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lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:35
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bjornar_bug in /var/lib/dpkg/info/ceph-mds.postinst on line 3710:03
bjornar_actually 35 .. missing then10:03
bjornar_Where do I report?10:37
alkisgHi, does anyone else in Xenial have this file with these contents? It breaks `timedatectl set-local-rtc` for me:11:08
alkisg# cat /etc/adjtime11:08
alkisg0.0 0 011:08
alkisg...and I'm trying to see if everyone has it, or if some upgrade path left it there and I'm one of the few affected users...11:09
bjornar_lxc-net started by default on 10.0/24 is a _big_ problem, guys11:12
bjornar_if you want to start this default, then you should choose some less used subnet. Best is to leave this ipv6 or whatever11:14
bjornar_Where is bugtracker for this releast?11:57
marlincNot sure why my sound in Rhythmbox is garbled since the last update12:04
marlincAnd now it works for some reason mm12:05
marlincHave restarted it multiple times12:05
marlincIt did work just fine in gst-play-1.0 though12:05
TheOnlyBouncerhmm it seams that gnome-session throws a error every second on 16.0413:21
TheOnlyBouncerFeb 16 12:01:34 mylaptop gnome-session[1107]: Error executing command as another user: Not authorized13:21
TheOnlyBouncerFeb 16 12:01:34 mylaptop gnome-session[1107]: This incident has been reported.13:21
TheOnlyBounceralso, it have a system i can not debug, at all13:41
TheOnlyBouncerit hangs after a random amount of minutes, and i am not able to find out what causes it13:42
BluesKajhi folks13:42
TheOnlyBouncerseems to write nothing in the logs13:42
lotuspsychjecoffeemug: just keep in mind its still in testphase17:09
lotuspsychjecoffeemug: thing can still break in this stage17:09
coffeemughmm ok17:09
lotuspsychjecoffeemug: april is final release17:09
coffeemugthat's not far off17:09
lotuspsychjecoffeemug: but as test for graphics, could be usefull perhaps17:10
coffeemugi'm running two acer monitors too, one 4k and one HD17:10
coffeemugdownloading the xenial daily17:14
lotuspsychjecoffeemug: ok mate, good luck!17:16
coffeemugyah should be interesting17:16
lotuspsychjecoffeemug: come back to this channel after and let us know how your card performs there17:16
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stephane_Hello. Using Ubuntu 16.04 development branch I have a persistent bug which occurs on long X sessions.20:43
stephane_After a long X session, some text glyphs aren't rendered correctly.20:44
stephane_Before opening a formal bug I'd like some feedback.20:45
stephane_Is it useful to describe it here for feedback?20:48
stephane_Changing antialiasing settings affects the bug.20:54
stephane_Changing any of: antialiasing enable/disable, hinting strength, subpixel alignment immediately cures the bug.20:56
stephane_Setting back to initial immediately reactivates the bug.20:57
trismstephane_: is it something like bug 1536751 ?20:58
ubottubug 1536751 in ubuntu-font-family-sources (Ubuntu) "Font/text rendering is irregular and not pixel-aligned on low DPI screens" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153675120:58
stephane_ubottu, you're a bot, right ?20:58
ubottustephane_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:58
stephane_ubottu, ok just wanted to be sure :-)20:58
ubottustephane_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:58
stephane_fc-cache -r does not change anything, even combined with changing settings20:59
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