igneusupdated the pastebin with the results (at the top) http://pastebin.com/QFuQ3H9000:02
igneusthough, I ran the same commands on my working Ubuntu-Mate VM (on this machine) and notice the server is missing some information, though I don't know the importance of it00:03
tarpmani'm right, there is no route via
igneussweet! .... what do we do about it? lol00:04
tarpmanlike I said, comment out the gateway while you take down the interface00:04
tarpmanit can't delete a route that doesn't exist - that's the 'no such process' you got00:05
igneusok, so comment out the gateway line, then run "sudo ifdown eth0"?00:05
tarpmanyeah, then assuming that works, restore it before ifup00:05
igneusgotch ya, here's hoping!00:06
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igneusok, running ifdown with gateway commented out worked (I suppose) because it did not state anything, however, running ifup after removing the comment on gateway reported network unreachable00:11
igneusso, using the interface dhcp setup plus the line "post-up route add default via dev eth0" that allows it to almost get up, I can now ping the gateway, but cannot ping the server from another device00:29
tarpmanif it reported "network unreachable", it probably had a good reason for doing so ...00:32
igneusso route now contains the gateway, but it also contains a record for "" and "", not sure where that false record/route is coming from00:32
tarpman192.68. sounds like a typo somewhere00:32
igneusthat's what I thought, but I do not see one in my interfaces file00:32
tarpman192.168.1.0 - traffic to things on the same subnet is direct, no gateway involved00:32
igneusknow of another place I might need to check out?00:33
tarpmancruft left over from previous attempts?  did you ever try just rebooting with a sane interfaces file in place? ("sane" - none of this "post-up route" stuff :P)00:33
igneusyes, I did00:33
igneusI tried with a basic dhcp setup and the basic static setup from the pastebin00:34
igneusI am considering too, given the time looking into this, of trying to just reload the ubuntu-server onto the HDD00:35
igneusit's a fresh install, that was working, and when I moved the server, it decided to not want to work00:35
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cpaelzergood morning05:44
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Razvait seems that my LAN servers cannot detect MAAS DHCP. any ideas of how to debug this?11:20
Razvadhcpd     6631  0.0  0.0  32916 13324 ?        Ss   13:04   0:00 dhcpd -user dhcpd -group dhcpd -f -q -4 -pf /run/maas/dhcp/dhcpd.pid -cf /var/lib/maas/dhcpd.conf -lf /var/lib/maas/dhcp/dhcpd.leases eno211:20
Razvaeno2 being the LAN nic11:20
rbasakstgraber: lxd seems to ignore http_proxy and https_proxy. I can't get it to hit the proxy server instead of going direct when launching an image.11:34
Razvais there any way for me to see what commands is executing a user via bash, real-time?13:07
BlackDexRazva: `ps fauxww | less` but not that realtime13:19
stgraberrbasak: hmm, I remember seeing code that was handling this, could be that it's not covering all code paths...13:57
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med_jamespage, what OVS version and kernel are you running in the OIL lab? We're having packet loss issues.14:13
med_s/you/Ubuntu & Canonical/14:13
jamespagemed_, probably the same as you14:14
jamespagemed_, which ovs release are you on?14:14
jamespageos release rather14:14
jamespagewhich pocket?14:15
med_liberty testin (kilo in prod)14:15
med_we've been using -proposed for this testing14:15
med_we've tried a number of kernels and OVS including the xenial proposed kernel and wily14:15
jamespageactually the kernel version might be more pertinent here14:16
med_we've tried the lts trusty kernel (3.0.13 series) the wily and the xenial proposed14:17
jamespageI have a cloud where I'm running liberty with the wily 4.2 kernel - do you see errors with that combo?14:18
jamespagemed_, ^^ ?14:18
med_3.19.0-32 showed the errors14:18
med_jamespage, ^14:19
med_so correction jamespage, the bulk of our testing has been with Kilo at this point, not liberty14:19
jamespagehmm ok14:19
med_but that kernel is correct (t, w, and x)14:19
jamespagemed_, so you saw the problem as a result of a kernel update? just trying to id the point when things changed for the worse14:34
med_we started anaylysing the problem due to tenant complaints of lost packets.14:34
med_kinf of an all out effort now. No real changes had occurred. Just better trained, more sophisticated tenants asking better questions with more data, jamespage14:35
frickleris anyone working on a fixed release for https://sourceware.org/ml/libc-alpha/2016-02/msg00416.html already?15:36
