Bashing-omJimmyP: Sheessshhh . I do not know now what else to do .00:00
barnitonice, I got trillian working in wine00:01
JimmyPBashing-om: Nah, I think you've done lots. Just my luck I guess. Perhaps tomorrow it might decide to work, who knows. *fingers crossed*00:02
JimmyPBashing-om: Anyway it's 5:30 AM here, so I should get a couple hours rest at least. Thanks for all your help. Appreciate it a lot. Have a good day/night. :)00:03
JimmyPBashing-om: And perhaps if it works, I might be back to pick your brain again, who knows! :D00:04
Bashing-omJimmyP: Regret no restoration to this time . Now is to the hardware point . Voltae merter, see that you have voltage to the drive, and spare that drive off .00:05
JimmyPBashing-om: I don't know how to do that?00:06
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Bashing-omWell, an investment in learning . Get the manual, see what it is going to take to remove the hard drive .00:09
ubonzoused dd to send ubuntu server ISO to USB boot disk. During install, I received this message: please insert the disc labeled: UBUNTU-SERVER 14.04.3 lts _trusy tahr_ - beta amd64 (20150808) in the drive /media/cdrom00:10
ubonzoAny idea why? There's no way to get around this, so I have to reboot.00:11
JimmyPBashing-om: Alright, will do, thanks once again. :)00:11
k1lubonzo: that just happens when the usb/iso is not correct.00:13
ubonzok1l: strange. I wonder how an error could have occurred. All I did was download the ISO, dd it to USB, then boot from it.00:14
OerHekstrusy tahr ? also beta ?00:14
OerHekswhat a typo00:14
procyon_emberAre there any working (non-adobe) flashplayer alternatives?00:15
k1lubonzo: possible errors: download, burning to usb, usb hardware00:15
OerHeksprocyon_ember, enable html5 in the youtube page, also chrome uses html5 by default00:15
k1lprocyon_ember: pepperflash that is used in chrome00:15
procyon_emberOerHeks: That'00:16
procyon_emberOerHeks: That's not a flashplayer alternative.00:16
OerHeksprocyon_ember, it is, at least for youtube.00:16
procyon_emberk1l: Is pepperflash a Firefox add-on?00:16
k1lprocyon_ember: no. its the chrome flash lib00:17
procyon_emberI suppose I should have specified, Firefox.00:17
ubonzok1l: does the name of the ISO matter prior to dd? I changed it from the default ubuntu name to simply 'ubuntu-server.iso'00:17
k1lubonzo: no00:18
procyon_emberSo there is no working flashplayer alternative then?00:18
k1lprocyon_ember: there used to be gnash and such. but they hardly work (thanks to adobe).00:18
squintyprocyon_ember,  http://www.webupd8.org/2014/05/install-fresh-player-plugin-in-ubuntu.html    works in ff here00:19
procyon_emberI see.00:19
procyon_embersquinty: That's not a non-adobe alternative00:19
k1lprocyon_ember: what is the issue?00:19
procyon_emberk1l: The real issue is, Adobe Flashplayer still exists, and many applications are designed for it.00:19
squintyprocyon_ember, why don't you take the time to read rather than two seconds and then saying  won't work.00:20
k1lprocyon_ember: yes, flash needs to die.00:20
procyon_embersquinty: Sorry if that seemed too dismissive. I'll read it now.00:22
procyon_emberThanks for the responses everyone.00:23
squintyprocyon_ember,  fwiw, the only way I could view bbc, and canadian news sites (still stuck using flash rather than html5) was to use chrome (which i hate).  after installing pepperflash and freshplayer....no more problems00:24
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procyon_embersquinty:  The thing is, flashplayer is required for other applications besides streaming video sites. For example http://www.armorgames.com00:26
procyon_emberThis freshplayer wrapper may be just the trick though.00:27
squintyprocyon_ember, clicked on the game url and started a game ok00:29
k1lprocyon_ember: what ubuntu are you on?00:30
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idkwftHi, someone joined my laptop through ssh with my user, I saw it in the logs. Is there any way to get his identity or public key? I'm using 14.0400:37
k1lidkwft: look into the auth.log00:38
idkwftlets see00:38
idkwftit only shows the ip00:40
idkwftand the password attempt00:40
uupshello frien00:40
uupsdoes any one know the my databases for brute force00:41
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CuriousErnestBriHi i screwed up00:43
CuriousErnestBrihow do I get internet? Im on ubuntu MATE00:44
compdocCuriousErnestBri, what did you screw up?00:45
CuriousErnestBriI have no internet so I can fix everyhing that looks tiny on my2k screen00:46
CuriousErnestBriim on irc in phone00:47
SolarluxI have 2 network adapters where i can change netywork?00:47
CuriousErnestBrimy panels are messed up as well00:47
SolarluxI know where in windows i need to know where in ubuntu i can off one adapter of netwpork00:47
CuriousErnestBriI am dualbootingwith win1 btw00:48
CuriousErnestBrigot dc00:51
CuriousErnestBrion phone00:51
CuriousErnestBriHow do i get wifi?00:52
procyon_emberk1l: lubuntu 15.1000:53
procyon_embersquinty: awesome  :)00:53
squintyprocyon_ember,  :-)00:54
k1lprocyon_ember: adobe-flashplugin  doesnt work?00:54
CuriousErnestBriNo suitable device00:55
NginUSI have a laptop which is unable to boot from any external device, ie. USB CDROM, Thumbdrive, etc.00:57
NginUSI see wubi is no longer supported so I can't install from inside Windows 1000:57
NginUSI can't use Unetbootin b/c I can't boot from anything except the hard drive.00:58
NginUSAnd it creates an external boot device00:58
NginUSBut I can't boot from anything other than the internal hdd.00:58
NginUSHow can I get Ubuntu (or any other linux distro) to install from within Windows?00:59
tomreynNginUS: doesd the laptop support PXE (network) booting?00:59
tomreynwhich model is it?00:59
Bashing-om!dualboot | NginUS00:59
ubottuNginUS: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:59
NginUSNo- the BIOS is bare of any boot sequence section.00:59
NginUStomreyn: Its a Lenovo Ideapad S100 R80201:00
squintyNginUS, if your unit can boot from cd/dvd, you can use plop boot manger to boot your system and then use a usb based iso from there on     https://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/download.html01:00
Bashing-om!uefi | NginUS01:00
ubottuNginUS: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:00
NginUSsquinty: That's the problem- can't change boot to anything other than hdd01:00
NginUSThe physical drive is behind this plate inside it that can't be removed, thus I can't do it from another box either01:01
k1lNginUS:i dont think it cant boot from usb01:01
NginUSThere's a 'boot device' menu from pressing F12 during boot, but it doesn't allow to choose anything but the Win hdd01:02
NginUSk1l: Believe me I've tried everything to get it to boot from the USB CDROM I have01:02
k1lthe arrow keys dont work there? or is the usb just not listed?01:02
k1lNginUS: try a usb-pendrive01:02
NginUSk1l: Not listed, thus nowhere to select from the arrow keys01:03
NginUSTried a USB thumbdrive, but it wasn't selectable01:03
k1lcan you disable the boot from hdd in bios?01:04
NginUSk1l: No, there's no menu with which to do so.01:04
k1lpress x there01:04
NginUSIts the cheapest laptop Ive ever seen. BIOS only has a 'Disable UEFI' section, and 'Set Clock'. Literally barren of any useful options01:05
squintyNginUS,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=228558501:05
Bashing-omNginUS: What brand of laptop ? Some have the UEFI settings password locked .01:07
NginUSNo passwords here01:07
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NginUSWhatever, it's my roommate's laptop. I just showed him how to restore Windows to factory- the only recovery option that actually works.01:11
NginUSty all nevertheless01:11
tomreynNginUS: hold down shift then select to power down windows, then investigate the options presented01:11
tomreynone of them should be to disable UEFI in case its enabled.01:11
tomreynNginUS: another option you have, but not a safe one, is to run the installer from within virtualbox. this bears a good chance to brick the device in terms of making it unbootable, though01:13
NginUSYeah, that gives like you said an option to disable UEFI at reboot, & presents a few menu entries that say they enable external device boot, but when it tries it  says 'no bootable device found' then 'Do you want to restore windows' or 'do you want to start system recovery', or something like that01:13
tomreynno bootable device is because windows may fail to boot with uefi disabled. once uefi + secureboot is off you should be able to boot off external media,though01:14
NginUStomreyn: I tried that, no change01:26
NginUSty anyway. A fresh Win restore will remove all the p2p warez he has messing stuff up atm01:26
NginUSI hate that he does that shit on my internet connection... :-(01:27
procyon_emberk1l: I want a divorce from Adobe. The love is long gone, and they're like creepy uncle ernie now.They've01:40
SolarluxWhere i can see my network adapters?01:41
squintytype ifconfig in a terminal01:43
Solarluxi typed but i cant see my network adapters01:43
SolarluxI have 2 one built in wifi01:44
Solarluxand second one is USB wifi stick01:44
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SolarluxI want disable intel and enable my usb wifi only01:44
texlaUbuntu-14.04.3>this in stalled on a pc and a laptop>I used an empty partition on the pc and installed another o/s>I then install it to a partition on a usb pen drive> I then deleted the o/s from the partition>I can run the pendrive in the pc>It mounts on the laptop but will not open!!01:46
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squintySolarlux,  ifconfig should show at least your internal wifi adaptor (might be labled as lxcbr0 or similar)  might want to check out the ubuntu wireless docs at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide01:49
stonedbirdsquinty, sounds a good doc..01:49
squintySolarlux,  sorry typo  not lxcbr0 but rather wlan1 or similar01:50
squintySolarlux,  might also want to check your puter's docs to see if your unit has a key to just turn off the internal.  you can disable it too by System Settings -> Network -> Wireless  (though that may disable your usb wifi dongle too, not sure to be honest)01:54
squintySolarlux, ....and if you are feeling really adventuresome then you may want to just consider internally disconecting the internal wireless by unhooking the two wires that connect it to the main board01:56
tripkinYou might also be able to turn it off in the BIOS if that has not been mentioned already.01:58
Solarluxinstaller needs to be run as root wtf01:59
truexfan81ok still working on this webapp thing, trying to fix some NPEs i got to looking around, and the default tomcat install on ubuntu 12.04 has soo many things symlinked to so many different locations there is no possible way for me to make it match the working setup i have in a vm02:13
NginUSCan someone help me with apt-get errors? http://is.gd/huL2my02:17
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wiltors42where do I find an ubuntu server iso that I can install without network connection02:30
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wiltors42is it possible to install ubuntu server without internet connection?02:32
OerHeksany iso will do, wiltors42, but does not contain allsoftware02:32
waters33637wiltors42: yes02:32
wiltors42well I downloaded the ubuntu server and I try to do minimal install but it won't work without internet02:33
wiltors42im trying to install it on a tower with a wifi card and it won't conncet to my WPA2 network02:33
waters33637installer should ... after install .. you have to use cli ... to setup wifi card02:35
guest-jSUEE6alright, I know don't ask the question question, but my case is just really sad a dumb, I locked myself out of ubuntu, I'm in guest mode now, and I cannot switch off since in my main user that is video being rendered... duh02:35
guest-jSUEE6there never was a login02:35
guest-jSUEE6my system went into screensave02:35
guest-jSUEE6and then a user login / pw was prompted02:36
guest-jSUEE6I don't have one02:36
guest-jSUEE6at least I never provided one02:36
wiltors42waters33637: it always fails to connect. i was hoping to find an installer that did the base system offline then i will connect after install02:36
guest-jSUEE6any chance of moving back to the other account w/o pw? is there a default su pw?02:36
waters33637wiltors: in you dont select do updates, download 3rd party, and the other option (forgot what it was) .. it should work fine ..02:38
wiltors42i'll try again and look for those options...02:39
guest-jSUEE6oh well I'll just press reset. Thanks anyways, have a great day...02:40
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ZoderUch2hello, could i shrink a partion with gparted on a running /, i mean gparted will reboot and script the resizing at reboot?02:54
Jordan_UZoderUch2: No. Boot from a LiveCD/USB03:02
PestBudawhats the simplest way of making xset settings permanent ??03:02
ZoderUch2Jordan_U it is a remote server on ubuigity03:13
Jordan_UZoderUch2: ubuigity?03:13
Jordan_UZoderUch2: What is your end goal?03:14
PestBudaWhats the simplest way to make XSET settings permanent ???03:21
annihilatoranyone think im crazy testing out vmware for gaming03:26
ross back to lubuntu desktop03:27
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Guest69181stuck in openbox plz help03:27
LambdaComplexGuest69181: what do you mean by "stuck?"03:28
Guest69181plz help me get back to lxde from openbox03:28
Guest69181the exit button in openbox not working03:28
Guest69181hi lambda03:29
Guest69181cant get back to desktop chooser03:29
Guest69181trapped in openbox03:29
Guest69181how do i get back to lightdm screen?03:30
Guest69181plz help03:30
Guest69181any help?03:30
Guest69181cant exit openbox03:31
Guest69181lz help me get back to session chooser03:31
Guest69181plz help stuck in openbox03:32
Guest69181exit button not working03:32
invapid2you can get Xenial Xerus images at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ - which are "daily builds"03:32
LambdaComplexGuest69181: repeating yourself is annoying, not helpful03:32
invapid2if you were to use this, would they stop updating this when it hits LTS?03:32
Guest69181ok lambda thx but any ideas?03:33
invapid2or would it always be bleeding, and it would always update to the latest stuff they're working on?03:33
LambdaComplexGuest69181: what happens when you press the exit button?03:33
Guest69181i right click hit exit in menu nothing03:33
LambdaComplex...shouldn't you be left clicking it?03:34
Guest69181i can get to tty3 console03:34
Guest69181i right click to open menu03:34
Guest69181then left click on exit03:34
Guest69181nothing happens03:34
Guest69181waters was that meant for me?03:35
Guest69181thx for help laambda03:35
Guest69181any ideas lambda03:36
Guest69181actually it's "log out" button03:38
annihilatoris xen passthrough really worth the effort with linux?  i have an intel graphics card and a nvidia graphics card  im testing using vmware workstation 12 but not sure if that would work for a few games. other than that i would be streaming my games from a windows pc through steam03:40
k1linvapid2: on the day of release it becomes a regular ubuntu release. its not rolling to the next dev release03:40
Guest69181can someone please help me?03:41
Guest69181i am stuck in openbox and the log out button in right-click menu does not work03:41
annihilatorhave you just rebooted/crash the computer and see if you get the login screen03:41
annihilatorwhen it powers back up03:41
Guest69181i need to get back to the lighdm screen03:41
Guest69181i don't thx annihilator03:42
k1lGuest69181: start a terminal: lxsession-logout03:42
r4z3rI'd probably check the keyboard shortcuts first03:42
Guest69181still come back to openbox03:42
Guest69181thx i'll try both r4 and kll03:42
annihilatorif kil does not work you would need to push and the hold the power button for 5-10 seconds for the computer to crash03:43
Guest69181 lxsession-logout told me "cannot open display"03:44
Guest69181i can shut down with poower button but restart takes me back to openbox03:45
Guest69181tried keyboard shortcutrs but they dont work03:47
k1lGuest69181: so what ubuntu is this exactly? and what did you do before that issue happened?03:47
Guest69181lubuntu 14.0403:47
Guest69181logged out of lbuntu into openbox03:48
Guest69181thx kll03:48
pwdwdsome binaries triggering some logic gates in order03:48
k1lGuest69181: sudo service lightdm restart03:49
Guest69181that took me back to openbox03:50
Guest69181thx k1l but didnt work03:50
k1lok, you need to have done something real wired there03:51
k1lnot just logging into openbox.03:51
Guest69181no fluxbox worked just fine03:51
Guest69181but openbox has no menu bottons that work03:51
Guest69181i just wanted to try it03:52
Guest69181so i hit openbox from the lightdm panel03:52
Guest69181entered my password03:52
k1lthat all should not do anything when entering lightdm03:52
Guest69181got to openbox but can't get back to lightdm03:52
Guest69181the lightdm panel gives a choice of 5 desktop enviros03:54
Guest69181i picked openbox and typed password and enetered03:54
k1lsudo apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confnew" install --reinstall lightdm03:54
k1lthen sudo service lightdm restart03:54
Guest69181ok ill try thx03:54
Guest69181did all that back to openbox again03:59
annihilatoris xen passthrough worth the hassle?03:59
Guest69181why is my openbox menu not working?03:59
Guest69181it opens but buttons not working04:00
Guest69181only system>openbox config opens04:01
k1lyou would have need to do some changes to get that autologin loop. that is not the standard setting.04:01
pwdwdsamuel jkson kills it son04:01
annihilatori had that happen to me once i had to clean install linux04:02
Guest69181really? annihilator no hope?04:03
k1lGuest69181: all your setup doesnt make any sense. so i think you should recall what changes you made and see if undoing them helps.04:03
Guest69181i didn't do any changes04:03
Guest69181just logged into openbox04:03
Guest69181i am using greenie linux based on lubuntu 14.0404:03
k1lok, so ask the greenie guys what they messed with so that happens04:04
Guest69181well it's lubuntu04:04
micesk1l: it was a bad display cable connection04:04
Guest69181lubuntu login screen04:04
k1lGuest69181: no its not. lubuntu doesnt do such a misstake. so ask them what they broke04:05
daxGuest69181: no, it's an unofficial derivative of lubuntu with changes that we don't know about and thus can't support. talk to your distro's support people.04:05
k1lmices: did i ask if all hardware is fine? :)04:05
Guest69181yes all hardware ok04:06
Guest69181i have autologin set up04:06
Guest69181can i disable autologin from tty?04:06
daxtalk to your distro's support people04:06
k1lGuest69181: enough now. ask the greenie guys how to solve that.04:06
PestBudais there a way to Watch Netflix on ubuntu?04:08
k1lPestBuda: works with chrome browser i heard04:08
PestBudak1l: really?  I thought you need to have Silverlight?04:10
PestBudak1l: Thanks I'll try it ...   One more question, what the simplest way to make "xset" settings permanent?04:12
barnitoI love ubuntu04:12
barnitogot my fav IRC client goiing in wine and znc going on the same machine04:13
k1lPestBuda: sorry, i am not familiar with xset04:19
lesikanybody using XMPP: can you please check whether you can join this groupchat (not buddy!) ubuntu@conference.ubuntu-jabber.de04:24
lesikI can't join and I wonder if it is a problem with my client04:24
k1llesik: it works on pidgin for me if i put roomname and servername manually04:28
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k1llesik_afk: sorry, empathy not pidgin04:30
Love_LainLol, sorry. It always seemed like nobody are in these things. I was just checking04:46
A0Dlol I was just thinking the same thing04:47
A0Dso many people here but no one says anything04:48
xangua! Ask04:48
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:48
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k1lLove_Lain: A0D a silent support channel is a good sign = everything is running, nobody needs help :)  we have #ubuntu-offtopic for some chatter04:52
Love_LainAh, sorry. Anyways, my question was that I seem to have an issue with booting into a usb in live windows. When I enter the boot menu and select my USB, it doesn't boot into the live ISO and just boots into Ubuntu 14.04. I've tried completely zeroing out my entire hard drive and when I enter my live ISO it immiedetly prompts my to Grub rescuse. My objective here is to install windows over ubuntu, not because04:53
Love_LainUbuntu is bad at all.04:53
k1lLove_Lain: that sounds like the windows-usb is not setup properly.04:54
k1lLove_Lain: or that windows requires like secureboot or such in bios settings. but that would be a task for ##windows to verify both04:55
Love_LainWell, it's not very hard to burn a .iso onto a usb, and Ubuntu doesn't seem to acknowlege that I have windows on the USB04:55
k1lLove_Lain: ubuntu doesnt make sense in here at all.04:56
Love_LainYeah, I've been into my Bios setting and it doesn't appear that Ubuntu has a higher boot priorty.04:56
k1lLove_Lain: and windows wants some special treatment to be put on a usb drive. its not as easy as ubuntu.isos.04:56
k1lbest is to have a windows on some other machine make that windows-usb.04:57
Jason_I got lucky recently and was able to find Wubi for Wily. No real issues so far.04:57
Jason_and Hi all04:57
