36
ahayzenfaenil, managed to find a way of making the tabs not go fullwidth :-)15:37
faenilcool :)15:37
mrqtrospstolowski seems that you should add test where some item is changing his position15:39
mrqtrospstolowski its*15:39
mrqtrospstolowski just shuffle input15:39
pstolowskimrqtros, i've plenty of such tests15:42
mrqtrospstolowski what is the point of moving results? Why not just add new instead of old?15:44
pstolowskimrqtros, should be slightly more effective from qml point of view; less flickering15:45
mrqtrospstolowski what about efficiency and CPU cycles? I think that such optimization has a lot of bad effects15:50
mrqtrospstolowski I never seen such things before, but I am working with Qt 6-7 years15:51
mrqtrosWhat is the idea of this line of code: m_results.move(oldPos, row); ?15:52
mrqtrosWhat if m_results do not have such amount of items?15:53
mrqtrosSry, last question is wrong15:56
mrqtrospstolowski got it! This line is harmful anyway: m_results.move(oldPos, row);15:57
mrqtrospstolowski what if 'row' is bigger than previous m_result.count()15:57
pstolowskimrqtros, that's the point, it shouldn't be bigger. if it is bigger, then the problem is somewhere else i think15:58
mrqtrospstolowski in my case it is bigger - empty search returns ~400 results, while search with query can return a little, for example 215:59
pstolowskimrqtros, of course. please read my comment to the MP15:59
pstolowskimrqtros, that's totally fine. the outer loop shouldn't let it go out of bounds as it's processing the rows16:00
pstolowskimrqtros, plus i've tests that start with 2000 results and go down to 10 results on next search etc.16:01
mrqtrospstolowski try from 10 to 200016:01
mrqtrospstolowski with matching items in different positions16:01
pstolowskimrqtros, i've 10, then 20016:02
mrqtrospstolowski you can try my results as example, check indexes of "Haskell" course in result sets16:02
mrqtrospstolowski my input files are available in cache directory16:05
mrqtrospstolowski you can reproduce it easily16:05
mrqtrospstolowski I will be online in evening16:05
mrqtrospstolowski thanks a lot!16:05
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josharensonWhen I write a simple hello world app in the SDK, it deploys just fine on my device, but when I use, almost, the same cmake file for my own app, I get this error http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15084110/20:42
ahayzenfaenil, how much do you know about the headers ? or is that Tim's area?20:57
faenilahayzen: yep, timp's20:57
ahayzenok :-)20:57
* faenil should really get some experience as "user" of the sdk 20:58
* faenil is however working at 9PM atm...20:58
ahayzentimp, I've used PageHeader in my Pages which are inside Tabs .. which works nicely. However when i rotate my device and the tabs resize... i get the original header from the Tabs appear with like a transparent background20:59
ahayzentimp, is there a way for force this to be hidden?20:59
* faenil is not in the SDK team, fwiw :D21:11
ahayzenfaenil, you are a QML/Qt prototyper ?21:13
faenilahayzen: yes, that is my role, although nowadays I help the SDK team develop the convergent components21:13
ahayzenfaenil, awesome :-)21:13
faenilnowadays == last 8months :D21:14
faenilbut I'm in the Design team, one of the few developers who act as the bridge between designers and the engineering teams, basically :)21:15
faenil(spoiler: we need more bridges :P)21:15
ahayzenfaenil, hah :-)21:17
timpahayzen: ohh, I haven't been testing the PageHeader combined with Tabs a lot, because for the Tabs we'll have a new pattern22:09
timpahayzen: what do you mean with the tabs resize?22:09
ahayzentimp, i'm workong on the convergence stuff22:09
timpthe idea is that whenever you have a Page with a PageHeader in it, it automatically hides the old header. Even in landscape.22:09
ahayzentimp, so what i've managed todo is make the tabs take up say 2/3 width, by giving the page a PageHeader22:10
timpso maybe you ran into a UITK bug22:10
ahayzentimp, but when i rotate and then go back the header appears with no bg22:10
ahayzenthen if i push anything to the stack and go back it is fine again22:10
timpI don't understand it. Do you have a screenshot?22:10
ahayzentimp, yeah give me a minute22:10
ahayzentimp, also i've been mapping the PageHeader stuff to things like page.head.backAction (to support legacy things) as i'm migrating things over to the new PageHeader22:11
ahayzentimp, where is the action for the tab drawer? should it be in .backAction ? i cannot see it22:11
timpahayzen: in PageHeader? For that, you can configure the whole PageHeader.leadingActionBar22:12
ahayzentimp, i've managed to get them working on the PageHeader, what i mean is, how can i hijack the action from the tabs ?22:13
timpahayzen: so set PageHeader.leadingActionBar.actions: [your, tab, actions]22:13
ahayzen(as in the navigation drawer thing)22:13
ahayzentimp, this is the bit of the 'old' header that can reappear after rotations https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XynHVKfrvMMWNMUmI0TFhxWVk/view?usp=sharing22:15
timpahayzen: maybe I'm a bit slow today because I was sick last week ;) can you explicitly say what you want to accomplish?22:15
timpyou want to trigger an action when the selected tab is changeD?22:15
ahayzentimp, i'm using the PageHeader thing, because i need the tabs not to be full width22:16
ahayzentimp, i have all the actions from the pages mapped correctly. Just have two issues. 1) I need to either make the navigation-menu action and overlay thing to switch tabs, or somehow extract the one from the tabs component ... 2) when i rotate i can get it to the state where the old header appears22:18
timpahayzen: the old header appearing after going to landscape and back to portrait looks like a bug to me. Can you report it? If there is a test program to reproduce it, that would be great.22:18
ahayzentimp, yup i can do that22:18
ahayzentimp, and the tab navigation thing (in the leading actions position on the old header) can i access that through the Tabs {} component? or should it be the Page.head.backAction ?22:19
timpso the bug will be for 2).22:19
timpyou cannot access the actions in the old header navigation overflow22:20
ahayzenbut you can see it is there when the bug occurs :-) hehe22:20
ahayzentimp, where is the component that does that in the SDK ? I've found bits of it in the TabBarStyle, maybe i could just emulate it for now22:21
ahayzenor just make my own22:22
timpI still don't understand the problem22:22
timpahayzen: it is in Themes/Ambiance/1.3/PageHeadStyle.qml22:22
timpahayzen: basically it is this code http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15086428/22:22
ahayzeni need the tabs navigation button to switch tabs, to be visible when using the PageHeader22:22
ahayzenah cool!22:23
timpahayzen: that OverflowPanel is the same as is used in ActionBar for the overflow button22:23
timpahayzen: so if you give a list of actions to switch tabs to leadingActionBar.actions, that should give the same result22:23
ahayzentimp, sweet! i'll try that thanks :-)22:23
timpahayzen: just set the Actions to set the selectedTabIndex22:25
timpif that is possible22:25
ahayzeni'll have a play about22:25
ahayzentimp, thanks for the pointers :-)22:25
timpno problem :)22:26
* timp off22:26

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