N3sh108hello, I am trying to use upstart for my nodejs server but I just get 'stop/waiting'15:42
N3sh108the upstart script should be correct though15:42
N3sh108is that a normal behaviour?15:44
JanCyou get stop/waiting but your nodejs server is still running?16:14
JanCin that case the upstart job config is not correct16:17
N3sh108JanC: I went through it and fixed some problems. Now I get: start/running, process XXX16:18
N3sh108but the server doesn't work16:18
N3sh108any idea JanC?16:20
JanCis the nodejs server actually running?16:20
JanCseems like the nodejs server doesn't start then?16:22
JanCor starts and immediately exits or crashes?16:22
N3sh108let me check16:22
JanC(I've never used nodejs, so no idea what might go wrong)16:23
N3sh108if I run my exec command myself16:23
N3sh108it works16:23
N3sh108but now when I either start it manually (start <program>) or when I reboot the machine16:24
N3sh108I don't get why16:25
N3sh108wasting so much time 16:26
JanCa web search gave me this: https://github.com/cvee/node-upstart  (not sure if it's useful for you?)16:28
JanCthere are some other articles to be found too, which do things somewhat differently16:30
N3sh108still nothing16:32
N3sh108fuck this shit16:32
N3sh1081 hour wasted for nothing16:32
JanCBTW: when it works when you run it from the command line, but not from an upstart job, then usually the problem is something in the "environment" that is different (e.g. environment variables, working directory, application expects a tty, etc.)16:35
JanCalso, permissions16:35
N3sh108thanks, it magically fixed itself :D17:48
JanCpossibly it was still confused by a previous test without rebooting?18:54

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