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anastasiamacaxw: wallyworld: trivial PTAL - http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3869/ (use in memory store)00:12
wallyworldaxw: i think that ssh fix should just be jfdi?00:19
axwanastasiamac: that turned out quite neat00:43
axwwallyworld: I don't think it's important enough to JFDI00:43
axwwallyworld: we've lived with it for 2 years or so... :)00:44
rick_h__wallyworld: ping, when you get a sec can you run me through this restore stuff? I'm missing something.01:50
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wallyworldrick_h__: hey sure02:10
rick_h__wallyworld: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/rick?authuser=1 when you get a sec02:11
wallyworldaxw: wanna join02:11
axwokey dokey02:12
anastasiamacaxw: yes. u r awesome :D02:26
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davecheneythumper: backport PR for 1.25 https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/443103:20
thumperdavecheney: you don't normally have to worry about reviews for backports03:37
davecheneyoneline timesheet ?04:06
davecheneyi don't like the sound of this04:06
axwwallyworld: has anyone changed the "juju resolved" command for 2.0 yet?04:42
* axw looks at the code and answers his own question04:43
wallyworldno, don't think so04:43
wallyworldwe haven't04:43
axwwallyworld: we're going to tho, right?04:43
wallyworldyeah, supposedly04:43
wallyworldbut not this week04:43
wallyworldwe'll run out of time04:43
axwwallyworld: sure. just want to know it's still happening04:44
axwI don't think anyone likes it as it is04:44
wallyworldi need to check notes, but in my mind it got approved04:44
axwwallyworld: I think I just need to fix tests now, new-style switch is working nicely04:52
axwwallyworld: and I've gotten rid of the current-model file (again)04:53
wallyworldeven better04:53
anastasiamacanyone has any idea what this online timesheeting is about? per davecheney^^^06:01
axwwallyworld: juju switch branch: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3872/06:20
wallyworldaxw: looking06:49
wallyworldaxw: rick's suggestion is show-controller and show-model without args would display the current controller / model06:54
axwwallyworld: sounds good06:54
axwwallyworld: kind of a pain if you just want the name though06:54
wallyworldaxw: i think the intent is just the name06:55
wallyworldwe need that for scripting06:55
axwwallyworld: ok, I don't really like that then... another dual purpose command06:55
wallyworldit's still a bit messed up though06:55
wallyworldlet's try it for the beta and get feedback06:55
axwwallyworld: try show-controller/show-model with no args?06:56
wallyworldyeah, in the absence of something better. i suggested "juju current-controller" and "juju current-model" and he didn't like it06:56
wallyworldbut i do like my suggestions06:57
axwwallyworld: if you're making the changes to registration to return the controller UUID, can you please update the "juju register" command to record all the details in jujuclient as well?06:59
axwwallyworld: controller & account details06:59
axwwallyworld: if that's too much, I can do it after yours is landed06:59
wallyworldaxw: ok, finishng tests for --share. getting lovely mgo dirty socket errors, will do registration after that if i get a chance after soccer soon07:00
axwokey dokey07:00
dimiternmgz, morning :)08:41
dimiternmgz, it seems a couple of CI jobs have SSH issues and result in false positives for failures08:42
mgzthat's not a false positive08:44
mgzunless a failure is the result we want?08:44
dimiternthe centos job succeeded apparently08:45
dimiternit was marked as a failure due to wait_for_port failing eventually with no route to host, which considering we're killing the controller is to be expected08:46
mgzwhy does that bug lead nowhere...08:46
dimiternI was wondering the same :)08:47
dimiternwhile the windows job fails similarly (after apparently succeeding) but due to python 2.7 incompatibility?08:49
mgzyeah, I have a solution for that08:49
frobwaredimitern, ping. sync?09:04
dimiternfrobware, hey09:04
dimiternfrobware, yeah, omw - 2m09:04
axwwallyworld: I'm going to look at changing the initial model name back to admin, let me know if there's something else you want me to do09:23
dimiterndooferlad, voidspace, jam, standup?10:00
frobwaredimitern, voidspace, dooferlad: new upstream branch is `maas-spaces2'10:17
dimiternfrobware, cheers, pulling now10:19
frobwaredimitern, voidspace, dooferlad: also deleting existing branch to avoid any confusion.10:21
frobwareand gone10:24
voidspacefrobware: great10:25
dimiternfrobware, done10:28
dooferladdimitern: do you have a moment to pair up on this?10:53
dimiterndooferlad, ok, just give me 2m10:54
dooferladdimitern: sure, thanks10:54
rick_h__wallyworld: axw  right, the thing is that adding a new command, doc, tab completing, for such a one off scripting requirement seems :/10:58
