valorieclivejo: I just got a text from sgclark00:09
valoriea car accident took out the power from her whole neighborhood00:10
valorieso she asks that if you can upload that stuff you were discussing00:10
valorieplease do it00:10
apolvalorie: installing kubuntu-desktop broke while configuring packages :/ http://imgur.com/BzePSh501:03
cpatrick08Does anybody know when the ISOs and user edition repo will be available?01:08
claydohcpatrick08: ??01:20
cpatrick08claydoh, yes i'm here01:21
cpatrick08here's the info on project neon http://neon.kde.org.uk/01:22
clivejocpatrick08: Project Neon and KDE Neon are two different projects01:23
claydohcpatrick08: #kde-neon01:24
clivejoFor questions about KDE Neon you need to ask in #kde-neon01:24
mardyhi all! Is anyone available to help with bug 1451728?09:19
ubottubug 1451728 in ktp-accounts-kcm (Ubuntu Wily) "[master] kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145172809:19
cyphermoxis there anyone here who typically looks after ubiquity for the qt version of it? I really wouldn't mind some help there, I'm not at all familiar with Qt stuff09:25
cyphermoxI'm unbreaking it now, but it would really benefit from some extra love.09:26
soeesitter: sorry for bothering but do you remember who maintained it ^ ?09:27
Quintasanmardy: What exactly you'd like help with? I can't say I can see an easy solution here. We'd either have to mark those packages as conflicting or merge the providers or patch up apparmor09:28
mardyQuintasan: well, the latter would be the ideal solution, but if we don't have time for it, then at least we should mark the packages as conflicting09:29
mardyQuintasan: I can take care of the apparmor profile for MC, but I'd rather leave the kaccounts packaging work to someone else09:30
QuintasanRight. I'll have to install 15.04 to test it.09:34
Quintasanmardy: If someone doesn't take care of it by tomorrow then I'll do it. I'm at work now unfortunately.09:35
mardyQuintasan: excellent, thanks!09:35
sittersoee_: nobody09:43
soee_sitter: ok, thank you10:10
yofelcyphermox: typically Jonathan, so currently nobody. I wanted to take a look at it once we're done with our packaging tasks, meaning in a week or so.12:17
yofelsitter: btw. clemens said that he wouldn't mind covering the kubuntu ci server costs as long as we don't use it for anything else without prior notice12:22
yofelcan we get access to the thing somehow?12:22
yofeland I can't access paste.kde.org, uhuh - sec_error_ocsp_bad_signature12:23
sitteryofel: need to evacuate some keys first I think xD13:11
sitterwill get on it soon(tm)13:11
yofelsure, no hurry13:11
BluesKajhi folks13:42
ScottKIf anyone can test the 14.04.4 images, all they really need is some basic smoke testing.16:21
marco-parilloScottK: ? ^^17:01
ScottKmarco-parillo: yes17:04
ScottKThere will be one respin, so if you find something, there's at least a chance for an update.17:05
marco-parillo!testers: ^^^17:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about testers: ^^^17:11
ubottuHelp is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information17:11
Emanuelwho is responsible with the security review of the packages ?18:03
Emanuelsuch as lz4 ?18:04
Emanuelhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseSchedule 2 days left18:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1531923 in lz4 (Ubuntu) "[MIR] lz4" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:10
sgclarkEmanuel: that is upstream ubuntu - unrelated to Kubuntu. try #ubuntu-devel18:12
soeeapps 15.12.2 released :)18:21
ovidiu-florinsgclark: thank you for kdenlive19:56
sgclarkdon't thank me yet haha,  failing19:57
sgclarkuh ssl_connect error, not sure that is my fault19:58
=== dax is now known as rww
sgclarksitter:  any idea on ssl_connect error?20:00
ovidiu-florinsgclark: I say you've finished the debian merge on it20:00
ovidiu-florinthat's why I'm thanking you20:00
ovidiu-florinbut I should be thanking you for the entire work, not just kdenlive20:00
sgclarkoh hehe np20:01
sgclarkoh. all these failure are ssl connect errors..20:01
=== rww is now known as dax
clivejoqa has gone crazy!20:01
sgclarkthat looks like ssl errors as well20:02
