jderoseinfinity: hmm, something seems screwy with the daily 14.04.4 server ISO (amd64): has the 3.19 kernel installed, still has proposed enabled00:02
wxljderose: only amd64?00:02
wxljderose: and is that what you see in live, in an installed version, or both?00:02
jderosewxl: not sure, amd64 is all i tested (that all system76 uses at the moment)00:02
jderosewxl: currently i'm looking at the installation... just found this. i'm about done for the day, so i'll have to investigate more tomorrow.00:03
wxljderose: k. i know infinity has another respin in the queue, so you might wait until you see a new version00:04
jderosewxl: sounds good, thanks!00:04
wxljderose: weird that you're seeing 3.19, too. it's not even in trusty-proposed.00:05
wxlwell according hto the bots at least00:06
cjwatsonwxl: linux-lts-vivid00:06
cjwatsonyou might be looking for just linux00:07
wxlahh right00:07
cjwatson(are we actually releasing with the hwe-v kernel?  I've not been much involved in 14.04.4 ...)00:07
infinityjdstrand: Err, that really shouldn't have 3.19...00:21
infinityOh, he left and I hilighted the wrong person.00:23
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jderoseinfinity: never mind what i said earlier about the 14.04.4 daily server ISO... i somehow must have been testing with the wrong image from our imaging server or something... everything in fact seems shiny with the 14.04.4 server ISO07:52
flocculantjderose: unless you're now testing the new new iso - and the old new one had an issue :)07:54
jderoseflocculant: maybe so :)07:54
flocculantI'm going to not look at this one until Thursday - just in case there's a new new new one lol07:55
jderoseflocculant: generally the final iso will be the one built on wednesday... so if you want to help test, please at least test on wednesday rather than waiting till thursday :)07:56
flocculantjderose: I'm joking - I'd find it hard to push my testers if I had put my feet up :)07:56
infinityflocculant: I'm kinda hoping this is the last one unless something major pops up.08:16
flocculantinfinity: :)08:16
infinityjderose: Good to hear, since I couldn't figure out what you were talking about. :)08:16
jderoseinfinity: at further inspection, i can't figure out what i was talking about either :)08:16
infinityjderose: Happy to chalk it up to temporary insanity.08:18
jderoseinfinity: /etc/lsb-release still says 14.04.3... is that expected? this is from a desktop 20160216 install i just did08:35
infinityjderose: Oh, crap.  Yeah, there'll be one more respin for base-files tomorrow. :P09:06
jderoseinfinity: cool, glad i happened to notice that09:07
flocculantjderose: bug 1544592 :)13:10
ubot5`bug 1544592 in lsb (Ubuntu) "lsb_release not upgraded to 14.04.4 - papercut bug" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154459213:10
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jderoseinfinity: i did see that queuebot disapproved base-files... just in case you didn't notice. mostly i'm just rearing to test more ISOs :P18:08
TrevinhoHey, this silo (https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/999) is failing because a component has no valid dependency on an arch... https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/xenial/landing-040/excuses.html18:30
TrevinhoThe thing is unity never built on s390x (because also nux has troubles, on tests IIRC).. So, generally this an error that is ignored18:31
Trevinhohow to do to that?18:31
TrevinhoLaney: do you happen to know this? ^18:33
apwTrevinho, in the normal -proposed work that might be hintable, but if you know it can never build you also could remove the dep on that arch19:01
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infinityjderose: Looks accepted to me.  I'm respinning for it shortly, after looking at a potential server issue.20:02
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bdmurrayinfinity: do you have plans to fix base-files? bug 154459223:38
ubot5`bug 1544592 in base-files (Ubuntu) "lsb_release not upgraded to 14.04.4 - papercut bug" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154459223:38
* bdmurray sees the change now23:39
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infinitybdmurray: Yeah, iz fixed, you can manually close the bug.23:45
bdmurrayinfinity: I did like 5 minutes ago. ;-)23:46
infinitybdmurray: Ta.23:46
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