quicksilvercan you run bzr cat on a remote repo?10:53
LeoNerdI would imagine so11:19
josharensonAnyone have bzr-rewrite working on ubuntu xenial? Its not in the archive, and when I install from source, bzr doesn't recognize the plugin.17:46
rwilbur@josharenson:  Are you using bzr-2.7.0?  If so, try changing bzr-rewrite/info.py:bzr_compatible_versions to include (2, 7, 0) and see if that helps.19:33
josharensonrwilbur: I'm using 2.7.11, will 2,7,0 still work?19:41
josharensonnm, I see19:43
rwilburjosharenson:  I'm guessing you're using Python 2.7.11 which should support bzr 2.7.0 just fine.  bzr-rewrite is more worried about the bzr version (2, 7, 0), in this case.19:44
josharensonrwilbur: yeah I saw that :-p I added 2,7,0 and rebuild/installed but bzr plugins still doesn't show it19:45
josharensonrwilbur: oh  I got it working.. had to rename the directory so bzr would like it19:49
rwilburjosharenson:  Good job!  I've found that bzr prefers plugins to have underscores instead of dashes in the directory name.  Another option would be to make a symbolic link using underscores.19:51
josharensonrwilbur: :-) noted. thanks19:51
vilarwilbur, josharenson: plugins are loaded in the python namespace bzrlib.plugins.<plugin_name>, the directories have to be valid python identifiers20:26
josharensonvila: makes sense... its just interesting that the launchpad url for the plugin is broken out of the box20:26
vilaOr you need to use BZR_PLUGINS_AT=<plugin_name>@<plugin_directory> to assist20:26
vilajosharenson: histerical raisins :-/20:27
rwilburvila:  Thanks for that explanation.  Now it makes a lot more sense.20:27
josharensonvila: yeah, bummer that can't be changed20:27
rwilburI didn't know about BZR_PLUGINS_AT.  Is that in the configuration file?20:27
vilarwilbur: sorry, environment variable20:28
vilabzr help env-variables20:28
vilaBZR_PLUGINS_AT      Plugins to load from a directory not in BZR_PLUGIN_PATH.20:29
vilahmpf, a bit short to understand how it can help here :-/20:29
rwilburvila:  Yeah, I like your explanation better than the bzr help;>)20:30
vilahttp://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/en/user-reference/configuration-help.html#bzr-plugins-at is lisghtly better20:31
vila*slightly (probably a freudian slip for lightly ;)20:31
vilajosharenson: the lp url is not broken, the project name can't avoid prefixing with bzr- (think bzr-svn for svn), so it's a friction between bzr and launchpad. One idea that was discussed in the past was to find some way to configure (instead of inherit) the local branch name from the remote branch name. But it's an edge case. Every plugin hacker runs into it, understand the issue and... swallow it. That leaves little work force to fix it ;-)20:37
josharensonvila: :-) gotcha20:38
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