k1lbut you have a non-working windows usb. if it boots to ubuntu that windows usb is failing. there is nothing ubuntu can do. so sort out that windows and bios issue04:57
Love_LainYeah, I used a Windows OS to write the .iso to my USB04:58
Jason_Just my $.02 I don't think Windows plays nice as #2 OS04:59
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Jason_I have Win 7 Ultimate as dual boot, still need to figure out how to clean up my grub menu.04:59
Love_LainHuh, not sure how'd I'd even start with that because I've seen people simply burn it to a .iso and put it into the PC and they just boot into it, just like that. I'll do some snooping on some forums to see what I cant find though. But I just want to completely remove grub and anything to do with Ubuntu right now.05:00
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k1lLove_Lain: windows got a own tool to make a windows bootable usb. please ask in ##windows05:04
Love_LainAh, yeah I just realized that. I'm so stupid, but thanks for your time guys! Really appreciate it!05:07
obonzoHI, I'm getting the following error when I run aptitude upgrade: dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:  files list file for package file is missing final newline05:18
obonzoI can't find anything via web search on package 'file'05:19
k1lobonzo: can you run a "sudo apt update"05:23
obonzok1l: running it now05:24
obonzok1l: should I try upgrading again after update?05:24
obonzok1l: update completely successfully, but running upgrade after results in the same error.05:25
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=== lesik is now known as lesik_afk
k1lobonzo: can you put all output and error into paste.ubuntu.com?05:30
obonzok1l: one moment, typing it now05:32
obonzok1l: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15072214/05:34
k1lobonzo: does it say "file" as packagename?05:36
obonzok1l: yes05:36
k1lobonzo: was there some hardware issue? or is there some hardware issue? like with ram or hdd?05:36
obonzok1l: not that I'm aware of. I'm using a USB stick as the hard drive.05:37
k1luh yeah. usb sticks can wear off due to too many write cycles.05:37
obonzok1l: it's brand new05:38
k1lbut that issue should be fixable with that package, i am looking at how05:38
k1lobonzo: try a "apt-get clean" and then run again05:39
obonzok1l: ran apt-get clean. aptitude upgrade is currently downloading files, should be a few minutes before I'll know if the error comes up or not. I should say, I've already had to reinstall Ubuntu Server 3 times tonight due to errors I couldn't resolve. The machine I'm using is old and beat up, so perhaps there is a hardware issue I'm unaware of.05:42
obonzok1l: same error05:43
obonzoclean allowed it to fetch the 113megs of files. It extracted templates from packages, then tried to preconfigure packages ... and then the error in the pastebin begins05:44
axphi to everyone here !05:45
k1l_obonzo: ok. i suggest you put that code into a script and run that: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=131979105:47
axpI would post a solution to a problem found in Ubuntu after Lxde installation. How can I do ?05:47
buttercup /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER buttercup vzbtduvcotre05:47
k1l_seems to be this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/10818905:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 108189 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "files list file for package `*' is missing final newline" [High,Invalid]05:47
k1l_axp: file a bug05:47
k1l_!bug | axp05:48
ubottuaxp: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:48
obonzok1l: ok thx05:48
axpI've found also the solution... but there isn't a interesting log file... simply need to add a modify in a installation script... but i don't which on05:50
Bray90820How would I click and drag on a macbook pro05:53
Bray90820never mind it started working randomly now05:56
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=== Guest92280 is now known as nareshnk
nareshnki want to change permission for my /var/www/html/ all folder becuase i am not able to run these all in browser . 404 error coming. wht are corect permission and can you please guide me06:05
jnaneswarI am having a problem with my wifi driver06:09
jnaneswarI am using Acer Aspire E15 Laptop06:09
jnaneswarBut I am not able to connect through wifi06:10
jnaneswarCan any one help me in this regard?06:10
=== wahyu is now known as sesuatu
Jason_I used to have issues with wifi on earlier versions of ubuntu.06:10
Jason_It works out of the box with 14.04 and higher.06:11
Jason_Do you know the manufacturer of your wireless card?06:11
jnaneswaryes it is Qualcomm Atheros06:12
Jason_can you see any wifi at all?06:13
jnaneswarno I cant see any wifi06:14
Jason_I can enable/disable wifi on mine06:14
Jason_do you have any options if you right click on your network icon?06:14
jnaneswarI couldn't see any wifi options06:15
=== mohammad is now known as linuxlove
linuxlovecan someone put this link in another location for me please http://files2.genymotion.com/dists/4.2.2/ova/genymotion_vbox86p_4.2.2_151117_140247.ova06:18
Jason_askubuntu shows nothing yet, but I only found old posts so far06:18
linuxlovehello Jason_06:19
linuxlovecould you help please?06:19
linuxlovei cant download http://files2.genymotion.com/dists/4.2.2/ova/genymotion_vbox86p_4.2.2_151117_140247.ova06:19
linuxlovei need some one to put it in another location for me please06:20
Jason_@ jnaneswar maybe try this ... askubuntu.com/questions/708061/qualcomm-atheros-device-168c0042-rev-30-wi-fi-driver-installation06:20
Jason_skip down past the ndis wrapper stuff06:21
qu4nt1nhey linux dove are you there?06:22
qu4nt1nlinuxdove, hey  are you there?06:23
qu4nt1nlinuxlove, hey  are you there?06:23
Jason_or this @ jnaneswar  http://askubuntu.com/questions/731367/wifi-auto-detection-in-window-10-ok-but-not-in-ubuntu-14-0406:25
Jason_I can't even figure out how to change an icon on my desktop lol06:26
nareshnkJason_, hi i wht is correct permission for www/html/ all projects so and wht are the steps ?06:27
Jason_not sure what you're asking06:28
nareshnki want to make permission for all my project inside the www/html folder so that i can run these projects in brower.. this time i am getting 404 when m trying to run any project from www/html folder06:29
nareshnkJason_, my any is above06:29
nareshnkJason_, is these are good steps ?http://serverfault.com/questions/124800/how-to-setup-linux-permissions-for-the-www-folder#answer-43146206:31
Jason_double check the path maybe ... should be c:/folder/page.html probably instead of http://06:31
Jason_or try that, not sure really06:33
owen1i am trying to use udiskie for automount. i have 'pip install udiskie' but i don't believe it's running. is there a way to make it run in the background?06:37
linuxlovequ4nt1n, hello06:40
qu4nt1nhigh i have the file on my computer06:41
qu4nt1ndo you want me to send it tou you i have an 100ko/s upload though06:41
qu4nt1nand the file weighs like 157 MB06:41
linuxlovequ4nt1n, yes06:41
linuxlovehow could you do this?06:41
linuxloveplease upload and send me a link for this06:42
qu4nt1nlinuxlove, just accept the upload06:42
linuxlovequ4nt1n, i cant06:43
qu4nt1notherwise, i could put it in my google drive and send you the link in one hour when it's finished uploading06:43
linuxlovequ4nt1n, that way is better06:43
qu4nt1nok so where do  you wnat it, onedrive, google dirve or mega06:43
linuxlovequ4nt1n, mega06:44
qu4nt1nok sending it now06:44
linuxlovequ4nt1n, really thanks06:44
littlebearqu4nt1n, what files that he wants, maybe I can upload it for him06:45
qu4nt1nlittlebear, here is the link http://files2.genymotion.com/dists/4.2.2/ova/genymotion_vbox86p_4.2.2_151117_140247.ova06:45
qu4nt1nbut my upload is crappy06:45
minas114i havve updated /etc/fstab so that my pc boots from a different partition. I rebooted and still got the old one. Isn't editing /etc/fstab enough?06:46
minas114I also ran update-grub just to be sure...06:46
littlebearqu4nt1n, give me a sec, I have a 1Gbit uplink and i'll send him the link in a few06:46
qu4nt1nthe pb is that for whatever reason he can only download it from mega06:47
littlebearqu4nt1n, can he use ftp?06:47
linuxlovehow can i use from ftp?06:48
qu4nt1ni tried to directly upload the file to him but he said he coud not download it from me directly06:48
qu4nt1ni don't know he might live in one of those weird countries blocking the internet06:48
littlebearlinuxlove, try this
littlebearlinuxlove, let me know if it doesn't work06:49
qu4nt1ndo you have a mega account?06:49
linuxlovelittlebear, i got it06:49
linuxloveit is downloading06:49
littlebearlinuxlove, um. use multithreads06:49
littlebearlinuxlove, i've noticed that u're downloading single thread, next time use connection concurrency to be like 100 so u can download at max speed06:50
linuxlovemy download speed is 30KB/s06:50
qu4nt1nlinuxlove, 157MB at 140ko/s i will be able to post the link back here in around 20 minutes06:51
linuxlovequ4nt1n, i am downloading06:51
linuxlovewith link that littlebear sent06:52
linuxlovelittlebear, what do you mean from multithread06:53
qu4nt1nah ok what you can do to prop up your download speed, is using firefox with the downthemall extension, since it  opens multiple connection to server06:53
qu4nt1nlittlebear, I can't compete with fiber  ;(06:53
littlebearlinuxlove, u're not doing segmented download, hence one thread is like you have a big cake and you eat a spoon at a time, segmented is like 1000 spoon eating at the same time06:53
linuxloveand how can i use multi thread?06:54
littlebearlinuxlove, u have filefox?06:54
littlebearlinuxlove, do u have downthemall extension?06:54
linuxlovedo i add it in addones06:55
littlebearlinuxlove, yup06:55
qu4nt1njust install the downthemall extension linuxdove it takes seconds to install06:55
qu4nt1nyou reload firefox and will see it will take less time to download the file06:55
littlebearqu4nt1n, the uplink on the ftp i have sent is 2Gbit up from US atlanta06:56
qu4nt1nok I :)06:56
linuxlovei see 206:57
linuxloveand downthemall!anticontainer06:57
linuxlovewhich do i install?06:57
littlebearfirst one06:58
linuxlovei get error downloading06:59
=== Ceber is now known as [UPA]Stefan
linuxlovelittlebear, i get this error there was an error downloading downthemall07:00
nopbatHello all07:01
linuxlovelittlebear, what is problem here that i cant download extention07:01
littlebearlinuxlove, copy paste07:02
=== matt_ is now known as Guest84232
nopbatWhat is this net split?07:05
zaggynlnopbat: it's when IRC servers get out of sync07:05
nopbatI guess that's not good hehe07:06
daxnopbat: eh, it happens sometimes. not a huge issue07:08
markwaltLe Sigh.  DeCrapifying my girlfriend's Windows 7 laptop.  I can't convince her to switch to Linux. :-/07:09
nopbatI think my vsync is not working like it should. I see little tears in the screen. What's a quick way to fix this?07:09
npmwhat is "Google swanky" ?? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/154340107:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1543401 in linux (Ubuntu) "[GOOGLE Swanky] suspend/resume failure" [Medium,Incomplete]07:10
nopbatYes, I would like to use Ubuntu instead of Windows. I'm trying everything out right now.07:10
linuxlovelittlebear, http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_from_2016-02-15_02-07-26-6TC8odvS.png07:11
daxnpm: model of chromebook, I think07:11
linuxlovelittlebear, http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_from_2016-02-15_02-11-00-Uvgz7THy.png07:11
npmthanks dax07:12
linuxlovei cant open https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/latest/201/addon-201-latest.xpi?src=dp-btn-primary07:12
littlebearlinuxlove, use https://code.downthemall.net/releases/downthemall-3.0b6.xpi07:15
linuxlovelittlebear, i see this "the addson downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt"07:20
linuxlovelittlebear, what should i do?07:22
=== chris231989x is now known as chris231989
littlebearlinuxlove, you can either click on the previous ftp link and download at 32KB/s or get a FTP client that support segmentation07:28
linuxlovelittlebear, i am downloading but what is problem that i cant get this extension07:29
littlebearlinuxlove, I got to go, ask someone if they can help you with the ftp segmentation or any sort of download accelerator07:29
zaggynllinuxlove: what happens if you try to download/install it from the firefox addon site?07:31
linuxlovezaggynl, i get this error07:32
linuxlovezaggynl, there was an error downloading downthemall07:33
linuxlovezaggynl, i just see this07:34
zaggynlhrm, that's not much to work with07:34
linuxlovezaggynl, how can i know problem07:34
dialglexTrying to connect to a cups print server from an ubuntu client, I go to the printer settings and attempt to add the printer but it asks for a driver? Shouldnt the print server be responsible for that? I dont have those drivers installed on the ubuntu machine. What can I do?07:35
linuxlovezaggynl, i cant install any extension07:36
linuxlovezaggynl, i tried for other extensions07:37
linuxlovei am on ubuntu 15.1007:37
=== wahyu is now known as Dita
zaggynlseems to be a larger issue with either your connection or firefox07:38
zaggynlis your ubuntu up to date?07:38
linuxlovezaggynl, yes07:38
zaggynlif you try to download the ova link from a terminal with wget link, does it work then?07:38
linuxlovezaggynl, i tried07:39
linuxloveno result07:39
zaggynlwhat's the error you get with wget?07:39
zaggynlshould be more descriptive than firefox07:39
linuxloveit is just awaiting for response07:40
zaggynlI just tried the link for myself and it seems to work07:40
zaggynland from your previous responses I can see you can browse just fine07:40
zaggynlare you on filtered internet or something?07:41
linuxlovei live at iran07:41
zaggynlI wonder if you can download it through a vpn07:41
linuxlovei have no vpn07:41
zaggynlthere are some free ones07:42
zaggynllimited bandwidth though07:42
dialglexNo worries I selected a general driver and it worked.07:42
linuxlovezaggynl, do you know how can i find them?07:42
zaggynlsee if this works for your: https://cryptostorm.org/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=8725&sid=d570cbe2f2ea687aabb28381e7953a5307:43
Mamikohi  guys, xrand is not working, the screen is not refreshing automatically and i can't read clearly07:43
Mamikoany help?07:43
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=== ro_stel is now known as stel_ro
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=== chu__ is now known as mwsb
linuxlovewho knows about lantern here?07:52
zaggynlno luck with cryptofree?07:52
Mamikohi  guys, xrand -r 60 is not working, the screen is not refreshing automatically and i can't read clearly. any help?07:58
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Guest61792Hi i just installed a new php project .but i am not able to create a new file or folder in this folder ..08:01
KyleSmithHi, I've a crontab running everyday at 23:50 with the CMD: 50 23 * * * /usr/bin/php -f /var/www/html/cnrbackup.php >> /var/www/html/backuplogs/cronlogs/info.log 2>&108:17
KyleSmithI've checked filezilla and the file was modified at 04:5008:17
KyleSmithI've outputted the time and it says: 08:17:58 15/02/1608:18
KyleSmithWhich, right now, it is.08:18
paolo234anyone can help me08:24
Brewhi i have an old server running ubuntu 10.04 that is over due an upgrade. What would be the best practise? upgrade to 12.04 and then 14.04 or just a complete fresh install?08:26
paolo234how i can delete words example if i have more string on file .txt home1,dfvfgv home2,vrfgbvfgb home3,vfgdvfgbgh i would like delete  everything before the ","08:26
markwaltBrew, I recommend fresh install08:28
Brewits on a vps so i figured maybe just clone it and upgrade it and see how it goes but fresh install is better?08:29
markwaltAnytime you do anything, something can go wrong.  So, for me, that means you eliminate as many steps as possible to simplify the operation, and reduce the chance that something will go wrong.08:29
Brewfigured i would save alot fo config time08:29
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Mamikohow can i downgrade from 4.2.0-27 to 2.1 kernel?08:32
Brewor should i wai5t until april when 16.04 lts is comming?08:32
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mohsen-rashidiHi. How can I enable tor daemon while there is no tor.conf08:50
jattgo away08:50
mathisenhello, is there any GUI file recovery software for ubuntu ? that is decent.. or is there any gui for testdisk ?08:56
=== mathisen is now known as Mathisen
_3by8Is putting an executable script into my daily.cron folder enough to get it to run daily or do I need to do something else? I don't know how to tell if my script has been working or not...09:01
llutz_3by8: check systemlogs, cronjobs should be shown there09:03
BessyHello, I'm looking for an andriod notetaking app. Something exactly like window's notepad. I want to save locally to the harddrive. It is because I'm rarely around wifi when taking notes.09:04
Bray90820Is this an ok  channel to talk around general partitining?09:05
BessyHello, I'm looking for an andriod notetaking app. Something exactly like window's notepad. I want to save locally to the harddrive. It is because I'm rarely around wifi when taking notes.09:05
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newbsduserhello, guys I cannot change system's date time. I tried to use hwclock --set --date="..." or date -s ... but after for a while  it goes back again... it is not vm. prolliant DL580.. how can i solve it?09:16
newbsduserntpd is stopped09:16
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out_ofthe_boxanyone have ethical issues with the spyware on ubuntu?09:30
baizonout_ofthe_box: ethical?09:31
llutzout_ofthe_box: #ubuntu-offtopic please09:32
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out_ofthe_boxllutz? please? please what?09:37
cfhowlettout_ofthe_box, this is the ubuntu support channel.  offtopic discussion go to #ubuntu-offtopic09:38
baizon!offtopic | out_ofthe_box09:38
ubottuout_ofthe_box: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:38
out_ofthe_boxi know09:38
out_ofthe_boxbut im in a dilema09:38
out_ofthe_boxif i want to keep using ubuntu09:38
baizonout_ofthe_box: what dilemma?09:38
cfhowlettno you are just in the wrong channel.  go to #off-topic to debate09:38
out_ofthe_boxabout the spyware on ubuntu09:39
out_ofthe_boxplease dont bully me away09:39
somsip!adlens | out_ofthe_box09:39
ubottuout_ofthe_box: To hide online search results in Ubuntu Unity, go to System Settings > Security and Privacy > Search and toggle the option off.09:39
out_ofthe_boxthis is a valid concern09:39
baizonout_ofthe_box: there is no spyware, also you can deactivate it09:39
out_ofthe_boxbut its default on09:39
out_ofthe_boxthats my moral objection09:39
baizonout_ofthe_box: ubottu posted the solution09:39
cfhowlettout_ofthe_box, no one is bullying you .  we ask - politely - that you go to the appropriate channel09:39
somsipout_ofthe_box: it's disabled by default in the new version09:39
baizonout_ofthe_box: also what somsip wrote09:39
out_ofthe_boxwhy was it not default off origionally?09:39
cfhowlettwhy not just choose a different OS.  problem solved09:40
Jordan_Uout_ofthe_box: You have been given instructions on how to disable adlense, that is the best that this *technical support* channel can give you.09:40
out_ofthe_boxthere still seem to be issues here09:40
cfhowlettagain --- wrong channel for that discussion09:40
out_ofthe_boxscary really...09:41
Jordan_Uout_ofthe_box: Not issues that this channel can help you with. This is your last warning before you are quieted. If you wish to discuss #ubuntu's policies on being tech support only then please join #ubuntu-ops.09:41
cfhowlettor do you believe continued discourtesy is going to convince anyone to join your caus09:41
out_ofthe_boxi'm publishing an article on this matter you see - all this will be published09:41
out_ofthe_boxand im streaming this live09:41
AaranHi, having a bit of trouble whenever I open my terminal window its fully transparent you can see the drawn box for the window but nothing inside09:42
baizonAaran: can you post a screenshot of it please09:43
Aaransure 1 sec09:43
AaranOk strange, I took a screenshot and tried to open it from within the Pictures folder, it says its opening it but nothing happens09:46
AaranI have also lost the desktop in that its not drawing the files I had saved there09:46
Aaranbut if I go into the desktop folder they are visible09:46
Bray90820is 200mb a good size for /boot09:48
Brewdo u guys use a virus software on ur linux desktops?09:48
cfhowlettJordan_U, out_ofthe_box has self-initiated a PM and continued his threats of publicity.  I have /ignored.09:49
Bray90820Brew: I don't09:49
baizonBrew: no09:49
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cfhowlettBrew, antivirus: no.  rootkit hunter and firewall, yes09:49
cfhowlettalso I added the noscript plugin to firefox to manage java09:50
Brewcfhowlett, is it this u run? https://rootkit.nl/projects/rootkit_hunter.html09:50
baizonBrew: yes09:50
cfhowlettbrew, rkhunter.  never detected one yet, fwiw09:51
Brewhehe well as long as people dont click anything they not sure of everything is all good :-)09:52
Bray90820Should the boot loader be installed on /boot09:52
cfhowlettBray90820, depends09:52
Bray90820cfhowlett: On what?09:53
baizonBray90820: well i got only 2 partitions, / and /home09:53
cfhowlettuefi or non-uefi09:53
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Bray90820It's efi it's on a macbook09:53
