HoppingMadManthought SLI support was good on Linux now that nvidia was doing more to make the drivers better00:09
craysiiii thought that had to do more with contributions with nouveau00:38
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jamie1is there any way to make gnome a little less white?19:22
cristiSJamiel you could change the theme and find one that suits you19:34
jamie1cristiS: using the tweak tool?19:34
jamie1i knew that one, was just wondering if there was a built in way to do it19:36
jamie1does ubuntu gnome have a QA team? Im looking for a new project to work on20:23
craysiiijust ordered my /home ssd :)20:44
craysiiii keep having buffer underrun issues across multiple applications that seem to be related to pulseaudio. right now i have default settings for pulseaudio but i read online that by changing default-fragments and default-fragment-size-msec in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf, i could increase the buffer. I tried a lot of different values and never really solved the issue but introduced weird latency issues as well. do you think this might21:34
craysiiii really have no idea how to go about fixing this issue21:38
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