sgclarkgood grief what is going on with ssl?!?!20:02
clivejomaybe LP ?20:02
sgclarkthe ci builds are failing at source, so that is kde servers20:03
sgclarkqa must be lp?20:03
clivejokci builds on LP?20:03
sgclarkblech I don't now. All I knowis I see a common SSL_CONNECT error.20:04
clivejosgclark: pretty sure it uploads to this PPA - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/20:05
sgclarkclivejo: yeah I am aware of where it uploads.20:08
sgclarkclivejo: but unless you know how to fix the SSL_CONNECT errors we are dead in the water.20:09
sgclarkpoint of failure: 20:03:38 /usr/lib/ruby/2.1.0/net/http.rb:920:in `connect': Connection reset by peer - SSL_connect20:12
sgclarkall of them, pausing CI, this is a waste.20:12
ahoneybun30mins to clivejo's membership meeting20:30
ahoneybunclivejo, ovidiu-florin valorie yofel 20:38
sgclarkgood luck clivejo! I would be shocked and angry if you don't get it though lol20:38
yofelthis will be a short meeting20:39
ahoneybunsgclark, it's kinda don't bite the hand that feeds you moment 20:39
sgclarkI don't get it20:39
ahoneybunyou would not hurt someone who feeds you20:40
ahoneybunie packages 20:40
sgclarkoh right. hense why I would be angry if he did not get it :)20:40
* sgclark cheers for clivejo on the sidelines20:41
sgclarkyofel: btw are efforts are halted by these ssl_connect error, dunno even who to bug to fix them.20:42
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: pong20:43
ahoneybunmeeting in 15mins ovidiu-florin 20:47
ovidiu-florinI know20:47
ovidiu-florinI'm here20:47
ovidiu-florindo I have to be somewhere else?20:47
ahoneybunnot that I'm aware of20:47
soeewoho http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Qt-Joins-Khronos-For-Vulkan20:49
* ovidiu-florin is listening to Ray Charles20:49
* ahoneybun is listening to Hollywood Undead20:50
* mamarley is listening to the dying fan bearing on his work computer :(20:50
ovidiu-florinsgclark: Kenny D, [16.02.16 12:48] there are problems with firefox not liking the apache ssl settings20:53
sgclarkinteresting, but our CI system uses firefox? O.o20:54
clivejosgclark: I think LP is fixed, can you unpause KCI?20:54
ovidiu-florinfirefox is not the issue20:54
ovidiu-florinthe certificat is20:54
sgclarkovidiu-florin: ok. still don't know what to do to fix it lol20:55
ovidiu-florinsgclark: check out the confersation on KDE Cafe20:55
ovidiu-florinsgclark: my guess is wait20:55
ovidiu-florinthe issue you're havins is with a KDE site?20:55
sgclarkwelll hard to tell. it may very well be LP20:56
ovidiu-florinis there a way to find out?20:56
* ovidiu-florin is a typo master today20:56
sgclarkovidiu-florin: sure read the log: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_unstable_kdenlive/180/console20:57
sgclarkto me it looks like it is failing getting binaries fro mLP20:57
* sgclark is a typo master everyday. 20:58
ovidiu-florincan I see the script that makes that call?20:59
ovidiu-florinmeeting time?20:59
ovidiu-florinwhere should we be?20:59
ovidiu-florinclivejo ahoneybun yofel? ^21:00
* clivejo waves21:00
ovidiu-florinok then21:00
ovidiu-florin====================== clivejo membership meeting START ========================21:00
ahoneybunwe need at least 321:00
ovidiu-florinhello people21:01
ovidiu-florinlet's have a show of hands21:01
ovidiu-florinsgclark valorie ?21:02
ovidiu-florinclivejo ?21:02
sgclarkI am not on KC21:02
clivejoneither am I :/21:02
yofelMamarok: ping if you want to chime in21:03
ovidiu-florinsgclark: your opinion also matters21:03
yofelclivejo: you're still kind of important right now ;P21:03
ahoneybunit's not like anyone is going to do a -1 or 021:03
* ovidiu-florin want's to do the impossible21:04
ovidiu-florinso, yofel, you have more experience with these meetings, care to chair?21:05
clivejoPresident Yofel21:05
ahoneybunwe have enough people21:05
ahoneybun--- Begin questioning ---21:05
yofelclivejo: so, just for the record, can you do a small introduction of yourself and tell us why you want to be a kubuntu member?21:06
clivejoIm not great at talking about myself, but why I want to be a member - the honest answer is I want to be able to help out ie pause KCI and so forth21:07
