zzarrhello! I'm trying to understand how to make a patch for a kernel in order to make it compatible with Ubuntu Touch, it's a Chromebook kernel for the ASUS Chromebook Flip07:43
mac-what are minimal hardware rewuirements for porting ?09:15
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mac-as I guess port for Nexus 4 is fully functional ?09:38
mac-and up to date ?09:38
mac-what about Nexus 5 ?09:38
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abeatoogra_, hey10:04
abeatoogra_, I'm seeing an issue in touch where some devices are seen in ubuntu rootfs but not in the android container10:05
abeatoogra_, how it the container configured in regard to device node creation?10:06
ogra_abeato, the udev equivalent of android creates /dev on container startup ... both /dev trees need to be distinct else you cause chaos10:42
abeatoogra_, in this case some times the devices are seen in the container, and some times they are not... they are always see in ubuntu rootfs... that's what is puzzling me10:44
abeatoyep, I see they can't be excatly the same10:44
ogra_sounds like there is a race then10:44
abeatoyep :)10:44
ogra_the container should not move on until all devices are created10:45
ogra_iirc rsalveti once wrote a patch for that10:45
ogra_perhaps that needs updating10:45
abeatothese devices are created by a process launched in android10:45
abeatoso they do not exist before the conatiner starts10:45
ogra_that is why we need that waiting loop in the rild upstart job10:47
abeatoogra_, the problem is *inside* the container... there is a process that android starts that loads fw, and the device driver creates the device... which is seen in ubuntu but not always in the container10:50
ogra_what device is that ? you could make init.rc create a socket and check that from the ubuntu side10:51
ogra_(or just a flag file, doesnt need to be a socket)10:51
abeato /dev/stpwmt, related to wifi in frieza10:52
ogra_abeato, the udev equivalent in android is ueventd btw11:05
ogra_the container should not emit the android event until that has created all devices11:06
ogra_but if you say wifi, did you make sure that nothing touched the device on the ubuntu side ? if both os-es try to load the firmware there will be bad things happening11:07
abeatoogra_, no, I don't think that happens, fw loading is triggered from a process in the android side11:08
abeatotaking a look at ueventd now...11:09
ogra_good ...11:09
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_SpongeHello & good morning #ubuntu-touch11:29
_Spongepopey, I slept funny #sore-shoulder11:31
popeyme too!11:32
* _Sponge is looking for a 'trust box' off febay for the Office Kitchen - no luck so far :(11:37
ogra_jibel, davmor2, i had unity8 die on me at least once a day (three times yesterday actually) since friday on rc-proposed on the MX411:50
ogra_did you see anything similar ?11:50
davmor2ogra_: no but then my dogfood device in on stable not rc-proposed11:55
jibelogra_, I didn't see that, but didn't use my phone much this week end12:04
ogra_only happens after a few hours, but then completely out of the blue12:04
jibelogra_, it's the build with the new mir to fix bug 153260712:06
ubot5`bug 1532607 in Mir "Phone not usable while a call comes in - followed by "restart"" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153260712:06
ogra_well, whatever is latest in rc-proposed12:07
ogra_i usually update immediately if i get the notification12:07
jibelogra_, yeah, I'm just confirming that Friday's build contains the new mir12:07
jibelogra_, can you file a bug and attach unity8 and unity-system-compositor log files?12:09
jibelogra_, ~/.cache/phablet/unity8.log and /var/log/lightdm/unity-system-compositor.log when it happened12:12
ogra_i'll try to find the time during the day, yeah12:15
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ogra_yeah, last year ....12:34
mac-oh right12:34
mac-I'm still not familiar with 2016 :p12:34
mac-what about Facebook client, it is some native or just web version ?12:35
ogra_just web (yet)12:35
mac-same as it was on FirefoxOS12:36
mac-any good jabber client with OTR support ?12:36
* ogra_ doesnt use jabber, so i dont know12:37
popeydon't think so12:37
_Spongepopey, We can do gif's on ubuntu-touch , is that right ?12:38
popeydunno what you mean by "do gifs"12:39
_SpongeWell, we have a radar map .. Note this isn't the *actual* Dutch website that I'm looking for.12:44
_Spongewe have a github page by an Ubuntu Loco team member ...12:45
ogra__Sponge, it will definitely work inside a webview ... not sure if animated gifs work in QML though12:46
ogra_(never tried)12:46
_Spongeok , I shall make a note on it.12:46
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mariogripmhall119: ping13:49
_SpongeAfternoon mariogrip13:50
mariogrip_Sponge: Hi13:50
* _Sponge is looking for community board rooms on AirBnB.13:51
_Spongemariogrip: Anymore thoughts on jingo for wiki.ubports.com13:52
