zequencehmm, we don't have a new default background yet, though00:00
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zequenceOvenWerks: Did you manage to set up a good autostart routine for jack?14:17
zequenceI think some devices don't support changing samplerate on the fly, btw. But, that could be overcome by only allowing that for certain devices14:45
zequenceI'm working on -controls this week. Starting with system diagnosis14:52
zequenceThen, I'll add whatever there is time for14:52
OvenWerkszequence: Any auto start script I can come up with requires some user inputs. Running zita-ajbridge on anything and everything is not really a good idea. we end up with more CPU being used than is really needed and of course many new MB have extra audio interfaces the user is unaware of.15:48
OvenWerksI do have a script that will go through all the audio devices and connect them all to jack. (and create lines from pulse to them too) But I think there is a better way.15:51
zequenceOvenWerks: I will set up gui options and settings for that. Just wanted to see what you have and see if can incorporate that15:52
OvenWerksI think it is better to find out from the user what they want to use as their default device, what they want to record from and if they want a USB device to automatically become master.15:52
zequenceOne of the plans has been to have a setup wizard on first login. Would make it easy to set your system up for what you need15:53
zequenceThere should be a function for checking if the chosen devices exist first, though. Especially USB and Firewire devices may not be connected during boot15:54
OvenWerkszequence: if you can write a file .config/autojackrc that has some lines like DEV=<default> USB=yes or no EXTRA=<extra device to connect via zita-ajbridge>15:55
zequenceYes, I will try to work that out15:55
zequenceOvenWerks: So, do you have the autostart script somewhere?16:01
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zequenceI'm splitting up -controls into different scripts. The system configurations will be done with a separate command line script residing at /usr/sbin/ubuntustudio-sysconfig. THe gui will call the script when it needs to16:15
zequenceThe gui will now be launched as normal user16:16
zequenceThe gui may also be run as a command line application only.16:16
zequenceIn the future it would be cool if the application could be used also on touch devices16:18
OvenWerkszequence: I need to reduce it :) so it only deals with devices in the config file.16:23
OvenWerksDEV= is already handled. I will do EXTRA= and do something with USB= too. I think I will connect at least the main HDA (internal) if found just to be safe.16:25
OvenWerksThe main thing with HDA will be the output.16:26
zequenceOvenWerks: Let me know when you have that done. I'm not sure how much I will be doing this week. Really depends on how much I can get done16:26
zequenceI would like to add autostart options at some point though16:26
OvenWerkszequence: OK, I haven't really done anything for a week. I won't be doing anything in Ardour probably till after next point release. I only have my own control Surface SW going right now.16:27
OvenWerkszequence: I also started working on a patch bay for jack. The main difference is that instead of just listing jack clients, it will also list ALSA devices that could be connected. (this is where I went after figuring out auto everything is not so good.)16:29
OvenWerksin the end this should also be able to connect network AIs such as AVB AES67 streams.16:30
OvenWerksbut to begin I just want it to get to bridging ALSA/PA stuff.16:31
zequenceThat would be cool16:32
OvenWerkszequence: So I will setup autojack to check that DEV and EXTRA exist and make a package.16:33
zequenceOvenWerks: A package?16:34
OvenWerksya, that would probably be the easiest thing for you to pull from.16:34
zequenceWhy not just supply the script? It's just one file, right?16:34
OvenWerksA package shows all the files in the directory structure.16:34
zequenceWell, anyway you like.16:35
OvenWerksno, there is a desktop file to go in /etc/xdg/autostart as well.16:35
zequenceYeah, I figured16:35
zequenceIf we incorporate that to -controls, the autostart will be running a more generic -controls script that does multiple things, checking from configs16:36
zequenceFirst doing a system diagnostic. Then, starting stuff up16:36
zequenceI would probably translate your stuff to python too16:37
zequenceI'm just mostly interested in the logic at this point, you know?16:37
OvenWerksI can do a tarball then.16:38
OvenWerksit is a bash script so nothing complex.16:38
