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_SpongeYeah you need to do the other things. http://is.gd/HhSYQo15:22
_Spongedamn wrong channel15:23
_Spongehi OerHeks ...15:23
_Sponge| 30 minutes to-go | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr4d0zZZEOw15:29
diddledanyeah, the schedule and tweet said 15:00. I guess they lied15:30
_SpongeI think that was UTC, No ?15:30
diddledanBritain is currently on UTC/GMT right now?15:31
_SpongeHi OerHeks .15:31
diddledanas in I'm in britain. and it's 15:3015:31
_Spongediddledan: Oh, Ok if it's 15:30 UTC , they were wrong.15:31
OerHekshi all15:31
_SpongeHere's the feed... you may need to refresh a minute after it starts thou :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr4d0zZZEOw15:32
* _Sponge does some tidying up .15:34
_Spongehttp://genius.com/Arcade-fire-intervention-lyrics  |   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1NcXE9zuPf415:42
* _Sponge slides everyone a cold tango.15:43
dholbachwho said 15 utc?15:43
dholbachhttp://ubuntuonair.com/ said 16 UTC :)15:44
_Sponge| 15 minutes to go :-)   | +115:45
diddledandholbach: https://twitter.com/UbuntuOnAir/status/699605458479419393 and the upcoming schedule link from the topic15:45
dholbachoh ok, then this comes from where? from the calendar?15:46
dholbachpopey, ^ do you know?15:46
dholbachor jose ^15:46
diddledanI'm guessing they're tied together since they both said the same15:47
diddledanI assume the tweet was automated15:47
diddledandon't think I'm moaning tho, my tongue is firmly in my cheek at all times, especially when it sounds like I'm moaning :-p15:49
popeyI have no idea (as usual)15:49
_Spongediddledan: you're fine.15:49
davmor2diddledan: liar you're just moaning :P15:49
diddledanpopey: how dare you reduce your godlike standing by not knowing things15:50
diddledandavmor2: ssshhh, don't tell anyone :-p15:50
_Spongepopey is #winning https://twitter.com/popey/status/69953989263687680015:50
davmor2diddledan: popey knows nothing that is why he is able to reach the the godlike zen state that the rest of us who know stuff can never reach15:51
diddledanso does that mean popey can be used as a sundial now?15:51
_Spongedavmor2: he eyes, they burn !15:52
_Spongebut seriusly, popey would've made a great Star Trek classic/series character :-)15:53
diddledanI'd have worn a red shirt15:53
davmor2diddledan: you're dead to me, well you will be by the end of the episode anyway ;)15:53
_Sponge| 5 minutes to-go :) |  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr4d0zZZEOw | Start any queries stating the Word "QUESTION" beforehand.15:54
_SpongeQUESTION: Shall MarkS be doing an announcement again at the UOS, UOS May 2016 (?). Link -> http://summit.ubuntu.com/15:56
dragonbiteanybody know the subject and any guests today?15:58
mhall119subject: Ubuntu :)15:58
dragonbiteduh :)15:58
_SpongeQUESTION: What phone/tablets do the panel think 'should' be included in ubports.com ? e.g. Wat would you like to see done ? -> https://devices.ubports.com/#/15:58
dragonbitewhere can I get a free ubuntu phone (might as well as it first ;) )15:59
_SpongeQUESTION: Does the panel recommend AirBnB or 'bewelcome' or some other site for the Ubuncon in Germany later this year in Essen, I think ?15:59
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_Spongewe see the feed !16:01
mhall119it's a President's day super-sale!16:01
dholbachkeep the questions coming! :-)16:02
_SpongeQUESTION: why can we hear bagpipes on mhall119 's audio feed, when he's on the Youtube feed ?16:02
diddledanQUESTION: how far through the process have we got in the effort to get popey recognised as a saint16:02
_Spongepopey has good cushions :)16:03
mhall119_Sponge: sneaky Scots are after me16:03
_Spongerun away !16:03
_SpongeHere's the Ytube feed for everyone :) Beers all-round.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr4d0zZZEOw16:04
_SpongeQUESTION: How often does dholbach popey & mhall119 chat to ISO Testing QA ? How do you talk to them , over there ?16:06
pink_rabbit_QUESTION: what are your favorite new ubuntu phone games?16:06
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_SpongeQUESTION: Can you tell us abit about MXC16 in Barcelona - specifically the tablet ?16:08
davmor2pink_rabbit_: Machines vs Machines is still awesome :)16:08
astronfestmonHi there! I would to like to know can I make a dev-channel xenia?l Because I'm trying to port Ubuntu for Sony devices16:08
_Spongeoh wait, they're answering that, before I asked.16:08
pink_rabbit_QUESTION: any plans/news on vulkan support?16:09
_Spongepopey, I'm on 720p and your feed seems blurry. Nice light-shade though :)16:09
OerHeksQUESTION: IS, or when will Ubuntu-touch phones be ready for " Short Message Service-Cell Broadcast (SMS-CB) " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_Broadcast  i think it is pretty important feature.16:11
_SpongeOerHeks: good question.16:11
Guest66002what is the feature of ubuntu desktop after convergence by ubuntu personal and ubuntu touch!?16:12
_Spongethe cat, 'Sky' thinks popey should open the door :~)16:12