cfhowlettbootloader usually goes to the top level device, e.g. sda09:53
cfhowlettBray90820, ah, MAC>  best ask the mac experts.  rarely seen in this channel09:53
cfhowlett!mac | Bray9082009:54
ubottuBray90820: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages09:54
NeoFrontierOk is there a quicker way that using top to see the command line command for a running program ?09:54
NeoFrontierI use top then make it do a lot of stuf to go to the top.09:54
Bray90820cfhowlett: I know if i ask in #mac there gonna give me a reticules story about how Linux on a mac will destroy the processor and that there is very little information about it09:55
NeoFrontierOk is there a quicker way than* using top to see the command line command for a running program ?09:55
somsipNeoFrontier: ps aux | grep {name}09:55
cfhowlettBray90820, eh?  I did not say ask #mac09:55
cfhowlettsee the wiki for the links09:55
NeoFrontierif you don't know the command line name09:55
Bray90820cfhowlett: I know just daying09:55
somsipNeoFrontier: define your problem clearly09:55
NeoFrontierLike if you have some program running. But you want to find out its actual command line call.09:56
NeoFrontierI use top. And make the program in question do a lot of work so it goes to the top or move up.09:57
Triffid_HunterNeoFrontier: check /proc/<pid>/cmdline09:57
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cfhowlettleuda, this is ubuntu support.  ask your questions.10:04
=== zenlot1 is now known as zenlot
ghostknifeAaugh. after all these years of patience, upstart remains disgusting10:08
ghostknife"networking is simply not meant to be restarted or stopped on Ubuntu. The functionality simply isn't supported". meh.10:09
AstroBoyAnyone knows why Ubuntu wouldn't boot on an old x64 computer? (Instead, it shows "GRUB_" screen and beeps, not able to input anything  as it's not a command line)10:21
Jordan_U!bootinfo | AstroBoy10:22
ubottuAstroBoy: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Please run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then !pastebin the RESULTS.txt for us to use to help diagnose your problem.10:22
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cfhowlettm1dnight_, passed10:33
m1dnight_thnx, and sorry for spam :)10:33
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...10:33
zertyhi there10:33
zertyhow to reset the root password ?10:33
cfhowlett!root | zerty10:34
ubottuzerty: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:34
halabundHow can I compile some simple C++11 code (uses only the standard library) on Ubuntu 15.10 so the binary will work on Ubuntu 14.04 as well?  What do I need to pay attention to?10:34
jmanwhen i watch a video on youtube, it takes a lot of time for it to maximize and minimize. can anyone help?10:34
jmani mean go fullscreen and come out10:34
cfhowlettjman, "long time" =????10:34
Triffid_Hunterjman: go to youtube.com/html5 and enable it10:35
cfhowlettjman, this ^^^10:35
jmanThe HTML5 player is currently used when possible.10:36
zertywhen i reboot i can't see single mode10:37
ck_mfcdoes anyone know a alternate for gpg-agent?10:37
Triffid_Hunterjman: "when possible" was basically never last time I checked, I had to force it to always10:37
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linuxlovehello guys10:43
linuxlovewho has experienced for music instrument here?10:43
mikeozi do10:43
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:44
linuxlovei am going to remove voice from music10:44
mikeozrelax ubottu! its hardly busy here!10:44
somsipmikeoz: we discourage offtopic chat - take it to pm if you want to discuss10:44
linuxlovehas ubuntu this tool10:44
jubo2mikeoz: #ubuntu-offtopic exists for a reason10:44
linuxlovehey guys10:45
Jordan_Ulinuxlove: Which tool?10:45
linuxloveJordan_U, i want to remove voice from a mp310:45
mikeozwhat song linuxlove? im curious10:46
somsiplinuxlove: like, to make it into a karaoke track?10:46
linuxlovesomsip, yes10:46
rogogogoHey guys, is it safe to use Ubuntu yet or is it still spyware?10:46
mikeozrogo its still not safe10:46
mikeozim my opinion10:46
Jordan_Ulinuxlove: *If* the voice is completely centered in a sterio recording, and the rest of the instruments are not centered, then you can achieve that by a 180 degree phase shift of one of the audio channels. Audacity can do this.10:46
mikeozwhat they did is a disgrace10:46
somsip!fud | mikeoz (be helpful please)10:47
ubottumikeoz (be helpful please): Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt10:47
OpenSorcelinuxlove, the guys in #audacity might be able to help you.10:47
linuxloveJordan_U, how?10:47
mikeozsomsip and ubottu they left it opt out10:47
Jordan_U!adlens | rogogogo10:48
mikeozyou know what they did - im not falling prey to ANYTHING. canonical fell prey to greed10:48
ubotturogogogo: To hide online search results in Ubuntu Unity, go to System Settings > Security and Privacy > Search and toggle the option off.10:48
rogogogomikeoz, so it's still like that? Okay, thanks.10:48
mikeozif a company will stoop so low to install spyware, you can never full trust them10:48
linuxloveno one is not respond in audacity channel10:48
rogogogoJordan_U, I shouldn't have to do that.10:49
Brewis there a point in upgradeing a server to 14.04 today when 16.04 is out in 2 months?10:49
somsiplinuxlove: might help - have a read http://www.howtogeek.com/56335/how-to-remove-vocals-from-music-tracks-using-audacity/10:49
OpenSorcelinuxlove, http://lifehacker.com/296121/remove-vocals-from-mp3s-with-audacity10:49
mikeozcheck the copyright10:49
mikeozyou might not be allowed to remove the vocals10:50
mahesh_ hai anyone can help me please ..i lost my photos on my sd card ..it is deleted automatically..so i want to recover the images using testdesk..please help me am not able to do that10:50
rogogogoI heard Ubuntu is not even doing their own package management anymore, is that true?10:50
linuxlovemikoez with no copyright10:50
mikeozi believe it is rogo10:50
Triffid_Hunterlinuxlove: voice removal will never be perfect, but a good start is full cut around 500Hz-1.5KHz10:51
mikeozpeople need to be made aware of the terrible thing ubuntu did10:51
somsiprogogogo: no10:51
Jordan_Umikeoz: rogogogo: This channel is for Ubuntu technical support only. Please take other discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic.10:51
mikeozjordan this is relevant10:51
rogogogosomsip, I just read that Ubuntu is taking out their pacakge manager and using Gnome's!10:52
Jordan_Umikeoz: It is not tech support. This channel is for tech support only.10:52
somsiprogogogo: continue in #ubuntu-offtopic please10:52
linuxlovelinks are not useful10:52
mikeozand spyware and malware fall under tech support10:52
mikeozspyware and malware cause tech issues10:52
Jordan_Urogogogo: Gnome Software Center is not a package manager, it's a frontend for apt.10:52
rogogogoJordan_U, it is tech related man! Just because we're talking about ugly parts you don't want to be reminded of doesn't mean it's OT or not relevant.10:53
Jordan_Umikeoz: You and others have been provided with the technical solution for disabling the ad lense. That is all that this channel can help with.10:53
mikeozeaxctly rogogo10:53
popeyIt's discussion, which is OT here10:53
somsiprogogogo: are you haveing a technical issue with the software centre? If not, offtopic.10:53
popeyThis is not a discussion channel, it's a support channel.10:53
mikeozi agree popey10:53
linuxlovewho knows about sox?10:53
popeymikeoz: so take it elsewhere and stop trolling our support channel.10:54
linuxlovesox input.wav output.wav oops10:54
mikeozpopey tech issues due to spyware issues caused by the greed and immoral behaviour of canonical are tech issues10:54
rogogogosomsip, nope. I'm just asking a technical question about an Ubuntu feature. TOTALLY topical.10:54
somsiprogogogo: no you're not. EOT for me10:54
mahesh_jordan_u sorry to ping u ,,pls can u help me10:54
Jordan_Umikeoz: rogogogo: This is your last warning. Your next offtopic comment will lead to a ban. Please join #ubuntu-ops if you wish to discuss channel policy.10:54
ck_mfcDoes anyone know why gpg-agent would not use the pgp passphrase stored in the gnome-keyring? Happens since the upgrade to 15.1010:55
Jordan_U!guidelines | rogogogo mikeoz10:55
ubotturogogogo mikeoz: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:55
rogogogoWhat is the deal with you guys? You want to silence everyone that tells the truth about Ubuntu. Jordan_U fuck your ban! I'm on a Tor node and I'll be right back on a different one in five seconds.10:56
jmanyoutube in my ubuntu on firefox takes a long time to maximize and minimize, I added an addon to use only html5 it seems to be taking the same time:/10:56
mikeozscary huh rogogo10:56
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mikeoz,.:) The moderator Jordan_U is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator Jordan_U is a C UNT :)  :)10:56
mikeoz_:) The moderator Jordan_U is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator Jordan_U is a C UNT :)  :)10:56
mikeoz.,:) The moderator Jordan_U is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator Jordan_U is a C UNT :)  :)10:56
mahesh_any one can help to recover deleted files on sd card?10:56
jmanwow what did jordan do10:57
Jordan_Ujman: Please just ignore the trolls.10:57
popeymahesh_: photorec is good for that10:57
somsip!undelete | mahesh_ (no idea if this works on SD card though)10:57
ubottumahesh_ (no idea if this works on SD card though): Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel10:57
mahesh_popey am sorry iam unable to do that..can  u please explain me10:59
popeymahesh_: what exactly are you unable to do?10:59
mahesh_popey i connected usb to my port ..so i want to recover the deleted files11:00
popeymahesh_: yes, photorec is a tool which can do that11:00
mahesh_popey iam new to linux thats y am not able to move forward11:00
linuxlovelantern works yet?11:00
mahesh_even by searching in google also11:00
popeymahesh_: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec_Step_By_Step is a step by step guide11:01
popeywith lots of pictures :)11:01
jmanyoutube in my ubuntu on firefox takes a long time to maximize and minimize, I added an addon to use only html5 it seems to be taking the same time:/11:01
linuxloveTriffid_Hunter, are you there?11:02
linuxlovesome one please help11:03
Triffid_Hunterlinuxlove: man sox tells me plenty about how to use it11:03
cfhowlett!patience | linuxlove11:03
ubottulinuxlove: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:03
mahesh_popey ..according to that ..i used this commond  "sudo testdisk-6.13/photorec_static" but it is showing commond not found11:03
popeymahesh_: did you download photorec and unpack it?11:03
popeylinuxlove: what's your specific question?11:04
linuxloveTriffid_Hunter, is this true sox input output oops?11:04
linuxlovepopey, i want remove voice from a music11:04
popeysox can do that!?11:05
linuxlovepopey, i get error from sox11:05
popeylinuxlove: are you following some guide to do this?11:05
Brewhi i have a server running 10.04 ubuntu server and should i wait for 16.04 in 2 months or do the upgrade to 14.04 now. i run a lamp server on it11:06
linuxlove sox llll.wav out.wav oops11:06
linuxlovesox FAIL formats: can't open input file `llll.wav': WAVE: RIFF header not found11:06
ikoniaBrew: I'd say back up your data an clean install when 16.04 is out11:06
linuxlovepopey, i did all no result11:06
cfhowlettBrew, clean install amigo11:06
Jordan_UBrew: Either way you will need to upgrade to 14.04 before you can upgrade to 16.04.11:06
FranticHi guys, I'm on 14.04 and trying to get reverse (osx style) scrolling. I've swapped 4/5 in my ~/.Xmodmap, however some apps are ignoring that (e.g. nautilus) and after a recent upgrade important ones too (e.g. chromium)11:07
FranticCould someone tell me how to reverse the scrolling direction?11:07
Brewbut it seems like a clean install is the way to go though11:07
popeylinuxlove: are you following some guide to tell you how to use sox?11:07
mahesh_popey yes i  did..but still it is showing same11:07
linuxlovepopey, i found a structure in google11:08
linuxlovepopey, but no result11:08
mahesh_popey if i use sudo photorec it is configuring ..but in that only harddisk information showing ..it is not showing usb connected device11:08
linuxlovepopey, it was sox input.wav output.wav oops11:09
popeymahesh_: the directory name is probably different, where you typed testdisk-6.13 it's probably testdisk-7.0 or similar11:09
Emersont1hi. I'm VERY new to Ubuntu, how do i installl openGL so i can build OGL apps with CMake?11:09
linuxlovehello its me11:09
llutzmahesh_: sudo apt-get install testdisk             then you call sudo photorec ....    without path11:09
mahesh_llutz i did exactlu same ..but after that?11:10
popeyEmersont1: you probably need libgl-dev files like libgl1-mesa-dev11:10
linuxloveit is pleasure to get a result from this channel11:10
BrewJordan_U, yea i would have to do it step by step but most people say clean install. Has alot changed so it motivates a clean install?11:10
llutzlinuxlove:  ... `llll.wav': WAVE: RIFF header not found       you have to specify the fileformat11:10
Emersont1popey: so i sudo "apt-get install libgl-dev" ?11:10
linuxlovebut llutz what do you mean?11:10
popeyBrew: you're on an unsupport release so an upgrade that far will be "fun" - I agree with ikonia, might need to clean install11:11
linuxlovellutz, i just found this structure11:11
cfhowlettpopey, unsupported including no security.  install a supported version ASAP.  14.04.3 now11:12
linuxlovellutz, do you know what should i do now>11:12
rcj_Hi, just encountered an issues with isc-dhcp-server. Was able to stop the service using the init script but the server still gives out ip's to new hosts in the network. I was also able to find that the process was listening on udp ports even after stopping. Can anybody give me an insight into this ? is this a bug on isc-dhcp-server version "isc-dhcp-server   4.2.4-7ubuntu" ??11:12
ikoniaI'd say just sit back for the 40 days11:12
ikoniatake the 40-ish days to backup and prep for a clean intsall to 16.0411:13
ikoniamanage the risk11:13
popeygosh is it that soon!?11:13
ikoniapopey: "ish"11:13
linuxloveHow To Remove Vocals From Music Tracks11:13
Jordan_Ucfhowlett: 10.04 server packages are supported until April 30.11:13
mahesh_popey pls help me11:13
llutzlinuxlove:   specify the input fileformat (-t format), its not a WAV-ifle as sox expects. consult the sox-documentation for further help11:13
mahesh_i need that files those are important11:14
ikoniait's just over a month - so just manage the risk, rather than risk a 14.04 upgrade / clean install and double your work11:14
Brewikonia, thanks i think i will go with your suggestion. Feels better to start fresh11:14
cfhowlettJordan_U, !!! good to know.   sorry for the misinformation.11:14
popeymahesh_: as I said, if you download photorec, then you can run it by changing the directory name from the instructions to the one you uncompressed11:14
rcj_@ikonia so you think that this is a bug in isc-dhcp-server ??11:15
ikoniarcj_: what ?11:15
linuxlovesox FAIL sox: Not enough input filenames specified11:15
rcj_Not able to stop isc-dhcp-server11:15
Brewahhh the server version is still supported until 30/4 thats great11:15
ikoniarcj_: you can't stop it ?11:15
rcj_Hi, just encountered an issues with isc-dhcp-server. Was able to stop the service using the init script but the server still gives out ip's to new hosts in the network. I was also able to find that the process was listening on udp ports even after stopping. Can anybody give me an insight into this ? is this a bug on isc-dhcp-server version "isc-dhcp-server   4.2.4-7ubuntu" ??11:15
ikoniarcj_: sorry - this is the first time I've seen you speak11:15
ikoniarcj_: is the dhcp process still running11:15
rcj_no but there is no pid but it is listening on udp ports11:16
BrewJordan_U, on the wikipedia it says 10.04 is only supported until 2015-04-3011:16
ikoniarcj_: it can't be - it has to be something else11:16
ikoniarcj_: eg: libvirt using dnsmasq11:16
mahesh_popey i installed sucessfully..now it is showing harddisk11:17
mahesh_popey so do i need to enter in to that?11:17
rcj_this is a plain server running dhcp. I want to stop this service temporarily, even if I stop the server, the init script shows it stopped successfully , but still provides ip11:18
ikoniarcj_: is the dhcp process still running11:18
jgcampbell300I have 1000's of numbers formated ##-###-#### and im trying to find a way to get a list of all of these numbers into a txt file from a pdf can anyone suggest a way to do this11:18
popeymahesh_: it's hard to understand exactly what you're doing here.11:19
rcj_Yes the process is still running11:19
ikoniarcj_: how can you see that ?11:19
rcj_ps -aux | grep dhcp root     19578  0.0  0.0   4944  1980 pts/4    S+   20:19   0:00 grep --color=auto dhcp dhcpd    20963  0.0  0.0  14848  8932 ?        Ss   19:13   0:00 dhcpd -user dhcpd -group dhc d -f -q -4 -pf /run/dhcp-server/dhcpd.pid -cf /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf11:19
=== zippy is now known as Guest94990
rcj_I kill the pid and another one starts instantly11:20
mahesh_popey i used first command ..so now i entered to photorec tool11:20
ikoniarcj_: what version of ubuntu is this ?11:20
rcj_Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS11:20
popeymahesh_: so you see this? http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/File:PhotoRec_startup.png (or something like it)11:20
ikoniarcj_: ok, so how are you killing it11:21
Jordan_UBrew: cfhowlett: Indeed, I looked at ubottu's !10.04 and misread 2015 as 2016. 10.04 is in fact EOL even for server packages.11:21
ikoniarcj_: and how are you stopping it11:21
mahesh_popey yes i see the same11:21
cfhowlettJordan_U, sounds legit11:21
popeymahesh_: what are you trying to recover from? SD card, USB stick?11:21
mahesh_popey sd card11:22
mahesh_popey i inserted my sd card in cardreader and connected to port11:22
popeymahesh_: is this running an ubuntu desktop?11:23
rcj_I stop it using the init script11:23
popeymahesh_: what happend to the SD card that makes you want to recover from it?11:23
ikoniarcj_: exact command please11:23
mahesh_popey yes ubuntu 14.011:23
rcj_#/etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server stop11:23
ikoniarcj_: use the service command (it shouldn't matter - but run it, lets see if there is a difference)11:24
rcj_Okay, let me just try that out11:24
popeymahesh_: were files deleted, or did the sd card fail in some other way?11:24
rcj_Wow, that is great. It worked :) , seems like there is some issue with the init script then ?11:26
ikoniarcj_: not really11:26
=== Senj is now known as Senji
ikoniarcj_: it's how you're supposed to use it - due to upstart, rather than calling sysV init style11:26
jgcampbell300is it possable to use grep to take ##-###-#### numbers from one file full of junk and put them into a diffrent file like txt or something11:27
rcj_I see. Thank you for your time ikonia11:27
mahesh_popey files deleted11:27
popeymahesh_: okay. strange your card doesn't show up, close photorec, unplug USB, plug back in, wait a few seconds and re-start photorec11:28
popeymahesh_: in a terminal you can also run 'tail -f /var/log/kern.log' and see if any messages appear during you plugging the USB in.11:30
popeymahesh_: typically you'd see stuff in there which indicates the usb device has been found11:31
mahesh_popey it is showing removable disk attached ..after typing that command11:33
Jordan_Ujgcampbell300: grep -o -P '\d{2}-\d{3}-\d{4}' input.txt > output.txt11:34
jgcampbell300Jordan_U: cool thanks ... will look that up so i understand it better11:35
popeymahesh_: okay, that's good, does it show a device name like /dev/sdc or /dev/sdd or something?11:35
tomreynjgcampbell300: same as: grep -oE '[0-9]{2}-[0-9]{3}-[0-9]{4}' input.txt > output.txt11:36
mahesh_popey yes it is showing11:36
ertyuhi there11:37
ertyui got a service called assp on ubuntu11:37
popeymahesh_: so you see it in photorec now?11:37
ertyubut i can't understand why the service is suddenly stopped how to identify that ?11:37
jgcampbell300you guys think that would work with pdf file11:37
mahesh_popey might that sd card is fault it is not showing11:37
popeycould be11:38
mahesh_i will through it outside11:38
mahesh_but thanks alot for this help11:38
mahesh_and same i connected usb pendrive the info is showing in photorec11:38
popeymaybe the card reader is broken?11:38
Jordan_Ujgcampbell300: It will probably be more reliable if you use pdftotext first so that grep is working with text rather than a binary format.11:38
mahesh_no .i able to open memory card details normlly11:39
mahesh_or else suppose if i want to recover files from this pendrive .what should i do?11:39
jgcampbell300Jordan_U: kk thanks11:39
popeymahesh_: oh, hang on11:39
mahesh_it is showing in photorec also11:40
Jordan_Ujgcampbell300: You're welcome.11:40
popeymahesh_: did you run photorec with sudo?11:40
mahesh_yes sudo only11:40
popeymahesh_: sorry, I don't know why it's not finding the card then.11:40
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Guiprobssearch lens was OPT IN... they left it this way to spy on you and make money11:40
Guiprobs_:) The moderator Jordan_U is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator Jordan_U is a C UNT :)  :)Ubuntu utilizes spyware - Canonical and Shuttleworth are bullies.... the amazon11:40
