kais3n One question. I testing currenlty 16.04. Currently there is a problem with encypted disk on the boot. The function itself works but you don't see the prompt. Where should I report that?06:44
craysiiidarkxst are you running 16.04 on a real machine?19:09
HoppingMadManHey, everyone, I was just wondering if anyone can point me to somewhere I can jump in and help out the Ubuntu-Gnome project out20:47
darkxstcraysiii, yes, have been running it on my main machine since last year21:08
darkxstHoppingMadMan, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/GettingInvolved/JoinUs21:09
craysiiido you think i should wait for official release to install?21:15
HoppingMadManThanks darkxst21:15
darkxstcraysiii, no, its stable enough now, and feature freeze is this week, so shouldnt go breaking21:17
craysiiithen i will wait until next week :)21:17
darkxstwhy wait?21:20
craysiiiim going to order another SSD and make it my /home21:24
craysiiido you think 64gb should be enough for linux install itself21:32
HoppingMadMancraysiii I have a 64gb SSD and it is ok, but if I had the money I would have gone with something with more space21:33
craysiiiwell im planning on having 64GB / , 256GB /home , and a 1TB storage hdd21:35
HoppingMadManYeah that will do, I would if I could maybe go for a 120GB21:36
darkxst64GB is plenty for /21:36
HoppingMadManSpeaking on SSD, I was reading that if they are not booted in awhile they can die, now I am not up on SSD but, dose this hold any truth21:38
darkxstHoppingMadMan, no21:38
craysiiithat would be nuts21:38
HoppingMadManOk, thanks guys, I read that and was like what... That can't be true21:39
HoppingMadManYeah it dose seem nuts21:40
HoppingMadManJust asking I am not up on my knowledge on SSD, Going to have to start as I am setting up my business, and I want to offer SSD in my our servers for clients21:41
darkxstHoppingMadMan, its possibly true in the long-term, like if its not powered on for years21:47
HoppingMadManOh ok, yeah its just my server back in Australia hasn't been powered on in about 3 years now and it has a SSD as its main drive, and heading back there in a few months and I think I might have to buy a new SSD21:48
craysiiii would prob buy new ones anyway21:54
darkxstit wouldnt physically be dead21:54
darkxstbut at some point an SSD will forget what is stored on it21:54
HoppingMadManYeah going to have to buy a lot of stuff, new laptop is on top of the list21:55
craysiiii really recommend samsung evo or pro ssd21:55
craysiiiand so does most of the internet21:55
HoppingMadManOk, keep that in mind thanks21:56
HoppingMadManYeah, got any good recommendation for Linux Laptop that is newish and runs Linux with not much tweaks?21:57
craysiiii haven't one myself but i've heard good things about system7622:01
HoppingMadManProblem with that is no shipping to Australia and if you can they charge lots22:01
craysiiimost laptops are honestly crap, i would use a desktop but i understand if you need mobility22:03
darkxstHoppingMadMan, I tend to stick with thinkpads22:05
darkxstbut these days most laptops will work fine, you will likely only hit issues if you buy one that is super new22:05
craysiiiyeah lenovo is good but im personally butthurt because their custom SLI config in my laptop isn't supported by linux22:05
darkxstcraysiii, there is no SLI support on linux at all22:07
craysiiiim pretty sure there is?22:08
darkxstthe driver supports it, but little to no software can actually utilize it on linux22:11
craysiiiright, you need to construct the profile yourself22:11
craysiiibut what im saying is the driver didn't support mine22:12
craysiiianyway since it didn't work, i was forced to use just 1 gpu, which made it kinda pointless, so i was forced to windows, but since i hate windows i just dont use it anymore22:13
craysiiiwhat version of the linux kernel is 16.04 running?22:56
darkxstcraysiii, 4.423:48
darkxst4.5 will be released too late to make it in23:49

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