clivejorather than having to ask other people to do it21:08
ovidiu-florinclivejo: let me help you21:08
ovidiu-florinWho are you?21:08
ovidiu-florinwhere are you form?21:08
ovidiu-florinwaht do you do?21:09
ovidiu-florinwhy Kubuntu?21:09
claydohwhat is your favorite flavour of ice cream?21:09
* sgclark gives hint to clivejo (link your wiki page) :)21:09
clivejooh, I thought that was the reason for the wiki page!21:09
clivejoIm Clive, from Co Fermanagh in N. Ireland21:09
ovidiu-florinit is, but don't assume all present here read it21:09
clivejoI have my fingers in a lot of pies21:09
* ovidiu-florin likes apple pie21:10
ahoneybunclivejo, link your wiki and LP21:10
clivejosome people here know me from genealogy and history, other know me from OpenStreetMap21:10
clivejoI studied computers to degree level which is very much a love hate relationship21:12
clivejoafter that I went into property management21:12
clivejobit of a Jack of all trades!21:13
ahoneybunclivejo, why did you pick Kubuntu over the other flavors?21:13
clivejoI was using Ubuntu for a long time and during one of the development cycles it became clear to me that Unity was there to stay.  I personally find Unity very unhelpful and gets in the way of the way I use my computer21:16
clivejoso I installed kubuntu and loved it21:16
ahoneybunanymore questions?21:17
clivejoKubuntu enables me to use my machine to its full potential and customised to my way of doing things21:18
yofelclivejo: what do you think should be improved the most in kubuntu?21:18
clivejoThats a hard question!21:18
yofelit's a customary one ;)21:19
clivejofrom what angle?21:19
yofelwhat annoys you the most?21:20
claydohany angle 21:20
clivejoIt sometimes feels like Kubuntu is like two goats tied to a piece of rope.  One is wearing the Ubuntu hat and the other is KDE21:21
clivejothey dont always pull togther21:21
clivejofor example release schedules21:21
clivejoI know we have backports, but most users dont know about that21:22
ahoneybunthat problem exists in Ubuntu GNOME as well21:22
clivejothey just want their computer to work21:22
yofeldo you have an idea how we could improve there?21:23
sgclarkyeah and many companies do not enable backports, the biggest complaint I get, they want stuff in archive..21:23
clivejoIve heard people saying that 15.10 isnt very stable and the plasma version released should have been allowed to mature21:24
ahoneybunthat is Plamsa 5 in general21:24
ahoneybunanything "New" is hard for people to get used to21:24
yofelit's true, although plasma also recieves part of the blame from the application porting chaos21:24
sgclarkexactly why I do not want to go with 5.6 in xenial21:24
clivejomost people just want it to work21:25
valorieoops, sorry I'm late21:25
valoriereading up....21:25
yofelyou're still on time ;)21:25
ahoneybunyour fine valorie :)21:25
clivejobut I totally understand rolling wouldnt be good for the average user21:26
ahoneybunhalf rolling could work21:27
ovidiu-florinclivejo: what would you do to improve Kubuntu? What's your idea for doing things better?21:27
clivejoI want to help get KDE software into the Ubuntu ecosystem faster and make it easier on the people who do it21:28
clivejopeople like yofel and sgclark have put a LOT of their time into it, if I can take a little bit of that pressure off them, thats my goal21:29
yofelany of your work is appreciated, believe me ;)21:30
ahoneybununless valorie has anymore questions I think we can move onto voting21:30
yofelvalorie: any questions?21:30
valorieclivejo: what do you need from us, to help you accomplish your goal?21:31
clivejoat the moment I need membership, but I also enjoy the fun and banter that this community offers21:32
valoriebtw: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2015/CVE-2015-7547.html if anyone asks about the glibc vuln21:32
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2015-7547)21:32
valoriegreat, I'm ready to vote!21:33
yofelack, then lets get this over with21:33
clivejobut Im sure Ill be asking many things from you all21:33
ovidiu-florinclivejo: don't hesitate to ask21:33
valorie+1 from me21:33
claydohbanter is free ;)21:33
