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xubuntu469windows dömane15:03
slickymasterWork!ask | xubuntu46915:03
ubottuxubuntu469: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:03
xubuntu469windows domäne15:05
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xubuntu451is anyone out there?21:08
xubuntu60wHi, I'm currently installing Xubuntu and I'm stuck on mount points...I'm using / for my boot SSD, but what mount point should I use for my storage hard disk?21:12
well_laid_lawnxubuntu60w:  you could use /home21:13
xubuntu60wThank you well_laid_lawn, I will use that.21:14
`qqdoes anyone know if i can change the name of a tab in xfce4-terminal, after the fact, and from a script?21:15
`qqie, this works xfce4-terminal --tab -T "title"21:16
`qqbut it creates a tab which i dont want21:16
xubuntu60wMy installation is now stuck at the "force UEFI" pop up window. I have clicked "continue" but there is no response.21:18
branau`qq: Check this out here: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=3407821:39
branauIf I'm not mistaken xfce4-terminal emulates xterm by default21:39
branauSo unless you've changed that, you should be able to tweak that to suit your goals21:39
`qqbranau: thanks. checking.21:53
`qqbranau: sadly no21:56
`qqit works on an xterm, but not on xfce4-terminal21:56
`qqit's fine21:56
`qqi'll just do it on creation time21:57
`qqthanks anyhoo21:57
branau`qq: No luck with that? I'm sure it can be done, seems like a pretty basic concept. Let me look a little deeper, there's bound to be a way21:57
`qqat least using the xterm compat doesn't work21:57
`qqthis works on an xterm echo -ne "\033]0;newtitle\007"21:58
`qqbut not on xf-term21:58
`qqi work with lots of servers, and have a tab per server each with its own tmux. so i need the hint, otherwise it would be confusing.21:59
`qqand the mouse on my laptop doesn't work, and i refuse to carry one :)22:00
branau`qq: try this little bit, I found it on StackOverflow: trap 'echo -e "\e]0;$BASH_COMMAND\007"' DEBUG22:06
branauThat should update the terminal title22:06
`qqbranau: trying22:06
branau`qq: I found it here: http://superuser.com/questions/175799/does-bash-have-a-hook-that-is-run-before-executing-a-command22:06
branauThere are some other things in there you could try too22:06
`qqbranau: is that for the prompt? or the title?22:06
`qqwell let me try22:06
branau`qq: That snippet was supposedly for the title22:07
branauI didn't test it though22:07
`qqbranau: yes!22:08
`qqbranau: thank you!22:08
branau`qq: Nice! Glad you got something work. Sure thing!22:08
`qqbranau: this is HUGELY helpful to me ... mouseless as i am now22:08
`qqthank you thank you22:08
branau`qq: Sure thing! Glad you got it figured out :)22:10
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