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damasceneHi, I'm trying to connect using virt-view to my kvm machine but it says "waiting for display 1" could you please help me to connect?08:26
lordievaderIs it allowed to connect to the vnc(?) server (over ssh)?08:28
damascenelordievader, by who?08:32
damascenehow to enable that?08:33
lordievaderWhat virt-view does is ssh over to the kvm host and from there opens a connection to the vnc (or spice) server.08:35
lordievaderA firewall might easily disallow those connections.08:35
damascenevirt-viewer --connect qemu+ssh://user@ OVM208:35
damasceneI think there is no firewall issue as when I change the name of the machine to a wrong name it says there is no machine08:36
lordievaderDoes the firewall on the kvm host allow connections from localhost to 5900 (or whatever port the vm uses)?08:37
damasceneI'll check that08:38
damasceneI'm connecting from internal network08:38
damasceneso there is no connection problem08:39
lordievaderThe loopback interface has nothing to do with the internal network.08:39
damasceneso I should just check if the port 5900 is open and nothing block in.08:47
lordievaderFirst check what port the vm is actually using.08:48
lordievaderAlso, do you have the same problem with the virt-manager?08:48
damasceneI can run virt-manager on the server but not through ssh -X08:52
damasceneit does not forward it, and it gives no error08:53
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damascenelordievader, I opened the port in the firewall but that did not change things. I had the port shown as filtered before and after putting 5900 in the allowed ports09:11
damascenehowever I noticed there is no password set in the vnc tab so I set a short one. it says the ip the port 590009:12
damasceneshould I change vnc to spice?09:13
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lordievaderYou can run virt-manager on clients too.10:46
lordievaderNah, vnc should work. You could try setting the vnc to the 192.168 address and connect with a regular vnc client.10:47
RoyKhi all. trying to enable the watchdog on a raspberry pi2 here, I get this http://paste.debian.net/388577/11:16
RoyKit works if I systemctl start wd_keepalive, but it'd be rather nice if it started automatically as well :P11:16
BlackDexHello there. I have setup a bonding setup with 2 seperate bonding interfaces which are both on different vlans. When i add an IP sometimes i can't ping the gateway of the subnet in that vlan. If i do a tcpdump, i see that the ping goes via the loopback instead of the correct virtual-interface (or physical interface for that matter). Have posted this same question on the ubuntu-forums also with some more details: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php11:40
ertyuhi there11:48
ertyuquestioN ?11:48
ertyuwhen you got a service is down on a server suddently how to identify why ?11:48
BlackDexertyu: Check the logs12:02
phpcoderis good to install 15.10 for a server?12:11
phpcoderor is too new?12:11
RoyKphpcoder: you can, but I'd recommend using LTS for servers, meaning 14.0412:12
phpcoderRoyK, i thought the same12:13
phpcoderbut it has a very old packages12:13
RoyKand then upgrade til 15.04.1 whenever that happens, probably late 201612:13
phpcoderlike mysql 5.512:13
RoyKphpcoder: well, if you really need newer stuff, then why not12:13
RoyK16.04 will be released april 21, so not a long way off12:14
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spm_dragetI am installing remindmine from 14.04 on ubuntu. Passenger is used to access the ruby ab, but the app wants to install dependencies using bundler:  http://dpaste.com/0KHG1SR15:51
spm_dragetI assume installing stuff via bundler/gem is not a good idea if I want to keep the system clean15:52
sdezielspm_draget: I couldn't find a way to avoid pulling gems. Here is my install guide for Redmine on 14.04: https://sdeziel.info/redmine/index.html15:55
spm_dragetCouldn't it be possible that some gem is installed that also ubuntu tries to install via apt and results in conflicts?15:56
sdezielspm_draget: yes, conflicts are possible. In those cases, the gem versions will take precedence because they are installed in /usr/local/bin15:58
spm_dragetWell, it will not really be a conflict… but the version installed by apt will be simply ignored because the other one takes predesence16:05
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leitao_rharper, jgrimm: How should I proceed to upload debian/ppc64el images to images.linuxcontainers.org ?17:11
rbasakstgraber: ^17:14
stgraberleitao_: we just got ppc64el hardware again a couple weeks ago and will be adding this back into Jenkins once I have some time, likely after feature freeze17:15
stgraberleitao_: note that the official Ubuntu images can be downloaded using lxd-images if using LXD or by using the ubuntu-cloud template if using LXC, those images do include a ppc64el build today17:16
leitao_stgraber, good. I thought I should upload it manually. Thanks!17:16
stgraberoh, crap, you said Debian, sorry17:16
stgraberright, so yeah, no ppc64el Debian images today, hopefully we'll have enough CPU time on the ppc64el builder to build those too17:17
stgraberthough the builder being sponsored by Canonical, Ubuntu is obviously the top priority, so we may only build those weekly or something17:17
rbasakstgraber: can you tell me how to tell lxd to use an http proxy to hit image.linuxcontainers.org please? I'm failing to find any docs on this.17:19
rbasakhttp://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2308622.html is the best I can do and has no answer.17:19
leitao_stgraber, right. Is there another way to push the images to images.linuxcontainers.org?17:19
stgraberrbasak: just have http_proxy and https_proxy set in your envionrment17:20
stgraberleitao_: no17:20
rbasakstgraber: ah.17:20
rbasakstgraber: it is set, but error: Get https://images.linuxcontainers.org:8443/1.0: Forbidden17:20
rbasakI guess that's my proxy config.17:20
stgraberrbasak: hmm, that'd be my guess, yeah, images.linuxcontainers.org is a static apache server so I don't think it even can return Forbidden :)17:21