rick_h__wallyworld: axw especially when I could just run switch and know I was there, or use existing commands to get the machine readable data and such10:58
dimiterndooferlad, standup HO?10:58
dooferladdimitern: sure10:58
dimiterndooferlad, omw11:00
mupBug #1546043 opened: unit tests leave apiserver/logsink.log behind <unit-tests> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1546043>11:19
wallyworldrick_h__: i guess that needs to be balanced against a dual purpose command that is not obvious11:19
rick_h__wallyworld: how is it dual purpose? It'll show the same info as normal?11:21
wallyworlduse case 1: switch models. use case 2. print the current model11:21
wallyworld2 differebt functions11:21
wallyworldone command11:21
rick_h__wallyworld: so this isn't the show-model command?11:21
wallyworlddoh, caps11:22
wallyworldwe want to remove the function of juju switch which prints the current model11:22
wallyworldif we use juju show-model instead, does that print the full yaml or a single name11:23
voidspacedimitern: ping11:23
rick_h__wallyworld: the full yaml of info11:23
rick_h__wallyworld: which includes the name?11:23
wallyworldif the full yaml, it's a bit of a pain to use in bash to get the name11:23
voidspacedimitern: so, I can switch from mapping space names to id to mapping subnets to space id instead11:23
voidspacedimitern: *however*, the effect is *exactly* the same11:24
voidspacedimitern: because...11:24
voidspacedimitern: ah no it's not11:24
voidspacedimitern: forget that11:24
wallyworldrick_h__: as in `juu show-model` and assigning that to a var11:24
voidspacedimitern: when maas lists subnets it only gives the space name - so I thought I still needed a name -> id map11:24
voidspacedimitern: however, the subnets are listed *within the space data structure*11:24
voidspacedimitern: so you already know the space id...11:25
voidspaceso you don't need to lookup by name11:25
voidspacemy bad :-)11:25
dimiternvoidspace, exactly, and since the discovery will list spaces rather than subnets we'll have all bits we need in 1 api call - ids and names included (both for spaces and subnets)11:25
rick_h__wallyworld: sorry, was otp.11:49
perrito666wallyworld: well apparently last nights storm was a bit over average, it about 2 hs of duration it killed 3 people, broke countless trees and flooded hundreds of houses :p11:49
rick_h__wallyworld: I think that list-models should indicate current model, and that show-model without an arg shows details for the current model.11:49
rick_h__wallyworld: I know it's a pain to grab the name, but really it should be a simple grep'ing of the header?11:50
rick_h__wallyworld: or there's tools for parsing out the yaml11:50
rick_h__wallyworld: but since you're scripting it's not that it has to be simple/human one liner. You're assumption is they're running code11:50
wallyworldrick_h__: sure, just having a simple cli way to print just the name is very useful and we are taking that away11:50
rick_h__call the field model-name and a 'juju show-model | grep model-name' won't work?11:51
wallyworldguess so11:51
rick_h__wallyworld: right, but I just don't think it's useful enough for a one off command imo11:51
wallyworldnp, your call, we can always add it if people complain11:51
rick_h__wallyworld: +1 I've been known to be wrong before :)11:51
rick_h__but you did ask my opinion :P11:52
wallyworldi did, and i expressed mine also. one of us will be proven to be right11:52
* rick_h__ bets a bottle of wine on it 11:52
rick_h__let's make it interesting!11:52
wallyworldok :-)11:52
perrito666we should start putting those things in the code11:54
perrito666like // if you remove/add this line inform X that he/she must pay a wine bottle to Y11:54
* perrito666 enjoys of a rather good connection even though its only 10/2M only because every possible other user has a power outage so the whole connection is for him11:58
mupBug #1546100 opened: Upgrade 1.24.7 -> 1.25.3 fails <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1546100>14:01
alexisbmorning all14:10
perrito666alexisb: morning14:11
rick_h__morning alexisb14:15
perrito666lets say that I need to destroy-controller --force, and we no longer have force, what do I do now?14:44
anastasiamacperrito666: i think that kill-controller is kind of like destroy-controller-with-force14:55
perrito666yup, it is14:55
perrito666it is odd destroy sounds much more final than kill14:56
anastasiamacperrito666: neither work really well for me... I have to restart my computer if I want to re-bootstrap after. otherwise, I get "no matching addreses" error :(14:56
anastasiamacyes \o/14:56
perrito666oh, I have not tried to rebootstrap14:56
anastasiamacwell, neither wallyworld nor axw have the same issue... deleting all caching files does not help :/ so dunno and don't have enough time to figure it out :D14:57
anastasiamacso there is a chance u r not affected :D14:57
perrito666karma hates me, I am most likely affected :p14:58
