mediachickenHello I was wondering whether it was possible to check which keyboard drivers are currently connected/being used?00:05
mediachickenI connected a new apple magic keyboard to ubuntu and it's not using the hid_apple driver and my fn keys aren't working either00:05
wxlmediachicken: is that bluetooth?00:06
wxlmight want to check on #ubuntu, as the issues extend beyond just the desktop environment00:07
mediachickenyeah I asked in ubuntu as well00:07
wxlthen i'd just patiently wait :)00:07
mediachickenI just know the keybindings are set in the DE so wasn't sure if anything else driver related was as well00:07
wxlcuz i don't have the hardware to test either00:07
mediachickencould the issue be because I'm running it on a macbook and the internal keyboard is using the hid_apple driver?00:08
wxli doubt it00:09
mediachickenAlright, just making sure. The old wireless keyboards used the hid_apple driver, but I have the new magic keyboard. Thinking that there might not have been a driver update00:09
wxlno clue man. gotta talk to those new-fangled-apple folks00:10
mediachickenthe keyboard works as expected, it's just that the fn key is literally not even recognized when I press it in xev00:10
mediachickenhaha yeah, hopefully someone in #ubuntu knows00:10
wxlmost of us apple people here are all ppc00:10
wxlthat sounds like a driver issue for sure00:10
mediachickenI'm honestly trying to switch to linux full time00:10
wxlyay :) helps to have "normal" hardware XD00:10
mediachickenBut I've used mac for years at work and it's a hard switch to make as a software engineer  lol00:11
wxli hear ya00:11
wxlbut less proprietary :)00:11
mediachickenYeah dude, I had the idea after upgrading my tower. I decided to install lubuntu on my mac and was disappointed at how lightning fast it ran compared to OSX on the exact same hardware00:12
mediachickenreally makes me second guess spending $250000:12
wxlyeah and honestly, if you compare the specs, you can get something similar to any mac pretty much anywhere else for far less00:12
mediachickenHonestly I completely blame El Capital. OSX 10.11 literally ruined OSX for me00:12
mediachickenOh yeah, the Asus Zenbooks have amazing hardware and a 4k screen00:13
mediachickenfor almost $1k less00:13
wxli love how well lubuntu runs on just about anything. i generally use old hardware because it just makes it run so well :)00:14
wxli get handmedowns from people. you know, borked windows installs and the like00:14
mediachickenHell yeah. It's not even that I have tight constraints and need a lightweight OS. I just hate all the "eye candy" in most modern OS00:14
wxli don't MIND the eye candy, but i don't need it00:14
mediachickenI want my DE to be insanely responsive00:14
tsimonq2just putting that out there XD00:14
mediachickenIf it can stay insanely responsive and have eye candy, i don't mind it. But functionality > beauty when it comes to a DE00:15
wxlwhat i don't like is extra b.s. that's just cludgy. that's my problem with ubuntu and kubuntu (which we use at work). so many features that are largely unnecesary00:15
wxli can't tell you the hassles i've had to deal with regarding kubuntu panels00:15
wxlon lubuntu it's just simple00:15
mediachickenI for one can't stand cinnamon00:16
wxli like plain config files.00:16
tsimonq2s/simple/simpler/ :P00:16
mediachickenI've never ran a KDE install before. Makes me more confident in my choice of lxde00:16
wxlmy biggest problem with os x is that they freaking RUINED freebsd00:17
wxlit's not like darwin is freebsd + some extra stuff00:17
wxlno it's freebsd - some stuff + some extra stuff00:17
wxlthough the man pages for the stuff that they removed are often still lurking around00:17
wxli like their microkernel tho :)00:17
wxli guess it's my responsibility to state this channel is for support and is logged. if we want to continue this non-support chat, we'd probably be best going to #lubuntu-offtopic00:18
* tsimonq2 nods00:19
mediachickenah okay, sorry about that lol00:20
mediachickenwell I guess it's permanently on record that OSX is trash now00:20
wxlmediachicken: it's no problem at all, frankly, but it's just better that way for all the people desperate for help :)00:20
mediachickenWell then I will ask something on-topic. If I'm not able to resolve this conflict, how would I assign the brightness functionality to the F1/F2 keys? What command would I add to the lubuntu-rc.xml?00:22
mediachickenand is there a way to remap keys via the same file? Like can I the A keybinding to trigger B? Curious if I could keybind shift+ctrl to replace the fn key (I know it could cause possible problems with hotkeys but not too concerned right now)00:23
wxlmediachicken: if you google around you can find all sorts of things00:24