Guiprobs search lens was OPT IN... they left it this way to spy on you and make money11:40
Guiprobs.,:) The moderator Jordan_U is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator Jordan_U is a C UNT :)  :)Ubuntu utilizes spyware - Canonical and Shuttleworth are bullies.... the amazo11:40
Guiprobsn search lens was OPT IN... they left it this way to spy on you and make money11:40
mahesh_popey ya leave about sd card .. i will destroy it..but same files are as well in pendrive also ..and that were deleted11:41
mahesh_so what should i do?11:41
mahesh_popey but u really helped me alot...thanks for that11:43
popeyno problem11:43
mahesh_for pendrive..11:44
mahesh_after finding that.11:44
mahesh_what should i select11:44
jgcampbell300Jordan_U: holy crap ... so many birds in one package ... thank you again Jordan11:44
popeymahesh_: the step by step guide to photorec should help11:45
mahesh_popey thanks alot11:52
jarnosI have set an update command for google-chrome-stable by crontab -u root. I use @reboot directive. The apt-get install command is called, but it fails due to it can not download. This is even if I reboot, so network should be available. Why does it fail?11:52
jarnosI mean a command to update Chrome.11:52
A5977-Guestjarnos - have you tried praying during the reboot? this worked for me when i was doing my update11:53
Emersont1Hi, just fired up Ubuntu 15-10 and have "fsck from util-linux 2.26.2" followed by "/dev/sda8: recovering journal" "/dev/sda8: clean, 241558/29327360 files, 3366379/127306112 blocks"11:53
jarnosA5977-Guest what? praying?11:53
k1l_jarnos: dont mind the troll11:53
Artemis3good advise tho. Do not upgrade chrome that way.11:54
jarnosArtemis3, why not?11:54
popeyjarnos: seems a bit of a brutal way to update the machine. Why not just do the regular updates as and when they come?11:55
jarnospopey, Well, I would like to have Chrome updated, when I start working.11:55
Artemis3ubuntu automated updates too11:55
jarnospopey, and I want it happen automatically as I have with (other) security updates.11:56
popeyjarnos: yeah, there's an unattended-upgrades option11:56
Alberto_35Hello everyone11:57
Alberto_35I'm having a problem with Youtube videos... I'm on Xubuntu 14.04 and Mozilla Firefox.11:57
Alberto_35The image and sound don't synchronize properly11:58
Alberto_35And also, the image stands still very often.11:59
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
ertyuhi there on demsg12:01
ertyui got a various line like that : 7.82335312:01
Alberto_35I've heard Linux isn't supporting flash anymore, is it true? Might this be the reason why videos aren't working properly in Firefox?12:01
ertyuwhat that it means ?12:01
pesariAlberto_35: try with google chrome. it has the latest flash builtin12:01
cfhowlettAlberto_35, flash is dying technology but that isn't your problem.  suggest you enable html5 in youtube12:01
Alberto_35cfhowlett Thank you very much :)12:02
cfhowletthappy2help! Alberto_3512:02
Artemis3Alberto_35, youtube switched to html5 by default but you can still switch back to flash. Your problem is probably gpu or slow cpu and you might be better served by smtube12:02
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
popeyjarnos: I'd be inclined to look at the unattended-upgrades package which is configurable in what it updates, and can do the reboot too12:03
popeyjarnos: I use it on all my machines to automagically install updates during the night12:03
Alberto_35Do you know how I can enable html5 in YouTube?12:04
popeyAlberto_35: youtube.com/html512:04
virtualmachineisanyone has issues with dynamic ip's?12:04
Alberto_35popey Thank you12:04
Artemis3Alberto_35, thats the page where you can enable back flash.12:04
popeyvirtualmachineis: that's a vague question, can you be more specific?12:04
Alberto_35Artemis3 Thank you12:05
virtualmachineiswell i wans to be assigned to a range of ips12:05
llutzertyu: timestamps , use dmesg -T12:05
virtualmachineisand i often have connectivity issues12:05
virtualmachineisbtw whoever just booted that person... that was not very gracious. nothing wrong with prayer12:06
Artemis3Alberto_35, it is not universal and some videos will want to use html5 anyway, they are phasing flash out12:06
jarnospopey, well I usually shut computers down for night.12:06
Alberto_35All the media types are verified on this page.12:07
popeyjarnos: it'll run when you wake the machine up I believe12:07
Alberto_35It tells me they're all compatible.12:07
Alberto_35H.264 Checked12:08
Alberto_35WebM VP8 Checked12:08
Alberto_35Media Source Extensions Checked12:08
Alberto_35MSE & H.264 Checked12:09
Alberto_35 MSE & WebM VP9 Checked12:09
Alberto_35Currently using HTML5 player when possible: Checked12:09
Alberto_35I could switch to Google Chrome, however, I need a working parental control add-on... Does Chrome have one?12:11
bazhangcheck a chrome support forum Alberto_3512:12
=== Loopeth is now known as Loopeth_afk
Alberto_35The thing is... I thought Firefox was the  web browser which best satisfied my needs12:13
Alberto_35But I will give Chrome a try12:13
Alberto_35Thank you all12:14
ZemeioAnyone have a recommendation for a program like gyazo or sharex for ubuntu? That lets you take screenshots and upload to servers, copying the link to clipboard.12:15
haasnHow does Ubuntu generate its routing table? In particular, how does it order interfaces? My default routes appear in the “wrong” order12:24
popeyhaasn: network manager does it, I believe12:26
haasnI should have specified - Ubuntu 14.04. I don't think it's using NM in my setup12:27
ioriahaasn, ps -A | grep NetworkManager12:28
popeyhaasn: server or desktop?12:29
haasnioria: Ah, NetworkManager is running, yes. popey: server12:29
derbieHi! Windows 8.1 64bit, Virtualbox -> 12.04 Displays shows me unknown display and my resolution is set to 25##X#### pretty big. It was working fine yesterday, now that i booted i no longer have my 1680X1050 display12:29
haasnsorry, I did the grep on the wrong machine12:29
haasnNetworkManager is *not* running :)12:30
derbieHow do i get ubuntu to detect the display or set it to 1680X1050 ?12:30
ioriahaasn, you can also check the command  'route' and its man page12:30
=== asdfa is now known as marcelito
popeyderbie: you could run the display thing in system settings and choose from the list?12:30
derbie1680X1050 is not in the list12:30
haasnioria: I can configure the routing table with `route` just fine, but that 1. doesn't persist across reboots, 2. isn't easily rolled out as a configuration template. I sort of want to configure the machine so that it automatically sets up the correct routes12:30
popeyderbie: are the virtualbox extensions installed? Maybe they need rebuilding after a kernel update?12:31
popeyderbie: perhaps re-install them to be sure?12:31
derbiepopey: afaik yes. How can i verify if everything is fine?12:31
haasnIt's registering the default route obtained statically on eth1 (via /etc/network/interfaces) with metric 012:31
haasnAnd registering the default route obtained via DHCP on eth0 with metric 112:31
haasnI want it to be exactly the other way around, because eth1 is just for fallback routing (and is slower!)12:31
popeyderbie: I'd just do the reinstall by inserting the vbox additions iso from the menu12:31
ioriahaasn,  or you use NM or you use manual config in /etc/network/interfaces12:32
haasnioria: You mean manual config for both interfaces?12:32
derbieI did sh ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run and restarted earlier12:32
haasn(rather than DHCP)?12:32
derbieto no effect12:32
popeyderbie: in the past I have forced a resolution with xrandr on the command line - that worked for me in a vm12:33
haasnAlso, what if eth1 happens to be the “right” interface and eth0 should be the fallback (this is the case on some machines)12:33
popeyderbie: there's a command line option in xrandr to "add" a resolution and then set it12:33
gnomehi can someone help me? Software-Properties-Gtk doesn't work12:33
popeyit's software-properties-gtk - no capital letters12:34
ioriahaasn,  if you want to use the interfaces file, disable NM12:34
haasnAh, I can set the routing metric when using static config as option “metric”12:34
haasnioria: NM is disabled12:34
gnomepopey tried that  - its not there12:34
popeygnome: what version of ubuntu?12:35
popeygnome: is it ubuntu or some other flavour?12:35
gnomereal mccoy12:36
popeygnome: please pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy software-properties-gtk"12:36
derbiepopey: it worked12:36
gnomepastebin where?12:36
derbiepopey: i followed http://askubuntu.com/questions/377937/how-to-set-a-custom-resolution12:36
popeyderbie: xrandr?12:36
popeythat knowledge from 6 years ago has been useful ㋛12:37
derbiesomething just crashed the display12:37
gnomedo you have a communal pastebin?12:37
haasnOkay, well; I've solved my problem: Just adding ‘metric 100’ in the static route section inside /etc/network/interfaces gives it a higher metric12:37
popeyhaasn: nice one.12:37
derbieAh it might have been the 30 seconds timer...12:38
derbieI hope :D12:38
=== lesik_afk is now known as lesik
derbieThank you popey <312:38
gnomedid that popey12:43
Kartagishow do I find out why proftpd dies?12:45
Kartagisnothing in logs, just ProFTPD killed (signal 15)12:46
gnomehello ?12:49
popeygnome: what url?12:49
popeygnome: you need to tell me where you pasted it12:50
gnomeoh sorry12:50
gnomei just pasted it to paste.ubuntu.com12:51
gnomei had it under my name12:51
popeyand it should have given you a url to give me12:51
popeywith numbers on the end12:51
popeygive me that url12:51
gnomeis this it?12:52
popeygnome: gnome that doesn't look like 14.04.312:56
gnomeit is12:56
popeygnome: what's the history of this install?12:56
gnomeI installed it last week12:56
gnomeno issues12:56
popeyI don't believe you.12:56
gnomeuntil the weekend12:56
AstroBoyAnyone knows why Ubuntu wouldn't boot on an old x64 computer? (Instead, it shows "GRUB_" screen and beeps, not able to input anything  as it's not a command line)12:56
gnomeok - anyone else there?12:57
popeyThe command I asked you to run would not have produced that output on 14.0412:57
gnomeok - well it did12:57
gnomeexactly ... what?12:58
popeyThe output is from a machine from years ago12:58
popeyWhich makes it implausible it came from a 14.04 machine12:58
cfhowlettpopey, you are mistaken about what you have or you're lying. intrepid has been dead.  for years.12:58
gnomeit is a 14.04 machine12:58
gnomebelieve me or not12:58
popeycfhowlett: check who you're talking to12:58
cfhowlettgnome, got it.12:59
popeygnome: ok, pastebin the output of this:- "dpkg -l"12:59
cfhowlettpopey, ^^^12:59
gnomethat ok popey12:59
gnomeis there any one else who can assist me12:59
AstroBoyCan anyone try guessing what causes that issue I'm experiencing? ;/12:59
cfhowlettAstroBoy, did it ever boot?13:00
gnomeI heard this place was serious and troll free13:00
AstroBoycfhowlett: Thanks for replying, the machine boots to Windows 7 just fine, and the specific drive with the linux installation boots fine on newer computers13:00
gnomeguess it was too good to be true13:00
popeyIt is serious, give us the output of "dpkg -l"13:01
cfhowlettAstroBoy, wait so you moved the drive between machines??13:01
AstroBoycfhowlett: Yep13:01
AstroBoycfhowlett: My intention was to make a portable workspace13:01
cfhowlettAstroBoy, same architecture?  i.e. both 64 bit machines?? and other specs match?13:01
gnomepopey i dont appreciate being called a liar13:01
AstroBoycfhowlett: They're both 64 bit, one is around 8 years old though.13:02
popeyOkay. see if someone else will believe you then.13:02
gnomeyou are still calling me a liar13:02
gnomeok - is this popey the only one here?13:02
Myrttignome: nobody's going to assist you before we find out what version you're running, for certain. so what does dpkg -l output?13:02
AstroBoycfhowlett: Both intels, one is i7 4790k and the other is core 2 quad q660013:02
AstroBoycfhowlett: Gefroce gpus13:03
Myrttignome: this isn't about if you're lying or not, but if your system is borked in a way that makes it untenable to try to fix. It's nothing personal, really13:03
AstroBoycfhowlett: I thought it might be related to something such as BIOS / UEFI, is that possible?13:03
cfhowlettAstroBoy, well your idea *should* work but I suggest on your offending machine, boot the nomodeset option.  could be as simple as a fragged display setting13:03
cfhowlett!nomodeset | AstroBoy13:04
ubottuAstroBoy: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:04
ioriagnome, install pastebinit it's easier13:04
cfhowlettAstroBoy, we were not using uefi 8 years ago so if your drive is set to uefi, expect issues13:04
AstroBoycfhowlett: I'm not really sure, I just installed it normally without modifying any settings - I'll try to use a nomodeset parameter, however it might be impossible as it immediately starts beeping after POST13:05
cfhowlettAstroBoy, I think there might also be substantial differences in drive technology which might cause issue between machines if not addressed13:06
gnomeok against my better judgement im posting an expert of the output from the  dpkg -l command13:06
popeythat isn't the full output13:07
bazhanggnome, lets see a pastebin of the sources.list13:07
Pod15Dansguardian running on my laptop with privoxy but DG listening non external as well as internal interface, anyway I can prevent this?13:07
gnomeas i said13:07
gnomeand EXERPT popey13:07
cfhowlettgnome the full list: more /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999913:07
bazhanggnome, the full sources.list please13:08
AstroBoycfhowlett: you think there could be an issue even if it's a USB external drive?13:08
ioriaw32codecs is dead13:08
cfhowlettAstroBoy, possible.13:08
cfhowlettmore info needed13:09
AstroBoycfhowlett:  how can i try setting nomodeset if it immediately beeps? is there a button I can press to force it letting me the option to change the script?13:10
cfhowlettAstroBoy, ah, I thought you got farther into the process.  if it's beeping immediately that suggests hardware issue.  beeping before / after POST??13:11
AstroBoyafter POST13:11
bazhanggnome is this linux mint13:11
cfhowlettbut before ubuntu boot splash?13:11
AstroBoyAgain, Windows 7 boots jsut fine13:11
AstroBoyBefore splash, yes13:11
cfhowlettAstroBoy, as win7 flys even when switching machines?13:12
AstroBoycfhowlett: I mentioned win 7 booting fine to rule out a hardware issue13:13
cfhowlettsorry, you did backup your data, correct?13:14
AstroBoycfhowlett: yep13:14
BluesKajhowdy folks13:14
cfhowlettAstroBoy, OK, suggestion: reinstall [I know ...] ubuntu while connected to the problem box.  get it set up, then transport it between machines.13:15
AstroBoycfhowlett: Yeah maybe it'll be better doing that.. if it will solve the issue - what would you guess the problem was?13:16
Brewanyone have had a problem that when u ssh the terminal windows doesnt update what happends...only after i click enter13:16
cfhowlettAstroBoy, with the problem matrix you described, I wouldn't know what to guess.  got to be some kind of obscure setting on the box that rejects the others is the best I can do.13:17
AstroBoycfhowlett: Gotcha, alright well I'll try doing that and see what happens.. I'll post back later if you'll be around :)13:18
cfhowlettbest of luck, AstroBoy !13:18
AstroBoycfhowlett: Thanks for your help mate13:18
glumgoldyeah. irc is live13:23
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rdlf1024Could anyone please help me? My SSD won't let windows 7 create partitions after I've chown'd it using Ubuntu. I run out of ideas on how I can fix it.13:28
mgolischi doubt there is any relation13:31
gnomehi again13:32
rdlf1024mgolisch I beg your pardon?13:32
mgolischrdlf1024: setting permissions on a filesystem on that has nothing to do with the ability to create partitions on it, especialy not when booted into another os13:34
mgolischwhat exactly did you do?13:34
mgolischand whats the error message in windows?13:34
Knardi've a problem but i speack french... someone to help me?13:36
mgolisch#ubuntu-fr ?13:36
Knardthanks mgolish ;)13:36
cfhowlett!fr | Knard13:36
ubottuKnard: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:36
Knardthanks cfhowlett13:36
cfhowletthappy2help! knard13:37
Knardthank u too ubottu13:40
derbiegiven i have multiple terminals open how to i evenly distribute them on the screen?13:43
popeyderbie: there's a neat app called "xtile" which can do that13:44
derbiethank you popey <313:44
popeysorry, x-tile13:44
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derbiepopey: it's in the launch menu, i click it and get the loading icon indefinetely13:49
popeyderbie: last time i ran it from ALT+F2 and it added to the indicator area13:49
derbie"indicator area" ?13:50
zaggynlSo Sophos AV is free for Linux, is this even useful?13:50
k1l_zaggynl: to scan windows partitions? :)13:51
cfhowlett!malware | zaggynl13:51
popeyderbie: top right, where the date is13:52
cfhowlettzaggynl, can't hurt I suppose13:52
yeats!av | zaggynl13:53
ubottuzaggynl: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus13:53
derbiepopey: shouldn't this me an OS native functionality...??13:53
popeywell, it isn't :)13:53
k1l_derbie: which desktop is in use?13:54
ioria!info python-appindicator13:55
ubottupython-appindicator (source: libappindicator): Python bindings for libappindicator. In component universe, is optional. Version 12.10.1+15.04.20141110-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 7 kB, installed size 87 kB13:55
zaggynlwell yeah, small chance to get malware if you only use official repos13:58
zaggynlI tend to use a couple of PPAs though13:58
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=== Guest2 is now known as Humbedooh
Kartagisderbie: there's also this neat app called terminator14:05
=== osx is now known as Dantey
derbieKartagis: :-D14:13
derbieKartagis: thank you14:14
Kartagissure thing14:14
KeyboardNotFoundCan someone do MITM while downloading software from ubuntu repository? Is it encrypted ?14:15
zaggynlKeyboardNotFound: being curious too I googled that: https://security.stackexchange.com/questions/10106/how-secure-is-the-apt-get-install-command-against-man-in-the-middle-attacks14:16
cooperlooking for a compatible flash player for facebook  games14:17
zaggynlisn't flash going to the way of the dodo?14:18
cooperpossibly but its not for me14:19
cooperive tried gnash but it doesnt seem to work too well14:19
k1l_cooper: use the adobe flashplugin installer14:20
zaggynlor use chrome, has flash build in14:20
tiphracooper: have you tried Pepper Flash?14:20
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yedcan my computer run ubuntu https://i.imgsafe.org/86172e5.png14:20
zaggynlprobably, boot from an ubuntu cd to test14:21
coopertiphra: not yet14:21
wuji2016i use firefox ,i copy libflashplayer.so to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so14:22
k1l_yed: why not?14:22
cooperk1l_: yes i did but it doesnt seem to work either by what i understand adobe is no longer supporting linux14:22
k1l_cooper: they somehow still keep one version going. but dont ship updates to new versions14:23
yedIs 6 core i7 good enough  for ubuntu14:24
=== geheimni1` is now known as geheimnis`
=== Triffid_Hunter_ is now known as Triffid_Hunter
k1l_yed: easily14:24
zaggynlwhy wouldn't it be?14:24
=== coffeemug_ is now known as coffeemug
=== tinoco_ is now known as tinoco
telboona cmd line question -- how do i pipe output as a input to another process (not pipe to file)?14:25
telbooneg. i want to pipe result of find to ls14:25
=== tinoco is now known as inaddy
wuji2016find | ls14:26
akiktelboon: find has an -exec option which you can use14:26
telboonwuji2016: that doesn't work -- ls don't work on files, only on cmd line input14:27
akiktelboon: or you can use "find ... | xargs ..."14:27
ganzeinfachI have a prob to install ubuntu 12.04 on my Dell Latitude ST 10.1 Tab. Keyboard is freezing. Installer crashes. Is there anyone who know how to get 12.04alpha2 iso? Because I have tried 12.04.5 desktop and it was not possible.14:27
telboonakik: thanks! just want i'm looking for! xargs would be useful for other applications too14:27
k1l_ganzeinfach: try the 12.04 without .5 at the end14:27
k1l_ganzeinfach: because with each pointrelease (like servicepack on windows) they ship a new kernel14:28
ganzeinfachk1l_ You mean this is working?14:28
Gambit15Hey guys14:29
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
Gambit15I want to add a DPkg::Pre-Invoke command to the apt conf, although I see apt now only uses files under apt.conf.d14:29
Gambit15Where should I add it in this case?14:30
PiciGambit15: create a file in apt.conf.d with that in it14:30
ganzeinfachhm, where can i get it. on ubuntu.com it says 12.04 and if I switch to the folder it comes 12.04.514:31
Gambit15Pici, so it'll read any file in that dir? Just confirming...14:31
PiciGambit15: yes.14:31
Gambit15Cool, cheers!14:32
jophishHi, my keyboard doesn't have multimedia keys, I'm hoping to be able to use xkb to remap MENU+F4 to X86AudioMute for example. Would someone be able to take a look at a xkb configuration for me, because something's not quite right: https://gist.github.com/1bd6e4455c570b9d932814:33
k1l_ganzeinfach: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04.0/14:33
jophishOr direct me to a channel a little more focused on xkb usage14:34
ex_i'm facing a problem with installing nvidia drivers on an old laptop in ubuntu 1414:34
ganzeinfachI hope its working well14:34