rbasaklxc remote add images images.linuxcontainers.org:443 worked.17:21
rbasakI guess it listens on that standard port number too?17:21
rbasaklxc image list images: seems to work too.17:21
stgraberit does, yeah, apache is bound to both ports17:21
stgraberI guess your proxy doesn't allow CONNECT to non-443 ports17:22
rbasakstgraber: next, "lxc image list images:" shows me the jessie amd64 image I want to start, but lists no alias. So the only identifier it has is a fingerprint. But if I try "lxc launch images:860e3f4bfab7 jessie-test" then after a long delay I get "error: image doesn't exist". Is this supposed to work, and if not, how do I map a listed image to the launch command?17:28
rbasakSorry to bug you - if there are docs I should be using instead, then I'd be happy to read them but can't find anything.17:28
spm_draget'bundler' on 14.04 wants to pull gcc, ruby-dev and all sorts of things. Is this intended/needed?17:28
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stgraberrbasak: let me check, there sure should be an alias for it17:29
Odd_Blokespm_draget: I guess a 'bundle install' could pull in gems that require gcc and ruby-dev to build.17:30
stgraber| debian/jessie/amd64 (1 more)   | ddfb4f30c17c | yes    | Debian jessie (amd64)   | x86_64  | 96.89MB  | Feb 14, 2016 at 7:32pm (EST)  |17:30
stgraberrbasak: ^17:30
stgraberrbasak: so lxc launch images:debian/jessie/amd64 jessie17:30
rbasakstgraber: ah. http://paste.ubuntu.com/15078417/ is what I saw17:31
stgraberrbasak: I'd have to check why starting from the short hash failed, my guess is that since the server isn't an actual LXD daemon, it's only got the fake fs tree setup for the full hash, not the partial one17:31
stgraberrbasak: right, see line 717:31
rbasakstgraber: because of the really long output, I only noticed line 108, and wanted to launch that one.17:31
stgraberah yeah17:32
stgraberwe had folks who wanted access to the previous builds which we still have on the server (we keep 3) so we're exporting those two without aliases17:32
stgraberthen since most folks pipe the list to | less because it's so long, we made it so that all images with aliases show up first17:32
rbasakI see. So I should be able to use the fingerprint like that, except there's a problem on the server which means it doesn't work?17:33
rbasak"lxc launch images:debian/jessie/amd64 jessie-test" is hanging too.17:33
rbasakI wonder if there's a different issue and I'll be told this image doesn't either in a moment.17:33
rbasak"error: image doesn't exist17:34
rbasakI wonder if that's proxy related.17:34
stgraberlet me try here17:38
stgraberstgraber@dakara:~/data/code/lxc/lxd (stgraber/master)$ lxc init images:debian/jessie/amd64 jessie17:39
stgraberCreating jessie17:39
stgraberRetrieving image: 100%17:40
stgraberrbasak: ^ so yeah, I'd blame your proxy :)17:40
stgraberstgraber@dakara:~/data/code/lxc/lxd (stgraber/master)$ lxc init images:187f36b41c02 jssie117:40
stgraberCreating jssie117:40
stgraberRetrieving image: 100%17:40
stgraberrbasak: also, note that the actual download is performed by the LXD daemon, so you must have http_proxy and https_proxy set in the daemon's environment too17:40
rbasakstgraber: that's probably it.17:40
rbasakIs there a standard way of doing that?17:40
stgraberrbasak: I have no idea whether systemd respects /etc/environment, if it did, that'd be the easiest way. Otherwise, well, you'd have to write a unit override in /etc/systemd/system or something and then use whatever the environment stanza is in systemd (sorry, on a trusty system right now, can't check here)17:41
* rbasak tries17:44
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Razvadoes Ubuntu Server has any netinstall, like CentOS, so I can boot the machine from a virtual ISO then continue install from the net?19:28
maswanRazva: Sure, just pxeboot the alternate installer - http://ftp.acc.umu.se/ubuntu/dists/xenial/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/19:52
RoyKRazva: ubuntu server installs most things over the net except the initial install20:12
patdk-lapit can do the initial install over the net also, using the net iso/pxe/...20:16
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igneushey, was wondering if someone would mind helping me with my new ubuntu server 14.04, having issues with picking up the NIC23:32
igneusgot a copy of the interfaces file and ifconfig here http://pastebin.com/QFuQ3H9023:32
tomreynigneus: ifup eth0 says what?23:39
igneuslet me check23:39
tomreynalso look at dmesg -T | less, type (upper case) G to go to the end and look for relevant entries there, scrolling up as needed.23:40
igneusifup: interface eth0 already configured23:41
igneusI'll check the dmesg now as well23:41
tomreynigneus: also try "service networking restart" (note this may disconnect you in case you are currently using this computer to chat here)23:44
igneusyeah, I've tried "/etc/init.d/networking restart" which I believe is the same (correct me if I'm wrong), but I'll try it again23:44
tarpmantomreyn, igneus: http://askubuntu.com/a/44233323:46
tomreynigneus: it's not the same for sure but may provide the same effect23:47
igneus@tomreyn, I see, well "service networking restart" stated it failed to stop the job, and when it tried to start it, obviously it stated it was already running23:48
igneus@tarpman, I'll give that a go23:48
igneuswell, "sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth0" reported no such process and failed to bring up eth023:50
tarpmanigneus: might be trying to delete a route (to the configured gateway) that doesn't exist. is there actually such a route right now? if not, commenting out the gateway line might get it through ifdown23:53
tarpmanigneus: that's a wild guess though.23:53
igneusI see, well if I understand your question, when I "ping" it reports no known network, I'll give a go commenting out the gateway line, got nothing to lose lol23:54
tarpmanI don't think you understood my question.23:55
tarpmanyou want to read the output of 'route' or maybe 'ip route'23:55
igneusyeah, definitely did not understand that lol23:57
igneuslet's give those a roll23:57

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