_Sponge^ ?13:52
popeymariogrip: public holiday in the US today, m hall119 might not be about13:52
mariogrippopey: Oh, ok13:53
mariogrip_Sponge: Jup http://wiki2.ubports.com/wiki/Home13:53
_Spongemariogrip: That's terriffico, well done !13:54
mhall119mariogrip: pong13:54
* mhall119 still hasn't figured out this whole "holiday" thing13:55
_Spongenice you could give some undivided attention to mariogrip on this holiday day :)13:56
mariogripmhall119: Oh, hey! Have you tried update? (saw there was 2 new versions)13:56
mhall119mariogrip: not yet, sat down this morning and realized my FP2 battery was drained again, so it's charging up now13:56
mhall119also, 2 new versions? I was already on rev 6, and I only see up to rev 7 on http://system-image.ubports.com/ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/FP2/13:57
mariogripmhall119: I see v813:57
mhall119oh, ha, there is it, just had to refresh :)13:58
mariogripmhall119: :)13:58
* popey hands mhall119 a morning coffee13:58
* mhall119 is already nearly done with his first cup13:58
mariogripbtw, if you need network: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/AdbNetworking13:58
mhall119I've been sick all weekend, actually drank tea *hot*13:59
mariogripmhall119: Thats not good, hope you are better now!14:00
mhall119getting there, it was just a cold14:00
mhall119it's the only time I ever drink hot tea though, is when I'm sick14:00
_SpongeGood option: Cod Liver Oil for aches & pains, Vitamin.c for antibodies etc  |Oh and the winter flu jab.14:01
mariogripI always hot milk and honey when i'm sick14:02
_Spongehoney is more preventative than anything else14:02
* mhall119 has so much honey14:03
ganzeinfachDoes anyone have an idea, which ubntu I can install on a del latitude ST Tab 10.1? 12.04 Precise doesn´t work for me, cause keyboard is freezing on the beginning.14:07
ganzeinfachwubi is not working. If I go in livemode in ubuntu, the liveos restart after my choice to install 12.0414:09
ganzeinfachhmm :/14:11
mariogripganzeinfach: Is it the desktop version you are trying to install?14:11
k1l_12.04 and wubi? that doesnt sound right.14:12
ganzeinfachyeah, I think so. Cant get the touchversion of 12.04 I think. I´ve got ubuntu-12.04.5-dvd-i38614:12
k1l_ganzeinfach: why 12.04?14:12
ogra_12.04 in general doesnt sound right, given it will go EOL in about 12 months14:13
ganzeinfachbecause it have LTS14:13
k1l_ganzeinfach: so does 14.0414:13
ogra_like 14.04 :)14:13
ganzeinfachand it works well on a desktop14:13
ganzeinfachand there is an tutorial for 12.04alpha214:13
ganzeinfach14.04 sux :)14:13
ogra_in any case, if you are using the desktop version this is probably the wrong channel ... this is all about the phone/tablet OS based on unity814:14
ganzeinfachyou missunderstood14:14
ogra_for touchscreen probs i'd go to #ubuntu-x ... for general installation support to #ubuntu14:14
ganzeinfachi want a touch version14:14
ganzeinfachbut there is no download anymore. only for 16.04 touch14:14
k1l_ganzeinfach: the 12.04 desktops are not really touch desktops.14:15
ganzeinfachyeah, but do you can find a link to 12.04 touch?14:15
ganzeinfachI don´t14:15
k1l_ganzeinfach: because ubuntu is making a new unity desktop which fits for touch on smartphones/tablets and  desktop on the same time14:15
k1l_ganzeinfach: there is no ubuntu-touch unity on 12.0414:16
ganzeinfachi dont like unity. i like xfce or xubuntu14:16
ogra_well, there are a few touch features in the 12.04 unity14:16
k1l_ganzeinfach: if you mean "touch hardware support". that is a not what ubuntu-touch is about14:16
ogra_(the desktop version)14:16
ogra_right, as i said, for touch hardware issues go to #ubuntu-x14:16
ganzeinfachyeah but if i cant get the touchversion I have to change the desktopversion to touch with extra drivers, but i cant still get a 12.04 touch iso14:17
ganzeinfachok ogra14:17
k1l_ganzeinfach: there is no special touch version for the "old" desktops14:17
ganzeinfachbut there was an 12.04alpha2, where is it now?14:17
ogra_alphas are wiped once the system gets released14:18
ganzeinfachit have tourchthings on it14:18
k1l_the touch hardware support is like nvidia video support. we dont make special nvidia desktop isos too. its just build in :)14:18
ogra_they are test images before release14:18
ganzeinfachits intel14:18
ogra_doesnt matter +14:18
ogra_we dont use (or know much about) the "normal" ubuntu in this channel14:19
k1l_ganzeinfach: my point is: you want a regular desktop iso. touch hardware support is build into the regular isos already.14:19
ogra_it is all about the new ubuntu for phones/tablets ... which is largely different from the isos you know14:19
ogra_go to #ubuntu-x or #ubuntu14:19
ganzeinfachI have a touchtab and I will a touch buntu old14:19
ogra_there is no such thing14:19
ganzeinfachokay :(14:19
ogra_there is the desktop image that has some touch features ... which seems to be what you want14:20
