marcoceppiI can't remember, but probably a year or so after 2.000:00
marcoceppiso filing a bug is a good idea00:00
schkovichmarcoceppi: sure. i will file bug report; lounchpad or github?00:00
marcoceppischkovich: launchpad00:00
marcoceppischkovich: lmk when you do I can make sure people see it00:00
schkovichmarcoceppi: thank you for assistance once again :)00:01
schkovichmarcoceppi: have a nice day00:01
marcoceppinp, hopefully the core team can sort this quickly00:01
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schkovichmarcoceppi: it would be nice to have option to enable/disable functions per user00:09
marcoceppischkovich: AIUI ACLs will be coming to users in 2.000:09
schkovichmarcoceppi: cool :)00:11
marcoceppischkovich: I just did a screencap of what sharing in 2.0 looks like, since I felt bad that we weren't able to get it working00:12
miken_Is it possible to remove a service which was deployed to machine 0?02:10
blahdeblahmiken_: tried "juju destroy-unit unit-name/number"?02:11
miken_blahdeblah: what I tried initially was destroy-service, which returned, but the unit is in an error state, so when I try to resolve, I just see /usr/games/sl output - I assume, warning me that if it proceeds it's going to break the env (not sure if that's something specific to the deployment environment)02:13
miken_s/but the/but as the/02:13
blahdeblahmiken_: Hmmm - can't say I've seen that; Is that service deployed to other units as well?02:14
miken_Nope, just machine zero (it's the ubuntu charm with basenode)02:14
blahdeblahIf it's in error state, you *might* be able to get it sorted just by "juju resolved ubuntu/0" (or whatever it's called)02:16
miken_Right - it seems I was using `juju resolve` rather than `juju resolved` . Thanks02:17
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jamespagegnuoy, if you have a few seconds - https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/rabbitmq-server/tox-switchover/+merge/28613907:53
gnuoyjamespage, sure07:54
gnuoyjamespage, is the apt_cache unit test change deliberate ?07:55
jamespagegnuoy, yes - the patching was way to far down the stack07:58
jamespagegnuoy, so switched to patching cmp_revno instead07:59
gnuoyack, it just didn't seem relevant to a move to tox07:59
jamespagegnuoy, prob is that apt is not in pypi, and I don't like relying on stuff outside of the venv08:00
jamespageit would just work tbh08:00
jamespagebut its not deterministic08:00
gnuoykk, makes sense08:00
jamespagegnuoy, well that broke osci08:38
gnuoyyeah, I had an inkling it might08:39
jamespageapuimedo, morning09:23
jamespageapuimedo, just running tests on https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/midonet-api/trunk/+merge/28614609:23
jamespageand then midonet-api lgtm09:23
jamespageI had to add cassandra to the tests to get the agents to generate host uuid's09:23
jamespageat least I think that was the case - also had a problem with memory on compute nodes...09:24
apuimedommm, It should not be necessary to have cassandra for the host uuid09:24
jamespageapuimedo, that may be surplus then - I may have got confused with midolman shutting down due to lack of memory09:25
jamespageapuimedo, let me drop that and re-check09:26
apuimedolack of memory for sure ;-)09:30
jamespage1.5G is not enough09:30
jamespageupped the constraint on the test to 4G09:30
apuimedojamespage: good choice, sorry I forgot09:36
apuimedoI usually put 6G09:36
jamespage4 works - the tests don't execute instances so there is enough09:37
jamespageapuimedo, hmm - I think cassandra is required09:41
jamespagemidonet-agent won't install midolman untill the CassandraRelation is present09:42
apuimedooh, that's right. the software does not require it, but my charm does09:42
apuimedosorry, my bad09:42
jamespageapuimedo, ok fixed in my branch - executing all of the amulet tests now to confirm thats all ok09:53
apuimedojamespage: did it work? (please say aye)10:45
jamespageapuimedo, still running but looks like it will10:45
jamespageI see a long lag on the final hook excution on midonet-api10:45
jamespagethe hook is accessing the API, something times out and then it completes...10:45
jamespagebut not sure what10:45
