Kilosmorning inetpro and all others05:38
Kilos-hi thatgraemeguy 06:06
superflymorning Kilos-, thatgraemeguy06:37
Kilos-ohi superfly 06:37
superflyKilos-: what's with the tail?06:37
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Kilostrying to sort my modem out, yesterday for the first time it showed a G above the nm applet06:46
Kilosi then used it on other pc and when i brought it back here the G was gone and speed slow06:47
Kilosso i could be in and out a few times trying to figure out why06:47
Kiloshi dlPhreak 06:54
dlPhreakHello Kilos, are you well?06:55
Kilosyes ty and you?06:55
dlPhreakQuite good thank you. Did you have a good weekend?06:55
Kilosyes ty very quiet06:56
Kilosjust busy mostly in garden etc06:56
Kilosmany bad weeds to dig up06:56
cal_pymorning all!06:57
Kiloshi cal_py 06:57
dlPhreakHowzit cal_py 06:58
cal_pyhow are you Kilos and dlPhreak 06:58
Kilosgood ty and you?06:58
cal_pygood thanks!06:59
dlPhreakPretty swell.06:59
dlPhreakKilos was just telling me about his weekend.07:00
cal_pycool, good one?07:00
Kilosnet splits already07:04
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dlPhreakWho did we lose?07:06
Kilosthey back already07:06
Kilosyou were one of them07:06
dlPhreakOh I see that now.07:06
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chesedomorning all07:52
dlPhreakhI chesedo 07:53
inetprogood mornings09:46
inetprosee oom Kilos, I made it09:47
Kilosyip inetpro well done09:49
* inetpro feels very good now09:49
magellanicgreets, if I move a mweb adls modem to another house that had telkom internet, is the mweb modem expected to work?10:05
thatgraemeguysome ISPs used to lock uncapped accounts to a specific number, perhaps it is that?10:08
magellanicperhaps it is, the modem logs give me, concentrator not reachable10:09
thatgraemeguyis ADSL service active on the line?10:10
magellanicyes it was using a telkom internet account, then the modem died. So I took another mweb modem and replaced the dead modem10:11
magellanicI'm not sure if it's the line at fault now10:11
magellanicdoes that error msg sound like the line?10:12
thatgraemeguyjust a guess10:13
magellanicyeah googled the msg but it's still not clear to me10:14
thatgraemeguyask mweb tech support would be my next guess, assuming you don't have another modem and/or adsl account to test with10:14
magellanicyeah I don't, I will try asking them, thanks10:14
thatgraemeguyyou could always grab a free 1GB account for testing, I have 3 or 4 of them, always good10:14
magellanicwith mweb? I didn't even know they had free accounts10:15
thatgraemeguyno afrihost, axxess, webafrica10:16
thatgraemeguyat least if one of those works you know the line and modem are good and its likely an mweb problem10:16
thatgraemeguygood to keep a free account or 2 for that sort of thing10:16
thatgraemeguylike 1 afrihost and 1 webafrica is good10:16
magellanictrue, cool let me go have a look10:16
thatgraemeguyafrihost and axxess are really on the same network so no real point using those together10:17
magellanicbbl, I'll mess around a bit and try, thanks ;)10:18
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=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kilos-summer in africa16:20
inetprogood morning everyone 17:01
Kilos-morning inetpro 17:22
Kilos-hotter tomorrow17:23
inetproreally!? 17:26
Kilos-yip 3817:26
inetproouch! 17:27
inetprowhen do we get the rains oom Kilos-?18:25
inetprooh and what's this with the funny tail anyway?18:25
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kilosi been trying to get modem faster18:25
inetpronow that is better, thank you oom18:25
Kiloseven installed 7 on old pc and used the dlink app to set it faster i hope18:26
Kilosmuch easier with the modems own app to work on it18:26
inetprothatgraemeguy: are you still playing minesweeper too much that you are so quiet?18:27
Kiloshe is afk18:27
Kilosat home i spose and no standby so offline18:28
inetprohmm... 18:28
Kilosill be offline most of the day tomorrow18:28
inetproyou're losing your touch oom Kilos18:29
Kilosprints and clearance to get if ian gets here18:29
Kiloswhy you say that?18:29
inetprothings are way too quiet here these days18:29
Kilosim too busy man18:29
Kiloseven watering next door neighbours veggies18:30
Kilosheat is destroying verything18:30
inetprobusy!? 18:30
* inetpro thought busy was just a buzzword18:30
Kiloswhen you guys say it yes18:30
