soeenvidia-settings package shouldn't be in version sync with driver ? 16:04
mamarleysoee: What is out-of-sync?  I think we have 361.28 uploaded for all supported distros.16:05
soeemamarley: no no, i'm talking about situation like this if we have installed for example driver 358 but repository contains also driver 361 than nvidia-settings 361 will be installed not 35816:07
mamarleyThat's fine.  New nvidia-settings versions work just fine with old drivers.16:07
soeeah, that explain all. thank you16:08
soeeuh, driver 358 does not work on Xenial, just a black screen after plymouth16:24
soeeand now the same with 361, i broke something16:28
soeemamarley: ping19:14

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