jamespageapuimedo, I think its that hang that I reported when I did my initial testing10:47
apuimedojamespage: in my openstack env it's due to to access to the 8080 not being propertly opened by juju10:48
apuimedohaven't experienced it on maas though10:48
jamespageapuimedo, we don't have security groups turned on:-)10:49
apuimedojamespage: anything on /var/log/tomcat/midonet* ?10:50
jamespageapuimedo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15090189/10:51
jamespageits looping through those last few messages10:52
apuimedofrom Server - jetty?10:52
jamespageapuimedo, not sure tbh10:55
jamespagethat;s the midonet-api.log file10:55
jamespageapuimedo, /var/lib/juju/agents/unit-midonet-api-0/charm/hooks/host-relation-changed started running at 10:4810:57
jamespageI suspect I'll hit some sort of response timeout shortly10:57
apuimedovery odd11:00
apuimedoif you go as root in the midoent-api container11:00
apuimedodoes `midonet-cli -e "host list"` show anything11:01
apuimedoor does it also block11:01
jamespageapuimedo, test just completed a pulled down the env...11:01
apuimedoI guess11:03
jamespageapuimedo, ok - so looking good for https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/midonet-api/trunk/+merge/28614611:42
jamespagejust running the mem tests as well to verify our firewall configuration for the midokura.com repos11:42
stubIs 1.25.3 technically a development version, or did that even/odd thing get scrapped?11:46
apuimedojamespage: I found the reason11:47
jamespageapuimedo, pray tell?11:47
apuimedoit was blocking on random number generation11:47
jamespageapuimedo, ahhhhhhh11:47
apuimedojust tomcat things :D11:48
apuimedoI'll send a patch to change the source11:48
jamespageapuimedo, oh I remember this11:48
jamespageprng on startup used to suck11:48
jamespageapuimedo, sudo apt-get install haveged11:52
apuimedoon v5 we are not using tomcat anymore11:52
jamespagenot saying thats a great solution, but it does increase entropy on virt systems11:52
apuimedojamespage: I was planning on modifyin tomcat config to have JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/./urandom"`.11:53
jamespagethat works as well11:53
jamespageapuimedo, mem +1 as well11:55
apuimedomem +1?11:55
jamespageit passes amulet tests...11:57
jamespagefor -agent and -api11:57
jamespagerunning amulet for neutron-agents-midonet now as well11:57
apuimedojamespage: I can merge https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/midonet-api/trunk/+merge/286146 then, right? (there's the please don't merge comment still)13:22
jamespageapuimedo, go for it13:22
jamespageI have a similar one for neutron-agents-midonet - just running the tests now13:22
apuimedothanks a lot for these improvments13:23
jcastroapuimedo: hey any luck on your zfs issue?13:40
apuimedojcastro: it went away by itself trying for the 13th time13:42
apuimedojamespage: jcastro: I would like add a package to cloud-archive for mitaka13:44
apuimedodo you know who I should be speaking with?13:44
jcastronot me, someone on james' team I would guess off the bat though13:45
apuimedocool, thanks13:45
apuimedojamespage: midonet-api patches successfully merged13:47
jamespageapuimedo, ack13:47
jamespageapuimedo, what's the package?13:47
jamespageit needs to go into xenial development first13:47
apuimedojamespage: kuryr13:48
apuimedothe libnetwork driver of kuryr, more specifically13:48
jamespageapuimedo, pointer?13:49
jamespagewe're very close to feature freeze, but we could always go debian first if need be - its only a new leaf package13:49
apuimedojamespage: github.com/openstack/kuryr13:54
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admcleod-anyone know why 'juju status' would give me 'error: lock timeout exceeded' ?14:23
lazyPoweradmcleod- is your bootstrap node out of disk space?14:24
lazyPower*model controller14:24
admcleod-lazyPower: nope14:25
admcleod-lazyPower: nowhere near14:25
lazyPowerthats th eonly time i've seen that error14:25
jamespageapuimedo, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/neutron-agents-midonet/trunk/+merge/28618114:29
apuimedothanks jamespage14:29
apuimedojamespage: merged14:32
jamespageapuimedo, ack14:32
