bregmahey RAOF do you have magic core dev powers?  I'm trying to squeeze my libertine-scope package through the NEW queue for Xenial and it's been sitting there ignored for a week and could use a little push....01:05
RAOFbregma: NEW processing isn't a core-dev power.01:06
RAOFbregma: You're thinking of Archive Admin, which I'm not.01:06
dufluOh and an Xmir patch please :)01:06
bregmait's all a black box to me01:06
dufluActually might need robert_ancell's help01:07
bregmaduflu, Xmir appears to have stopped working on Xenial, is that what you're talking about?01:07
duflubregma: No, but let me check that...01:07
RAOFI can totally upload an XMir patch...01:07
duflubregma: It must just be your machine. Xmir has not changed since 27 November: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server01:08
bregmawell, entirely possible it's my machine01:08
dufluThe last distro change was 27 Nov anyway01:09
dufluAlthough I have been compiling and running the latest Xmir on the latest xenial and it works01:09
bregma...and Olli's machine, but in a totally different way...  there's a zillion places something could go wrong in the chain of events01:10
bregmaI know a new x.org went in in Xenial a while back, I'm just paranoid about changes not getting synched somewhere01:10
duflubregma: On that note, it's probably bad form to do a xorg update this late. I was only requesting it for kgunn's titlebar enhancement01:23
dufluBut in terms of risk, maybe not a great idea01:23
RAOFWe're still pre-feature freeze.01:24
RAOFIt's a perfectly sensible time to get new features in :)01:24
dufluI know, but there's a huge maturity win in "It's unmodified since November" vs "it's unmodified for a couple of days"01:25
dufluConfidence is a good thing to keep01:25
dufluThat said, this is xenial. And on desktop Xmir still defaults to less stable dri2 renderer01:26
dufluLess correct, not less stable01:27
dufluSpeaking of maturity, despite our Unity8 issues Weston logins are more broken than Unity8 :)01:29
RAOFEh. Weston isn't really pretending to be a DE :)02:05
dufluRAOF: No, but a VT with just a flashing cursor is worse than expected02:16
RAOFProbably. No-one really cares for it in Ubuntu :)02:17
dufluRAOF: True, but if you're going to the trouble of providing it as a login option in Ubuntu, it should do /something/ :)02:18
RAOFIt's actually more trouble to *not* provide it as a login option.02:20
dufluPossibly. Although my xenial system makes me suspicious that continuous daily updates have broken some things (like Unity8 is missing most apps, and those I do have exit immediately)02:23
dufluI'm assuming a fresh install would be less broken02:23
zzarrhello! this is a question that might not have an answer yet, but I find it interesting: how will Mir handle external GPU's? (in external cabinets like ASUS ROG XG2 and Razer Core)11:04
alan_gzzarr: it isn't interesting (yet). Assuming there are userspace drivers I'd expect Mir to use them.11:08
zzarralan_g, okey, I thought more about, what if I use a GPU heavy application an it's running on an external GPU and I unplug the Thunderbolt 3 cable, will the application die or can it "jump" to the internal GPU? (or maybe it's suspended and resumes when I plugin the cable again)11:11
zzarrI know it's a longways away, but I find it interesting11:12
anpokjust donate one of those to a team member :)11:12
anpokat the moment we cannot because the kms platform figures that out during startup11:12
zzarrhehe, okey11:13
zzarrwell there's another thing holding it back.... there are no cabinets for sale yet11:13
zzarrso, I guess I should have asked, how would you like the application that just lost the GPU to behave?11:14
anpokbut later it might listen to udev.. from there on we have to deal with having several dri devies nodes for rendering/buffer allocation, and separate ones for outputs..11:14
zzarrI would like it to resume on the internal GPU11:15
zzarrI'm still trying to port Ubuntu Touch/Mir to my chromebook (as long as I have a viable plan I'll proceed till success or failure)11:17
alan_gIn this hypothetical world of yours either the driver(s) migrates context across GPUs (implausible) or the application needs to rebuild it. Either way I don't think Mir has a big role.11:18
zzarrokey, alan_g so the question was basically not related to Mir11:19
alan_gWell, if you can come up with patches for Mir that would help we'll be happy to review them.11:19
zzarrI just wonder, if I succeed porting, how will Mir handle more then 1 monitor?11:20
zzarreven if I use the Android (user space) driver or is that irrelevant11:22
alan_gMir currently handles multi-monitor based on abstractions implemented on both mesa-kms and android driver stacks. No reason your port would stop it working,11:25
zzarralan_g, that's exactly what I wanted to hear :-D11:26
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RAOFzzarr: In the best case, pulling the thunderbolt cable will result in applications seamlessly transferring to the integrated chip.22:58
RAOFzzarr: In the common case, pulling the thunderbolt cable will result in applications crashing :)22:58
RAOFIn order to handle the loss of a GPU the application will need to either: (a) be using software rendering, or (b) create an EGL context with KHR_ROBUSTNESS support and handle the EGL_CONTEXT_LOST case by destroying its EGL state and rebuilding it on a different GPU.22:59

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