k1l_ganzeinfach: there is no seperation into touch and not touch ubuntus for desktop14:20
ogra_and for which you need to consult another channel14:20
ganzeinfachNote: You need Ubuntu 12.04, because the Psb_gfx drivers are already integrated in this version.14:20
k1l_ganzeinfach: doesnt say its removed after 12.04 :)14:21
ganzeinfachI dont won´t 14.04 on my tab, because 12.04 is the most stable OS I know14:21
k1l_ganzeinfach: look at the date. he links the alpha since 12.04 is in alpha state when he wrote that blog14:21
k1l_ganzeinfach: then just us a regular 12.04 iso.14:22
ganzeinfachbut the regular will not install on my SSD Tab14:22
ganzeinfachIt tell me the Installer and after it crashes. The error was something with ubiquitti14:23
ganzeinfachand keyboard is freezing14:23
ganzeinfachcant choose between language and cant switch between ubuntu live and ubuntu install14:24
ogra_right, try #ubuntu14:24
ogra_(totally out of scope of this channel)14:24
ogra_/join #ubuntu14:25
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_Spongemhall119:  Is it #PresidentDay today ?14:26
_Spongemhall119: just noticed 'cos it's trending on twitter.14:36
_Spongemariogrip: Still not happening. http://wiki2.ubports.com/auth/done14:44
mariogrip_Sponge: with github?14:46
_SpongeMaybe it's my ghostery thingy ... possibly uBlock dunno.14:47
mariogrip_Sponge: humm, I get error to... letme debug this14:49
_SpongeOk, good luck : http://postimg.org/image/iqzuj7x9t/14:49
Elleogreyback: hey, thanks for working on the gyroscope stuff! When that lands I can finish off my ubuntu cardboard VR demo \o/14:51
greybackElleo: heh, we had similar projects in mind :)14:51
Elleogreyback: cool14:54
ArcticHey guys15:00
ArcticMy Nexus 5 is stuck on the ubuntu boot screen  on both devel and devel-proposed15:00
Arcticany ideas of what might be wrong?  greyback Elleo _Sponge?15:00
ArcticI'm using multirom with CM1315:00
Arcticran fine on my N7.  Thinking it might be leftover files but there shouldn't be any?15:00
_SpongeDoes anyone have the github page for the MultiRom repo ?15:01
Arctic_Sponge: https://github.com/Tasssadar/multirom15:01
_Spongethought so, cheers.15:01
Arcticthey've updated it recently for cm13 and 6.0 devices so finally my nexus devices work with it on marshmallow15:02
ElleoArctic: I'm not really familiar with the nexus 5 port or with multirom I'm afraid, so can't really help15:02
greybackArctic: if you can "adb shell" in, perhaps some log files might explain.15:02
Arcticgreyback: how would one do that?15:02
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
Arcticjust when it's on the bootloader type that in terminal (have adb installed)15:02
ogra_Arctic, devel isnt expected to work at all ... you want rc-proposed15:02
_SpongeArctic: Be good if you could raise an issue : https://github.com/Tasssadar/MultiROMMgr/issues15:03
Arctic_Sponge: not sure if it's an issue with multirom15:03
Arcticsince it boots to the ubuntu screen15:03
greybackArctic: after boot, while you say it has hung. It may be the UI has not come up, but everything else is ok15:03
Arcticgreyback: yeah it seems to dim the screen15:03
Arcticit's odd15:03
ogra_not for devel, no15:04
ogra_it can break at any time, and gets not much QA attention15:05
Arcticogra_: huh?15:05
ogra_rc-proposed is the development channel15:05
Arcticok ill try that15:05
ArcticorgI don't have an rc-proposed15:06
ogra_devel is just the 16.04 image which hanst much developer focus currently ... its only a thing where code gets dumped in in parallel if it hits rc-proposed15:06
ArcticI have ubuntu-rtm/14.0915:06
ogra_14.09 is obsolete15:06
Arcticogra_: I know that.....15:06
Arcticwhich one?15:06
ogra_heh, no idea ... looks like the server doesnt actually have rc-proposed ...15:06
ogra_no idea if tassadar renamed it15:07
Arcticogra_: vivid and utopic are both outdated too15:07
ogra_i know dobey uses an N5 ... perhaps he can point you to the right channel name15:07
ArcticI got charged 2p for IOPS from AWS15:07
Arcticmust have been before I switched to HDDs?15:07
ogra_i see the N5 on https://devices.ubports.com/ .... but that seems to only be the stable channel15:08
Arcticogra_: who has a N5?15:11
Arcticwill have to reach out to them and ask about it I guess15:11
ogra_i know dobey and nhaines do in this channel15:11
mhall119mariogrip: ok, trying u-d-f to get rev815:11
Arcticayy I was talking to nhaines last week ogra_15:11
ArcticOh yeah that reminds me I meant to submit pictures to the desktop wallpaper thing15:11
ArcticLeaving my calander open in a pinned tab is super useful.  Just hop over and add deadlines and such15:14
Arcticinterviews, deadlines, plans :)15:14
Arcticnotifications on devices and via email.  I'm liking digital calanders15:14
mhall119mariogrip: well, it appeared to be flashing rev 8, but it still says it's on rev 615:16