__doc__@ ubuntu 14.04 LTS, dpkg --get-selections | grep -i graphite -> libgraphite2-3:amd64install14:35
ex_i have this problem on boot ACPI PCC probe failed. i tried to boot with nomodeset but didnt work14:35
__doc__dpkg -s libgraphite2-3:amd64 -> Version: 1.2.4-1ubuntu114:35
ex_so i had to purge nvidia drivers, but graphic performances are bad14:35
k1l_ganzeinfach: its going to be a lot of work to get everything running. i saw a lot of people giving up from a quick research.14:35
__doc__ldd /opt/google/chrome/chrome | grep -i graphite14:35
__doc__libgraphite2.so.3 => /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgraphite2.so.3 (0x00007f097345b000)14:36
__doc__everybody on ubuntu can now be hit by a remote execution bug trough chrome and firefox?14:36
ganzeinfachyeha, but windows is not for the internet and if i can dualboot to use the connection in ubuntu it will be great for me. And this is a good adress to bring to work I thing. http://www.mogilowski.net/lang/en-us/2012/02/15/install-ubuntu-on-dell-latitude-st-tablet/14:37
k1l___doc__: you got a cve for that?14:37
__doc__k1l_: http://www.talosintel.com/reports/TALOS-2016-0058/14:38
k1l___doc__: down14:38
Pici__doc__: it is being worked on, see http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-1521.html14:39
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2016-1521)14:39
ganzeinfachso, I create an USB-Stik.14:41
=== lesik_afk is now known as lesik
__doc__ubottu: https://github.com/silnrsi/graphite/blob/master/ChangeLog14:42
__doc__you can work your way trough the changes applied to figure that one out, the details of the CVE are probably largely superfluous at this point14:43
Pici__doc__: ubottu is a bot, but thanks for the info.14:43
_bananaRegarding MongoDB install on Wily: is it a straightforward Operation? (not officially supported). Anyone share experience?14:45
ganzeinfachremaining 4min14:47
ganzeinfachwell keyboard not working in general on the bootmenu dell latitude ST 128GB SSD14:53
_bananaOK, I guess not.14:53
homahi my friends15:13
mrHello guys, even if is not related to ubuntu I will try ask anyway. I did a dd command to put the windows 10 on the usb stick. Now I tried to format the stick with gparted but I cannot do it.15:13
ganzeinfachhm, have to bootimage with other tool. With Yumi I cant go automaticly to live-cd modus. Cause Keyboard stuck in dosmode15:14
homaare there channel for programmers15:14
bazhang##programming homa15:14
terminal_iwho else is using ubuntu 15.10 here?15:16
xangua! Ask | terminal_i15:16
ubottuterminal_i: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:16
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mikesd_:) The moderator k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C UNT :)  :)㋛15:18
mikesd:) The moderator k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C UNT :)  :)㋛15:18
baizonheh :/15:18
diamondswordhello ubuntu :)15:19
AshtasuHello :)15:19
diamondswordI've just installed ubuntu 14 lts, when I write to terminal java -version it doesn't say much. isn't java pre-installed on ubuntu 14?15:19
homabazhang, thank you15:20
diamondswordor how can I know if java installed and which version?15:20
g105bdiamondsword: no15:20
g105bdiamondsword: which java15:20
diamondswordg105b: do I have java installed on ubuntu 14?15:21
biobuntudiamondsword: java -version15:21
g105bdiamondsword: no15:21
=== Vag is now known as Guest11723
diamondswordbiobuntu: The program 'java' can be found in the following packages:  * default-jre  * gcj-4.8-jre-headless  * openjdk-7-jre-headless  * gcj-4.6-jre-headless  * openjdk-6-jre-headless15:22
diamondswordis this enough to get the latest java to install, then? >> http://www.liquidweb.com/kb/how-to-install-oracle-java-8-on-ubuntu-14-04-lts/15:22
=== lesik is now known as lesik_afk
g105bdiamondsword: depends on whether you want oracle's closed source implementation or openjdk?15:23
popeyopenjdk-7-jre-headless is good enough for minecraft ㋛15:23
diamondswordg105b: what differ between them? I just want to run some programs on Java.15:23
baizondiamondsword: then openjdk is fin15:23
g105bdiamondsword: nothing major different15:24
baizondiamondsword: https://askubuntu.com/questions/437752/openjdk-oracle-is-better15:24
popeydiamondsword: I am using java 1.7.0_95 here on my laptop to play Minecraft and other Java nonsese, works fine.15:24
biobuntuopenjdk for me15:24
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=== nabo1 is now known as nabo
ganzeinfachpixelterror in 12.04, but maybe its possible15:28
diamondswordwhen I su and password it fails to auth but when I sudo apt-dosomething and password it goes well. why is that? there is no su command?15:29
k1l_diamondsword: dont use su to get root on ubuntu. we have sudo for that.15:29
popeydiamondsword: sudo is asking for _your_ password, su is asking for the root user password. On Ubuntu by default we don't have root account enabled.15:30
k1l_!sudo | diamondsword15:30
ubottudiamondsword: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo15:30
OerHeksganzeinfach, why 12.04? try the latest 14.04 LTS15:30
diamondswordok :)15:30
diamondswordI'm new to linux/ubuntu.15:31
popeydiamondsword: welcome :)15:31
ganzeinfach14.04 work not well for me in general. 12.04 is supported to 2017?15:31
ganzeinfachits the only old buntu thats supported15:31
ganzeinfachAnd why all people need always something new.15:32
shlantmorning all. Cron question: if I am receiving an email from cron, should I assume that it's because it failed or does cron send emails on success as well?15:33
ganzeinfachbut yeah 12.04 is not working on my tab. maybe I have really get to 14.04.15:33
popeyganzeinfach: what make and model of tab is it?15:34
ganzeinfachits a not supported one15:34
popeythat wasn't exactly what I asked :(15:34
asaj3ping admin15:34
ganzeinfachdell latitude ST 128GB 4GM ram15:34
ganzeinfachdo you have an idea?15:35
popeywhat gpu is in it?15:35
ganzeinfachwhich is the most well know touch unix15:35
popeyasaj3: do you have an ubuntu support question?15:35
popeyganzeinfach: oh, that's promising.15:36
popeynot a powervr gpu then?15:36
popeyganzeinfach: did you get it installed?15:37
ganzeinfachthing its Intel Atom Z67015:38
popeyaw, this guy did http://www.mogilowski.net/lang/en-us/2012/02/15/install-ubuntu-on-dell-latitude-st-tablet/15:38
popeylooks neat15:38
ganzeinfachkeyboard bugs me in Dosmode. And 12.04 graphic is crashing and other probs#15:38
ganzeinfachi know. i got this tut from mogil too15:39
ganzeinfachbut isn´t working on this..15:39
ganzeinfachdont know why15:39
turbo64i noticed if you go to the main page of the ubuntu website or the debian website, you wont find the word "linux" on there15:40
N3sh108hello, I am trying to use upstart for my nodejs server but I just get 'stop/waiting'15:40
N3sh108how comes? The upstart script should be correct.15:40
ganzeinfachA bios Downgrade is not possible from Dell. Not supported. Have A09 and thought maybe the keyboard is working better with an old bios, but cant downgrade anymore :(15:41
Jaiswali am unable to activate the webcam on my laptop; model sony vgn cr353_l15:41
ganzeinfachgot the Tab today and i am not sure, how to get linux working beside win715:41
ganzeinfachWhat is better Ubuntu Touch 14.09 RTM or Ubuntu Touch 16.04 (Xenial Xerus)15:43
spm_dragetI am installing redmine via the remind package on ubuntu 14.04. Everything works so far, but when starting it, passenger is missing 'bundler' http://dpaste.com/0KHG1SR15:43
popeyThere are no x86 Ubuntu Touch images available ganzeinfach15:44
spm_dragetIs the redmine package broken?15:44
ganzeinfachno? oh15:44
k1l_popey: he wants a standard desktop, not ubuntu-touch15:44
popeyk1l_: not if you re-read what he literally _just_ typed15:44
ganzeinfachk1l i wont touch15:44
ganzeinfachyou missunderstood15:44
ganzeinfachI will*15:44
popeyIt might be possible to make an image15:45
popeyBut we don't have any tested ones15:45
k1l_ganzeinfach: you said you hate unity. ubuntu touch is unity. are you aware of that?15:45
popeyGot bad new for ya bro ㋛15:45
ganzeinfachyeah, but unity i fix after installing15:45
ganzeinfachif its possible on touchversion15:46
MonkeyDustganzeinfach  that's why the unity launch bar is on the left, because it's like that with ubuntu touch15:46
popeyI think you need to find someone else with that hardware, or itemise the specific things that aren't working.15:46
ganzeinfachah okay. thought xfce is working too15:46
ganzeinfachwell, i am glad if i have an ubuntu with unity at first15:47
ganzeinfachbut atm i have only a win7 on it and its not, what i prefer15:47
ganzeinfachallright. try 14.04 and then i have to look15:48
ganzeinfachubuntu with unity is better than no buntu15:49
spm_dragetCould it be that the redmine package is broken?15:50
MonkeyDustspm_draget  try and reinstall it15:51
=== lesik_afk is now known as lesik
javascrptsI already have a testing installation.15:55
javascrptsDo I have to reinstall the latest alpha/beta when it comes out?15:55
xanguajavascrpts: why you wanna install the latest alpha/beta?15:56
MonkeyDustjavascrpts  what are you talking about15:56
bazhang!final | javascrpts15:56
ubottujavascrpts: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Xenial and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 16.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.15:56
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javascrpts_:) The moderator k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C UNT :)  :)㋛15:57
javascrpts.,:) The moderator k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C UNT :)  :)㋛15:57
MonkeyDustoh her again15:57
[Onionany1 on?15:58
MonkeyDust[Onion  type /names15:59
[Onionk soz15:59
=== Ceber is now known as Tronsha
Pici[Onion: no need to apoligize :)16:00
[Onionim a leader of a squad any1 wanna join?16:01
JerrySAnyone on familiar with compiling modules?16:01
[Onionyeah me16:01
MonkeyDust[Onion  wrong channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic16:01
yedIs bash the default shell in ubuntu16:04
Piciyed: yes.16:05
mrHello guys, even if is not related to ubuntu I will try ask anyway. I did a dd command to put the windows 10 on the usb stick. Now I tried to format the stick with gparted but I cannot do it.16:07
ganzeinfachis the touch image 16.04 only possible to install with network? I used the 112mb image for x86.16:10
xanguaThe touch image ?16:12
ramsgateI haven't been getting updates for a while16:12
MonkeyDustramsgate  ubuntu version?16:13
ramsgatedo you think my archive mirror is lagging behind16:13
ramsgate14 4 316:13
MonkeyDustganzeinfach  xenial support in #ubuntu+116:14
Pod15Ufw not enabled on reboot despite ufw.conf enabled=yes and gufw rules setup etc.  Any pointers?16:14
MonkeyDustPod15  sudo ufw enable16:14
Pod15Monkeydust, that works fine but I want it to start automatically without user having to type that in16:14
Pod15For all users tc16:15
MonkeyDustPod15  once enabled, it stays that way until you disable it$µ16:15
Pod15Yeah that's what it should do but not needs turning on manually after every reboot!?16:15
MonkeyDustPod15  no16:15
Pod15It does, every time I reboot sudo ufw status gives  inactive!16:16
MonkeyDustPod15  ok, do it now, enable, then reboot, then verify and come back here16:17
NginUSCould someone help me script audio file alterations? http://v.ht/YLwe16:19
MonkeyDustNginUS  that looks very specific... there's also #bash and #ubuntustudio16:21
jgcampbell300So I am trying to find a solution to my time issue. I have a list of roughly 16,000 addresses from the same site. each one has info I need on it like id number address etc ... I am trying to find a way to get all of this data into say a calc spreadsheet or maybe a sql database ... does anyone know where I could start. I have tried a few but nothing is clicking to me16:22
NginUSMonkeyDust: thx- just joined #bash a sec ago- will try #ubuntustudio16:22
Mark____Looking for help with Ubuntu.16:23
Pod15Monkeydust, did as asked and sudo ufw status still giving inactive.16:23
MonkeyDustPod15  that's odd16:24
Pod15Tell me about it!  Been driving me nuts for a few days now!!16:24
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
Mark____My problem is this: I've installed Ubuntu on a W7 laptop with the intention operate as a dual boot. However, upon a restart it goes directly into W7 never having offered a choice to OS's. I've gone online for advice but I find the suggestions VERY confusing, owing to my complete lack of experience with Ubuntu.16:25
MonkeyDustPod15  scroll down to the last entry http://askubuntu.com/questions/474216/14-04-missing-etc-init-d-ufw-my-firewall-never-auto-starts16:26
Pod15Monkeydust, cheers I have no file named ufw.conf in /etc/init.d16:29
MonkeyDustPod15  let me know if it works, for future reference16:29
Pod15Monkeydust, didn't work16:35
=== InfoTest1 is now known as InfoTest
=== __Trullo is now known as _Trullo
Pod15Monkeydust, added ufw enable to /etc/rc.local and now enabled on reboot16:44
perry_torryseriously you guys have to join #wrongplanet right now, it's crazy in there.16:45
Strife89Hello, folks. I'm about to *re*install Ubuntu on a friend's laptop. Early on, the installer complained that a FAT32 partition had uncorrected errors - and it turns out that that's the EFI partition. I have no intention of putting Windows on this machine again, so can that partition safely be removed?16:45
Piciperry_torry: I don't see how that is at all relevant to #ubuntu, so please don't advertise  here.16:46
BluesKajStrife89, format that partition to fat32 and mount it as uefi-boot in the partitioner then ubiquity will install grub there, or at leas it should16:47
Strife89BluesKaj: The partitioner has already assigned it the mount point of /boot/efi, so should that be used instead?16:49
BluesKajStrife89, yes16:49
Strife89BluesKaj: All righty. Thanks!16:49
Strife89BluesKaj: Hmmm. The format button is actually greyed out.16:50
=== PerpetualWar is now known as PerpetualWar__
BluesKajStrife89, ckick change16:51
Strife89BluesKaj: I did; greyed out there, too.16:51
Strife89BluesKaj: Seems I can up and remove it, though.16:51
ganzeinfachokay, some is writing:  I decided to try to install Lubuntu and It works really pretty good. I can not use rotation but everything else is working (wifi, sound, usb, Bluetooth) and also graphic acceleration is not working.16:53
ganzeinfachsomeone else Trying to install xubuntu 13.04 but having trouble with setup, ie. no keyboard. tried going from live using the setup in order to use accessibility option of onscreen keybd but cannot get it to display.16:54
WeRMoWould like to start a desktop application via a .desktop file. Unfortunately, if I click on the desktop file, just the terminal is opening. But the terminal program isn't executed.16:54
WeRMoCan someone help me?16:54
Hrkihi, which is the best best browser for ubuntu? chrome or firefox ?16:54
OerHeksganzeinfach, don't try unsupported 13.0416:54
ganzeinfachno, but lubuntu16:55
BluesKajStrife89, since you're using windows then if you run into problems you can always use legacy mode in the uefi/bios and install ubuntu16:55
MyrttiSend a message16:55
ganzeinfachmaybe 14.04 lubuntu?16:55
Myrttimispaste, sorry16:55
BluesKajnot using windows rather, Strife8916:55
OerHeksganzeinfach, that graphic acceleration is not working is not surprising with poulsbo gma50016:55
ganzeinfachwhat is poulsbo gma50016:55
OerHeksganzeinfach, your videocard16:56
Strife89BluesKaj: Ahh, I forgot about that. I'll try that if this fails. Thanks again.16:56
ganzeinfachit sucks probably?16:56
BluesKajStrife89, it worked for me, and also disable secure and fast boot if they are options16:57
arnoudCan anybody suggest a GUI for MySql that is not MySql Workbench?16:57
ganzeinfachmake it sense to use lubuntu 14.04 desktopversion or better alternative version for the Tablet?16:58
popeyganzeinfach: I did ask you previously if you had the powervr gpu - this is why.16:59
popeyganzeinfach: powervr == poulsbo.16:59
popeyganzeinfach: they are horrid to get working17:00
procyon_embersquinty: I compiled the wrapper from source, and extracted the plugin from the google deb. It works, but maybe next time I'll PPA it.17:00
ganzeinfachah ok. was taking the tab today17:00
ganzeinfachso dont know all infos17:00
Strife89BluesKaj: Don't know about fast boot, but I know Secure Boot can be disabled.17:01
Strife89BluesKaj: New partition scheme: https://goo.gl/photos/1xuQjpdvZtdxgbXv617:01
BluesKajStrife89, ok ,some machines don't have fast boot , it's windows thing anyway , afaik17:02
ganzeinfachI have my first personal hater. He like me..17:02
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ganzeinfach[18:03] <ertcvb> You a fucking dumb piece of shit17:04
nullbyte_how can i hide an OS update from update-grub command?17:04
auronandace2ganzeinfach: no need to quote such stuff here17:04
nullbyte_e.g. Windows17:04
mcphailganzeinfach: not in here, please17:04
BluesKaj!ops | ganzeinfach17:05
ubottuganzeinfach: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang17:05
popeyhe was pasting a pm17:05
Strife89ganzeinfach: I get the feeling ertcvb has been going around insulting everyone in PMs.17:05
ganzeinfachright. was pasting pm17:05
Strife89Just noticed one from him to me.17:05
ganzeinfachmayb he is from microschrott17:05
popeymoving on17:06
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KronoX ___  __                           _             _17:08
KronoX|_ _|/ _|  _   _  ___  _   _    __| | ___  _ __ | |_   _ __   __ _ _   _17:08
KronoX | || |_  | | | |/ _ \| | | |  / _` |/ _ \| '_ \| __| | '_ \ / _` | | | |17:08
KronoX | ||  _| | |_| | (_) | |_| | | (_| | (_) | | | | |_  | |_) | (_| | |_| |17:08
KronoX|___|_|    \__, |\___/ \__,_|  \__,_|\___/|_| |_|\__| | .__/ \__,_|\__, |17:08
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KronoX           |___/                                      |_|          |___/17:08
jeasss,.:) The moderator k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C UNT :)  :)㋛17:08
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jeasss:) The moderator k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w hore mother will be F UCKED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C UNT :)  :)㋛17:08
BluesKajwonder if that will get some ops response :-)17:09
BluesKajthanks k1l_17:09
Mate0010hope lubuntu works17:09
SonikkuAmerica((... wow. I haven't seen anything like that since the HFSPLUS days O_o))17:13
MyrttiSonikkuAmerica: don't jinx it17:13
SonikkuAmerica((wasn't trying :17:13
SonikkuAmerica* :\))17:14
Strife89One more question: can a terminal window be opened while the Live CD is in installation-only mode? (I don't want to drop to a console.)17:23
OerHeksStrife89, nope17:24
Strife89OerHeks: Oh, okay.17:24
OerHeksstgrife, only in live mode, start the install from there17:24
Strife89Okay. It's not critically important.17:24
e8newallm_When trying to make a fresh install of 15.10, I get "subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1"17:24
Strife89Just me hoping to save a little time. :)17:24
popeypretty sure you can switch to a TTY when on the live iso17:25
e8newallm_It's an error that seems to come from initramfs-tools17:25
Strife89popey: Right, although I'd prefer to avoid that to be on the safe side.17:26
popeywise :)17:26
Strife89I'll just do what I need to do after the install finishes and I reboot17:27
Strife89Gotta get the owner's personal data back into /home17:27
OerHeksStrife89, update,  and restore the data?17:28
Strife89OerHeks: Basically the plan now, yeah17:28
Strife89Although I may restore first (using the Live USB stick) so that config files are back in place17:29
Strife89When I first did the install I was foolish enough to put everything into one partition. This time, /home is separate.17:30
OerHeksmaybe restricted-extras, gufw, synaptic, a clipboard, vlc, and run sudo apt-get install libdvd-pkg on 15.1017:30
OerHeks( for dvd playback)17:30
Strife89Ah, good idea17:31
OerHeksand a decent browser, imho17:31
Strife89I found a DVD in their optical drive, funnily enough17:31
=== gustav__1 is now known as gustav___
rdlf1024Could anyone please shed some light on this: "I installed windows AFTER Ubuntu on a separate drive. I have 3 disks, all labeled 'boot' from GParted. What do I need to do so that GRUB boots both systems?"17:37
ikoniagrub should detect both OS's17:38
ikoniagrub sould be installed on the booting component of the primary disk17:38
rdlf1024ikonia: And how do I make grub detect it? boot from a live usb and run sudo update-grub?17:38
ikoniardlf1024: what do you currently have ?17:39
rdlf1024ikonia: I have 2 SATA HDDs - 1 for Ubuntu and 1 for x-plat data and 1SSD with windows installed on it17:40
rdlf1024ikonia: I don't know whether I need to install grub on my windows partition or leave it alone.17:40
rdlf1024ikonia: according to this, the former is recommended: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6317/how-can-i-install-windows-after-ive-installed-ubuntu17:41
LambdaComplex"install grub on my windows partition"17:41
LambdaComplexwhat....does that mean?17:41
LambdaComplexif we're doing BIOS booting then grub doesn't get installed to a partition, it gets installed to a drive17:41
LambdaComplexand...well, if we're doing UEFI booting....that still doesn't make sense17:42
rdlf1024LambdaComplex it's EFI. By 'partition', I mean the drive (disk) with windows in it.17:43
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: okay, don't say partition if you mean drive17:43
rdlf1024LambdaComplex I take that back. Deal?17:43
