nhaines!support | ajeck01:25
ubot5`ajeck: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com01:25
ajecknhaines: why would #ubuntu for ubuntu touch support?01:34
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k1l_ajeck: oh, it did sound like a usb-wifi on laptop issue.01:41
ajeckk1l_: nah this is a nexus 501:41
ajeckhas a broadcom chip01:41
k1l_ok :)01:42
jabawokhi all.. anyone know how long an ota update from 7 to 9 is meant to take?02:09
jabawokBQ e5 new out of box -> update02:10
jabawokbeen 30mins sofar, stuck on the bq "powered by ubuntu" white boot screen02:10
jabawoki'll keep waiting a while02:10
Stanley00jabawok: I think it's just boot logo, the update process will show a rolling circle02:11
jabawokah.. thats not good02:11
jabawokwhat do u think.. power off/on again?02:11
Stanley00jabawok: yes02:12
Stanley00jabawok: in the worst case, you only need to flash the rom again :302:13
jabawokyeah looks like i might have to02:13
jabawoksame screen02:13
* jabawok looks up how to do that02:13
jabawokoh wait02:14
jabawoklook like it posted!02:14
jabawokthe old give it time trick02:15
Stanley00jabawok: yay, btw, in case you want to reflash, here is the link http://www.mibqyyo.com/descargas/categorias/aquaris-e5-ubuntu-edition/02:19
jabawokthanks Stanley00.. you rock02:30
ajeckhas anyone run into the problem with /usr running out of space after mounting the system as writable?02:55
dufluajeck: Yes, and there are workarounds03:25
dufluajeck: http://askubuntu.com/a/66088603:26
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ajeckduflu: thanks,  the most voted one seems interesting.  I wonder if i could figure out a way to edit fstab so that the settings are preserved .05:51
dufluajeck: The one I linked to is my technique. It's very fast. Although it baffles people who don't understand how sparse filesystems work :(06:21
* duflu has a new keyboard and things are in the wrong place06:21
ajeckduflu: how so?  the fact that you are adding zeros at the end but not taking space?06:23
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dufluajeck: Because the same df command without seek= would just wipe the disk instead06:25
dufluSo people are suspicious and worried06:25
ajeckduflu: ahh, well it did seem simpler06:26
dufluHence the warning... /this will either do what you want or wipe your disk (if typed wrong)/06:31
dufluajeck: BTW any OTA updates may replace that root image and reset it to 2GB06:37
dufluSo either hack your device, or allow updates, but not both06:37
ajeckduflu: yah got it.06:37
jabawokfirst day with an ubuntu phone for me. loving it so far. Well done to any devs in channel!!06:43
jabawokso far got owncloud contacts/calendar sync working06:43
jabawokfiguring out rss reader opml import atm06:44
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Tm_TI'm on a proposed channel, I did install some Ubuntu updates yesterday and my Meizu haven't booted up since08:54
Tm_Tis there any debug method I should try before bulldozing over?08:55
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Tuesday, and happy Innovation Day! 😃09:40
zzarrhello! I know my phone, Meizu MX4, do not support MHL, but is it possible to use a Displaylink Monitor?10:01
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davmor2zzarr: How are you going to link to it?11:36
victor_bqdoes anyone knows if there is a way to directly save contacts in SIM through the UI or terminal?11:51
nhainesNo clue!  :)11:52
nhainesAlthough actually I know there's *some* way... so better to say I have no clue how.11:52
ogra_you can definitely import them from the SIM ... but no idea if you can also export, write or store them there11:54
davmor2victor_bq: not currently, you can pull from but not save to12:39
victor_bqOk thanks, seems that we all have the same info :P12:44
victor_bqI just wanted to mention that because some customers ask from time to time about it12:45
ogra_victor_bq, you can wait for bfiller to show up ... his team works on that and he knows if/where it is on the roadmap12:49
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victor_bqgood to read that =)12:52
davmor2ogra_, victor_bq: bfiller I think is on holiday this week iirc tiagosh or boiko might be a better bet for now12:55
zzarrdavmor2, a Displaylink GPU is speaking USB13:00
davmor2zzarr: I doubt very much that it would work, Saviq, mzanetti or kgunn maybe be able to confirm though13:40
mzanettino clue13:40
Saviqzzarr, it would Just Work™, assuming there's drivers, which there are none last I checked13:47
Saviqzzarr, DisplayLink is really just a GPU connected over USB13:47
Saviqthere's a long-running campaign to convince DisplayLink to supply Linux drivers, but I don't think anything's happening on that front yet13:48
Saviqwith USB-C coming, that might just be wasted work at that point anyway13:48
Saviqso I wouldn't hold my breath13:48
kgunnzzarr: fwiw, i'm not familiar13:50
zzarrSaviq, I know that it is, but on there page it says that the driver is open source13:54
Saviqzzarr, oh, that's a new development13:56
Saviqzzarr, so, in theory it should be possible, assuming the OTG support has enough throughput, in practice, though, Mir is using a newer driver model than X (EGL), which might still prove problematic14:00
Saviqso we'd need newer drivers for DisplayLink (not impossible, especially if they're open source)14:00
Saviqcould be an interesting GSoC project14:00
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zzarrSaviq, I think it's interesting, I hope the source code is good enough (like clean code good)14:52
zzarrI have to go now, but I leave my XChat open14:53
dobeyzzarr: the displaylink drivers are proprietary. there is a basic open source implementation of an older version of displaylink in the upstream linux kernel.14:57
mterrypitti, the language-pack-touch packages haven't been regenerated in the stable-phone-overlay PPA since we commited that 'pam' fix.  Can we remake them to test that change?14:58