ubottusourceware.org bug 2016 in libc "argp --help infloop, via ARGP_HELP_FMT envvar" [Normal,Reopened]15:36
arrrghhhhey all.  I have a cron.daily job setup to email me a 'status report' on the server - this works fine, but a few minutes after the report I sent I always get a second email about the "Reported file <x> generated in current directory" - how can I suppress this second email?15:37
rbasakfrickler: see #ubuntu-hardened. "no eta yet".15:44
jgrimmmeeting time16:00
jak2000hi all how to use, ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096   ? i want use scp command without ask me a password, thanks16:38
cpaelzerjak2000: that should give you the right details https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys16:40
cpaelzerjak2000: it is not only creating but also putting the key on the remote server which is the req for PW-less login (and scp)16:40
fricklerrbasak: thx for the pointer16:47
jak2000cpaelzer i try connect ssh@ip and ask and ask me the password16:54
arrrghhhjak2000, did you disable password auth on the server?16:55
jak2000wait pls16:56
jak2000creating pastie16:56
arrrghhh"PasswordAuthentication no" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config16:56
jak2000in wich server?16:56
arrrghhhon THE server16:56
jak2000but i want work with ssh keys16:56
arrrghhhwe're just talking about a client and a server here16:56
arrrghhhI know16:56
arrrghhhso disable password auth16:56
arrrghhhit'll force keys16:56
arrrghhhjak2000, perhaps I didn't ask an essential question... are you using the key when you try to auth?16:57
jak2000arrrghhh: http://pastie.org/1072433717:01
jak2000here the steps...17:01
jak2000see last step? ask me again the password, why?17:02
jak2000need sisable password auth?17:02
arrrghhhjak2000, you don't have to no17:03
arrrghhhbut that would force only key-based auth17:03
arrrghhhsigh... I guess let me parse through all of this...17:05
jak2000ok you see any BAD steps?17:05
arrrghhhnot yet17:05
arrrghhhI don't do this every day tho, I setup keys on my server a year or two ago... lol17:06
arrrghhhjak2000, did you check the troubleshooting section?17:06
arrrghhhperms need to be right17:06
arrrghhhif you do disable password auth I would leave a SSH session open in case it doesn't work17:06
jak2000man in this case the host is swMAnzana right?17:07
arrrghhhyou tell me...17:07
arrrghhhwhich is the client which is the server?17:07
arrrghhhbased on your paste, I would assume swManzana is the client17:07
arrrghhhand svrChao1 is the server17:07
jak2000i generate the key on swManzana17:08
arrrghhhyou also already had keys in .ssh17:08
arrrghhhmay want to rm .ssh and start over... although that shouldn't be necessary17:08
arrrghhhjak2000, also why did you ssh-copy-id -i?17:10
arrrghhhI need to lookup what -i does... I don't see that in the guide17:10
arrrghhhah that is to specify the identity file17:10
jak2000i want copy a file with scp, from swManzana to svrChaol17:11
jak2000start over again17:11
jak2000deleteing on swManzana, the dir: ~/.ssh17:12
arrrghhhso wait17:13
arrrghhhswManzana is the client or the server?17:13
jak2000i want copy a file with scp, from swManzana(i think it the client) to svrChaol (i think is the server)17:14
arrrghhhso the file is on swManzana?  I mean you can transfer the file in either direction using SCP I believe, just curious how you want this paradigm to work17:16
jak2000yes the file is on swManzana17:16
arrrghhhyea so SCP doesn't care really, you can flip local and remote and either upload or download depending17:17
arrrghhhjak2000, cat .ssh/authorized_keys and make sure your client pubkey is there17:18
arrrghhhshould say "ssh-rsa badskgohweorfiajsdfokj user@host17:19
jak2000in wich  sever (swManzana)?17:21
arrrghhhweird looking at my sshd_config the AuthorizedKeysFile is commented out... I wonder if it just defaults to the one in %h17:21
arrrghhhjak2000, swManzana you said was the client I thought17:21
arrrghhhso the authorized_keys is on the server side17:22
jak2000arrrghhh: http://pastie.org/1072437017:24
jak2000now copy the file with ssh-copy-id  ?17:24
arrrghhhauthorized_keys is not on the client17:25
arrrghhhit's on the server17:25
arrrghhhalso if you want to manually update the file, use >> to append17:25
arrrghhhcat id_rsa.pub >> authorized_keys17:25
arrrghhhbut I would just use ssh-copy-id as it's easier17:26
jak2000and then ssh-copy17:27
jak2000error: http://pastie.org/1072437817:29
jak2000the command would be: ssh-copy-id ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub jak@      ?17:30
arrrghhhjak2000, if you are specifying the file you need -i lol17:33