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: Deal!17:44
LambdaComplexAnyways, since you're doing UEFI, that (should) make things a bit simpler17:44
LambdaComplexThe problem with BIOS booting was Windows would just overwrite the bootloader in the disk's MBR17:44
rdlf1024LambdaComplex It's not unified, dude. It's just EFI.17:44
LambdaComplex....Are you on a Mac?17:45
rdlf1024LambdaComplex I'm on a PC.17:45
LambdaComplexWhat's the difference between UEFI and EFI?17:45
rdlf1024LambdaComplex I guess.. the firmware interface is not unified, hance the lack of 'U'?17:46
LambdaComplexI think UEFI is just the latest implementation of the EFI specs. No idea how important this distinction is17:46
LambdaComplexANYWAYS, the motherboard _should_ support having multiple entries in EFI mode17:47
rdlf1024LambdaComplex It does. But instead of going EFI or Non-EFI, I chose AUTO.17:47
Strife89BluesKaj: It boots!17:48
LambdaComplexSo, here's what should happen: You currently have an entry pointing to grub's .efi file. After installing Windows, you should get another entry pointing to Windows' .efi file (bootmgr.efi or some such)17:48
LambdaComplexAnd you should just be able to tell the motherboard to use grub instead of Windows17:49
rdlf1024LambdaComplex I'm afraid I don't follow17:49
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: Which part(s) don't you follow?17:50
LambdaComplexAlso, I'm still on what should happen. I haven't gotten to the "What happens if your motherboard has a crappy EFI implementation" part :P17:50
rdlf1024LambdaComplex The part I need to tell the mobo to go with Grub. Do I need to write that down and insert into grub.cfg or /etc/grub.d/40_custom?17:51
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: Telling the motherboard to use grub would be somewhere in the boot order options in your BIOS17:51
rdlf1024LambdaComplex: OK, so you mean my primary disk defined by BIOS.17:52
LambdaComplexWith EFI booting, the motherboard has a list of .efi files contained on the EFI System Partition17:52
LambdaComplexAnd you pick which one of those you boot to17:52
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: http://sprunge.us/aPbE17:53
LambdaComplexThere's an example17:54
rdlf1024LambdaComplex: could you give me some more in-depth info regarding this?17:54
rdlf1024LambdaComplex: a website for reference.17:55
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: I honestly can't think of any off the top of my head17:56
rdlf1024I'm looking for a solution here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6317/how-can-i-install-windows-after-ive-installed-ubuntu  and here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GRUB#Dual-booting which one would you rather pick if you were in my shoes?17:57
=== Catalin__ is now known as cotalinux
lotuspsychje!dualboot | rdlf102417:57
ubotturdlf1024: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot17:57
Jakey3i'm running the android emulator in ubuntu 14.0417:58
Jakey3it takes ages loading but doesnt seem to load up ever17:58
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: Really, I think the most important thing here is how good your motherboard's EFI implementation is--does it have a list, or will it only boot bootx64.efi?17:58
Jakey3any ideas17:58
rdlf1024LambdaComplex: Can't tell.17:59
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: efibootmgr -v | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us18:00
LambdaComplexRun that and give me the output18:00
=== qqqqqs is now known as xalias
mosstechany body here?18:01
dhinohello all18:01
mosstechhi dhino18:01
LambdaComplex...isn't this one of the most populated channels on freenode?18:02
mosstechwhats going on in there?18:02
mosstechanybody here working in US?18:02
lotuspsychjeguys keep it ontopic please18:02
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:02
mosstechI'm using Ubuntu-Mate and it's pretty cool18:03
lotuspsychje!discuss | mosstech18:03
ubottumosstech: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.18:03
rdlf1024LambdaComplex: Terminal outputs: Fatal: Couldn't open either sysfs or procfs directories for accessing EFI variables.18:04
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: ...Are you sure you're doing EFI booting?18:07
rdlf1024LambdaComplex: I set it to Auto. It could go both ways. I'll get back here with EFI ON.18:08
LambdaComplex"It could go both ways"18:08
LambdaComplexI highly doubt he has both a UEFI _and_ a BIOS bootloader installed....18:08
tux_rulezIf I installed one printer to Ubuntu then change to a printer that uses a different driver, do I have to uninstall the first printer?18:09
debug0x1Wrong room :P18:11
OerHekstux_rulez, no, as you can hook up to 127 printer on 1 usb port ( with usbhub ofcourse)18:12
LordSesshomaruso, I recently migrated my home folder to a separate drive on my storage server, everything works except that I can no longer login to gnome..18:12
OerHeksi have 2, canon and samsung, it will be auto detected.18:13
pbxLordSesshomaru, how did you perform this "migration"?18:13
LordSesshomarupbx: tranferred the data over to an EXT4 partition I created, and set it to mount as /home in the fstab18:14
LordSesshomarupbx: and chowned everybody's stuff just to be sure18:15
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: In the future, consider using `rsync -a` to preserve everything18:16
LambdaComplexAlso, something something jewel shards18:16
bjornar_any special 16.04 channel?18:16
chubijsHello guys. I have a question about customizing terminal. So i'm using guake and tmux and I was wondering is there a way to use my guake theme when I run tmux in it?18:16
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: ran fresh out of Shikon Shards earlier18:16
OerHeks!16.04 | bjornar_18:16
ubottubjornar_: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+118:16
gcaHey all. I'm working with syntax highlighting in nanorc files. For start/end type highlighting, is there anyway to highlight everything found /after/ the start character ( and not the start character itself ) and found /before/ the end character ( and not the end character itself )?18:17
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Full_system_backup_with_rsync18:17
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: Anyways, what happens when you try to log into gnome?18:18
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: it acts like its logging in, the screen flashes and then it goes right back to the login screen18:18
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: Can you log into a tty?18:19
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: yes, everything else is fine, I'm in an ssh connection right now18:19
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: and ttys work as well18:19
cooperim looking for a plug in for firefox that will run the latest version of shockwave18:20
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: And lsblk reports the new partition is mounted correctly?18:20
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: yes18:20
rdlf1024LambdaComplex, I'm afraid I was wrong about it. The only thing my motherboard has EFI-related in BIOS options is "EFI CD/DVD Boot Option"18:22
tux_rulezOerHeks, I guess I am bit frustrated, when I first installed Ubuntu on my friend's computer his cannon 25xx was was auto detected. That printer was broken and now he has a 2922 printer. I hooked up the 2922 but it was not auto detected.18:22
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: Does it have a EFI/Legacy boot option?18:22
squintycooper,  might want to check out the following (works well here)  http://www.webupd8.org/2014/05/install-fresh-player-plugin-in-ubuntu.html18:22
rdlf1024LambdaComplex, No it doesn't.18:23
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: I'm thinking you might have Ubuntu installed in BIOS mode then18:23
LambdaComplexAlthough I'm kinda confused by it having an EFI DVD boot option O.o18:23
rdlf1024LambdaComplex, If that's the case18:23
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: Do you have an EFI system partition?18:24
rdlf1024LambdaComplex, give me that command again, I'll see if I can tell.18:24
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: I did rename the old home to /oldhome for safe keeping, should I tryy rsync as root and reboot?18:24
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: Fastest way I can think of checking is `lsblk -f`. It'll be a FAT partition, mounted on....either /boot or /boot/efi, I think18:25
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: What did you use before? cp?18:25
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: yes18:25
=== dhino is now known as Dhino
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: the backup was done just by "mv"ing the old home18:26
rdlf1024LambdaComplex, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15080030/18:26
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: Yeah, I'd try that rsync command on the page I linked. with the -aAX options (-v is just verbose).18:26
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: And excluding the cache stuff like it mentions might be a good idea18:27
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: sorry to bug, but that link is long gone from the buffer right now18:27
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: Are you on a live cd right now?18:27
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Full_system_backup_with_rsync18:27
rdlf1024LambdaComplex, Yes.18:28
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: ...Have you actually installed Ubuntu yet?18:28
rdlf1024LambdaComplex, It's on sda18:29
LambdaComplexAlright, for some reason lsblk isn't actually showing the fs types. Weird18:29
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: Can I see the output of `fdisk -l`?18:30
rdlf1024LambdaComplex, sdb is a disk for x-platform data and sdc is where windows is installed.18:30
rdlf1024LambdaComplex, fdisk -l returns nothing.18:30
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: Looks like you didn't install in UEFI mode18:30
ioriardlf1024, try  sudo parted -l18:31
LambdaComplexAlso looks like the system is having trouble reading disk info. Weird O.o18:31
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: ok, currently nuking the new home18:31
rdlf1024LambdaComplex, ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15080214/18:32
OerHekstux_rulez, looks like that canon 2922 needs the driver from the canonsite, always check openprinting.org if it is supported.18:32
ioriardlf1024, not efi , msdos18:32
ioriardlf1024,  if you boot the machine, what happens  ? do you see grub ?18:33
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: rsyncing now18:33
rdlf1024LambdaComplex: not efi, msdos. Ok you probably got that.18:33
rdlf1024ioria: I've been through some troubles ever since I updated to Grub218:34
ioriardlf1024,  if you boot the machine, what happens  ? do you see grub ?18:34
rdlf1024ioria: I did not boot the machine with one of my disks yet. I decided to go with the live usb to avoid more trouble.18:35
ioriardlf1024,  i see, weel, one day or another you'll have to18:36
rdlf1024ioria: I've been investigating the causes since last thursday. I tried booting the machine with all disks last Saturday18:37
ioriardlf1024,  what causes , sorry ?18:37
rdlf1024ioria: for my pc to not boot into Windows.18:38
rdlf1024ioria: I tried messing with grub, then boot-repair, to no avail.18:38
ioriardlf1024,  and ubuntu boots ?  did you run sudo update-grub ?18:38
rdlf1024ioria: Yes, I did.18:38
rdlf1024ioria: And it did generate the kernel and OS list, only that windows was not listed.18:39
rdlf1024ioria: I did not see any problem with that for personal use, but my job now requires me to be able to boot into Windows since last week.18:40
rdlf1024ioria: i couldn't come around it so this is what I did, I disconnected all disks (Data and Ubuntu) and left only the one which I needed to install windows on it (My Kingston SSD)18:41
ioriardlf1024,  you probably need to reinstall grub... , have you tried to change the boot order from bios to the 2° hd ... it should boot into windows18:41
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest16589
cooperi need some help with a shockwave plugin for firefox18:43
rdlf1024ioria: let me get this right, so I *need* grub installed on my windows partition/device?18:43
ioriardlf1024,  nope18:43
rdlf1024ioria: seriously?18:44
ioriardlf1024,  your grub is on sda , your ubuntu disk18:44
rdlf1024ioria: Ok, so since GRUB will be able to detect my windows partition and ubuntu18:44
ioriardlf1024,  and should be able to recognize windows on sdb18:44
ioriardlf1024,  what you have on the sdc ?18:45
ioriardlf1024,  data storage ?18:45
rdlf1024ioria: sdc is my windows drive18:45
rdlf1024ioria: sdb is my data one18:45
rdlf1024ioria: I made it NTFS just so I can make data come and go through both OS'es.18:46
ioriardlf1024,  i'd change the order, then ... but if it' s a storage,  why is labeled as 'boot' ?18:46
rdlf1024ioria: NOW we're talking.18:46
ioriardlf1024,  you cannot boot 'data'18:47
rdlf1024ioria: so my point is, I have three disks sitting here, ready to boot. Problem is, all of them are flagged as BOOT (according to GParted).18:47
=== lesik is now known as lesik_afk
ioriardlf1024,  i don't know why your storage is bootable, but i'd switch the cables18:48
rdlf1024ioria: Believe it or not, I was following the instructions from one askubuntu's best answer, and I ended up with boot error "multiple active partitions".18:48
ioriardlf1024,  i see, switch,  boot ubuntu, run sudo update-grub ... if no avail reinstall grub on sda18:49
rdlf1024ioria: Ubuntu only flagged as boot?18:50
ioriardlf1024,  let the win disk as it is ....18:50
jophishUbuntu isn't recognizing XF86Audio* keypresses18:50
jophishHow can I go about debugging this?18:50
jophishWhen I'm prompted for a keybinding to "Volume up", for example, I can press the key and see 'AudioVolumeUp' be assigned for that mapping, but if I then later go and press that key nothing happens...18:51
MonkeyDustjophish  scroll down. mind, this is a slackware solution, hope it's useful http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/xf86audio-key's-not-working-in-gnome-829194/18:52
rdlf1024ioria: I'll go to my BIOS boot priority, set Ubuntu as the primary disk, boot into it, run sudo aupdate-grub, and then that's it?18:52
ioriardlf1024,  yes, but you already have done that ... or not ?18:52
jophishMonkeyDust: I'll try, thanks18:52
ChermiinaDoes anyone know what is the right channel for Finnish discussion?18:53
MonkeyDustjophish  more people have asked the same question18:53
jophishMonkeyDust: volti doesn't seem to help18:53
rdlf1024ioria: I'll go take a look at the boot priority and see if anything pops up. I'll let you know what happens then.18:54
=== lesik_afk is now known as lesik
ioriardlf1024,  ok... but if your pc boots ubuntu , sda is at top18:54
MonkeyDustjophish  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222588018:55
jophishMonkeyDust: hmm, that seems to be an xubuntu specific solution18:56
MonkeyDustjophish  last hint: https://www.ecosia.org/search?q=XF86Audio+ubuntu&region=&lang=&f=false18:57
jophishthanks for trying MonkeyDust, but I feel as though I've exhausted google myself, hence asking in the channel18:58
cooperive been trying different plug ins for shockwave such as gnash, and the older shockwave version, but it doesnt seem to be enough18:59
shantorni am using the default caja in ubuntu-mate and was wondering if there is a tool to encrypt folders and or flash drives that is a default tool i can install form the repo?19:03
cooperi need some help with shockwave19:05
rdlf1024ioria: Yeah. You were right. All this time and I was just one "sudo update-grub" command away from the end of this nightmare. I feel so dumb right now.19:06
=== lesik is now known as lesik_afk
ioriardlf1024,  it's ok19:06
ioriashantorn, for flashdrives i use Disks (gnome-disk-utility)19:07
rdlf1024ioria: Thanks for the help and to the other guy I forgot his nick. You guys rock.19:08
LambdaComplexi think it was LambdaComplex or something like that19:08
ioriashantorn, no problem, have fun19:08
shantorniooner, ok one down thank you19:08
shantornioria, ^19:08
ioriashantorn, np19:09
rdlf1024ioria, LambdaComplex: that's right :P19:09
dotpixisgotta love them logs19:09
shantornhmm i dont see that option, i'll look more19:09
rdlf1024ioria, LambdaComplex: : One last thing, is it okay to tell fstab to auto-mount my Windows Parti...err drive or is it not a good idea?19:10
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: you mount partitions, not drives19:10
rdlf1024ioria, LambdaComplex: : ...19:10
shantornit seems edit encyption options is greyed out, does it require a format first?19:10
LambdaComplex(well technically you mount filesystems that are on partitions but whatever)19:10
ioriardlf1024,  does not show in nautilus ?19:10
LambdaComplexrdlf1024: Should be safe19:11
ioriashantorn, yes... a moment ...19:11
rdlf1024ioria, LambdaComplex: : it does, I have some apps that start up with ubuntu and need direct access to the PARTITION.19:11
shantornthank you19:11
rdlf1024Okay good to know. Thanks. have a nice day.19:12
jophishMonkeyDust: I think that the problem is actually that I'm unable to use Hyper-F4 for Mute (for example)19:13
jophishThe Hyper key doesn't seem to work with Unity's keybindings19:13
ioriashantorn,  ecryptfs-utils19:13
ioria!info  ecryptfs-utils19:14
ubottuecryptfs-utils (source: ecryptfs-utils): ecryptfs cryptographic filesystem (utilities). In component main, is optional. Version 108-0ubuntu1.1 (wily), package size 99 kB, installed size 532 kB19:14
ioriashantorn,  if i'm not wrong... idr19:14
voozeDuring boot (i have disabling plymouth) I can see one error/fail in RED. But Its so fast I cant see what message it displays. How can I see it after bot?19:14
ioriashantorn,  then try again Disks19:15
=== don is now known as Guest87028
MonkeyDustvooze  try  dmesg|grep error19:19
diegoaguilarHello, I'm trying to install docker at a ubuntu 12.04 (I know there's already 14.04 but that is what I got, reseller server) and trying to install requirements19:21
diegoaguilarlike the new kernel and headers19:21
diegoaguilarget this issue https://gist.github.com/diegoaguilar/5aa66a0f40671664499e19:21
diegoaguilarany suggestions?19:21
procyon_emberI got a weird PM from this channel: <ertcvb> you miserable bastard19:22
Piciprocyon_ember: from a few hours ago?19:22
MonkeyDustprocyon_ember  keep that for yourself and use /ignore19:22
Piciprocyon_ember: They were taken care of around then19:22
procyon_ember<- /ignore ertcvb19:23
procyon_emberwhatever, i suppose  :-/19:23
k1l_if you get insulting pms please report to the ops in #ubuntu-ops19:25
procyon_emberk1l_: ok. why a separate channel?19:26
voozeMonkeyDust, nothing alarming in there I think. http://paste.ubuntu.com/15081999/19:27
k1l_procyon_ember: to keep this channel going with support.. it can be too busy and distracting with 1900 users.19:27
=== lolmac is now known as Guest21647
Razvadoes Ubuntu Server has any netinstall, like CentOS, so I can boot the machine from a virtual ISO then continue install from the net?19:28
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD19:28
k1l_!netinstall | Razva19:28
ubottuRazva: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate19:28
Guest87028sudo mount -av19:30
Guest87028[mntent]: Warnung: Am Ende der Datei /etc/fstab fehlt ein abschließender Zeilenvorschub.19:30
Guest87028mount: UUID=d7ff303e-945f-4abf-aefe-226bc6c2d253 ist bereits auf /boot eingehängt19:30
Guest87028mount: UUID=7ECA-699C ist bereits auf /boot/efi eingehängt19:30
Guest87028mount: // ist bereits auf /home/don/Vorlage eingehängt19:30
Guest87028nichts wurde eingehängt19:30
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/i386/apb.html - See also !cloning19:31
EriC^^Guest87028: type LANG=C sudo mount -av and paste in paste.ubuntu.com19:31
Forbidd3nHello everyone. I am trying to create an SSH user and only allow them to the /var/www/domain.com directory. I setup the user account based on this directory, but don't want to change the directory user/group to the group name I created for jail rooting the user. Any suggestions? https://www.linode.com/docs/tools-reference/tools/limiting-access-with-sftp-jails-on-debian-and-ubuntu19:31
cooperhello. im looking for help with shockwave19:31
dotpixis!ssh | Forbidd3n19:32
ubottuForbidd3n: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for its homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)19:32
EriC^^Guest87028: add LANG=C before sudo mount so it comes out in english19:32
MonkeyDustcooper  let's hear it, in one line19:32
Forbidd3ndotpixis: I know what SSH is, but having trouble chroot jail the user to the domain's root directory19:33
cooperok i need to run the latest shockwave version in firefox19:34
ioriacooper, you eman flash player ?19:34
dotpixiscooper: as far as i know that's not supported19:34
dotpixisForbidd3n: can you add the user to a different ssh group and then just add specific files to that group?19:35
cooperioria: yes, but for facebook games so i think its shockwave19:35
=== TheVoid_ is now known as TheVoid
ikoniaadobe is dead19:35
ikoniaquicker you accept that and move on, the happier you'll be19:36
dotpixisflash needs to die19:36
Forbidd3nI have a group setup called jailed and locking them to directory in sshd_config. I just want to lock them to /var/www/public_html19:36