mariogripogra_: N5 is for rc and devel too http://system-image.ubports.com/ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/hammerhead/15:18
mariogripmhall119: Did you flash it from recovery?15:18
mhall119no errors or anything from u-d-f, it rebooted to the Ubuntu upgrade splash screen, then rebooted back into Unity 815:19
mariogripcan you check (from recovery) /cache/system-image-upgrader.log15:21
mhall119~ # cat /cache/system-image-upgrader.log15:23
mhall119Starting image Upgrade pre15:23
mhall119Processing the command file15:23
mhall119that's all there was in that file15:23
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tathhumariogrip, what about n7 lte? :P (deb)15:27
mhall119tathhu: one device at a time, I've already claimed him for the Fairphone 2 ;)15:28
tathhudamn :D15:29
popeythe wishlist is getting longer... FP2, OPO, OP2, OPX, DEB...15:29
mariogripmhall119: Humm, maybe when you installed it, it installed the old recovery15:29
mariogripfrom the system-server15:29
mhall119mariogrip: it does show Ubports Recovery again, instead of Cyanogen Recovery15:29
mariogripmhall119: try install the recovery again https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/56653875/ubuntu/fp2/recovery.img15:30
mariogrippopey: I get so many request on email for n6 and n5x15:31
mariogripso, the list is pretty long15:31
popeysend them a paypal link in reply ㋛15:31
tathhuWell, it's hard for me to see anything on N7 when it's "docked" on kbd so I'm waiting for M10 :D15:31
mariogrippopey: haha yeah :P15:31
ogra_popey, dont forget galaxy S715:31
popeyWish there were more people who could help you mariogrip15:32
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
mariogrippopey: Yeah, I wish that too15:34
mariogripogra_: does samsung devices use fastboot?15:35
ogra_their own bastardized variant iirc15:35
ogra_accessible through some tool named after nordic gods ...odin, heimdal ?15:36
mhall119mariogrip: reflashed the recovery, still says Ubports Recovery, trying u-d-f again now15:36
mariogripogra_: lol, heimdal is not far from where i live...15:37
mariogripmhall119: Yeah, I fixed the image15:38
mariogrip(also heimdal is a place in norway)15:39
mhall119mariogrip: worked! I'm no rev 815:42
mhall119I'm *on* rev 815:43
mariogripmhall119: :)15:43
mhall119so, what's new from rev 6?15:43
mhall119mariogrip: rev8 doesn't have the fixed adbd, does it15:54
sdkWhat channel should I choose if I want the latest version of Ubuntu Touch (OTA-9) on my Nexus 4?15:55
mariogripmhall119: it has some kernel improvements15:55
mariogripmhall119: if you need adb http://people.ubuntu.com/~mariogrip/Ubuntu-touch/fp2/15:55
mhall119mariogrip: I still have those from last time, just ran it15:56
ogra_sdk, stable15:56
sdkogra_: thanks :)15:57
mhall119kgunn: ogra_: either of you know of a command-line way to wake the screen if it turns off and the power button isn't working?15:57
ogra_there is a powerd-cli call you can use iirc15:57
ogra_but i dont remember the syntax15:57
mariogripmhall119: That would not work, the power button seem to work, but it's something that seems to crash15:58
mhall119ah, nvm then ogra_ :)15:58
mariogripmhall119: the weird thing is that you cannot restart mir after it has been started15:59
mhall119mariogrip: yeah, "powerd-cli listen" shows that powerd gets the button press event, and knows the state (on/off)15:59
mariogripalso, you can restart it, but the screen is black after restart15:59
ogra_mhall119, i think davmor2 uses the commaand regulary15:59
mariogripmhall119: Is /firmware/image mounted?16:01
davmor2ogra_, mhall119: I just use it to keep the screen on while I get a gps reading :)16:01
kgunnmhall119: i do powerd-cli display on bright16:01
mhall119mariogrip: rebooting now, will let you know16:01
mhall119kgunn: running that gives: ** (process:2338): WARNING **: requestDisplayState failed: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name com.canonical.Unity.Screen was not provided by any .service files16:02
mhall119failed display request16:02
mhall119mariogrip: doesn't look like it16:03
mhall119mariogrip: also, now the screen turns off even while I'm touching it to keep it awake :(16:03
mariogripmhall119: The screen bug it weird, ubp-5.1 works perfectly on the opo (I have even made a phone call, popey :)16:05
mhall119before it would stay on as long as I was touching it, but not anymore16:06
popeyyou're teasing me16:06
mariogrippopey: I would release it, but I has a bad issue that it get really hot so i need to await it16:07
popeygood call16:08
mhall119mariogrip: ah, got it to boot this time by touching it every 4-5 seconds,rather than constantly, so maybe the constant input was causing a crash16:08
mariogripmhall119: humm, I need to get in contact with the mir team again, there is some bad issues going on here16:09
mhall119mariogrip: /firmware is a symlink to /android/firmware, which isn't mounted and isn't in fstab, can I mount it manually?16:09
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