anastasiamacperrito666: and here I thought I was the only one with bad karma14:58
alexisbanastasiamac, what time is it for you?15:01
* rick_h___ guesses late15:02
perrito666rick_h___: or early15:02
* anastasiamac wondering what answer alexisb would like to hear15:04
anastasiamacalexisb: it's good time for me :D i *think* i solved a bug15:04
alexisbI am going to bed15:04
alexisb^^ that answer15:04
alexisb:) that is good15:04
anastasiamacalexisb: oh. k.. yes.. i will be :D15:04
rick_h___being aware at this time sounds like a bug :P15:04
mupBug #1546135 opened: Joyent region not respected <bootstrap> <joyent-provider> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1546135>15:04
perrito666rick_h___: I am sure she will come to her senses tomorrow morning when trying to re-read her code :p15:08
perrito666happens to me all the time15:08
alexisbfrobware, I will be late to our 1x1, will ping15:11
mupBug #1546135 changed: Joyent region not respected <bootstrap> <ci> <joyent-provider> <regression> <juju-core cloud-credentials:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1546135>15:13
frobwarealexisb: probably a good idea as I have bouncing my machine a lot...15:25
mupBug #1546135 opened: Joyent region not respected <bootstrap> <joyent-provider> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1546135>15:28
mupBug #1546135 changed: Joyent region not respected <bootstrap> <joyent-provider> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1546135>15:31
mupBug #1546142 opened: After restore, the controller shows its local-cloud address as its public address <backup-restore> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1546142>15:35
mupBug #1546142 changed: After restore, the controller shows its local-cloud address as its public address <backup-restore> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1546142>15:38
mupBug #1546142 opened: After restore, the controller shows its local-cloud address as its public address <backup-restore> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1546142>15:41
natefinchfwereade: got a minute? I have a uniter question15:51
fwereadenatefinch, sure15:51
perrito666lol, a minute for a uniter question15:52
natefinchfwereade: we're trying to update the code in the uniter so that charm-upgrade fires for updates resources as well as updated charmURL... but I seem to be having some trouble.. the hook fires ok... but it fires over and over. There's a localstate and remotestate that need to get synced and I am evidently not doing that correctly15:52
cheryljperrito666: lol!15:52
* fwereade frantically swaps mental context15:52
fwereadenatefinch, ok, so you have a resolver.LocalState and a remotestate.Snapshot15:55
natefinchfwereade: yes15:56
fwereadenatefinch, LocalState encodes how you look right now, and the Snapshot tells you how you should look, and some NextOp implementation compares the two and decides what should be done next15:56
fwereadenatefinch, so presumably there's some new representation of the resource version in each of those?15:57
natefinchfwereade: yep.15:57
natefinchfwereade: we call it the CharmModifiedVersion, just an int that increments when something in the charm changes15:58
fwereadenatefinch, so it's a value supplied by the apiserver? and you set it on local-state, to the value-that-triggered-the-op, when you commit whatever operation makes resource changes?16:01
natefinchfwereade: I think it's that last bit that I'm having trouble with.  This stuff is all spread across like 7 files16:01
fwereadenatefinch, yeah, I can imagine that's the point at which it's hard to close the loop16:02
fwereadenatefinch, so, a bit more context: what operation is responsible for writing new charm resources?16:03
fwereadenatefinch, does a deploy op now Do More, or is a resource change distinct? I can imagine they'd be tricky to separate?16:03
natefinchfwereade: deploy does more (you can also update resources later independently of the charm version)16:04
natefinchfwereade: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/4439/files16:04
fwereadenatefinch, ok, that makes sense16:11
fwereadenatefinch, I think all your other operations are resetting CharmModifiedVersion to 016:12
fwereadenatefinch, at least, all the ones that call stateChange.apply16:13
mupBug #1545196 changed: Juju claims AWS ap-northeast-2 not found <ci> <ec2-provider> <regression> <juju-core:Invalid> <juju-core cloud-credentials:Fix Released by wallyworld> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1545196>16:14
fwereadenatefinch, I'd leave that field off stateChange, and just write it explicitly into the returned *State from the deploy op16:14
bogdanteleagaI did something similar not long ago, isn't something like this needed? https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/master/worker/uniter/resolver/opfactory.go#L13016:14
bogdanteleagato update the localstate16:14