ioriacooper,  there is a ppa freshplugin or something like that ... but it's not working very well, for me ... if you need updated flash, see chromium or install chrome19:36
cooperiknoia: i know but this isnt for me19:36
ikoniayou want/need full flash support, forget linux19:36
shantornioria, that process works if you are encrypting an ext4 flash drive, i need it readable in windows as well since i frequent places wit windows computers, any other ideas?19:36
=== kzapalowicz is now known as koza
Forbidd3ndotpixis: the user can login, but they can go outside the directory19:37
cooperioria: ive been trying to avoid chrome because in windows it has some security issues how does linux do with it19:37
ioriashantorn,  i see... never did a cross-compatible encrypted pendrive19:38
shantornok well thanks for trying19:38
squintycopper: http://www.webupd8.org/2014/05/install-fresh-player-plugin-in-ubuntu.html19:38
shantorndoes anyone know a process to do a cross platform compatible encryption of a flash drive?19:38
ioriacooper, a lot of people use chrome on linux19:39
ioriacooper, i don't19:40
ioriashantorn,  explore truecrypt19:41
cooperioria, neither do i but do you know anyone who has had security issues with chrome19:41
ioriacooper, no, sorry19:41
cooperioria, thanks anyway i guess i'll have to try it myself. i am suspicious of everything19:43
ioriacooper, hehe... ok19:43
=== qqqqqs is now known as xalias
ioriacooper,  but point is that flash player is really dead (for now)19:43
cooperioria, working on end user stuff all the time its disturbing whats out there, i know but its for someone who wants to play facebook games19:44
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: The rsync is finally done, should I reboot?19:44
squintyioria: is there any particular site that you were having using the pepperflash/freshplayer combo?  fwiw, i haven't had any problems since installing19:45
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: Worth a shot!19:45
ioriacooper, i see19:45
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: OK, here we go19:45
ioriasquinty, on  vimeo (but with an old nc600 hp)19:46
ioriasquinty, controls disappeared19:47
squintyioria,  ok thanks.  haven't tried that site yet so will mosey on over and test.19:47
ioriasquinty, and you ... any issues ?19:47
OerHeksuh oh, if i perform "clamscan -r --bell -i / " it will scan my 2 x 1tb hdd too ?19:48
ionoHow to clear Gedit find text history?19:49
k1l_OerHeks: it will scan everything it can read19:49
squintyioria,  haven't seen any yet.  been mainly accessing bbc and canadian news site still using flash. Went briefly to a gaming site and started a game without problems so far19:50
ioriasquinty, good... i'll test it again ... thanx19:50
cooperioria, thanks for the help19:51
ioriacooper, no problem19:51
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chemik_when i use cp -preserve-all, owner permission arn't preserved, do you anybody know why?19:57
ionoHello. How to clear Gedit find text history?19:57
EriC^^chemik_: are you using sudo?19:57
chemik_EriC^^: yes, but folders are created with root ownership19:59
NginUSAnyone know if its safe to add 'autodefrag' & 'compress' mount options to a btrfs partition after it's already been running with 'defaults' & 'relatime' for some time?19:59
chemik_EriC^^: do you know how can i solve this problem?19:59
EriC^^chemik_: try --preserve=all19:59
squintyioria:  hmmmm......can't seem to get anything to play on vimeo when using firefox (but chrome runs them fine) so I guess there are some limitations even when using the pepperflash/freshplayer combo.  I noticed there was a freshplayer update today so it must still be beening worked on.  have to wait and see if anything new transpires down the line I guess.20:00
chemik_EriC^^: i use: -bash-3.2# sudo cp -vr --preserve=all /hana/data/* .20:01
chemik_EriC^^: but not work20:01
=== cn is now known as Guest93489
jophishI want to run some xkb commands when I start ubuntu, where should I put20:03
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: We have success, thanks a ton!! I've bookmarked the rsync page on ly auxilliary workstation and will do well to remember it for future storage expansions!20:03
jophishneither xsession not xsessionrc seem to work20:03
LordSesshomaruon my*20:04
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: so, it was probably an ownership/permission error. somewhere20:04
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: seriously though, check out `man rsync` and just skim through the list of options. it's insanely powerful20:04
LambdaComplexbasically "cp on steroids"20:04
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: Most definitely, what I was thinking.20:04
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: will do!, might use its automation capabilities for backups20:05
LordSesshomaruLambdaComplex: back to torrenting on the file server ;)20:05
akikjophish: i've put xrandr command into /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/40-lightdm-kde-greeter.conf (display-setup-script=)20:05
bst1I just downloaded xampp linux 5.6 14 from the website but I'm unable to install it on ubuntu 15.10. it returns no response at all after i run the ./ code20:06
EriC^^chemik_: are you sure it's owned correctly in the /hana/data dir?20:06
LambdaComplexLordSesshomaru: Oh, and you can also use rsync over ssh with `rsync -e ssh`20:07
admin0how do I pass the location of the squashfs during virt-install argument ?20:07
EriC^^i tried it here from a ntfs to home dir and it keeps them20:07
LambdaComplexOh, he left. Darn20:07
Pici!xampp | bst120:07
ubottubst1: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.20:07
k1l_bst1: i told you yesterday already, that ubuntu ships apache, mysql, php and all in the repos. you dont need to use xamp20:08
jophishakik: it seems pretty odd to have to put that in /usr/20:08
akikjophish: couldn't find any other way to move the login manager to my primary display (from tv to lcd)20:09
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B1ON1Ctugahello all... hoping I could get some help with something20:11
=== jbchouinard is now known as jbchouinard_
MonkeyDustB1ON1Ctuga  let's hear it, in one line20:11
B1ON1Ctugainstalled vanilla version of 14.04 LTS. Should I install compiz or compton for screen tearing issues?20:12
hespehello everyone, has anyone had success with upgrading ubuntu 14.04 to 14.10?  I have been having issues trying to upgrade20:12
bekks!eolupgrade | hespe20:12
ubottuhespe: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:12
EriC^^hespe: why dont you just frsh install 15.10 ?20:12
bekkshespe: 14.10 is EOL.20:12
ioriahespe, 14.10 is dead20:12
hespecan you do a straight upgrade from 14.04 to 15.10?20:14
chemik_EriC^^: it is problem when i copied directory to /mnt/tmp directory?20:14
k1l_hespe: no in one step20:14
EriC^^it'll break most likely20:14
ioriahespe, it's probably not a good idea20:14
The_Woodsmandoes anyone know a way to see the RAID type of an unmounted drive?20:14
k1l_hespe: you nee to go 14.04 -> 14.10 > 15.04 >15.1020:14
EriC^^backup and fresh install i'd say20:15
bekksThe_Woodsman: Is it a local drive?20:15
The_Woodsmanbekks: yes, it's in my desktop but unmounted20:15
EriC^^chemik_: same thing happened when you copied to /mnt/tmp?20:15
hespeok.  I tried to install 14.10 but i either get a black screen and nothing happens, or some blinking text and nothing happens20:15
bekksThe_Woodsman: Is it a software raid?20:15
k1l_hespe: why do you want to uprade to 15.10 now?20:16
B1ON1CtugaDoes compton even work in 14.04? I'm reluctant about compiz cause I'm sure it will be resource heavy20:16
The_Woodsmanbekks: no, i don't think so (i could be wrong, so let me explain a bit). There are 2 drives in a computer, I want all of the data on both of them, and they appear to be in a raid but I'm not sure which version20:16
The_Woodsmanbekks: i figure that because there are 2 identical drives it's probably not a software RAID, right?20:17
bekksThe_Woodsman: Why do you think they "appear to be in raid"?20:17
hespelooking to get tails 2.0 working on this laptop.  doing some research if I am running 15.10 seems like an easier install.20:17
bekksThe_Woodsman: Do you have a hardware raid controller?20:17
=== DS is now known as Guest60599
The_Woodsmanbekks: when I ran lsblk -f I saw the filesystem type as "linux_raid_member"20:17
k1l_B1ON1Ctuga: unity needs compiz. you cant exchange compiz. you can run another desktop environment if you dont want compiz20:17
bekksThe_Woodsman: that indicates a software raid.20:18
B1ON1Ctugadon't have unity installed. I did a base install with gdm and gnome20:18
The_Woodsmanbekks: okay, my bad. I don't really know much about the difference between software and hardware RAID20:18
The_Woodsmanbekks: so I guess a hardware RAID controller won't enter the equation, then?20:18
k1l_B1ON1Ctuga: gnome uses mutter20:18
ioriahespe, as far as i know, it's a different os20:19
MonkeyDustB1ON1Ctuga  stick to 14.04, 16.04 will soon be released ... as of 16.04.1 you can upgrade directly lts > lts20:19
bekksThe_Woodsman: If you've spent 300$+ for a hardware raid controller, you would still remember it :)20:19
The_Woodsmanbekks: haha I'm sure I would20:19
k1l_hespe: well, for tails support ask the tails guys :)20:20
The_Woodsmanbekks: So, you've helped me figure out now that it's a software RAID. Does that make it any easier / harder to discover the RAID type while it's still not mounted?20:20
B1ON1Ctugaso, I guess I will have to live with the minor video tearing till then?20:20
=== Guest60599 is now known as DSSoCal
bekksThe_Woodsman: was that driver ever mounted on that computer?20:20
k1l_B1ON1Ctuga: what video card? what driver installed?20:20
B1ON1Ctugaintel onboard graphics   i95 mesa driver20:21
The_Woodsmanbekks: no, this is the first time the drive has ever been mounted on the computer20:21
The_Woodsmanbekks: or rather, it hasn't been mounted yet on this computer, but (hopefully) will be soon20:22
bekksThe_Woodsman: then you will need the configuration of raid array where it was mounted before.20:22
bekksyou could try to autodetect it, but at least you need to know which facility was used to create it.20:22
The_Woodsmanbekks: can you elaborate a little more on what you mean by "facility"?20:23
The_Woodsmanbekks: not really familiar with the term in this context20:23
bekksThe_Woodsman: there have been two frameworks for software raids, dm-raid and mdraid.20:24
TheEagerPadawanfor some reason mpv (a media player) decides out of it's own to play a lot quieter with not particular reason, i already killed pulseaudio with no avail20:24
nullx002hi, is it possible to hibernate with multiple users?20:24
bekksThe_Woodsman: maybe this aricle can help you further: http://askubuntu.com/questions/247981/software-raid-mdadm-re-find-my-array20:25
MonkeyDustnullx002  on the same machine?20:25
nullx002using Xubuntu 15.10 with 2 users 1 sudo and 1 desktop user20:25
Bray90820is reserved bios boot area the same thing as /boot ?20:25
MonkeyDustnullx002  what happens when you try?20:25
nullx002yes MonkeyDust20:25
EriC^^nullx002: i dont see why not, never tried it though20:25
nullx002it doesn't resume when another user shuts down the system otherwise it does20:26
nullx002only sudo user hibernates20:26
EriC^^Bray90820: no20:26
Bray90820EriC^^: Thanks20:26
nullx002what if i disable swap for desktop user will it be able to resume for sudo user even if desktop user shuts down the machine?20:27
haasnSo apparently gravitational waves were discovered with the help of ubuntu20:27
B1ON1CtugaI guess I'm stuck till the next lts upgrade. thanks for the replies though20:27
Bray90820so you don't overwrite your current boot loader would you recommend installing the boot loader to /boot20:27
MonkeyDusthaasn  yes, but that's for #ubuntu-offtopic20:27
ioriaB1ON1Ctuga, you can try  xcompmgr20:28
B1ON1Ctugaisn't that one for xfce?20:28
nullx002anyone have done that before?20:28
EriC^^Bray90820: are you talking about legacy booting?20:28
The_Woodsmanbekks: great, i'm reading that right now20:28
ioriaB1ON1Ctuga, oh, yes20:28
Bray90820EriC^^: I am using a mac and I am talking about not destroying the EFI currently installed on it20:29
B1ON1CtugaI was just scared to install compiz on a pure gnome machine. I think I'll just live with the problem and maybe future updates will fix it20:29
ioriaB1ON1Ctuga, but seems you can use it on gnome20:29
B1ON1Ctugareally?  Maybe I will try it...if anything I could just uninstall right?20:30
EriC^^Bray90820: the bootloader is in the efi partition then20:30
nullx002can't i hibernate on a multiuser system??20:30
ioriaB1ON1Ctuga, http://askubuntu.com/questions/266533/gnome-terminal-transparency-with-gnome-classic-no-effects/26653920:30
EriC^^and ubuntu will write its bootloader to /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu20:30
The_Woodsmanbekks: If I were to use mdadm --assemble --scan, my understanding right now is that it would try to mount that single device, regardless of whether or not it can be mounted standalone. Is my understanding so far correct?20:30
Bray90820EriC^^: Yes but grub will override the EFI won't it?20:30
Bray90820EriC^^: Thanks20:31
EriC^^you mean you'll get grub instead of mac osx's thing?20:31
B1ON1Ctugathanks for the suggestion, ioria20:31
ioriaB1ON1Ctuga,  np20:31
bekksThe_Woodsman: It will not try to mount anything, it will try to assemble the RAID array.20:31
B1ON1Ctugagoing to try it now... have a good night20:31
nullx002no one?20:31
EriC^^the files will both stay there, mac and grub stuff and the efi will boot grub, you might need to "bless" the file for mac to boot it though or use refind instead to manage grub and mac20:32
nexayq1Is it possible to lock 2,3,... same applications in Unity launcher? For example to lock "gnome-terminal" in launcher positions 2 and 3, so I can switch between them with "Win + 2" and "Win + 3"?20:32
The_Woodsmanbekks: and am I correct to assume that if an attempt to assemble the RAID array is unsuccessful, no data or anything is lost on the disk?20:32
nullx002i want to successfully hibernate and resume on a multiuser system. only one user (sudo) hibernates. is is possible?20:32
bekksThe_Woodsman: Yeah, that sounds correct. :)20:32
nullx002xubuntu 15.1020:32
MonkeyDustnullx002  what can do, is save the session ... install dconf-editor, open it and go to org.gnome.SessionManager20:32
EriC^^nexayq1: nope20:32
nullx002yes.. then?20:32
nexayq1thanks for quick answer, too bad :(20:32
EriC^^nexayq1: maybe if they have separate .desktop files20:33
EriC^^not sure20:33
The_Woodsmanbekks: cool, thanks. one last question before I go forth into the unknown - if I plug both drives from the old computer into my desktop and run mdadm --assemble --scan, will it know that those 2 drives once existed in a raid and be able to "stitch them together"?20:33
EriC^^or if you cp the bin and make a file for it20:33
nexayq1EriC^^: tried some things with .desktop but no sucess20:33
Bray90820EriC^^: I did me grub instead of the OS X thing20:34
bekksThe_Woodsman: Yes, thats what "--assemble --scan" tries to do.20:34
MonkeyDustnullx002  check auto-save-session20:34
The_Woodsmanbekks: awesome, thanks so much for all your help20:34
nullx002there is no sessionsManager there20:34
Bray90820EriC^^: But that doesn't actually happen so were all good20:34
bekksThe_Woodsman: happy2help :)20:34
nexayq1Eric^^: thanks i'll try now with different bin files20:34
nullx002gnome-session is there20:34
EriC^^nexayq1: 1 sec20:35
nullx002and most of all i dont want to save-session but want to hibernate and resume20:35
INeedWifiCannot get wifi.20:35
nullx002any ideas Monkeydust20:35
INeedWifichristine@phoenix:~$ nmcli dev wifi connect Phoenix password tolkien196620:35
INeedWifiError: No Wi-Fi device found.20:35
MonkeyDustnullx002  hibernate is save session to disk20:35
INeedWifiSomething I can do to fix this?20:35
EriC^^nexayq1: what a .. wouldn't even work with separate bins and files20:36
EriC^^give it a shot i guess20:36
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
nullx002yes bus auto save session doesn't resume in previous state  but just reopens the apps that were there20:36
nexayq1EriC^^: really strange, had high hopes for bins, thanks alot20:37
EriC^^ah wait20:37
EriC^^it actually does work20:37
SilverhoofMay anyone plese suggest me a cheap wifi dongle that works out of the box in Ubuntu/Mint? Panda is out of the questions because I'm in EU and shipping kills me20:37
EriC^^oh no, spoke too soon20:37
EriC^^if you close them all it opens a new icon on the launcher, but if you open the regular terminal they end up in the new icon20:37
EriC^^nexayq1: what are you trying to do anyways?20:38
nullx002hai MonkeyDust, can i disable swap for desktop user?20:38
nullx002so that hibernate always resumes for sudo user20:38
nullx002it is even possible?>20:38
nexayq1EriC^^: :) really wierd, ill try it out. To have vim in one terminal, ssh_vim in another, ranger file manager in another terminal, ...20:39
MonkeyDustnullx002  you can do   swapoff -a   but i'm not sure if that's what you mean20:39
nexayq1EriC^^: terminal addicted :)20:39
nullx002no i mean disable swap for desktop user entirely20:39
nullx002only on for sudo user20:39
bekksnullx002: Thats not possible.20:40
bekksnullx002: swap is enabled for the entire system.20:40
EriC^^nexayq1: i see, i wonder why they all end up in the same icon20:40
nullx002so when desktop users logins in it doesn't mess with the sudo user's files in swap parition20:40
bekksnullx002: There are no files in the swap partition.20:40
nullx002hi bekks, how do i do that20:40
EriC^^nexayq1: you know about alt + ~ right?20:40
bekksnullx002: You CANNOT. It is NOT possible.20:40
nullx002i mean resume session20:40
nullx002i am sudo, another user is desktop user20:41
bekksnullx002: By leaving swap enabled. If you disable swap, you cannot resume a session at all.20:41
=== wolfy1339_ is now known as Radon
nullx002when i hibernate it does resume if i logged in first20:41
lernerhow do I delete old headers? /usr/src lists some20:41
nexayq1EriC^^: yeah i know, but if i have 5 terminals than I need to press ~ 5 times. "Win+number" is really great in Ubuntu20:41
bekksnullx002: Thats expected.20:41
nullx002bekks i mean for one user only20:41
EriC^^nexayq1: yeah i know20:41
nullx002so how to make it work beeks?>20:42
nullx002that sudo user always resume for a previous hibernated state20:42
nullx002whatever desktop user does20:42
=== Radon is now known as wolfy1339
bekksnullx002: Sounds like you need to "clean" your swap once. Like disabling and recreating it.20:43
nullx002here is the scenario: sudo logs in - hibernates - desktop user logs in - always shutdown - sudo resumes hibernate20:44
bekksnullx002: Sounds like you need to "clean" your swap once. Like disabling and recreating it.20:44
EriC^^nexayq1: might be a fix online, checking20:45
nullx002bekks, is it even possible?20:45
bekksnullx002: Sure.20:45
nullx002bekks, how do i do that?20:45
bekksnullx002: can you pastebin "cat /proc/swaps" please and provide the URL?20:46
nexayq1EriC^^: did you create symbolic link in /bin or hard copy?20:46
nullx002just a min20:46
EriC^^i made a cp20:46
nullx002it says /dev/sda% my root parition]20:47
nullx002that is20:47
bekksnullx002: can you pastebin "cat /proc/swaps" please and provide the URL?20:47
EriC^^nexayq1: it still somehow tells unity about it when ever it launches, there looks like there's a --disable-factory thing20:47
nullx002bekks, what url?20:47
bekksnullx002: OF your pastebin.20:47
nullx002there is only one line in there20:47
bekksnullx002: Can you PLEASE pastebin the output? Thank you.20:47
nexayq1EriC^^: just tried "cp /bin/gnome-terminal /bin/gnome-try", no luck. Unity is too smart :). Thanks appreciate your help and suggestions20:48
nullx002here it is bekks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15084325/20:49
=== iSagitt_ is now known as iSagitt
EriC^^nexayq1: yeah, there is a --disable-factory feature but i tried it and it isn't working either, there's more info here about it and a fix i guess involving mate-terminal and --disable-factory http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=231135920:49
bekksnullx002: then you can just run: "sudo swapoff /dev/sda4; sudo mkswap /dev/sda4; sudo swapon /dev/sda4"20:50
nexayq1EriC^^: Thanks for the link20:50
nullx002it is already workjing20:50
nullx002why recreate it20:50
bekksnullx002: I told you.20:51
Solarluxubuntu need antivirus?20:51
nullx002i successfully hinermate and resume20:51
bekksnullx002: With only ONE user.20:51
SolarluxUbuntu have inside some security not need antiviruss to isntall?20:51
EriC^^nexayq1: sure20:51
MonkeyDustnullx002  you ask how to do it and when you get an answer, you ask 'why'20:51
SolarluxUbuntu need antivirus?20:52
EriC^^!antivirus | Solarlux20:52
ubottuSolarlux: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using Samba). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus20:52
MonkeyDustSolarlux  only if you work with windows shares or file transfers20:52
nullx002ok bekks, will it resume even if another user logged in after sudo hibernates?20:52
k1l_Solarlux: if you stop loading stuff from websites and install that, then ubuntu is quite safe20:52
bekksnullx002: Thats the next task for, to find out after running the commands I told you.20:52
nullx002ok, let me check20:53
nullx002thanks bekks, i will be back if there are any problems20:53
nullx002thanks for the help20:53
