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NginUSCould someone help me script audio file alterations? http://v.ht/YLwe16:22
cooperwhat plugins for firefox will support the latest shockwave version17:29
cooperare there any plugins available for firefox that run the latest version of shockwave17:33
cooperim looking for a plug in for firefox that will run the latest version of shockwave18:10
OvenWerkscooper you are more likely to get an answer to that in #ubuntu than here. (more people)18:15
cooperok thanks18:18
cooperneed some help freeing up space in boot partition for updates21:35
coopertried autoclean and purge and autoremove21:36
sakrecoercooper: if it dosent work you can manualy remove old versions in there, but it is a risky operation. are you familiar with the version numbers of kernel stuff?21:52
sakrecoerif you paste a link to a screen shot of what is in your /boot i can help you, also i need you to tell me the output of this command in a terminal: uname -r21:55

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