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flocculantballoons: what's the crack with defect summary? any hope of getting that back before next week?13:15
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balloonsflocculant, should ask Matthew to have a look15:21
balloonsspeaking personally, I won't be attempting to fix it right away15:21
balloonsbut it should get fixed15:21
balloonsflocculant, do you want to be point on getting it fixed?15:22
balloonsaka, you know how to test and review work right; I mean from a functional side of things15:23
balloonshunter has also been added to the team; so I think it's a matter of working with those two15:27
flocculantballoons: no idea how to do any of that17:40
balloonsflocculant, I thought you setup a dev server17:49
flocculantif it's simple enough I could I guess17:51
balloonsyea, you remember running the script ?17:53
flocculantvaguely now you mention it17:54
flocculantsomething failed and I lost impetus17:54
flocculantthat being a posh word for interest :p17:54
flocculantactually it isn't - but the channel's been ontopic for long enough ...17:54
flocculantballoons: point me at it and I'll see what gives17:55
flocculantwill it work in a vm?17:55
balloonsI just have a trusty vm and ran the script inside it17:55
balloonsabd yep, instant dev server17:55
balloonsthen you can pull and bzr branch you wish and play with it17:56
flocculantballoons: I remember now \o/17:57
balloonswe should probably clean up and host that script properly too17:57
flocculantI moaned it whacking out a load of apt-get installs with no warning :)17:58
flocculantballoons: so script does everything needed?17:58
balloonsthe tracker then is on localhost17:59
flocculantand I can do this in a vm with no trouble?17:59
balloonsyou can play with the drupal modules after to tweak things17:59
balloonsI did, more than once. I think it will just work for you18:00
flocculantokey doke18:00
dkesseloh, nice!18:00
* dkessel bookmarks18:01
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flocculantballoons: xenial ok?18:02
balloonsdkessel, oO18:26
balloonsflocculant, xenial is 'ok', but the tracker runs on precise actually18:26
balloonsmatters only if something isn't compatible with the old php stuff18:27
flocculantI'll grab that really archaic image then :p18:31
jamie1hey im looking to setup a bootable idiot stick, is it possible to do so with zsync and be able to just boot into normal hdd and then update the iso on the idiot stick with zsync?18:36
flocculantjamie1: hi - this isn't a support channel - try #ubuntu18:36
jamie1flocculant: im trying to do it for testing, that is why i was asking here18:37
jamie1im trying to setup a testing environment on a 64gb idiot stick18:37
flocculantjamie1: not sure if you could - cos you need to dd the iso to the stick (or set it up somehow) at which point you don't have a foo.iso on it18:39
flocculantso zsync would just say it was missing and grab the iso again (afaik)18:39
jamie1what would be the best way to setup a testing envirment on an idiot stick then? or should i just be using a virtual machine for a testing enviroment?18:40
flocculantlooks like what you really want is to install to the stick - then you just update that18:40
flocculantor a vm as you say18:40
jamie1sorry i came from working on a mobile os project that is shutting down and trying to learn desktop now18:40
flocculantI run xenial on hardware constantly tbh - and vm for milestone and daily tests18:40
flocculantjamie1: yep - no problem :)18:41
jamie1so i should probably fully install xenial to the thumb drive and just update it every time i test?18:41
flocculantyou can do that yep18:41
flocculantjust make sure you install grub to the stick and not /dev/sda18:42
flocculantif you do that the machine would need the stick to boot :)18:42
jamie1ive doen that before....18:42
flocculantwhen installing - choose the Something Else option at partitioning stage - you can pick where to install grub then :)18:42
jamie1i know, just didnt know what the best way to setup a testing enviroment was... wanted to check and find out, i have been running ubuntu since 8.0418:43
flocculantballoons: I don't think I've looked at 12.04 since 2012 - apart from milestone tests18:43
flocculantjamie1: ok, hard to know what information to give :)18:44
jamie1flocculant: i know... dealt with the same thing when helping introduce people when i was working on firefox os18:44
balloonsjamie1, this may help: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentSetup18:45
balloonsflocculant, :-)18:45
jamie1balloons: thanks :p, im still going to be working on getting touch ported to the z3c, I have to blobs already, just need to setup the enviroment for the porting setup18:45
balloonsjamie1, lovely to see you again :-)18:46
flocculantoh bah18:46
flocculantdrive with vm's on is almost full18:46
jamie1i just reinstalled everything to cheat and get ride of all my firefox os setups... was taking up 200+ gb18:47