ovidiu-florinso that's 105 so far21:34
yofelall he needed was +3, so we're done21:34
ovidiu-florinvotes are in21:34
ovidiu-florinclivejo: welcome :D21:34
sgclarkwlcome clivejo!!21:34
yofelclivejo: welcome21:34
clivejothank you21:34
yofelnow I need to remember what we actually need to do now..21:35
ovidiu-florinclivejo: is there a public picture of you available somewhere?21:35
* yofel will take care of LP21:35
Mamarokwell, late, as usual, sorry, folks, was not around, but of course a clear +1 from me as well21:35
Mamarokwelcome clivejo21:35
* ovidiu-florin already wrote a news article and podcast note21:35
yofelperfect, +6. clivejo aced the meeting ;)21:35
ahoneybunwelcome clivejo 21:35
valorienow you can start studying up for your Kubuntu Devel meeting21:36
Mamaroknow I should take my courage in both hands and update my Kubuntu version...21:36
MamarokI don't dare to say which I use...21:36
valoriewhat are you running now, Mamarok?21:36
ovidiu-florinpeople, please give me feedback on this article: https://kubuntu.org/?p=2514&preview=true you need to be logged in to see it21:36
valorieoh, lol21:36
valoriecool, you can test lts backports21:37
Mamarokand recent only on a USB stick, but I rarely have time to actually run it21:37
clivejoIm not one for studying21:37
valoriewell, studying by doing is good21:37
Mamarokthe problem is that this is my work computer, so I tried to stick with KDE4 as long as possible, but I guess Plasma5 is stable enough now21:37
ovidiu-florinclivejo: is there a public picture of you I can use for the news article?21:38
ahoneybunovidiu-florin, good link the LP page too?21:38
valorieMamarok: it's been very stable for me21:38
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: wiki has link to lp21:38
valorieboth in 15.10 and 16.0421:38
clivejoovidiu-florin: I doubt it! I dont post photos of me!21:38
valoriequestion to yofel and sgclark: are we backporting plasma 5.5.4 to 15.10 ?21:38
yofelclivejo: you're now part of the LP group.21:38
ovidiu-florinare you willing to provide one for the news and the team members page?21:39
clivejoovidiu-florin: Id rather not if thats ok21:39
valorieI've been using the stuff from backports-landing for at least a week and it's stable21:39
sgclarkbackports are not possible atm, we can't even finish current release21:39
yofelclivejo: you're now also eligible for the things on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership#The_Perks21:39
sgclarkwe are struggling..21:39
ovidiu-florin====================== clivejo membership meeting END ========================21:39
ahoneybunovidiu-florin, you could use a default one from the Breeze icon set21:40
clivejoyofel: When can I press the Build Now button on KCI?21:40
yofeldidn't we backport it already?21:40
clivejoyofel: still in landing21:40
yofelclivejo: you should already be able to. You might have to re-login on KCI21:40
yofelmake sure your team membership is checked in the SSO login21:40
valorieovidiu-florin: thanks for drawing a line under it21:40
clivejoyofel: 5.5.4 never got moved to backports21:40
soee_clivejo: high five :)21:40
ovidiu-florinvalorie: ;)21:40
yofelclivejo: do we need to do anything more for it?21:41
clivejosoee_: can you report on the testing of 5.5.4 on wily?21:41
* clivejo high fives soee_ :)21:42
Mamarokhm, I guess I will install xenial, my home is already backed up, so I can as well go for the latest21:42
ovidiu-florinfeedback please: https://kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-has-a-new-member-clive-johnston/ 21:42
claydohcongrats clivejo!!!!!!!!!!!21:43
yofelnow to send the email..21:43
valorieovidiu-florin: put the time, of course21:44
valorieand: Clive has been around for a while now, helping Scarlett and Philip with the packaging and continuous integration, and his efforts are to be proud of.21:44
ovidiu-florinwhat's the time in UTC?21:44
valoriethe end might be better his efforts have already made a huge difference or so21:45
valorieI like the snippet from the log21:45
ovidiu-florinvalorie: time was updated21:45
ovidiu-florinalso added link to meeting log21:45
clivejoovidiu-florin: if you have PM, you should drop the 0 in 09:3521:46