mariogripmhall119: I guess you can mount /var/lib/lxc/android/rootfs/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/modem16:12
mhall119to /android/firmware?16:12
mariogripmhall119: Im not sure if that would work, haven't tested that on ut16:12
mhall119mount: special device /var/lib/lxc/android/rootfs/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/modem does not exist16:13
mariogripoh, then that needs to be mounted with fstab16:13
mhall119yeah, that's not in fstab either16:24
maszloi really want to test this operating system.  having a hard time justifying getting a phone that doesnt go beyond 2G speeds(TmobUS) would there be anything i would be missing if i got a 2013 nexus 7?16:26
ogra_maszlo, the nexus 4 should work rather well on US bands16:27
ogra_(and the N7 2013 (flo) is a supported device)16:27
tathhu(not that lte (deb) one.. :P)16:27
ogra_well, the deb is community supported .,.. not all bits work (bluetooth doesnt i think)16:28
maszloyeah stuff like hardware not working is what i was looking for issues with N716:28
maszlothe N4 is just so old, always had poor camera.16:30
mariogrip_Sponge: I don't know why github wont work, but i added google that seems to be working16:30
maszloguess an emulator might be my best efforts until something else is released.16:30
ogra_used N4's are cheap though16:31
mariogripmhall119: that need to be fixed on android side16:31
_Spongemariogrip: Ok, that'll do it. Thanks for talking to me 'bout it.16:31
maszlotrue, N4 are cheap. but just like getting a current day one on 2G being painful so might a not so cutting edge device from 4 years ago (N4)16:32
k1l_the n4 is still a good device. it was a highclass device back than. and the n5 is not that far away performancewise.16:34
ganzeinfachIs there anyone running who running any ubuntu in a dell latitude ST Tablet 10.1"16:34
ogra_yeah, i heard it is faster then the MX416:35
ogra_(i can live with a slightly slower device though ... getting *that* display and the camera is worth a little suffering :P )16:35
ogra_(though i have seen many people go back to their aquaris 4.5 recently ... just because it is so much less painful to use16:36
maszloogra_: because of compatibility or controls?16:37
ogra_maszlo, the bezen is to slim so the side gestures get lost at times ... the graphics driver is junk (like all SGX drivers) so you have some lag16:38
ogra_there is also a slight sharp edge on the frame that makes using the side gestures unpleasant16:39
ogra_... and dont get me started about the "home button" :P16:39
OerHeksganzeinfach, if i read this > http://www.linlap.com/dell_latitude_st_tablet  + GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”poulsbo.blacklist=yes console=tty1 sdhci.debug_quirks=4″  .. poulsbo, i get the shivers.16:39
OerHekspoulsbo = gma500, obsolete since 11.04 i think16:40
* k1l_ wonders what ubuntu-touch on a samsung galaxy edge would be like16:40
ogra_OerHeks, you mean beyond tha fact that this is off-topic here ?16:40
ogra_k1l_, yeah16:40
OerHeksogra_, not sure, it is a tablet/touch, but 32 bit16:40
ogra_k1l_, the meizu 5 pro seems to have a slightly rounded edge by what i read16:40
ogra_OerHeks, this really isnt the channel for desktop install support though16:41
ogra_OerHeks, in general touch related suff for this goes to #ubuntu-x nowadays16:41
OerHeksogra_, thanks, didn know that one. ganzeinfach join #ubuntu-x16:42
maszlois the Aquaris M10 something that is just being field tested to see if they should run a production of them, or setup distribution to different markets? info on them is minimal16:42
ogra_maszlo, no, it will go into production16:42
ogra_and should be available world wide16:42
ganzeinfachOerHeks I was on the same websites, but its not possible to install this way, maybe its the Bios-Update from Dell. So I cant use the keyboard from the beginning and I was using 12.04 after using 12.04.5 and it was masspixelterror in the installprocess..16:42
ogra_but it has no modem16:42
ganzeinfachhow often i should join any channel? I have open now ubuntu-touch, ubuntu, ubuntu+116:43
maszloyeah, one way about not feeling bad my phone is stuck at 2G speeds is not have any modem lol16:43
ganzeinfachand now ubuntu-x?16:43
k1l_i wonder if studio already bought a m10 :X16:44
ogra_ganzeinfach, well, you dont need to be here unless you have questions about unity8 based systems, which this channel is for16:44
mcphailganzeinfach: you probably don't want to know how many channels I have open... ;)16:44
mariogripThe m10 is amazing, me want convergence :)16:44
ogra_mariogrip, +116:44
ogra_k1l_, lol16:45
ogra_k1l_, he hasnt shown up yet ... so i guess he ran out of money16:45
ganzeinfachogra I am interested to get it working and if there is only the unity way, than I will use the unity..16:45
k1l_ganzeinfach: i dont think you will meet anyone running that 2011 tablet with ubuntu today. your best bet is to see for people who had this running and ask there.16:45