Kilosim scared to ever lie18:31
Kilosrev 21 v 8 i think it is18:31
inetprothat went way over my head18:31
Kilosall liars will never see the kingdom18:32
Kilosohi superfly 18:32
superflyhi Kilos18:32
inetprodon't be so serious oom Kilos, I was just joking18:33
Kiloswhere was i serious18:33
inetprocalling me a liar18:33
Kilosi said im not one18:34
Kilosbecause im bang18:34
inetprook, ok... :-)18:34
* inetpro full of nonsense this evening18:34
Kilosmaybe you not such a bangbroek18:34
inetproit's monday after all18:34
Kiloshows your grass doing inetpro 18:36
inetprostruggling with the heat but not as bad as earlier in the season18:36
Kiloslawns that are regularly mowed seem to suffer the worst18:37
inetproyeap, we need urgent rain again now after the current heatwave18:37
Kilostomorrow also gonna be hot and maybe the next day too18:38
Kilosmight get some thindershowers late tomorrow but only small chance18:38
Kiloseven hail is welcome now18:39
Kiloswhat you got that can get damaged?18:39
inetprohail hurts me18:39
Kilosoh ya18:39
inetproand the cars :-)18:40
Kilosbetter you than the cars18:40
Kilosyou heal, car repairs are expensive18:40
* chesedo always thought human damage is a catastrofe18:42
Kilosnono many peeps on the earth18:43
Kilospope even says 6 billion too many18:43
chesedonono, just too many damaged peeps18:44
chesedofor the first statement that is...18:44
Kilostoo many peeps and not enough food18:45
inetprowb chesedo18:45
Kiloshi Cryterion do you still greet?18:50
Kilosi forget18:50
superflyKilos: inetpro has had a few too many to drink this evening, don't take him seriously :-P18:51
chesedoinetpro: did i go somewhere :P18:52
superflyJust teasing, inetpro18:52
Kilosinetpro jou beurt is jou beurt18:52
* inetpro didn't think it was that obvious18:53
Kilosit wasnt18:53
Kilosjust you must remember the fly protects me18:54
inetproafter another blue Monday like today, maybe I need a few18:54
Kilosare blue mondays good for you?18:54
Kilosoh a few drinks18:55
Kilosalcohol never solved anything yet18:55
* inetpro getting old too quick on Mondays18:55
inetprowhen is that new LTS version of Ubuntu coming out18:58
Kilosi should go shower before i fall asleep18:58
Kilosend of april18:58
Kilosi think i saw an 18 or 28 somewhere18:58
inetproai! So far still?18:58
Kilosyou havent tried plasma 5 yet?18:59
inetproits like time is standing still when it comes to Ubuntu releases these days18:59
Kilosbecause we skip the tweeners18:59
* superfly lives on the edge... Debian unstable19:00
Kilosill get kubuntu 16.04 in june i spose19:00
* inetpro will keep waiting as well19:00
Kilosthey say its pretty stable already19:01
Kiloswhat is all this convergance about19:01
Kilosdaai ding19:01
inetproKilos: one release for TV, mobile, tablet and PC19:02
Kilosoh 19:02
Kilosi see new blackberry also android now19:02
Kilosi go shower19:03
inetproyeah, an interesting experiment with hardware keyboard and all19:03
CryterionHi Kilos, inetpro, sorry know been quiet lately, been busy19:09
inetproah... nou praat ons19:10
inetproCryterion: sorry doesn't help19:10
Cryteriondoes trying to get a raspberry PI with Ubuntu on it help?19:10
inetproyou are forgiven19:11
Cryterionthanks :)19:11
inetprodid you succeed? :-)19:11
Cryterionnot yet :(19:11
inetproI take it back19:12
Cryterionnext month I think, Then it'll arrive, budget constraints19:12
inetprosounds interesting19:12
CryterionThen I'll get pushed into getting the project working in 2 months and not 319:12
CryterionIf it works out, I've then got a cheaper Hardware solution with +- 24 Digital IO, 8x 16bit Analog In, VGA Touch Screen, running on ubuntu. Beats Unitronics, Delta plcs, etc19:15
CryterionAnd still expandable19:16
Kilosseems your busy is different to other peeps19:17
Kilosothers say they been busy after sleeping for 4 hours19:18
CryterionThe raspberry Pi, latest has direct digital io, I2C, and Serial built in, ubuntu is distributed with the latest model19:18
Cryterionhmm, redraw a schematic diagram a million times, grrr19:19
inetprovery interesting19:22
inetpronot sure I understand it all but sounds very interesting19:23
inetprohow are you planning to use all that?19:23
Kilossame way19:26
Kiloswith difficulty19:26
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:31
Kilosinetpro get some rest. things get harder as you get older19:31

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