ovidiu-florinanything else?21:47
soee_clivejo: there was all fine21:47
clivejosoee_: anything that needs attention?21:47
soee_not that i remember21:47
clivejoyofel: I delegated the testing to soee_ 21:47
soee_several people tested it as far as i know21:48
yofelI'm pretty sure I also didn't really see anything that was worse from 5.5.321:48
yofelso we probably just forgot to copy it21:48
yofelmail sent21:49
valorieat the time you said there were a couple of things you wanted to clear up21:49
yofelwhat else..21:49
valoriehow close are we to being done with Applications?21:49
* clivejo growls @ valorie21:50
yofelthanks to clive and scarlett, very close21:50
clivejodebian merges should be a form of torture!21:51
ximionyofel: why did you CC Mark? :D21:51
sgclarkI am now trying  to sort out kdenlive which evidenlty needs svn merged..21:51
clivejoand who ever invented epochs was an very evil person!21:51
yofelximion: uh, that's what I always did when I sent those mails (I think I got that from jonathan..)21:51
sgclarkximion: Jonathan did that on mine21:52
ximionclivejo: welcome! I thought you were already Kubuntu member :-)21:52
yofelikr :D21:52
ximionyofel: oh, I didn't know ^^21:52
ximioncompletely missed the meeting, sorry :-/21:53
yofelhe does sign the membership certificates, so I think he still likes to get the new member notices21:53
valorieit was a shorty21:53
clivejomembership certificate?21:53
blazewill it (debian merges) be any better for the next release?21:53
ximionclivejo: you can get a signed certificate from Mark21:53
yofelclivejo: read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership#The_Perks21:54
clivejoyofel: you know the links you send me always make me sleepy :P21:54
yofelhey, you're getting stuff for free here :P21:54
ximionsgclark: since you're here ( \o/ ): apol and I would like to know the status of the appstreamcli validate integration with the KDE CI ;-)21:54
ximionI squash bugs downstream from time to time when something important pops up on appstream.debian.org/html , but there are still plenty of KDE apps which don't get all the metadata right21:55
valorieblaze: we may be able to just sync next time21:55
ximionthe AppStream stuff is mostly fine though, it's more things like Comment? fileds missing in .desktop files etc.21:55
sgclarkximion getting killed with debian merges. BlameKubuntu for my failure with KDE hat :(21:55
valoriewhich as I understand is far easier21:55
* ximion starts blaming21:56
valorieI keep trying to recruit new packagers.....21:56
clivejovalorie: when do I get my cookies?21:57
ximionsgclark: well, since last week, AppStream is fully integrated with Ubuntu too, you will notice in in Discover when you package a Git snapshot..... - so technically, this task would help Kubuntu ^^21:57
ximionsee http://appstream.ubuntu.com/xenial/index.html21:57
valorieoooo, I'll have to get that together21:57
ximionall official, launched after FOSDEM - not sure if our mail announcing it was sent though, I didn't see it in my inbox21:57
sgclarkximion: I am fully aware. I am so sorry. Need more hours in the day.21:58
ximionsgclark: believe me, I understand that...21:58
valoriesgclark: I've been advocating for a 30-hour day for some years21:58
* ximion has too many projects and none to give up21:58
valorieso far, the Earth isn't listening to me21:58
sgclarkximion: I did start it though, I hope to get back to it soon.21:59
ximionvalorie: we can move development to Venus, AFAIR it has a more than 200days-day22:01
valorieI like breathing oxygen though!22:01
ximionsgclark: next time we meet you need to explain me the steps for implementing this - because in my naive imagination it's just adding a command and checking it's exit status or parsing it's output :P22:02
sgclarkximion: that was the easy part. it is not finding the sources though. and the CI puts sources in obscure places for syncing :(22:02
sgclarkit just ends up root:unknown I assume that means no sources22:03
ximionvalorie: then a base on Mercury would work too! (50-day-day, and one hot and one cold phase (as in *very* hot and *very* cold, it's like a sauna! :P)22:03
sgclarkand by sources I mean installed binaries directory22:04