mhall119popey: mariogrip: I can't manually install the terminal app on the FP2, any ideas why? I get:16:46
mhall119Cannot install /home/phablet/Downloads/com.ubuntu.terminal_0.7.170_multi.click: Signature verification error: debsig: Failed verification for /home/phablet/Downloads/com.ubuntu.terminal_0.7.170_multi.click16:46
mhall119even using --allow-unauthenticated16:46
mariogripmhall119: probably apparmor16:46
ganzeinfachbut where to find them. Noone use Dell Latitude ST and if search on Youtube, there is no ubuntu on that tab as a tutorial16:46
k1l_ogra_: i just saw him on android-hilfe forums ranting against bq not providing new kernels for android.16:46
mhall119I can install uReadIt's click package16:46
mariogripmhall119: oh, then I don't know,  --allow-unauthenticated should work16:47
popeymhall119: it's  --allow-untrusted16:47
popeynot --allow-unauthenticated16:47
ganzeinfachWell in normal Bios process the keyboard is working, but if I am loading the USB-Device with Ubuntu, it will let me not give a choice with my kb. Thats strange..16:48
popeymhall119: you're using pkcon, right? not click16:48
mhall119popey: right16:48
popeyok, good16:48
mhall119and yes, I used --allow-untrusted16:48
popeyallow-untrusted then16:48
mhall119popey: I think the problem may be that the package is signed, but it can't verify the signature16:48
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1360582 in PackageKit "Can't manually install clicks "Signature verification error" since #205" [Medium,Confirmed]16:49
ogra_heh, that bug will probably never get fixed16:49
ogra_(we might switch to snaps before ... )16:50
popeywell, that bug is about desktop16:50
popeymhall119 isn't on desktop (I assume)16:50
ogra_(in which case --allow-unauthenticated is the right term then)16:50
mhall119ogra_: it was fixed by adding --allow-untrusted wasn't it?16:50
ogra_ah, yeah16:50
popeyadd both :)16:50
mhall119popey: no, on Fairphone 216:50
ogra_mhall119, "worked around"16:50
mhall119and that bug is for unsigned packages16:52
mhall119but I downloaded the terminal click from the store, so it is signed, it just fails to verify the signature16:52
ogra_i would simply expect click and snap to be clever enough to realize they install something from a local path ... so they could just set that themselves and simply print a warning16:53
popeymhall119: want a click that's not been near the store, to test?16:53
mhall119popey: yes please16:53
mariogrippopey: do you have the "cool" version of the music app, tried to compile it myself but something broke...16:54
popeyok, one moment16:54
ogra_mariogrip, whats "cool" about it ?16:54
popeyuploading all my daily clicks16:54
* ahayzen wonders what 'cool' version is16:54
popeyahayzen: any one you have worked on ㋛16:54
ogra_does it play popey fart sounds all the time when pressing a button or some such ?16:54
ahayzenpopey, obviously you are working on bug 142559016:55
ubot5`bug 1425590 in Ubuntu Music App "Disco Mode Support" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142559016:55
popey 😃16:55
mariogripI spotted this: https://code.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/music-streaming16:55
ahayzenmariogrip, ah :-)16:55
popeymhall119: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/clicks/20160213-150001/17:00
mhall119oSoMoN: so webbrowser-app crashed on me on the desktop (not unusual) and apport is generating a crash report that is now over 100MB in size, is that normal?17:00
mhall119oSoMoN: and it just aborted with: Your computer does not have enough free memory to automatically analyze the problem and send a report to the developers."17:01
popeyits a core dump, so yeah, all of the ram used by the program, it will be big17:01
oSoMoNmhall119, haven’t seen that before. I suggest you buy more RAM :)17:02
ogra_for bigger core dumps ?17:02
mariogripmhall119: Download more ram  :)17:02
mariogripgoogle it17:02
mhall119apt-get install more-ram fails17:02
mhall119popey: installing the unsigned terminal app works17:02
ogra_thats because we dont use dpkg here17:02
oSoMoNbecause of not enough free memory?17:02
mhall119snappy install more-ram17:03
popeyI'M IN YOUR PHONE!17:03
ogra_click install more-ram17:03
mhall119popey: great, now fix it!17:03
popeymhall119: wonder if you need to have the click store deb installed?17:03
popeyor whatever package brings in the gpg signatures17:03
mhall119popey: maybe it does that if I login to U117:04
mhall119but without wifi, I can't do that17:04
popeydoubt it17:04
Elleomhall119: we could actually have a more-ram package that uses post-inst to create a swapfile...17:04
mariogripmhall119: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/AdbNetworking :)17:04
mhall119or I can do that ^17:04
ogra_Elleo, lol17:04
popeymhall119: do you have unity-scope-click installed?17:04
popey(debian package)17:05