jamespageapuimedo, I have some general feedback on some further improvements - observability is not that great atm; but that won't block promulgation to the curated charm set14:33
jamespageapuimedo, just letting the n-a-m tests complete...14:33
apuimedojamespage: what do you mean with observability? You mean putting status messages?14:34
apuimedolike, connection to cassandra and zookeeper not ready14:34
apuimedofor example?14:34
jamespageapuimedo, status is one aspect yes14:34
apuimedowhat else?14:34
admcleod-lazyPower: well.. removing '~/.juju/current.lock' fixed it..14:34
lazyPoweradmcleod- well thats something i suppose14:35
lazyPoweradmcleod- are you running stable or 2.0-alpha* series?14:35
admcleod-lazyPower: stable14:35
josebdx: ping14:55
jamespageapuimedo, ok - so all promulgated14:56
jamespagethey will injest into the charm store in the next few hours....14:57
apuimedothanks a lot jamespage! I would really appreciate an email with the suggestions to improve ;-)14:58
jamespageapuimedo, two comments on https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/145367815:01
mupBug #1453678: New charms: midonet-host-agent, midonet-agnet, midonet-api <Juju Charms Collection:Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1453678>15:01
jamespageapuimedo, thanks for all of your work on the charms - glad to get you finally landed!15:01
_Sponge| http://ubuntuonair.com/ | 50 minutees to-go :)15:11
balloonsmarcoceppi, jcastro, do you guys have any ideas or interest in juju + google summer of code? projects / mentors?15:11
marcoceppiballoons: yes15:11
marcoceppiI've been trying to figure out how tasks and such for GSOC15:12
balloonsmarcoceppi, we just need your ideas on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GoogleSoC2016/Ideas15:15
balloonsthe application deadline is Friday, but we don't need more than the snippets on the wiki page. Google has to accept our application, and then the solitication of students will happen. Ideas don't have to be fully baked just yet15:16
balloonsbut we do need ideas + commitment to mentor15:17
apuimedojamespage: :-)16:00
apuimedothanks for bearing with my inexperience in charm land16:00
jamespageapuimedo, you are most welcome....16:00
joserick_h__: mind a quick PM?16:53
rick_h__jose: not at all16:53
ryotagamiIs this the correct place to ask about charmhelpers?17:05
josebdx: lmk when you have a sec?17:14
joseryotagami: I'd say so. ask ahead and someone will get back soon :)17:23
ryotagamijose: OK.17:24
ryotagamiLine 61, by any chance the trailing comma is a typo? I don't think branch_location takes a tuple, which the trailing comma produces.17:25
stubryotagami: Yes, that certainly looks like a bug17:30
ryotagamiAh, OK. Glad that it is confirmed.17:31
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cory_fuReviews welcome: https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-basic/pull/3620:55
cory_fuNow you can say `@when('config.changed.my-opt')`20:55
magicaltrouthere's a random question23:07
magicaltroutif I develop a charm and I deploy it23:07
magicaltroutthen it gets accepted as a recommended charm and the namespace changes23:08
magicaltroutdo I have to undeploy my deployed charm to change to the recommended one?23:08
rick_h__magicaltrout: no, you can switch over to it23:24
magicaltroutthanks rick_h__ I have an up to date gitlab charm that I have to deploy for a client tomorrow but it would be nice to keep it in sync if I get it into the recommended namespace23:25
rick_h__magicaltrout: yes, the upgrade-charm takes a --switch argument that let's you move to another url23:25
rick_h__magicaltrout: so if it gets promoted you could update-charm --switch=cs:newurl23:25
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agunturuIs it possible to get the details about submitted juju action23:39
agunturujuju action status only returns job id and status23:40
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rick_h__agunturu: juju action status ?23:42
rick_h__agunturu: https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.25/actions23:42
agunturuThat just retrurns the job id and status23:43
agunturuThe python client actually provides what actions are submitted. Just wondering if there is a verbose version.23:44
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