wxlbut tl;dr you just need cli commands to do particular tasks and use the <command> tag00:25
wxlyou can do that with xbacklight for example00:25
mediachickenhaven't googled the second question but I have googled around a bit for the first question and didn't find any good solutions00:25
wxle.g. https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Openbox:_Control_Screen_Brightness_Using_the_Keyboard00:25
mediachickenah okay. I didn't know if there was an alternate to the <command> tag where I could use like <keycode> or something or if everything had to be command based00:26
wxlmediachicken: not in the normal openbox toolkit afaik. you'd have to do some deeper hacking.00:26
mediachickenAh alright, thanks!00:26
wxlalso i kind of doubt the kernel really picks up on the fn00:27
wxlmaybe i'm wrong00:27
mediachickenIf I search documentation for this file what would I look for? This is an openbox related config and not an lxde config?00:27
wxlbut i'd bet that fn-some-key is picked up00:27
mediachickenHmm, so the fn key is actually modifying the signal before it's sent to the computer?00:27
wxlin our case, openbox is the window manager in the whole lxde suite00:27
wxlmediachicken: that's my GUESS.00:27
mediachickenwell using xev on my keyboard returns the exact same result for f1 and fn+f100:28
mediachickenguess it really is a driver issue00:28
wxland even if that idea was possible you'd have to figure out the right keycode for fn00:29
wxli don't know if this is helpful:00:29
wxlmaybe fnmode default has changed?00:30
wxlif that's 0 that's probably the issue as it means fn disabled00:30
wxlalso check this out https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Apple_Keyboard00:31
wxlyou may have to read between the lines but arch usually has excellent docs00:32
wxlmy suggestion with their docs is don't just copy/paste commends before you know what they do00:32
wxland what the original state is00:32
mediachickenYeah like I said when I change the fnmode of the hid_apple driver it only modifies the input for my built in apple keyboard00:37
mediachickenthat's why I was asking originally if it were possible to show a list of the current kb drivers being used00:37
mediachickenbecause I wanna know what driver my magic keyboard is using00:38
mediachickenyeah I googled for it but couldn't find anything useful00:38
wxlmayube it depends more on the available bluetooth profiles00:38
wxlyeah because the driver is for the bluetooth adapter00:39
ianorlinI don't know about apple keyboards00:39
wxli am just kind of clueless on this one :(00:40
mediachickenSo is there a generic bluetooth keyboard driver I could try to modify the settings on?00:41
wxlactually i don't think so00:42
mediachickenI feel like there has to be a way to list connected peripherals along with the drivers they're using00:42
wxlyou MAY be able to change the underlying profiles00:42
mediachickenxinput -list brings me the closest but no cigar00:42
wxlbut what i'm trying to say is that in the case of bluetooth, the kernel module for the bluetooth ADAPTER (receiver/transmitter) is what's doing most of the heavy lifting, with it talking to the device via bluetooth profiles00:43
mediachickennot sure I know what bluetooth profiles are00:43
wxlthis is one of the reasons why bluetooth sucks :)00:43
mediachickenis there a way to modify them?00:43
wxlyes but you got to know how to00:43
mediachickenhmm so it's not like a generic easily editable config file?00:43
wxlMAYBE helpful https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22265089/bluetooth-profile-info-in-linux00:44
mediachickenSo from your understanding of this issue so far, is the best guess that my issue is a driver problem or do you think it's actually a kernel issue or something?00:44
wxli think it's a bluetooth profile thing00:45
mediachickenWhich a driver wouldn't fix?00:45
mediachickenor do bluetooth devices not use normal drivers?00:45
wxlyeah because the driver being used is for the adapter00:45
wxlright that exactly00:45
mediachickenah I gotcha00:45
mediachickenwell I'm learning, and already disliking this whole bluetooth thing00:45
wxlit's like kernel <-- driver --> adapter <-- profiles --> device00:46
wxlit's still in its infancy00:46
tsimonq2I thought kernel = driver?00:46
wxlnot exactly00:46
mediachickenso if I'm able to modify the profile and make the appropriate changes, will these changes be persistent even if I remove the bluetooth device completely?00:46
wxlthat's like saying chrome == a chrome extension00:46
tsimonq2because isn't it just kernel modules, wxl?00:46
wxlmediachicken: maybe. don't know, for sure.00:47
mediachickenfrom the sound of that SO question it seems like it creates a profile on pairing00:47
wxltsimonq2: you can't boot a module, tsimonq2.00:47
tsimonq2wxl: but you can boot a kernel00:47