mhall119Elleo: then I'll need a more-disk-space package too, that creates a ramdisk in memory17:05
mhall119popey: yup17:05
ogra_Elleo, sudo apt-get install swapspace17:05
ogra_i think that does it17:05
ogra_(creating swap files on demand)17:05
Elleoogra_: oh wow17:06
Elleothat's cool17:06
ogra_(there was a recent discussion about it on ubuntu-devel@)17:06
popeymhall119: oooh click-ubuntu-policy do you have that?17:07
popeythat has the gpg keyring17:07
mhall1190.1 installed17:07
mariogripoh wow, this worked: http://www.downloadmoreram.com/ I now have 32GB on my fairphone 217:08
mhall119I've at least got a working terminal on the FP2 now \o/17:08
popeyhmm, dunno then, strace the pkcon install that fails and we can look at it and see what fails :)17:08
ogra_mhall119, hacker !17:08
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mariogrippopey: I stole the music app from your link, but it wont start :(17:17
popeyin .cache/upstart17:17
* ogra_ bets there is a line "missing button-fart-sounds.mp3"17:18
mariogrippopey: what log file is it? no log for the music app17:20
mhall119mariogrip: let's skip the hangout today, since we're already well into it here on IRC17:20
mariogripmhall119: that's up to you :) for me it's the same17:20
mhall119mariogrip: I'd say the priorities now are to make sure u-d-f always works (making sure it doesn't have the old broken recovery.img) and then getting wifi working so we can do OTA updates17:21
mariogrippopey: found it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15078193/17:22
mhall119I saw that Maaten and Wouter have gotten the flashing working17:22
mariogripmhall119: the udf should work now, it's up to date17:23
mhall119awesome, then we just need wifi17:23
dobeyogra_, Arctic: you need to use system-image.ubports.com for the server, and i have ubuntu-touch/stable on my phone, but it has ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed as well (but i was having issues with that)17:23
mariogripmhall119: I have set screen as priority 1, but I can get wifi17:23
mhall119mariogrip: also, can the recovery automatically mount /cache and /data so we don't have to keep doing that?17:23
mhall119mariogrip: I think wifi is more important, because it'll make getting updates in the future easier, but if you think you're close to having the screen issues fixed keep on that17:24
popeymariogrip: interesting, wonder if it's a sound problem?17:24
mhall119I set it to never shut the screen off, so as long as I get it past the bootsplash I'm fine17:24
Arcticdobey: how do I get multirom to use that?17:25
Arcticquery me17:25
popeywhat image is your build based off mariogrip ?17:25
mhall119popey: while you're publishing coreapps, you wouldn't happen to have a dekko build for desktops would you?17:25
popeyI don't, but I know dpm probably does in his special ppa17:26
mhall119dpm: you have a special PPA?17:26
mariogripmhall119: Yeah, I can switch to working on wifi, i need a break from mir17:26
popeybuilt 45 mins ago17:26
* dpm feels special :)17:26
popeyYou're special to us dpm :)17:26
mhall119mariogrip: I don't doubt it :)17:26
mariogrippopey: rc-proposed17:26
dpmmhall119, yeah, that's where I test dekko on the desktop17:27
mariogripdpm: :)17:27
mhall119dpm: we only love you for your PPA :-P17:27
popeymariogrip: hmm, I don't know why music won't start then, does sound work on the FP2 build?17:27
popeyLooks like it tries to do some dbus things17:27
mhall119popey: not yet, not on mine anyway17:27
mariogrippopey: I installed it on bq 4.517:27
popeyno idea then, sorry17:27
popeyit's an untested daily build17:27
popeyYou get to keep the pieces17:28
mhall119dpm: what PPA do you use for dekko testing?17:28
mariogripi'll try reboot, that always works17:28
dpmmhall119, https://launchpad.net/~dpm/+archive/ubuntu/ppa17:28
popey17:26 < popey> https://launchpad.net/~dpm/+archive/ubuntu/ppa17:28
dpmI've got all core apps building daily there17:28
dpmexcept from file manager17:28
dpmas I've not found a good way to resolve the conflict with the shared plugin with Terminal17:29
mariogrippopey: well, reboot worked xP17:29
mariogripawww, this is not the "cool" version...17:30
mariogripmhall119: I see the smoose guys is on the hangout list, are they joining?17:32
mhall119mariogrip: they hadn't before17:34
mhall119I just joined the hangout and nobody is there, so likely not17:34
mariogripoh, ok. are we skipping it?17:34
mhall119yeah, let's just continue the discussion here17:34
mariogripmhall119: ok17:35
dobeyArctic: i don't know. i don't use multirom. and i'm not really here today17:39
Arcticalright dobey17:39
Arcticthx anyway :)17:39
mhall119mariogrip: do you want me to arrange a call with tvoss later this week for the screen/mir issue?17:41
Arcticwrong channel17:41
* mhall119 assumes that was the Mir break you needed 17:41
mariogripmhall119: Yeah, that would be great :)17:41
