tsimonq2PabloRubianes: Thanks! :)02:38
rashi-didoHello I would like to chat with someone about some ubuntu issues, please.21:26
CrazyLemonrashi-dido join #ubuntu for ubuntu support21:26
wxlrashi-dido: are you looking for support?21:26
pleia2this channel is for organizing local events in your area, if you want support for the operating system you should /join #ubuntu21:26
wxlhis issues may relate to locos21:27
rashi-didoThank you21:27
wxleveryone settle down :)21:27
wxlhis/her i shoudl say21:27
* wxl curses patriarchy21:27
rashi-didoIs this the proper place to ask for help with ubuntu issues?21:33

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