fwereadenatefinch, listen to this man, he speaks truth16:17
fwereadewrapUpgradeOp should be the right place16:17
natefinchawesome, ok16:17
mupBug #1545207 changed: Rackspace os-security-groups not found <bootstrap> <ci> <rackspace> <regression> <juju-core:Invalid> <juju-core cloud-credentials:Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1545207>16:20
mupBug #1545207 opened: Rackspace os-security-groups not found <bootstrap> <ci> <rackspace> <regression> <juju-core:Invalid> <juju-core cloud-credentials:Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1545207>16:35
natefinchfwereade, bogdanteleaga: thanks for the help, that seems to have done the trick!16:41
bogdanteleagagreat :)16:43
mupBug #1545207 changed: Rackspace os-security-groups not found <bootstrap> <ci> <rackspace> <regression> <juju-core:Invalid> <juju-core cloud-credentials:Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1545207>16:44
mupBug #1455629 opened: TestResumerCalls <intermittent-failure> <test-failure> <windows> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1455629>16:44
mupBug #1456725 opened: TestActionEvents fails <ci> <intermittent-failure> <test-failure> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.22:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1456725>16:44
voidspacedooferlad:  frobware: trivial one if you have time, but needed for my tests: https://github.com/juju/gomaasapi/pull/517:14
frobwarevoidspace: occasionally fails for me17:19
frobwarevoidspace: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15094253/17:20
voidspacefrobware: weird, looking17:21
frobwarevoidspace: that's on xenial using go1.6rc217:21
frobwarevoidspace: 1 in 3 times17:21
voidspacefrobware: it sometimes fails on an unsupported platform with an unsupported version of go?17:21
voidspacehmmm... how much do I care? ;-)17:21
voidspacefrobware: can't get it to fail here17:22
voidspaceI wonder if it's a dict iteration order or something17:22
frobwarevoidspace: heh. well, I mentioned that because I jumped to xenial today...17:22
voidspacedifferent DNSServers17:24
voidspaceon a subnet17:24
voidspaceshouldn't be possible17:24
voidspaceah, no - different order of subnets17:25
voidspaceso it is dictionary iteration order17:25
voidspacea nuisance to fix - I'll see if I can make it deterministic17:25
voidspacefrobware: to be fair this PR doesn't introduce that problem17:25
voidspacebut it needs fixing17:26
voidspacefrobware: updated version shouldn't fail17:28
frobwarevoidspace: trying again17:32
frobwarevoidspace: thanks for supporting my unsupported combo. :-)17:34
frobwarevoidspace: LGTM17:34
voidspacemight have been the go version17:34
voidspacemight not17:34
voidspacebut it needed fixing17:34
voidspacefrobware: thanks17:34
josekatco: ping18:33
katcojose: pong18:33
josekatco: hey, just read your email and I was thinking on something similar earlier today with my team18:34
katcojose: yeah?18:34
josejust wanted to make sure we're on the same idea18:34
josewith resources/units you mean machines?18:34
joselike, a 2GB 2cores machine, and a 4GB 4 cores machine?18:34
katcojose: ah, no18:35
katcojose: sorry, "resources" is a new concept we're developing in juju18:35
katcojose: think "binary blobs of data"18:35
joseoh gotcha18:35
katcojose: isos, tar files, runtimes, w/e18:35
josesorry about the confusion :)18:35
katcojose: no worries at all. do you think i need to send a clarifying follow-up?18:36
joseit's probably just me not catching up with stuff18:36
katcojose: it looks as if i have another response, so that will probably steer the conversation in the right direction18:37
joseawesome, thanks :)18:37
katcojose: thanks for reaching out all the same :)18:37
natefinchericsnow, katco: btw, got the upgrade-charm hook firing exactly right... working on tests and removing some unneeded code now19:44
ericsnownatefinch: sweet!19:45
katconatefinch: nice!19:45
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mupBug #1546272 opened: doc: docs/devel/developer-layers-interfaces typo: get_remove <docs> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1546272>20:00
perrito666well, joy and happiness, a storm stronger than yesterday' s is approaching...20:07
ericsnowdo we have any workers where code sends a request to the worker then blocks until the result comes back from the worker?20:08
natefinchericsnow: workers are usually selfcontained... I don't think we usually send them messages.. they just read info off watchers and/or call the API if they need outside info20:09
ericsnownatefinch: that's my understanding as well20:10
natefinchericsnow: my thought is that if you need to give information to a worker, you do so by putting it into mongo20:11
mupBug #1532629 changed: Juju 2.0 should use a different default JUJU_HOME <juju-release-support> <juju-core:Fix Released by wallyworld> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1532629>20:31
