_Spongeformulieren, formulieren en formulieren... Goedemorgen.12:41
_Sponge** goede middag12:42
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_SpongeOerHeks: Ping15:36
OerHekshi _Sponge15:37
_SpongeDoing well ?15:37
OerHeksYeah, got mail from the admin, when i was asleep15:37
OerHeksmailed back with details, now waiting forsomething to happen15:38
_SpongeOerHeks: The admin to Launcpad or github. (?)16:05
* _Sponge is sure that @jonobacon is the community manager to github.16:05
_SpongeOK, I'm following the project on github, now :-)16:20
_SpongeOerHeks: https://github.com/3rdwiki/Shower-Radar16:21
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_SpongeOerHeks: Could you look into the legalities on scraping content off buienradar.nl at some stage, thank-you.17:31
OerHeks_Sponge, i think that is not needed, see 1.2 ( my goal) http://gratisweerdata.buienradar.nl/17:33
OerHekssmall screen suitable for handhelds17:33
OerHeks5 days prediction17:33
_SpongeOk, fair enough. I agree.17:34
OerHeksSo the project can start pretty simple and can be extended17:34
_SpongeI just spoke to web-developer that said it wasn't likely to easily get content off there etc.17:35
_SpongeTHe Ubuntu SDK should make it even easier though.17:35
OerHeksbut if it needs java, we are ****17:35
_Spongeit doesn't need java .. afaik17:36
_Spongewe just need to convert the images into bitmap using the SDK.17:36
OerHekssofar i see it doesn't indeed.17:36
_SpongeI have asked for help.17:36
OerHeksoh nice :-D17:37
_Spongethe libraries in QML/Qt make it really easy to-do a conversion, IMHO.17:37
_Spongeand the Ubuntu SDK heavily relies on that.17:37
_SpongeWhat else are you playing around with at the moment ?17:38
OerHekswell, i am writing a book atm.17:38
_Spongeoh Ok.17:39
_Spongean Ubuntu book ?17:39
OerHeksno, not opensource software related17:39
OerHeksunemployed now, so i take this advantage in free time.17:39
_Spongeright got that :-)17:40
OerHeksAnd giving support in #ubuntu,most of the time.17:40
OerHeksthat is where i started, to get known with ubuntu, issues and thing i never heard about :-D17:40
OerHeks& solutions17:40
OerHekswhen did you start with ubuntu?17:41
_SpongeI think you may need to change your icon on github, so that you don't attract any /undesirables/. Here's my mobile computer background: http://s16.postimg.org/c668jd2o5/f_Xdi_DZj.jpg17:43
* _Sponge thought it may help.17:44
_SpongeAFAS Ubuntu origin story, I started on a HP pavillion in 2006 from the 'local' computer shop. But my fav. in Samsung.17:45
_Sponge**is Sumsung17:46
OerHeksheh, i think my name is more controversal than a picture, but whats-in-a-name?17:47
OerHeksi have seen buienradar on android, works pretty smart, as you can select your area too.17:48
_SpongeOerHeks: The name is fine .. just the image may means something else to somebody seeing that image.17:58
_SpongeOerHeks: I opened the shower radar page and was really impressed :-)20:15
TheEagerPadawanhmmm, met momenten speelt mpv voor de een of andere reden op een stiller20:17
OerHeks_Sponge, what page exactly?20:18
TheEagerPadawanals pulseaudio gekilled20:18
OerHeksthe example code?20:18
TheEagerPadawaniemand nog ideeen?20:18
_SpongeOerHeks: Your github page :)20:23
OerHeksoh yeah, i took the iphone icon :-)20:23
OerHeksthere really should be an ubuntu snappy icon20:24
_Spongeok, faier enough.20:24
_SpongeI could get one done, if you like ?20:24
OerHeksFeel free to do so :-)20:24
* _Sponge makes an issue on github.20:24
OerHeksmaybe a sun instead of exclamationmark :-D20:25
_SpongeIt just needs the ubuntu symbol for the github profile image - Don't worry I shall work on it with gusto :)20:26
_SpongeIt'll have a derivative of the average symbol .. like this .. https://redd.it/3jxoh020:27
OerHeksKeep it simple.20:28
_SpongeOerHeks: KISS is my speciality :-)20:48
_SpongeOerHeks: ping20:59
OerHeksData scanned: 50300.54 MB20:59
OerHeksData read: 779534.47 MB (ratio 0.06:1)20:59
OerHeksTime: 6720.662 sec (112 m 0 s)20:59
_SpongeOerHeks: oh err, right-oh21:00
OerHekshmmm i would not use the english letters, and would put the rainy cloud there.21:00
OerHeksoops, pasted clamav data :-D21:00
_SpongeOerHeks: There's a difference between the logo for the App, and the Logo for the Github for Ubuntu Dev's. I'm just trying to get the github profile correct, so far. So good ...21:02
OerHeksah oke21:02
OerHeksmissed that point21:02
OerHeksI thought you were producing the snappy icon21:02
_SpongeIt's just for developers on the github profile, really. You see my point ?21:02
OerHeksYes, it looks oke :-)21:03
_SpongeYeah, the snappy icon has yet to be determined :)21:03
OerHeksrecognisable, for ubuntu.21:03
* _Sponge eats his omelet well.21:16
_SpongeOerHeks: I've created an issue.21:51
OerHeksbear with me, how do i close?22:01
OerHeksjust hit close issue?22:03
_SpongeI think that's right. you just need to change the profile pict.22:05
OerHekslooking andlooking... profile pic, of the github page? not sure how to do that :-(22:21

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