arrrghhhI just went over that above.......17:33
arrrghhhif you don't specify the file, no need for -i17:33
jak2000i dont specify the filename17:34
arrrghhhuhm.  look at the command you're passing...17:35
arrrghhh~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub would be sepcifying the filename ;)17:35
arrrghhhspecifying even17:35
jak2000then the command is simple: ssh-copy-id  jak@     ?17:36
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jak2000now: on swManzana     ssh jak@    ?17:37
jak2000ask me a password17:38
jak2000and retype the command:  ssh jak@
jak2000and ask me again the password :(17:38
arrrghhhso on the server, check authorized_keys17:38
arrrghhhdoes it look good?17:38
RoyKan check if authorized_keys is 060017:39
RoyK0644 or something won't be tolerated17:39
arrrghhhyea I mentioned perms17:39
jak2000comparing:swManzan .ssh/id_rsa.pub    with svrChaol: authorized_keys        the file -rw------- 1 jak jak 739 Feb 16 12:35 authorized_keys17:39
RoyKsshd will tell in the logs17:40
arrrghhhI also mentioned checking the authorized_hosts file17:40
arrrghhher keys17:40
jak2000exact files: swManzana id_rsa.pub     svrChaol authorized_keys  exact files17:41
arrrghhhjak2000, walk through the troubleshooting section please17:42
arrrghhhthere's checks for perms, looking at logs, etc17:42
jak2000ok, RoyK mentioned: "sshd will tell in the logs"17:42
jak2000in wich log check wich is the problem?17:42
arrrghhhjak2000, please... read... the TS section17:43
arrrghhhgo through that whole section17:43
arrrghhhat the end you'll come to the debugging part.... go through all of it first17:43
jak2000arrrghhh: http://pastie.org/1072441018:00
arrrghhhjak2000, missing begin marker...?  did you check your private key?18:00
jak2000i have the file18:04
jak2000but how to check?18:04
arrrghhhnano or cat?18:05
jak2000ok cat18:22
jak2000see please: http://pastie.org/1072444618:24
arrrghhhok you'll want to create a new key just FYI18:25
arrrghhhlet me look at mine18:25
jak2000the files is: /home/jak/.ssh/     cat id_rsa18:25
jak2000ok erase and recreate the key?18:25
arrrghhhwell you should never share your private keys18:27
arrrghhhjsut FYI18:27
arrrghhhI didn't mean for you to paste all of the key sorry :)18:27
jak2000i modified it :)18:27
jak2000no problem18:27
jak2000but th key is generated18:27
arrrghhhI think something is wrong with the header18:28
arrrghhhwhich doesn't make sense the ssh-keygen should create a valid private key...18:28
arrrghhhjak2000, I don't have this header in mine18:31
arrrghhhProc-Type and DEK-Info18:33
arrrghhhI just have the ----BEGIN---- the key, then ---END----18:33
arrrghhhjak2000, you did -t rsa right when you did rsa-keygen?18:35
arrrghhhssh-keygen rather18:35
arrrghhhlooks like you did in your paste18:36
jak2000i generate: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 409618:36
arrrghhhI wonder if -b 4096 would cause the header to appear different...?  either way, I would remove that header18:36
arrrghhhjak2000, worked?18:55
apesAnyone know the state of the glibc update for Ubuntu?19:00
ogra_apes, in the works19:00
ogra_apes, assuming you talk about http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2015/CVE-2015-7547.html19:02
jdstrandit is in progress19:07
jdstrandit should be out within a couple/few hours19:07
arrrghhhjak2000, Imma head out, still curious tho if it fixed it for you19:19
rbasakDaviey: do you know who has ops on this channel? I'd like to set the topic to point to #ubuntu-hardened's topic for glibc CVE questions, as that seems to be an FAQ today.19:20
rbasak(soren set it last but isn't here)19:21
=== Pici changed the topic of #ubuntu-server to: Ubuntu Server discussion and support | For general (not server specific) support, try #ubuntu | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/GettingInvolved | Docs and resources: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/ | See http://ubottu.com/y/cve20157547 for glibc CVE status, or #ubuntu-hardened for more information
apesogra_: Yes19:27
rbasakThanks Pici!19:50
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Slingwtb libc6 update!20:53
Sling( https://googleonlinesecurity.blogspot.com/2016/02/cve-2015-7547-glibc-getaddrinfo-stack.html )20:53
mdeslaurSling: it'll be out soon20:56
Slingmy window isn't that wide ;)20:57
Slingbut alright, i'll keep an eye out20:57
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SlingThe following packages will be upgraded: libc-bin libc-dev-bin libc6 libc6-dev multiarch-support22:21
OerHeksPici, i think you can remove the glibc part in the topic, updates are out.23:03
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