jamie1do you guys by any chance have any images for touch that will run in an emulator or have an ide setup for it at all?18:48
* flocculant wanders off while balloons starts talking about that stuff 18:49
balloonsjamie1, that's a hard spot. We do have an emulator -- setup the SDK and try it. But it fails for many, and is still at best, an emulator18:50
jamie1so better to just focus on a port then to try to get an emulator running it?18:51
jamie1i kinda still have to blobs for the device from when i was working on firefox os...18:53
jamie1*the blobs18:53
balloonsassuming getting it to boot isn't too hard, I'd say yes18:53
jamie1okay, after i finish setting up the desktop testing enviroment ill start setting up the system for a port, thanks for the advice18:53
jamie1and even if it takes some work to get it to boot... still better than a expensive device sitting around doing nothing but collecting dust18:54
jamie1sadly i dont have any of those devices18:56
jamie1balloons: some of the stuff required for a build environment is only availble for utopic, should i be using utopic for working on the port?19:00
balloonsquestions for #ubuntu-touch, and perhaps dholbach and ogra. That said, the images are based on utopic now, and will move to xenial I believe19:00
flocculantballoons: good lord - this 12.04.5 is STILL installing :|19:23
davmor2flocculant: yes I have that one to look forward to too :)19:36
flocculantdavmor2: 12.04.5 ?19:37
flocculantI am happy that we forgot about that in 201519:37
flocculantI am also happy that we can forget about 14.04 next year too :)19:37
davmor2I need to install 12.04.5 and upgrade to 14.04.4 :)19:38
flocculantnice ...19:38
davmor2flocculant: yes I'm just that lucky19:38
flocculantha ha ha19:38
flocculantthis install is wanting 500Mb of updates ... then I'll see what this dev setup gives me19:39
flocculantat least it's not dial-up speeds :p19:39
flocculantdavmor2: 2 hours later it's done :p20:33
flocculantballoons: I KNEW it would ask me something I have no clue about :D what is the ip address of my apache server then?20:45
flocculantso I should get something other than not found at http://localhost/?q=admin/config/services/qatracker ?20:48
balloonstry just going to localhost20:50
balloonsdid you do the http://localhost/install.php?20:51
flocculantthe wiki says the script does everything lol20:52
balloonsdid you read the little info it echoed?20:52
balloonsyou do have to click through the drupal wizard and turn on the modules, but it's painless20:52
flocculantoh right - no I didn't read the instructions :p20:53
balloonsyou do have to click through the drupal wizard and turn on the modules, but it's painless20:53
balloonshit that url and click through, and that should be good20:53
flocculantopen in gedit or save file ...20:53
flocculantI'll look tomorrow - really had enough of Tuesday - time to chill now :)20:55
flocculantballoons: not of this or you btw - just one of those days when you think you are working with a bunch of monkeys :p21:05
jamie1balloons: sorry to annoy you again, can you give me that link again for setting up for bug reporting and testing? I am now on 16.04 and i dont have the link right now21:57
flocculantballoons: tried again before really giving up - if I localhost - it want's to open install.php in gedit, if I tell it instead it just doesn't find it22:06
balloonsflocculant, browse to the site yourself. Perhaps it's because he's using xdg-open and your box wants to use gedit. Doesn't matter22:08
flocculantwhere is it to browse to?22:08
balloonsuse localhost, and fire a browser to http://localhost/install.php22:08
flocculantdone that - gedit or save :)22:08
balloonsgood to note as improvements to the script though22:09
balloonswhat browser are you using? lol?22:09
flocculantfirefox whatever version happens to be in precise22:09
flocculantit's a vanilla 12.04.5 ubuntu vm22:09
balloonswild nonetheless.. I did use trusty22:10
flocculantI asked if it was ok in xenial and you implied use precise lol22:10
balloonsyea, still seems odd22:10
flocculantso I assume the guy that set the script up used trusty?22:10
balloonswhat does the saved page look like?22:11
flocculantsaved page?22:11
balloonspresumably.. but it's just packages that got installed22:11
balloonsand firefox should be updated even in an lts22:11
balloonsso i've no idea why it wouldn't render the page22:11
flocculantok - definitely not playing anymore then - I'll start it installing trusty tomorrow morning and try from scratch22:12
balloonsack. Yea, trusty vanilla vm is what i use22:15
flocculantballoons: if nothing else I will add installing git as a prerequisite for git cloning to that dev page :)22:15
balloonsthere you go22:15
balloonsbut yea, it could still use some love.. Really, a container could be even better22:16
flocculantballoons: just to double check here when asked for ip address - it's actually localhost - not localhost being some shorthand for something else you think I know :)22:22
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