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dholbachgood morning08:23
davidcalleMorning o/08:57
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popeystupid networking09:36
popeymorning all09:36
* dholbach relocates to the office, brb09:42
_SpongeMorning dholbach .11:53
dholbachhey _Sponge11:54
* _Sponge is freeling Woolly today :)11:54
_Spongetoo much Austrian beer IMHO.11:55
MooDooor you're getting friendly with sheep ;)11:55
* _Sponge isn't from Wal;es, thank-you11:56
* _Sponge is looking at tomorrows Order paper .. http://tinyurl.com/ClaareObbyrTynwald13:14
_SpongeLooks like we're getting a Credit Union, by this time next Tourist Trophy season (July)13:15
josedpm: ping14:48
dpmjose, pong, hablamos en ~2 en hangout?15:00
josedpm: listo!15:00
dpmdholbach, will be a min15:00
_Spongejose, There's something a_miss with http://ubuntuonair.com/15:06
jose_Sponge: which is...?15:06
popeythe video was removed15:07
popeyprobably they re-started it15:07
_Spongethe video has been removed by the userr.15:07
popeyso the link is wrong15:07
josejcastro, I'm looking at you...15:07
joseI'll try to fix it, unless popey you're in now15:09
popeyI am not15:13
popeyI'll leave well alone  😃15:13
popeyI break wordpress whenever I go near it ㋛15:13
jose_Sponge: should be fixed now, thanks for the pointer15:18
_SpongeOk np. Just like to see things moving_along smoothly.15:19
_Spongejose, not sure what "&nbsp" at the top of the screen, but I 'll leave it upto you.15:20
joseit's supposed to be a line break somewhere15:21
dpmjose, en 45 minutos te va bien hacer un hangout? Cuando dije ~2 no me fijé que no añadí "horas" :)15:47
josedpm: yep! no hay problema.15:47
dpmok, perfecto15:47
dpmpopey, on the discussion of dekko... did ota 9.5 get released in the end?15:48
popeynot yet15:48
dpmis there a date?15:48
popeyA stable date? Not that I've seen.15:51
dpmok, thanks15:54
_Spongepopey, I wonder if the Conergence phone wud fair well here https://t.co/9oWuqEXjAC16:28
_Spongesorry for the bad link .. http://ift.tt/1RFbg0V16:29
popey_Sponge: will pass on to design, thanks16:33
dholbachhave a great rest of your day everyone - see you tomorrow!17:00
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