tsimonq2and kernel - modules00:47
wxltsimonq2: right, so a module != kernel00:47
wxlso a kernel = driver00:47
tsimonq2but isn't kernel = x(module) = x(driver) ?00:48
tsimonq2(Algebra lol)00:48
wxlkind of, but for the sake of this discussion, it's not useful00:48
tsimonq2oh :P00:49
wxlexample profile mediachicken https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Linux_Guide/Linux_and_Bluetooth#Bluetooth_device_as_a_modem00:50
wxlthat page over all may be helpful00:50
mediachickenthanks for the link, I've been doing reading up on bluetooth profiles trying to wrap my head around it00:51
wxlthis is also fascinating https://idebian.wordpress.com/2008/07/06/manage-hid-bluetooth-devices-in-linux/00:52
mediachickenI saw a post from years back about using hcitool to and in his post it showed the apple keyboard in the output, but when I ran it nothing got returned00:52
wxlin there is a patch that MIGHT help00:53
wxlbut essentially we're talking hardcore hacking00:53
wxlsend it back get a real keyboard; move on XD00:54
wxli find apple products tend to always have some weird quirk that no one in the industry follows00:55
mediachickenAgreed lol. But this keyboard is my favorite keyboard at this size with the nicest feeling buttons00:59
wxli hear you01:00
mediachickenI wish I could sit around and be an apple hater, but they do design some great devices01:00
wxltheir design department is wonderful01:00
mediachickenDefinitely is, I just wish their engineering was up to the same spec01:00
mediachickeninteresting, so that link you sent is basically bypassing the whole bluetooth profile route by tricking the system into thinking its a usbdevice?01:04
mediachickenIdk if I wanna go to that extent to make this work, but I'll throw it in the list as possible solutions if all else fails01:04
wxlseems like it01:04
wxlbut then you're stuck with what you get01:04
mediachickenmeaning what?01:05
wxli.e. if the fn key doesn't work you have no more options to change :)01:05
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luckyuseris the new lxqt usable?03:44
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eipi10anyone out there?07:01
hateballI am sure there are07:02
eipi10is ubuntu imagewriter the same as startup disk creator?07:04
hateballI do not know07:06
eipi10thanks for answering anyway07:08
pleia2no, they're different things07:08
pleia2startup disk creator is usb-creator-gtk, ubuntu imagewriter is something else I haven't heard of07:09
pleia2looks like it's launched via usb-imagewriter, but it's not included in supported releases of lubuntu (looks like it was last in 12.10)07:10
eipi10but I thought imagewriter was usb-creator07:11
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:11
pleia2not sure what you're trying to do, but this might help :)07:11
eipi10I'm putting raspbarian on an sd card.  gnome "disks" seems to have worked.07:13
eipi10seemed startup disk creator didn't like ,img07:14
pleia2ah, glad you got it sorted07:14
eipi10btw, how would you go about creating a bootable sd card?  (if you haven't had to try it, I'll understand you not knowing)07:15
eipi10it's just the first time I've done it with a .img file and it seems a lil different07:16
pleia2when I last flashed my rasbian system I just used the install directions on the rasbian site, may have suggested dd07:16
eipi10dd? ok07:18
pleia2command line dd onto the sd card07:18
eipi10have you used anything other that raspbarian, like Ub Mate arm?07:18
eipi10ok, thx07:19
pleia2I only have the original Rasberry Pi, so my options are limited :)07:19
eipi10have you ever seen hardware ars?07:21
pleia2nope, but it's time for me to head to bed and sounds like a conversation for #lubuntu-offtopic anyway :)07:22
pleia2have a good one07:22
amazoniantoadI just wanted to say that lubuntu is better than ubuntu07:44
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rrrwhere to enable window selection by hovering instead of clicking?13:47
krytarikrrr: Basically, '~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml', http://openbox.org/wiki/Help:Configuration#Focus , and "openbox --reconfigure".14:38
dzCNlubuntu users?16:52
tewarddzCN: do you have an actual question?16:53
dzCNare you a developer of lubuntu?16:55
tewarddzCN: if you have an actual question you may wish to ask it, rather than ask if someone is a developer or a user16:59
dzCNcan Lubuntu be installed on intel compute stick?17:10
toshibasatellitehello... please help me make my lubuntu recognize the USB flash drive17:24
toshibasatelliteany expert?17:26
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toshibasatelliteProblem: can't see the USB flash drive in document explorer PCMan23:52
toshibasatelliteany hint23:52

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