tsdgeosSaviq: ping08:45
Saviqtsdgeos, hey09:11
tsdgeosSaviq: do you think https://bugs.launchpad.net/dekko/+bug/1543744 may be a duplicate of the other "apps don't start on the launcher" bugs?09:12
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1543744 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "Dekko does not start when pushing unity launcher" [Undecided,New]09:12
tsdgeosSaviq: is there a way to know by checkin the logs?09:12
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah, likely09:21
tsdgeosSaviq: i guess we should duplicate it and mention it'll be fixed soon that he should reopen it if he can still reproduce09:21
tsdgeoswhat's the bug # to duplicate to?09:21
Saviqtsdgeos, yup09:21
Saviqbug #154138809:22
ubot5`bug 1541388 in Canonical System Image "Icons in launcher sometimes refuse to launch application" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154138809:22
tsdgeosSaviq: this will be in 9.5 or 10?09:24
Saviqtsdgeos, 9.509:24
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tsdgeosSaviq: i fixed https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/dash_resizing_fixes/+merge/28545310:16
tsdgeosgood catch!10:16
Saviqtsdgeos, tx, test covers it?10:18
Saviqah yeah10:19
Saviqjust read10:19
om26erwoops, wrong window.10:27
* greyback not feeling so good, taking the morning off.10:53
cimigreyback, get better gerry!11:03
tsdgeosmzanetti: cimi: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/emblemInPreviews/+merge/28603811:19
mzanetticimi, can you please ^11:19
cimimzanetti, tsdgeos of course guys11:20
mzanettidandrader, hey, do you have an idea what's going on with this?11:20
mzanettiI have added "property int buhuu: Screen.orientation"11:20
cimitsdgeos, do I need to do it now?11:21
cimitsdgeos, or after I finish the social cards?11:21
mzanettiand I have a timer which prints this every second: "print("4444 Screen.orientation is", Screen.orientation, "physicalOrientation is", physicalOrientation, "buhuu", buhuu)"11:21
tsdgeoscimi: i think mzanetti wants it asap since people are "complaining" about it in the scopes showdown contest, am i right?11:21
mzanettidandrader, and the output is: "4444 Screen.orientation is 0 physicalOrientation is 2 buhuu 2"11:21
mzanettihow on earch can buhuu be 2 while Screen.orientation still 0?11:22
mzanetti(same goes for physicalOrientation)11:22
dandradermzanetti, it can happens if QScreen.orientation() changes but the code forgets to emit a QScreen.orientationChanged() signal to cause bindings to update/re-run11:26
mzanettidandrader, but I have a timer which polls the variable every second11:26
dandradermzanetti, but that variable is fed by a binding11:26
dandradermzanetti, and the binding won't re-run unless one of its components tell it that it has changed11:27
mzanettidandrader, well, weird thing is, buhuu has actually the correct value, while Screen.orientation hasn't11:27
mzanettidandrader, so buhu *does* update, Screen.orientation does not, stays always at 011:27
mzanettiwhich is the part that confuses me...11:27
dandradermzanetti, but does "correct value" means "latest value"?11:28
mzanettidandrader, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15073462/11:28
mzanettidandrader, whenever it says "physical orientation changed" I rotate it11:29
mzanettidandrader, so, that is fine, except that Screen.orientation still gives me 0 when I poll it11:29
mzanettidandrader, the reason why I'm looking into it, is that once an external screen is plugged/unplugged, it stops updating altogether11:29
mzanettidandrader, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mir/+bug/154528611:30
ubot5`Launchpad bug 1545286 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[regression] ubuntu-pd instability" [Critical,Triaged]11:30
dandradermzanetti, and "property int physicalOrientation: Screen.orientation", right?11:30
mzanettidandrader, yes, I even changed it to "readonly" to make sure the binding is not broken by something... same issue still11:31
dandradermzanetti, so physicalOrientation and buhuu always match?11:31
mzanettiyes, at least that11:31
dandradermzanetti, good :)11:31
cimitsdgeos, mzanetti I was trying to find info on how exactly to pass properties or bindings inside a Loader. Sometimes we have Loader { sourceComponent: Item { property var prop: root.rootProperty } } , sometimes we do onLoaded: prop = root.rootProperty, sometimes onLoaded: prop = Qt.binding(function() { return root.rootProperty }) - what's the rule of thumb for this?11:32
mzanettidandrader, I could imagine Screen::orientationChanged() having a param, and the binding evaluates that param, but then it is not saved internally11:32
mzanettisearching for the Screen code atm11:32
cimiI know that the latter works all the time :) but in which cases the first two are correct alternatives?11:32
dandradercimi, see the bindings in applicationsDisplayLoader, in Shell.qml11:32
tsdgeoscimi: i'd say first is better, third is the same but kind of weird, second is not a binding so if root.rootProperty changes it won't get updated11:33
cimitsdgeos, ok why we use third so many times?11:34
cimitsdgeos, I know second is not a binding, that just pass the property11:34
dandradermzanetti, you could also have cpp code monitoring QScreen to see if it differs from its QML counterpart11:34
mzanettiwhere is QScreen?11:35
cimitsdgeos, because we have source and not sourceComponent?11:35
mzanettiah, gui11:35
cimijust trying to find a rule of thumb, no doc at all on the web11:36
cimitsdgeos, in CardGrid we have Connections where I wanted to connect to signal action(actionId) coming from social attributes in the Card, however I was adding the signal to the generated qml from JS file only when socialAttributes were present... so the Connections in CardGrid complain that the signal is not there. Having the signal always in the QML generated code is the only option to avoid the warnings?12:30
tsdgeoscimi: there's ignoreUnknownSignals12:33
tsdgeosi don't know which is better tbh12:33
cimitsdgeos, up to you/us :)12:34
cimitsdgeos, we can always have the signal there in all generated code, or we use this bool12:34
tsdgeoscimi: i'd say let's have the signal12:35
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dandrader@unity "sudo apt-get update" from the phone working for you guys? I'm getting a bunch of "404 Not found"...14:27
mzanettidandrader, seems to work for me14:28
dandradermzanetti, ah... must be because I forgot to set my device to writable :-D14:29
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tsdgeoscimi: when you say "we want just small cards to have 4 columns" you mean "2 columns"?15:07
cimitsdgeos, we actually changed a bit15:07
cimitsdgeos, we only have 1 row15:08
cimitsdgeos, for small cards 2 social icons, medium 3, large 415:08
cimitsdgeos, I implemented that, I'm working on editing the mocks to see if I can show social attributes in tryGenericScopeView and test that the signal is chaining down15:09
tsdgeoscimi: so you still need to push that, right?15:10
cimitsdgeos, yeah15:10
tsdgeosok, will wait for review then15:10
tsdgeosSaviq: ok, changed https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity8/preview_audio_playlist/+merge/28462415:30
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Saviqtsdgeos, tx15:37
cimipstolowski, czesc, we didn't add yet the social attributes roles to unity shell scopes?15:43
pstolowskicimi, hey, let me take a look15:49
Saviqcimi, we might as well start typing in PL to you now? ;)15:52
pstolowskicimi, right. we didn't15:54
cimipstolowski, planning to add it soon? would be nice to have a test scope too16:00
cimipstolowski, I was editing the mocks to support the social cards, I realised we didnt land those indeed16:01
pstolowskicimi, wasn't aware of it, so i guess will have to add them ;)16:11
jhodapptsdgeos, silo 21 is rebuilding now with a fix that should take care of the issue you saw...note that I'm still testing it myself though but you're welcome to try it when it's done building16:26
tsdgeosjhodapp: okidoki16:26
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