dholbachplease make sure you prefix your questions with QUESTION :)16:12
OerHeksGuest66002, please use 'QUESTION: " to make your Q clear for the team16:12
Guest66002Question: /JOIN #what's the feaure of ubuntu desktop after convergence by ubuntu personal and ubuntu touch?16:13
pink_rabbit_QUESTION: any news on the state of the apps ecosystem? how many new apps, nr of downloads etc... whatever stats you have16:14
Guest66002Question: what is the feaure of ubuntu desktop after convergence by ubuntu personal and ubuntu touch?16:14
* _Sponge clears out his earwax to listen to basement jaxx off mhall119 's feed. :-)16:14
pink_rabbit_QUESTION: will the current phones bq E4.5 E5 meizu MX4 be upgraded to 16.04?16:15
fabian___QUESTION: Do you think there will be Devices with vanilla Ubuntu on them, like without much vendor modification?16:15
pink_rabbit_fabian___: +116:16
_SpongeQUESTION: when do we get the Uber (car) Snappy App ?16:17
_Spongebagpipes have stopped.16:17
pink_rabbit_QUESTION: on what phone does ubuntu touch works best? meizu bq oneplus nexus etc16:18
_Sponge2 els 2 ows16:18
_SpongeQUESTION: What is the state of Discourse ? It's been muted that it may shut-down :-(16:20
hyeylaqi128QUESTION: when fix for miracast technology will be released for current ubuntu phones?16:21
_SpongeGet those questions in !16:22
dholbachyep yep16:22
dholbachsorry guys... my hangout connection just dropped16:22
diddledanQUESTION: (less religious, this time) Is there any cross-platform story for apps development where a single codebase can target ubuntu and the more mainstream systems simultaneously? I'm assuming the answer here is Cordova...?16:22
diddledanQUESTION: (related to previous) will cordova-packaged apps be usable on the desktop in the future?16:23
aresminosQUESTION: Can Ubuntu Touch interact with Bluetooth printers? If not, when will the support for that come?16:23
OerHeksvulkan > https://launchpad.net/~canonical-x/+archive/ubuntu/vulkan/+packages16:24
OerHeksfor 16.0416:24
_SpongeQUESTION: What are the chances of getting birdie.eu  Twitter client as a Snappy App. ? Nathan dyer is looking for help ! @nathandyer_me16:25
hyeylaqi128QUESTION: when languages for ubuntu-touch keyboard will be completed!? I can't write is Persian that is my primary language! :D16:25
hyeylaqi128QUESTION: when fix for miracast technology will be released for current ubuntu phones?16:27
dholbachhyeylaqi128, we go through the list of questions one by one16:27
hyeylaqi128thank you16:28
dholbachhyeylaqi128, I noted down the question the first time you mentioned it16:28
_SpongeQUESTION: Has any of the panel ever user a GNU/Libre ~(principally) Operating System e.g. trisquel, Blag, gnew-sense etc ??16:28
hyeylaqi128dholbach, thank you16:29
hyeylaqi128QUESTION: Aquaris M10 tablet as mid-range device can be useful and usable for future ubuntu touch major updates?16:31
hyeylaqi128QUESTION: Ubuntu Desktop apps has been ported for ubuntu-touch or will be run natively!?16:33
wolfhi all16:35
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aresminosQUESTION: For how long will Canonical continue to support for Nexus4?16:36
Guest96667i need help with something16:36
aresminos*continue support16:36
josedholbach: it does come from the calendar, autotweets16:36
_SpongeQUESTION: Instead of just saying "buy an SSD for yur laptop !", Wat would you say to users still using 12.04 and letting them into the UNity eco-system ? How would you recommend Unity ?16:37
Guest96667so this change the ubuntu ?16:38
_SpongeQUESTION: What partners at Canonical develop Snappy Apps ? Or is this not a thing, yet ?16:38
_SpongeQUESTION: Has the panel used the github link-up with Launchpad for coding on both platforms with Apps, Snappy or Natively ?16:40
_SpongeQUESTION: Does virus-scanning software work on the Ubuntu Touch phones ? If so which software ?16:43
_Spongee.g. #ubuntu-for-all16:44
_SpongeQUESTION: Could I just thank mhall119 for not starting his ceiling fan :-) for the feed.16:46
mhall119_Sponge: thank the weather, it's not hot outside :)16:46
_SpongeQUESTION: popey, is the Lava Lamp exterior-glass-jar hot to touch , or is it cool ?16:48
_Spongei have a HP bluetooth printer.16:49
_SpongeMike Sheldon. keyboards :)16:50
aresminosThe Bluetooth printer is used for printing receipts. I have an idea to write an UT app for that.16:51
_Sponge*blurry screens of phone*16:52
hyeylaqi128QUESTION: can I use javascript and html5 to make ubuntu-touch-apps that works with databases!? data-base apps16:54
_Sponge23 wattching right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr4d0zZZEOw16:56
hyeylaqi128I'm sorry for my bad english writing!! :D17:00
hyeylaqi128thanks for answers17:00
dholbachthanks a lot everyone! :-)17:01
popeyThanks everyone!17:03
_SpongeCould someone chjeck the video .. it keeps freezing for me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr4d0zZZEOw17:05
_Spongebye everyone , Merci a tout !17:06
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rachid_love ubuntu18:20
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