valorietelegram is where it's at00:00
FritigernMorse is what's missing00:00
valorieI agree00:00
valorieI would like to be able to use it within ktp00:00
apolvalorie: you can00:00
apolit's called morse plugin, in fact00:01
Fritigernapol: Where can it be found? Because I have not found it any repo00:01
valorieright, isn't working in *buntu I guess00:01
valorieor packaged or whatnot00:01
apolone of those00:01
FritigernYeah, but purple-facebook IS included, which needs morse to function in Instant Messenging.00:02
apolfacebook uses morse?00:03
FritigernBut if you try to add it in Instant Messenging, the following message pops up: "This IM Account cannot be created - a Telepathy Connection Manager named 'morse' is missing or it cannot handle protocol 'telegram'. Please try installing morse with your package manager."00:04
valorieFritigern: this should be reported on launchpad00:06
valorieif it isn't already00:06
valoriewhich.... I think I did about a year ago00:06
FritigernIt's been reported at length00:06
valorieunfortunately we lack packagers right now00:07
clivejoits never been packaged before?00:08
clivejoeven in Debian?00:08
valoriethat I do not know00:09
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RealKinetixvalorie: When you say you lack packagers, just how much 'lacking' do you mean?  (new to the community)04:09
BehiHi all, if Chrome freezes your system entirely from time to time, could you please do me a favor and upvote this bug report: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=58692604:12
BehiI have spent a week or so on this bug report. I have also reported it to freedesktop.org: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9410904:12
ubottuFreedesktop bug 94109 in intel "Sometimes, when taking Chrome out of full-screen mode, the whole system freezes and needs a cold reboot" [Critical,Assigned]04:13
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metehanKDE5, folder view or desktop view which holds settings file?04:59
metehanwhere is folder view and desktop view config file04:59
ponchale_now I have this problem05:01
ponchale_ackage libboost1.55-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package.05:01
ponchalegit clone --global user.name Alfonso Hernandez05:15
ponchalegit clone --global user.email alfonsobhernandez@yahoo.com.co05:15
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ponchalefatal: bad config file line 1 in /home/ponchale/.gitconfig05:38
ponchaleline 105:39
ponchalegit clone --global user.name Alfonso Hernandez05:39
krytarikponchale: And this one isn't your terminal either.05:44
ponchaleI not understand05:50
valorieRealKinetix: we need more; I'm not a packager, so I can't quantify05:55
valorieif you want specifics, let's talk in #kubuntu-devel05:55
valorieponchale: wrong place to ask about git errors, but it sounds to me like you didn't set up your .gitconfig properly05:57
blendroidanybody here use the "icon-only" task manager on Plasma 5?07:19
blendroidwondering how to get rid of the "2+" label that obscures the application icon when more than one instance is running.07:20
thiriteI have a problem that I can't seem to find a solution for online. It seems to be impossible to make the file selector in Firefox show thumbnails in Kubuntu08:19
thiriteThreads about this problem seem to date back to 2007 and apparently there isn't a fix?08:20
BRODUSjust wantd to say that kubuntu is awesome!  I just tried xu-, lu-, and ku- back to back when trying to pick a distro to use in a vm and kubuntu performed so well.09:36
soee_BRODUS: great to hear it :)09:44
MylonI'm still transitioning from Windows.  I figured out how to run a syndaemon command at startup but the touchpad widget palm sense should work without needing the console.13:01
MylonI'm not familiar with other forms of Linux (not since like... Redhat 6.)13:01
MylonBut... Seems to work so far.13:02
MylonAlso... Is there API for running in no-border mode?  I'm kinda spoiled by Firefox on Windows replacing the title bar with tabs.  And I see Kubuntu has a way to do that but it's not by default.13:11
hateballMylon: you can set per app rules if you like13:16
hateballjust rightclick the title bar and go into advanced settings13:17
hateballand you could also make that setting the default for new windows if you like13:17
MylonAlright, I think I set it... Let's restart firefox and test.13:19
MylonOoo, it worked.13:20
MylonNow slightly off topic.. How do I get Firefox's home page to be the new tab screen?13:21
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MylonAh, address "about:newtab"13:22
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BluesKajhi folks13:42
Cem_Nome5I have a problem concerning ePSXe, can anyone help me?13:43
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yossarianukits OUT !14:09
yossarianukVulkan is out !14:09
yossarianukprobably the biggest news in 3d graphics/gamin in the last 20+ years14:11
hateballand it'll be at least 6 months until you see something released with it I bet :p14:13
yossarianukhateball: there is a Nvidia driver now and a beta game in Steam (linux coming soon)14:22
yossarianukbut yes, it will be ages to properly experience it.14:23
MylonSo before I formatted and moved to Linux, I had used some setting that keeps the battery only partially charged to preserve battery life.  Is there a way to tell the battery to full charge?14:23
yossarianukstill great news14:23
hateballMylon: what is "some setting", was this something in your other OS?14:23
MylonThis was a setting in some OEM-provided program.  Considering it persisted through a format/reinstall, I think it's a BIOS level setting.14:24
MylonI don't know if there's a way to access those kinds of flags without a specialized program.14:25
hateballMylon: is it a lenovo?14:27
hateballappears some manufacturers have tools that let you manipulate that stuff14:31
hateballbut there's no general acpi function for it14:31
hateballfor instance on my HP laptop there is nothing about charging thresholds show by: cat /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info14:34
MylonI can live with it I guess.  I almost never unplug this computer because I'm not sure if I touch the charger if it'll ever charge again.14:37
MylonThe battery is pretty much just a desktop UPS at this point.14:37
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Guest71699Hello everyone, is Kubuntu good for stable video editing workstation?16:12