OvenWerkssomething on my system has a memory leak. I never use swap, but this morning swap was half full. The only two new things I had running were guitarix and gxtuner... unless it was a badly behaved webpage. Ardour was not running... mostly just terminals, file managers and firefox.16:42
zequencedid you check the processes?16:46
zequenceYou should be able to spot which one is using an abnormal amount of memory16:46
OvenWerksI have restarted guitarix to check that. The system was too slow to deal with so I just got rid of extra stuff.16:53
OvenWerksguitarix was running for three or four days, so it may be a while.16:54
OvenWerksFF was at 4.5 G, but has gone down to 2.6 by getting rid of gmail and google calendar and a few android app pages. I still have most of the tabs there (~30) so that may have been part of the problem.16:56
OvenWerks(RAM is 8G)16:58
OvenWerksSwap is 2.9G as I haven't changed it from when I had the P4 with 2.5G16:59
OvenWerkson a different topic, AVB looks to be an up and coming thing. There are now three companies with AoIP audio IFs that support it: MOTU (who have also finally started doing USB2.0 compliant AI), focusrite (as part of their RedNet line) and Presonus with their digital rackmount line. Later OSx supports AVB at the ethernet port and there is enough stuff in openAVB to at least make a link in Linux as well (with the right NIC... Intel i210 is 17:08
OvenWerksWhile aes67 should be easier to implement on linux (there is aes67 on windows but not AVB) there are few lower cost AIs that use it anyway. With AVB finally being finished, it may over shadow aes67 at least for a LAN.17:11
zequenceDidn't know about that. Seems interesting17:13
OvenWerksI think it should be possible to come up with a jackd backend for AVB that will deal with at least one AVB AI even with no special NIC. A second AI would have to pass through the first I think to make that work though. At least one stream would have to be alive all the time for sync pruposes.17:14
OvenWerksThe i210 is not costly though, I picked up two at $49 CAD each.17:16
OvenWerkszequence: the other parameters I use in auto jack are:19:32
OvenWerks# zita-ajbridge seems to run better with a lower frame rate.19:33
OvenWerkszequence: Any of these can be overridden from .configure/autojackrc which is read in right after these.19:34
OvenWerksDEV=default is the same as hw:0 but gets replaced with hw:name of hw:019:36
OvenWerkszequence: I am thinking I should change EXTRA= to EXTRA_C and EXTRA_P so that just capture or just play will work.19:39
knomepeople, how do you see the ubuntu studio future?20:09
sakrecoerknome: hopefully bright :) if you are asking in the broad sense21:02
sakrecoerknome: how about you?21:03
sakrecoeri'd like to see the desktop agnosticism happen. i think it would open up for acwider audience21:06
sakrecoer*broader audience21:07
sakrecoer*wider was probably the word i wanted21:08
sakrecoeri'm adaptable, but desktop choice seem to be a decisive factor for many users21:09
sakrecoeri wish that school systems world wide will adopt GNU/linux, logicaly in that thought i wish ubuntustudio would become the choice for artschoops21:14
sakrecoerits a not so distant reality in southamerica and africa i guess21:18
sakrecoerhopefully the future of the graphics packages will look a bit like this: http://41.media.tumblr.com/6033c0e668e76ec87a8aa7cfe80c8c30/tumblr_np4y8cOkaC1rj6lpxo1_r1_1280.png :)22:24
sakrecoeror like this: https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/max_1200/4adadf32534447.5689c1d2ed089.png22:25
knomei'm thinking more about the actual decisions and how studio will exist23:47
knomei talked the other day with astraljava about this too and we circled around the idea of not releasing an ISO at all23:48
knomejust some metapackages for the workflows23:48
knomei think the audio workflow is the best example how this could bring more than just "a selection of apps" to the table, with the JACK stuff and controls23:49
knomethis way you could forget all the DE stuff, and even wallpapers and that kind of branding23:50
knomewell, not forget branding completely, but not have to worry about maintaining a dozen of things that you have to do now23:50
knomeit might help the motivation for other people to join contributing, since everything is kind of straight-to-the-point and actually changing something23:51
knomeinstead of losing some of the work to infrastructure and bureaucracy23:52
knomewith a team as small as the studio team, the time used for those is relatively substantial23:52
sakrecoerknome: it is an interesting idea. i can see how it would be beneficial. i also think having an iso is a good "selling point". the prospect of having everything in place after install is attractive...23:57

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