mupBug #1532629 opened: Juju 2.0 should use a different default JUJU_HOME <juju-release-support> <juju-core:Fix Released by wallyworld> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1532629>20:43
mupBug #1532629 changed: Juju 2.0 should use a different default JUJU_HOME <juju-release-support> <juju-core:Fix Released by wallyworld> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1532629>20:52
natefinchOMG, I hate trying to figure out what's actually wrong when a uniter test fails....20:58
katconatefinch: it didn't get better in that regard?20:58
natefinchkatco: uh... no20:59
katconatefinch: :(20:59
natefinchkatco: here's an example test failure (with literally thousands of lines of logging stripped out): http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15095985/21:00
katconatefinch: ah, is this related to my table-driven test gripe? e.g. you can't run the 1 test you think is broken?21:01
natefinchkatco: partially... but also that they have factored out so much of the test that you can't actually tell what it's doing, and the failure is deep in some helper function21:02
katcoboo =|21:02
perrito666I know I said this many times before but: status tests are a soul crushing torture21:05
natefinchkatco: like... what is this testing? https://github.com/juju/juju/blob/master/worker/uniter/uniter_test.go#L723   The error I get is "never reached desired status"21:05
katconatefinch: are the structs passed in steps to perform?21:06
perrito666they seriously feel like being offered a leaf of lettuce and a small glass of hot wather after a marathon21:06
katcoperrito666: lol that is an incredible analogy21:07
perrito666ahh never reached desired status, one of my favorites, nate you can ad c.Logf() in the status checking with more info oterwise it will mask the fact that you might be erroring21:07
natefinchperrito666: thanks21:12
natefinchkatco: FWIW, it looks like they did break it up so it's one test per test function now21:13
katconatefinch: \o/ small victories21:13
natefinchkatco: yep, at least it's a step in the right direction, and I don't have to run 4 minutes worth of tests for one failure21:14
menn0anastasiamac: I just reviewed your simplestreams signing change21:26
anastasiamacmenn0: \o/21:51
menn0wallyworld: juju add-user --share reviewed21:52
wallyworldoh wow, thanks menn021:52
wallyworldmenn0: juju register is in the cloud-credentials branch21:55
menn0wallyworld: ok cool, ignore that then. I was hoping it was something like that.21:56
perrito666our expected vs obtained test logs, especially the ones that show missmatch between maps are insanely user unfriendly21:56
wallyworldnp, all a WIP21:56
wallyworldperrito666: depends if gc of js is used21:56
wallyworldjc is better21:56
perrito666wallyworld: none does a pretty print21:57
wallyworldpprint is for pussies :-) real men look at base64 and can tell the error :-)21:58
perrito666base64 is for weaks, real men feel the humming of the pc running tests and know the errors21:58
perrito666this is a beautiful example https://pastebin.canonical.com/149939/21:59
perrito666that usually gets printed line wrapped21:59
perrito666wallyworld: I got a LTE modem in case storm returns22:04
* anastasiamac wonders what a definition of real women will be then...? just look at real men and know they are buggy?.. 22:06
perrito666uhhh, burn22:11
perrito666this modem is already paying for itself22:27
blahdeblahanastasiamac: +122:45
axwkatco: I take it wallyworld's suggested time doesn't suit someone? I'm afraid your invite is way too early for me :(23:05
katcoaxw: yeah =/ it's not meant to be permanent, just until we can figure something out23:05
axwkatco: okey dokey23:05
katcoaxw: the problem is that the suggested time will always interrupt someone's family dinner23:05
axwkatco: fair enough23:05
katcoaxw: it's just going to be difficult, but we'll work out something23:06
katcoaxw: also, i don't think i made this clear in the email: for now there will be 2 stand-ups until we do get that figured out23:06
katcoaxw: so you aren't being cast off or anything :)23:07
axwkatco: heh :)  ok, no worries23:07
axwkatco: I keep getting told I'm optional...23:07
anastasiamacaxw: really? by whom?23:07
anastasiamacaxw: we r all optional in comparison to u \o/23:07
katcoaxw: if you have imposter syndrome, i will be full on neurotic ;p23:08
axwa little bit doesn't hurt23:09
axwimpostor syndrom.. not neurosis23:09
axwwallyworld: have you seen the latest CI results for cloud-credentials? looks very sick23:10
axwsick in a bad way, not fully sick23:10
wallyworldaxw: yes, will discuss in standup23:10
axwwallyworld: ok23:10
perrito666so much struct duplication23:33
axwanastasiamac: I've added a comment to the tags bug, I think it should point you in the right direction23:37
anastasiamacaxw: \o/23:38
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perrito666anyone here is allwatcher savvy I have a sudden doubt23:44

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