Guest71699Or should I choose CentOS7?16:12
Guest71699Im new to Linux, coming from windows 1016:13
Guest71699I have been reading about CentOS, Fedora,Mint,Kubuntu, Ubuntu and Antergos and I cant decide.16:14
geniiGuest71699: If you want stability, probably best to go with Kubuntu 14.04.3 at this time, then later you can migrate directly to the 16.04.1 release16:15
Guest71699Thank you, I installed it in windows machine, it looked good.16:15
Guest71699but I was not sure wich was better for serious works.16:16
geniiGuest71699: If you want a more impartial view on which distribution to go with for video editing, I'm sure you could also find many opnions in the ##linux channel ;)16:16
Guest71699Ok I hav to learn this system, its first time ever ever Im chatting in this channel system16:17
geniiGuest71699: /join #channelname   will join a channel, /part ( while talking in that channel) will leave the channel, /quit exits IRC entirely16:18
ShowerwalkerIs Kubuntu suitable for lightweight laptops ?16:43
Showerwalkerhello? anyone ?16:44
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MylonI would have answered him but he left.16:56
MylonHmm, no tools found that support file systems on a disk...17:00
MylonI wonder what that's referring to  (just opened partition manager)17:00
MylonSo Linuxswap is 3.5 gb... I guess that's just for OS only?17:06
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MylonStupid Windows is stuck installing an update.  Been on one update for over 30 minutes... One more reason why I'm investigating Linux.17:29
usafmylon if you  are not a hardcore gamer ditch windows completely! saves you so much time and energy :)17:35
MylonI love my games though!  I'm addicted to HOTS and I still occasionally play League.17:35
usafwell i know.... i love the f1 2015 game and its the only reason why win 7 is on my computer still17:36
MylonWin10 doesn't seem bad from an end-user standpoint, but the privacy problems concern me.17:36
usafwin 10 has some dangerous updates though17:38
BluesKajW10 has a constant upload going on sending info on practically everything going on in the OS to do with personal stuff17:47
MylonMore windows problems....18:00
MylonI have a dying hard drive.  I need to send it back for replacement.  I plug it in so I can format it and windows won't let me operate on the volume normally, with a format, but it lets me delete the partition and then create a new one.  Go figure.18:01
MylonGiven the problem I was having with the HD making the computer hang... Format would probably take days.18:02
MylonAnd... Format failed.  Well, that's why it's a failing HD.18:09
MichaelTunksnapshot is being replaced right?18:32
soeeyes by Spectacle18:34
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GreenDaywhen installing abcde ubuntu install and configured an smtp server...???18:52
SeminarianPlasma is the woman of my life!18:54
Seminariansorry, random comment, go on..18:55
GreenDayPLasma is a software18:55
SeminarianI mean to say Plasma is the software of my life18:55
SeminarianI'm really happy with it although there are some bugs18:55
SeminarianEvery woman needs time to grow18:55
Seminarianeh.. *software18:55
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Khaoticanyone else having issues with shortcuts being saved betwee reboots?20:28
MylonAnyone running steam?20:49
MylonI launched it once and it said it needed to install some extra stuff and after the console window disappeared nothing happened.20:50
MylonAnd trying to launch it with alt-space does nothing.20:50
soeeMylon: i'm using it20:51
MylonWell my dashboard says I need to restart to finish updating so I'll try that.20:55
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Khaoticanyone else having issues with shortcuts being saved betwee reboots21:12
bpromptnot I21:13
MylonSo I restarted and tried launching steam... Still no sign of it running, though I haven't looked in the process list.21:15
wEswhat kind of issues should i look forward to installing kubuntu ontop of ubuntu?21:15
wEsso far everything seems fine but everything i have researed advised against it21:15
MylonSpeaking of which, how do I see all running processes?21:16
OerHeksI would install side-by-side, to avoid themes and apps mix up.21:16
wEsmainly it was the /home that would cuase problems i guess the sys setting or prog settings maybe but i orig had partitioned the hd to have a separete /home and then created sym links to the folders but i didnt have time to do everything this time like that21:18
wEsmost of the settings ect should be the same so not too much of a prob but if i was to install arch ontop as well i know thats entirely diff setup would that cause more porblems or just a whole nother problem on its own21:20
MylonSo using Syndaemon by itself, two-finger scrolling was still working.  When I added it to the startup, now scrolling doesn't work.  :922:23
GreenDaybsd-mailx and postfix must not install themselves with abcde!!!22:41
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valorieGreenDay: have you filed a bug?22:45
valorieand that pastebin is strange -- that doesn't like like the proper output22:46
valorie!info abcde22:46
ubottuabcde (source: abcde): A Better CD Encoder. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.7-1 (wily), package size 83 kB, installed size 309 kB22:46
valorie!info bsd-mailx22:46
ubottubsd-mailx (source: bsd-mailx): simple mail user agent. In component main, is optional. Version 8.1.2-0.20150408cvs-1 (wily), package size 64 kB, installed size 197 kB22:46
valorie!info postfix22:46
ubottupostfix (source: postfix): High-performance mail transport agent. In component main, is optional. Version 2.11.3-1ubuntu2 (wily), package size 1097 kB, installed size 3425 kB22:46
GreenDayvalorie: its history22:48
valoriethat does look like a packaging error though so please file a bug in the commandline using `ubuntu-bug abcde`22:48
GreenDayok i filec a bug22:54
GreenDayi dislike ubuntuone22:54
GreenDaybut i did it however22:54
GreenDaygood night22:55
valoriethank you GreenDay22:58
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willJust installed kubuntu, my god this is fun! First time using linux so wish me luck.23:51
valorie_luck to will, even if you didn't stick around23:58

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