valorieximion: I think the wifi wouldn't work well enough though22:04
valorieI'm very picky, I know22:04
ximionsgclark: maybe there just is no metadata? You get a "No AppStream metadata was found" message in that case22:04
sgclarkximion: for every kde project? that would be bad!22:04
ximionWifi? You just need a looooong cable ^^22:05
ximionsgclark: hmm, do you run it on the install dir, so appstreamcli validate-tree $DESTDIR? And does metadata exist in $DESTDIR/usr/share/appdata?22:06
ximionmaybe the data is just installed into /usr/local/share, where it doesn't belong22:06
sgclarkximion: let me look22:06
sgclarkximion: sorry you were right No AppStream metadata was found.22:07
sgclarkximion: let me see if I can get it to rint path it is looking22:08
* ximion hopes this isn't his bug22:08
Mamarokhave you all updated your glib already? looks like a really nasty security issue22:10
clivejosgclark: hows the merges going?22:43
ScottKclivejo: congratulations.22:43
clivejothanks ScottK22:43
sgclarkI am currently cursing at the debian dev that is using svn for kdenlive.22:44
sgclarkI have wasted an entire morning / afternoon on this.22:44
valoriesvn? that seems strange22:44
clivejoany progress with PIM?22:46
sgclarkyou tell me? you have the same qa sheet as I do lol22:47
clivejobut but but kdepimlibs is marked sgclark WIP 22:49
clivejoon trello22:49
sgclarkblah unmark it22:49
sgclarkI am not currently working on it.22:49
clivejoyofel: ping22:50
clivejowould you help me?22:51
yofelit would help to know with what? ^^22:51
* yofel ponders whether he should run away22:51
yofelokay, it's late, so I can answer a couple questions, but we'll probably have to continue tomorrow22:52
clivejowhat should I start on?22:52
sgclarkyes, tomorrow, my stress levels are high,need a break :(22:52
yofelkdepimlibs - but wasn't that done?22:53
sgclarkpossibly needs another look. I will tomorrow, sorry so many distractions..22:53
yofelnp, thanks22:54
sgclarkmy brain hurts22:54
clivejokdepimlibs seems to be ok22:55
clivejoaccording to qa22:55
* valorie hands sgclark some nice calming tea22:55
sgclarkclivejo: then it may just be a matter of rebuilding pim stuff against new kdepimlibs22:56
clivejothe rest are version 15.12.0, hav they been uploaded?22:58
sgclarkoh. kdepim and kdepim-runtime have not been done at all22:59
sgclarkthe other libs have though22:59
ximionsgclark: found anything buggy in appstreamcli?23:00
ximion(it works well here though)23:00
ximionI'm aiming at getting a bug-free variant into the LTS, obviously23:01
sgclarkximion working on that right now as we speak. (hense why my Kubuntu hat is failing) !!!23:02
* sgclark runs for the hills23:02
=== RealKinetix is now known as kkinetix
sgclarkximion: it is in the install location but still not finding metadata. My sample project rocks installed org.kde.roc.desktop in /share/applications23:45
sgclarkximion1: ^^23:45
ximion1sgclark: is there some XML in /usr/share/appdata?23:47
sgclarkximion1: nope23:48
ximion1sgclark: then that's the problem ^^23:48
ximion1I wonder why though23:48
ximion1the cmake script has23:48
ximion1install(FILES org.kde.rocs.appdata.xml DESTINATION ${SHARE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/appdata/)23:48
sgclarkgosh I am blind. ximion1 it installed to /share/appdata23:50
sgclarkno /usr23:50
ximion1sgclark: that seems to be a bug in the CMakeLists then...23:51
* ximion1 investigates23:51
ximion1you can try JuK - it's also small and definitely installs data correctly: https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=juk.git23:51
sgclarkximion1: ok23:51
ximion1unfortunately I can't check for broken CMakeLists ^^23:52
=== ximion1 is now known as ximion
sgclarkximion: nope also /share/appdata is the CI env set wrong maybe?23:57
ximionsgclark: yes, I just wanted to write back with asking you about that ^^23:58
ximionbecause Rocs is fine23:58
sgclarkok let me look23:58
ximionlikely, the build env doesn't set CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to /usr, or actually unsets it (since /usr or /usr/local should be the default)23:58

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