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jgdxcharles, hey, that settings:///system/location system settings branch is ready for your silo. Which silo was it?15:20
charlesjgdx, ubuntu/landing-012 in https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/94915:21
charlesjgdx, want me to add https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/lp1533835/+merge/285603 and rebuild?15:23
jgdxcharles, yes, please. That would be great.15:25
jgdxkenvandine, could you take a look at that branch as well? ^ maybe seb128 too15:25
seb128jgdx, not likely today but maybe tomorrow if nobody beats me to it15:28
jgdxseb128, ack. Thanks15:28
kenvandinejgdx, sure15:28
zzarrdobey, thanks for clarifying that16:13
pittimterry: I started the cronjob, but not sure if that makes any sense -- we need a new RTM export16:20
pittimterry: but if this one fails, the cron'ed one will run in about 18 hours16:20
joe_whi, mail app dekko icon has stopped working, can remove/move, cant load though....restart works but then stops again...any help would be appreciated16:48
joe_w*on side launcher16:49
DanChapmanjoe_w, that's probably bug 1541388. Looks like it's been fixed already16:53
ubot5`bug 1541388 in Canonical System Image "Icons in launcher sometimes refuse to launch application" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154138816:53
joe_wDanChapman, thanks16:55
pittimterry: as I feared -- I just got the two metric tons of REJECT emails17:02
mterrypitti, so we need a new RTM export as you said above?  Does that require manual intervention or will that just happen on schedule?17:03
pittimterry: it'll all happen automagically tomorrow17:03
pittimterry: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-rtm/15.04/+language-packs FYI17:04
mterrypitti, good enough  :)  Thanks for trying early anyway17:04
* pitti should have looked at that page first before firing the cronjob :)17:04
pittisorry universe for heating you up a bit more in vain17:04
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NwSHeya guys a quick Q. Will Ubuntu introduce a convergence mobile in WMC (together with the tablet)?17:48
OerHeksIt is MWC, and yes, http://news.softpedia.com/news/canonical-will-be-present-at-mwc-2016-to-showcase-its-ubuntu-convergence-500338.shtml17:50
NwSEhm yeah MWC messed up the letters xD tyvm17:51
lotuspsychjeand OerHeks will prob buy the new meizu 5 pro :p17:53
OerHeksnope, as it will be more expensive .. unless i win the jackpot17:53
NwSI'm waiting to buy my first Ubuntu phone too17:54
OerHeksBQ5 it is17:54
NwSNo ty :P ugly17:54
* lotuspsychje is the proud owner of Bq 4.517:54
NwSI would buy the Meizu MX4 but it was sold out17:54
NwSAnd then some guys here told me that it wouldn't support convergence anyway so I am still waiting :P17:55
NwSHopefully I'll have enough money to buy it within the next months.. We'll see.17:56
lotuspsychjehere $$$$$$17:56
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dasjoeI experience an issue with OTA-9, when connecting a BT keyboard to my Nexus 4 I can close the "Scopes" application (if it doesn't crash by itself, that is) and then can't find a way to restart it18:33
jamie1hey i am wanting to work on porting ubuntu touch to the z3c, right now i am on 15.10, should i be on 14.04 to be working on it? some of the stuff for building is only for utopic19:02
dasjoeAs it turns out "Scopes" disappears about half the time. When it doesn't disappear by itself I can close the window, which then tries to reopen itself for a few times before giving up19:29
dasjoeAny way to get it back? :)19:29
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dobeydasjoe: "restart unity8-dash" maybe19:43
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Guest37661can i install ubuntu touch on arm a8 devices20:08
jamie1Guest37661: if there is a port available for your device20:08
Guest37661port as in?20:08
Guest37661like boot from micro sd card20:09
jamie1what device are you trying to put ubuntu touch on?20:10
Guest37661ubislate 7c+20:11
jamie1Guest37661: here is the list of devices that ubuntu touch is currently work on20:11
Guest37661Thanks, but I looked up the list before. Can I boot from sd card in android20:12
dobeyGuest37661: you can't boot anything, if your device wasn't ported20:14
jamie1it cant communicate with the hardware without the device being ported to20:14
ahoneybunis it a bug if the icon in the Dash is not updated with the new one?20:32
ahoneybunuNav in this case20:32
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dasjoedobey: well, that would require an adb connection via USB. I'm on the go, with just the phone and a bluetooth keyboard20:36
dobeydasjoe: no, you can use the terminal app20:37
dobeyi suppose you would need it to be running at the time, though20:37
dobeyor at least, in the launcher20:37
dobeyahoneybun: possibly, but highly unlikely20:38
ahoneybunI unpinned it and repinned it, and it was updated dobey20:38
dobeyahoneybun: you mean the launcher didn't auto-update then?20:39
dasjoedobey: oh right, I'll try that20:39
ahoneybunno the icon was the old white one20:42
ahoneybunnot the new blue one20:42
dasjoedobey: it opens and immediately gets killed (by TRAP signal, according to .xsession-errors)20:43
dobeyahoneybun: you mean in the launcher, though, not the dash? the dash doesn't have things pinned in it (unless you went about tweaking some gsettings by hand)20:43
ahoneybunlauncher I mean, sorry20:43
dobeydasjoe: sounds like it could be a bug then; do you have anything in /var/crash ?20:43
dasjoedobey: nope, it's empty20:44
dobeydasjoe: i'd suggest filing a bug to get started then20:47
dasjoedobey: right, filed :)20:52
QuentinQuaadgrasHi can anyone help me with installing Ubuntu Touch on an i386 touchscreen laptop?21:34
QuentinQuaadgrasI have the images but I am unsure how to format the partitions21:35
QuentinQuaadgrasanyone here?21:57
QuentinQuaadgrasIs this the right place to ask or can someone point me somewhere?21:57
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