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nik90bzoltan_, ping05:25
nik90zbenjamin, ping05:29
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zbenjaminnik90: hey whats up06:27
nik90zbenjamin, hey06:33
nik90zbenjamin, I managed to solve the missing symbols issue in the desktop kit thanks to bzoltan_. it seems I was missing the mesa-common-dev package. After installing that in my host system, I am able to run the standard cmake projects :D06:34
nik90zbenjamin, however when I try to build clock app or other projects, I get missing dependency errors like "U1db" not installed and so on.06:34
nik90How do I go about installing these packages?06:34
zbenjaminnik90: humm, in the click targets or locally?06:34
nik90well I used the Ubuntu Desktop Kit which uses click targets.06:35
nik90let me grab a screenshot. 1sec06:35
zbenjaminnik90: when running or when building the app?06:35
nik90when running06:36
zbenjaminnik90: the thing is, the Ubuntu Desktop Kit is only basically a very barebone Qt + UI toolkit install. Its missing the other plugins06:36
nik90zbenjamin, any way to install missing plugins in the Ubuntu Desktop Kit if it is temporary?06:36
zbenjaminnik90: Originally it was planned to make it full blown but because of the so many issues with running on desktop we are going to use chroots to execute apps06:37
zbenjaminnik90: only by compiling them yourself i'm afraid :/06:37
zbenjaminnik90: or you use the normal desktop kit06:37
nik90ah ok06:38
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday, and happy Innovation Day! 😃09:40
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faeniltimp: is there a way to reset the mouse events in QML? i.e. if you call mousePress in a unit test, then the unit test fails, how do you release the mouse before the next test? is there a way to ensure that the mouse state is reset without storing stuff in variables and call random mouseRelease() in cleanup() just in case a test failed?11:44
timpfaenil: not that I know of11:46
faeniltimp: mm ok11:47
timpI never encountered that problem11:48
timpwell, actually if one test starts to fail, we have to fix it. Until it is fixed it is not super important that the following tests pass11:48
timpyou have to fix it anyway, right?11:48
timpbut I agree that it would be handy to know which actual test breaks11:49
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davidcallebzoltan_: zbenjamin : what's the root cause of "Qt xcb plugin missing" when trying to run qml apps from the IDE on the desktop, happening to some people? (eg. I have a case on 15.10 + SDK PPA)15:34
davidcalles/root cause of/fix for :D15:34
zbenjamindavidcalle: pure qmlproject?15:34
davidcallezbenjamin: in this specific case, it's js scope template running in unity-scope-tool15:35
zbenjamindavidcalle: don't use the "Ubuntu Desktop Kit" for that15:35
davidcallezbenjamin: ok, will suggest this, thanks!15:36
bzoltan_davidcalle:  zbenjamin was smart ... and zbenjamin, we should disable that kit for scopes15:54
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