bekksnullx002: you're welcome20:54
naxoHey there20:55
naxosomebody here?20:55
gabmushey people. do you know any graphical temperature monitor software for linux? i tried psensors but the graphic looks weird, there are probably some problems rendering it20:55
popeynaxo: always20:55
skbly7Hi, is there any limit of max files inside a folder?20:55
skbly7I am currently working on a program which is expected to make 561646 files.20:55
gabmusskbly7: dont think so20:55
naxoCool i need some help :/ its something really short20:55
tripkingabmus, try lmsensors.20:55
skbly7gabmus: ok, thanks. :)20:56
skbly7lets hope nothing breaks..20:56
MonkeyDustgabmus  psensors works nice here... describe 'weird'20:56
gabmusMonkeyDust: lemme grab a screenshot20:56
EriC^^skbly7: depends on number of inodes, but you're probably fine20:56
EriC^^type df -i to see the free remaining20:57
naxopopey: i need help with the "red" folder (im spanish)20:57
skbly7EriC^^: thanks alot :D20:58
skbly7now instead of hope, i am sure it will be safe..20:58
skbly7Inodes        Iused     IFree           IUse%20:58
skbly711583488  158924 11424564    2%20:58
EriC^^btw files not subdirs20:58
skbly7meaning ?20:58
naxoSomebody can help me please :c20:58
=== tinyhippo is now known as deadhippo
EriC^^skbly7: not sub directories, just files20:59
gabmusMonkeyDust: there are unexplained spikes like going all the way up or all the way down, even if the values change slightly over time. basically the graphic is unreadable20:59
skbly7oh ok..20:59
skbly7I am adding files in a sub-directory.20:59
gabmusMonkeyDust: http://i.imgur.com/DQhJMhi.png21:00
EriC^^ok, should be fine21:00
skbly7thanks again. :)21:00
EriC^^no problem21:00
naxosomebody can help me in thunar "red" folder21:01
naxoI guess in english is web folder21:01
MonkeyDustgabmus  that's because it's full screen, it's not supposed to be full screen21:02
popeynaxo: never seen that, sorry21:02
gabmusMonkeyDust: it's not :021:02
gabmusit's just that I have a 2k monitor, and the graphic doesn't even take half of it21:03
naxopopey: :/ well thanks21:03
MonkeyDustgabmus  F1121:03
gabmusMonkeyDust: this app doesn't even support fullscreen, nothing even happens when I press f1121:03
=== deadhippo is now known as tinyhippo
MonkeyDustgabmus  odd21:05
MonkeyDustgabmus  supports full screen here and looks funny in full screen21:05
=== denis is now known as Guest31396
gabmusMonkeyDust: dunno man, this app isn't in fullscreen and I don't even seem to be able to switch to fullscreen21:06
freeb /nicklist screen21:07
gabmusJust realized it's probably a scale problem in the graphic, it would be great if I could change the scale range of the temps (Y axis)21:07
alazare619is 14.04 going to be upgradeable to 16.04?21:10
EriC^^when 16.04.1 comes out21:11
k1l_alazare619: yes. officially when 16.04.1 is released21:11
MonkeyDustalazare619  yes, as of 16.04.121:11
MonkeyDustk1l_  was fatser21:11
k1l_so was EriC^^ :)21:11
ravenabovehow do i remove unwanted ubuntu studio meta packages completely?21:12
EriC^^ravenabove: that's a tough one21:12
ravenaboveis there a way to bulk remove in the same you can bulk install?21:13
OerHeksravenabove, something like this? sudo apt-get remove --purge <package1> <package2> <package*>21:15
ravenabovei wish there was a way to select all programs you want to remove the way you can choose to install21:15
ravenabovethat would work i think21:15
OerHeksalso synaptic can do that, = detailed softwarecenter21:15
ravenabovei tried using synaptic but it does not remove the programs it just says there not installed but they still appear in ubuntu studio21:17
son4deleted linux partition tried to reinstall ubuntu getting grub rescue mode21:17
ravenabovewhat would be the method to purge?21:18
ravenabovehiding programs would work equally as well21:18
=== [Saint_] is now known as [Saint]
ravenaboveim gonna google that how to hide programs from xfce21:19
MonkeyDustravenabove  try this   sudo aptitude purge ~c   <-- that's a tilde21:20
son4can someone tell how to recover a deleted linux partition?21:23
MonkeyDust!recover | son421:23
ubottuson4: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel21:23
ravenabovei also have a couple other problems 1 ubuntu 15.10 freezes often 2 probe failed21:27
ravenabovei get probe failed in both ubuntu 14.04 and mint 17.321:28
bekksravenabove: you get that where when doing what?21:31
ravenabovebooting from an iso21:31
=== jwheare_local___ is now known as jwheare_local
ravenaboveacpi pcc probe failed21:34
lernerhow do I delete old headers? /usr/src lists some21:38
ravenaboveubuntu xfce 15.10 does not give me an error21:39
ikonialerner: remove the packages that installed them21:40
lernerikonia, how do I list those?21:40
ikoniayou'll see them in software center, or any of the package managers you can use21:41
lernerikonia, why are old headers not removed when new ones are installed?21:42
ikoniabecause you didn't remove the old packages21:43
=== bureau_ is now known as Shark
cooperi need help freeing up space on my boot partition21:44
Sharkcooper: hello21:44
cooperive used autoclean autoremove and purge21:44
coopershark: how goes it21:45
bureaui speak french21:45
coopershark: got any advice on how to clear up some space on boot partition21:47
OerHekscooper, autoremove should remove unused kernels, so what is going on?21:48
cooperoerHeks: im trying to install updates and the standard fixes dont seem to be freeing up space21:49
OerHekscan you pastebin the output when you run apt-get autoremove?21:49
cooperone min21:49
coopercooper@cooper-HP-Pavilion-dv6700-Notebook-PC:~$ sudo apt-get autoremover21:50
cooper[sudo] password for cooper:21:50
cooperE: Invalid operation autoremover21:50
coopercooper@cooper-HP-Pavilion-dv6700-Notebook-PC:~$ sudo apt-get autoremove21:50
cooperReading package lists... Done21:50
cooperBuilding dependency tree21:50
popeyno here :021:50
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:50
popeycooper: also, "dpkg -l linux-image*" - see how many you have, and "uname -a" to see what kernel you're currently on - probably need to manually remove some old unused ones :(21:50
xan_IThi need help. i use ubuntu from many months on this pc. a day stop to play sound from speakers. only headphones21:54
xan_ITneed help21:54
MonkeyDustxan_IT  in a terminal, type   alsamixer ... if you see mm go there and hit m to unmute21:55
xan_ITi try live CD and seams SAME21:55
DaveWMWhen I close my laptop lid the screen turns off,  but if the connected mouse gets moved it turns back on..  any idea on how I might fix that?21:56
OerHekscooper, you forget the * >>> dpkg -l linux-image*21:57
cooperoerheks its on pastebin21:58
mgolischDaveWM: dont move the mouse?22:01
cooperOerHeks: its on pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com/15085930/22:01
OerHekscooper, you forget the * >>> dpkg -l linux-image*22:01
ubuntu032Is it possible to reboot a liveCD without reloading the RAM? Say if I want to install GPU drivers and need to restart.22:01
DaveWMmgolisch: that's a genius solution!22:01
mgolischDaveWM: i know22:01
MonkeyDustubuntu032  rthe idea of a live session, is that it loads into ram... all change is lost at reboot22:01
xan_ITMonkeyDust try that but all seams normal. another strange things is if headphone is unpluged i listen a little beep each second from right speaker.22:02
cooperOerHeks: so what do i do now?22:02
DaveWMMy mouse is really sensitive... so it kinda activates  on it's own22:02
xan_ITwith headphone all works fine22:02
ubuntu032Does anyone know if an Ubuntu liveCD can be rebooted without rebooting the whole PC?22:02
mgolischDaveWM: dont use a mouse? or maybe have the computer go into suspend/hibernate when the lid is closed, that would require pressing the powerbutton to turn it back on22:03
mgolischubuntu032: why?22:03
ubuntu032I want to install some drivers that require a reboot.22:03
squintyDaveWM,  might be a switch on the bottom of the mouse you can toggle off before shutting the lid22:03
mgolischno driver install requires a reboot22:03
ubuntu032Including GPU drivers mgolisch?22:04
DaveWMmgolisch: I've specifically set it to not suspend or hibernate.  I just want the screen to stay off while the lid is closed as one might expect22:04
DaveWMsquinty: it's a usb mouse...  I realize there's ways around this like unplugging the mouse or something.. but it just seems hacky if you can't get the screen to stay off with the lid shut22:05
cooperOerHeks: gotta go for a bit ill be back on in about an hour or so22:05
ubuntu032Mgolisch: if nvidia proprietary drivers don't need a reboot it is great.22:06
catbeardis there a way to switch to bfq in wily?22:08
catbeardthe io scheduler22:08
mgolischif its included in the kernel iam sure there is22:10
catbeard$ cat /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:11.0/ata1/host0/target0:0:0/0:0:0:0/block/sda/queue/scheduler22:11
catbeardnoop [deadline] cfq22:11
kandam9Hi peaople22:13
hp61peeps xD22:13
kandam9Anything useful to speak about ?22:15
naxoI have a problem22:16
naxowith the web folder thunar22:16
mgolischnaxo: what is a web folder thunar?22:18
MonkeyDust!info thunar22:18
ubottuthunar (source: thunar): File Manager for Xfce. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.10-1 (wily), package size 302 kB, installed size 1090 kB22:18
naxoWell in thunar there is a folder with web connections, i dont know the name in english but in spanish is red and that mean web22:19
MonkeyDustnaxo  ok, and what about it22:20
naxoI wanna know how that folder works cause i have 2 pcs there and i dont know how they get there and i dont know if that pcs can see something in my pc22:21
naxoi really apologise about my english22:21
=== dell is now known as Guest75842
ddybingnaxo: Are you able to post a screenshot of that?22:23
MonkeyDustnaxo  is it similar to dropbox?22:23
naxoi dont know how :/ is the first time i use xchat22:24
MonkeyDustnaxo  right click on the files, properties, what does it say22:24
naxothe conected pcs files?22:25
MonkeyDustnaxo  rrrrrrthe files you ae worried about22:26
naxoOne is22:26
naxoName: JACC-PC  Type:Unknow Modified:Unknow Acces:unknow 0 bytes propietary Root22:27
naxothey are with a folder named Red the windows or window web i guess22:27
MonkeyDustnaxo  make a screenshot, upload here and show us the link   http://imgur.com/22:28
AliAlmoullimI changed my linux config to boot into cli22:29
diamondswordhello .. I just wanted to try xfce on ubuntu, just fresh installation of ubuntu 14.04.3 lts. I was following this http://askubuntu.com/questions/223536/how-can-i-install-xfce-along-side-unity so I run the cmd: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop22:29
AliAlmoullimAnd now when ever i type something it always start with ^[ for example asdf become ^[a^[s^[d^[f22:29
diamondswordit's ok, installed but now everything turned to xubuntu look.22:29
diamondswordI want unity as orange back22:30
diamondswordhow can I do this? pfff22:30
xanguaChange the theme back then22:30
ddybingdiamondsword: You can change the desktop environment at the login screen22:30
MonkeyDustdiamondsword  logout, switch to ubuntu, login22:30
xanguaRight clic, appearance22:30
diamondswordddybing: I did, but unity looks like xubuntu now :S22:30
ddybingdiamondsword: Have you tried removing the xubuntu-packages?22:31
ddybingsudo apt-get remove --purge xubuntu-desktop ?22:31
naxoThere it is22:31
diamondswordddybing: no, why? can I have xfce and unity at the same time?22:31
ddybingHaving XFCE and Unity installed at the same time should work just fine. Do you have a screenshot of your problem?22:32
MonkeyDustnaxo  is this a second hand pc?22:32
=== wes is now known as Guest72642
naxoI dont know what you mean with second hand pc :/22:32
ddybingnaxo: Did you buy it from a store, or from some guy?22:33
naxoAhh, no i build it22:33
OerHeksnaxo,  those names are machines in your network, don't worry, but they can see your too22:33
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.22:33
ddybingnaxo: I'm not that good in Spanish, but it sure looks like a mapping of your local network. Does any of the names on those folders make sense for you?22:33
naxoThere is one name i know its of a friend22:33
ddybingnaxo: Is his computer connected to your network?22:34
naxoHe is in another city, we connect with hamachi i use haguichi we use it to play in the same web22:34
naxoIn LAN22:35
diamondswordddybing: here http://imgur.com/tdDWqcm22:36
MonkeyDustinteresting, it's new to me http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Networking/Haguichi-57033.shtml22:36
diamondswordddybing: why unity look blue now like xubuntu, it was orange the original, I want it back.22:36
naxoBut the computer names JACC-PC i dont know it22:37
Bray90820If you all want a good laugh have a look at this22:37
MonkeyDustnaxo  the jacc pc, right click... can you disconnect or delete it22:38
naxoI cant22:38
MonkeyDustcant what22:38
naxoDisconect it22:38
squintydiamondsword,  right click on your desktop -> change desktop background22:38
naxoThey are at Root name22:39
naxoAnd if i start thunar in root i cant see that folder22:40
ddybingdiamondsword: Ah, I see. That's just your background image. Right click on your desktop, and you will be able to switch back to the default Ubuntu image.22:40
MonkeyDustnaxo  proprties... where does it point to22:40
diamondswordddybing: look at here please http://i.hizliresim.com/orb4X7.png22:41
naxoI cant edit proprties im not root22:41
diamondswordwhy the folders are blue also?22:41
naxoAnd i dont know that folder path22:41
diamondswordwhat I need is when I select ubuntu session at login then it is completely unity desktop, when I select xubuntu session then all goes blue skin, ok. is this possible?22:42
MonkeyDustnaxo  is jacc still there after reboot?22:42
naxoI dont know let me see22:42
naxoI saw it today22:42
naxolet me see ill be right back in a bit22:42
diamondswordddybing: xfce mixed up things :S22:43
squintydiamondsword,  install  unity-tweak    you can tweak themes etc with it22:43
diamondswordsquinty: bleh. I just installed xfce desktop not too much but it mixed unity and xfce together.22:45
aarobcany ideas why internal DNS wouldn't work on a vpn?22:45
diamondswordI think I'll remove xfce desktop now22:45
aarobcwith openvpn22:45
aarobcbut all other devices the internal DNS works just perfectly22:45
aarobcso now I have to add a bunch of entries to my hosts file22:46
nalumhello all, I was having a bit of trouble with uwsgi and my searching lead me to the setting vm.overcommit_memory reading up on this I decided to test it out and ran the command to update it to 2 from the default 0. As soon as I did bash was unable to allocate memory and kicked me out of my ssh session. I can no longer ssh in, is my only course of action to destroy the machine and recreate it?22:47
naxoIm back22:48
naxothere is nobody connected right now22:48
naxoMonkeyDust: Nobody conected right now22:49
MonkeyDustnaxo  jacc icon is gone?22:49
naxoMonkeyDust: yes he's gone :DD22:50
MonkeyDustnaxo  i'll admit, it was me, i'm jacc22:50
naxoMonkeyDust: WTF! sjkasjkaj22:50
MonkeyDustnaxo  not true, that was a joke... problem solved?22:51
naxoMonkeyDust: i know haha yes, but, just one more question, here that connections come from?22:51
naxoMonkeyDust: why they appear there?22:51
MonkeyDustnaxo  not sure22:52
naxoMonkeyDust: hmmm somewhere can i read about it?22:53
naxowell thanks for help22:54
naxosee you soon22:54
naxobye c:22:54
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sergiohey yo23:07
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Guest51420fuck off23:07
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iulianbarbu2hi, is anyone seeing what i'm writing?23:16
Artemis3no, but this is the #ubuntu channel, technical questions only :)23:16
squintyno but we see what you are typing23:16
iulianbarbu2yea. that's what i want to say.23:17
iulianbarbu2thanks. no more chat. sorry for disturbing23:17
annihilatorfor linux gaming, coding and running in vmware would debian or ubuntu variant be better?23:17
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OerHeksannihilator, test it yourself,depends on your system specs, and ask about debian in #debian23:20
OerHeksi would say none of them both, 3d in vmware is slow23:20
annihilatorim not talking about 3d gaming23:21
annihilatorim talking about games like tux racer and freedroid rpg23:21
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xanguaannihilator: what answer do you expect in the Ubuntu channel?23:22
OerHeksthat is 3d23:22
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annihilatornot what i consider 3d23:22
annihilatorand freedroid rpg works in vmware with ubuntu and saybayon23:22
OerHekswell, test it yourself, with your point of view23:22
annihilatori have23:23
nic3aDoes anyone know how to set a key to be a toggle version of its self?23:23
annihilatorand it works but im not sure if debian or ubuntu has the better coding for what i want23:23
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annihilatorubuntu was better gaming but not sure if its still the case23:23
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OerHeksnic3a, "set a key to be a toggle version of its self" can you collaborate what you want that key to do?23:25
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LazyBones_hi all, i was on last night moaning my passwd was lost and i got help to re-set? just to let you guys know, thats it done now, seems to have worked a treat. thanky23:27
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swenginHi I just cloned my disk to a bigger one using dd in that process next step is to resize the new disk partition with gparted but the partition is already the whole space of the disk when both disks are attached the machine boots fine and only from the new disk (by default) but if I remove the old disk the disk is not bootable anymore23:29
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OerHeks!password | spacecub ( good to change your name after asking, really good )23:30
ubottuspacecub ( good to change your name after asking, really good ): Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords23:30
swenginbtw the new disk uses swap of the old disk could that be the problem?23:31
swenginhow can I edit fstab in that disk from the live cd?23:31
Coop34looking for some help expanding my boot drive to allow for more updates23:32
spacecububottu a bot?23:32
ubottuspacecub: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:32
tomreynswengin: swap won't be the issue preventing it to boot. lack of a boot load may well be. so, while you have both diskls attached, run "sudo update-grub && sudo grub-install /dev/NEWDISK" (replace NEWDISK but the device name of the new disk)23:33
swengintomreyn ok thanks23:34
tomreynswengin: to edit fstab (be careful about this! make backups for sure!) you need to mount the new disks's root file system (partition) and then run a text editor as root against the then accessible file23:35
swengintomreyn thanks alot23:35
tomreynswengin: welcome. i'd very much recommend to try the former before you start editing fstab23:36
swenginok I will23:37
Jordan_UCoop34: Why do you have a separate /boot/ partition?23:38
Coop34Jordan_U: yeah its been that way since i installed23:39
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Coop34Jordan_U: and i cant resize with GParted23:39
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tomreynCoop34: please show the output of "sudo parted -ls" and "df -h"23:42
tomreyn!paste | Coop3423:42
ubottuCoop34: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:43
xangua! Es23:43
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:43
Drunken_DwarfHi all. Im trying to work on making .deb packages of a project. I have it working fine with dpkg-deb but I need slightly different versions for architectures, basically everything stays the same except for the dependancies, it has one dependancy on armhf and another on i386/amd64 ... is there a way of specifying seperate versions in the same DEBIAN/control file, or just multiple control files without duplicating23:47
Drunken_Dwarfthe entire build directory?23:47
Coop34tomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15087515/23:49
k1l_Drunken_Dwarf: maybe you get more infos on #ubuntu-packaging23:49
Drunken_Dwarfk1l_, thanks, didnt realise that was a channel23:50
k1l_Drunken_Dwarf: no problem. but i dont know how active that channel is at this time of day.23:51
Jordan_UCoop34: I would recommend simply not using a separate /boot/ partition.23:54
Coop34Jordan_U: what would happen if i move the flag and delete that partition23:54
Jordan_UCoop34: Very bad things. The "boot flag" is irrelevant and you need to copy your kernels into your root filesystem and re-install grub first.23:55
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Coop34Jordan_U: so how can i do that with as little damage as possible23:56
cruisibesareshey anyone ever seen this before running 12.04 and i have an upstart job that says start on ( filesystem and starting other-job ) it just hangs when i try to start other-job if i take out the filesystem it works but then it doesn't work on boot23:57
Jordan_UCoop34: sudo mkdir /tmp/temporary_boot_mountpoint && sudo umount /boot/ && sudo mount /dev/sda1 /tmp/temporary_boot_mountpoint && sudo cp -a /tmp/temporary_boot_mountpoint/* /boot/ && sudo grub-install /dev/sda && sudo update-grub23:58
Jordan_UCoop34: Then edit /etc/fstab to comment out the line for /boot/.23:58
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