mhall119dpm: hmmm, dekko gets itself into an endless loop, printing handleDataChanged >>> MESSAGE ###### NOT ARRIVED YET when it tried to open an account's inbox17:44
mhall119popey: DanChapman: ^^ on the desktop, btw17:44
* dpm starts dekko on desktop17:44
mhall119and it's repeating numbers for ######, they're not all unique, so something seems to be stuck in a loop17:45
dpmI remember having this issue17:45
dpmI think I even filed a bug17:45
dpmoh, my accounts were lost17:45
DanChapmanmhall119, yeah that's a known issue. Try letting the first flag sync finish before letting dekko go into the background. Bug in the notification worker.17:46
mhall119DanChapman: I'm running it on Unity 7, is backgrounding a thing here?17:47
* ogra_ finds the separation between IMAP and SMTP accounts weird 17:47
ogra_is that a design team thing ?17:47
dpmmhall119, https://bugs.launchpad.net/dekko/+bug/154306517:47
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1543065 in Dekko "Dekko uses 100% CPU on the desktop" [Medium,Triaged]17:47
DanChapmanmhall119, yeah it's a thing. If Dekko isn't the active app then the notificiations service kicks in17:48
DanChapmanogra_, no that's a bug in the setup wizard. It should ask you if you want to add the smtp config while setting up imap. But it's only working if autoconfig finds your settings. It's on my priorities list17:48
ogra_DanChapman, ah, i actually use google for outgoing stuff, that explains it then (indeed there is no config for google on my local IMAP server)17:49
mhall119DanChapman: well, if I leave it as the active app, I just get a white screen and nothing else17:54
DanChapmanmhall119, any other errors in the log? White screen usually means somethings missing17:58
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mhall119DanChapman: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15080553/ is from letting it sit for several minutes and then closing the window18:44
mhall119the last line only appears when I close it18:44
DanChapmanmhall119, ahhh are you on wiley? I see ile:///usr/share/dekkoproject/dekko/qml/Composer/Composer.qml:166 ScrollView is not a type. which afaik is only available on xenial or with the phone overlay ppa18:45
mhall119oh, ok, that explains it18:46
mhall119mariogrip: I've not heard from tvoss yet about the Wednesday meeting, so it may get moved or canceled depending on his availability18:47
mhall119I didn't see anything on his work calendar, but that doesn't mean he's not consumed by WMC stuff18:47
mariogripmhall119: ack, I have time all week after about 14.00 so that's fine18:53
howefield #category519:27
howefieldsorry, typo19:28
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tathhuCan i somehow disable scren turning on when I got new notification from eg telegram?19:44
ogra_well, you could put something on top of the proximity sensor19:45
ogra_if ti is covered the screen wont turn on (i,e, in your pocket)19:45
ogra_there is no setting though19:46
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mcphailjhodapp: thanks for the fix for the # character blockage in the music app. looking forward to getting this21:05
jhodappmcphail, sure thing, you can test it out with silo 21 if you're curious to try it21:05
ahayzenooo there is a fix \o/21:05
ahayzenjhodapp, for OTA10 ?21:05
jhodappahayzen, yeah should be there21:06
ahayzensweet, thanks jhodapp :-)21:06
jhodappno problem :)21:06
mcphailjhodapp: might try that. Your hard work is much appreciated21:06
jhodappmcphail, thanks!21:07
_Spongemariogrip: I was wondering if you'd the Acer iconia a200 to the list of ubports ?22:17
mariogrip_Sponge: No, https://devices.ubports.com/#/22:39
_Spongemariogrip: Cud you add it to the Voting Devices , at all ?22:40
mariogrip_Sponge: Yeah, sure :)22:41
_Spongecheers, I shall update the discourse page, appropriately.22:41
_Spongemariogrip: have you set up a bTC wallet/box yet ?22:43
mariogrip_Sponge: Just for some of the devices, but will add a automatic system there (I need to separate the address so I know what device it's going to22:44
_Spongeok, let me know, when it happens, & I'll comply for the iconia.22:45
_Spongemariogrip: ok, i did a  tester donation. cheers.22:50
mariogrip_Sponge: Thank you! :)22:50
_Spongemariogrip: just need to change the donationns bar, but I'll leave that till tomorrow. Thanks.22:57
NwSA few more days22:57
ajeckI'm trying to force my broadcom wifi adapter's power savings mode off.  I've tried various approaches like adding a hook to the power.d and sleep.d.  Found out that systemd installs no longer respect those hooks and then made a systemd service that then executes iwconfig wlan0 power off on boot and that didn't work either.  The only thing that seems to have worked a little is setting a dispatcher.d for NetworkMonitor23:48
ajeckbut after a while if i unplug the device or it sits for a few hours it switches back to power save mode23:49
ajeckany other ideas?23:49

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