inetprogood mornings07:14
theblazehenHi Kilos, others08:34
andrewlsdMorning all. Long time no see.08:43
theblazehenhi @andrewlsd. Funilly enough, also my first time on here this year08:44
inetprowb theblazehen09:15
inetprooh and wb andrewlsd09:15
theblazehenHi inetpro09:15
inetprooom Kilos is afk today09:15
andrewlsdHi inetpro 09:19
Kilosafternoon everyone12:46
Kilosbentohaving another go at a second hand ssd on the lappy15:09
inetprowb superfly and theblazehen 17:04
inetprooh and Kilosbento as well? 17:04
theblazehenty inetpro17:04
inetprolong time no see 17:04
theblazehenYeah. Been busy..17:06
inetprono I meant Oom Kilos 17:12
inetpro:-) 17:13
inetprooops... 17:13
inetprohow are you doing theblazehen? 17:14
theblazehenI'm doing alright and you inetpro?17:14
inetprogood, good as always 17:15
theblazehenGood to hear17:17
inetproclearly he does not want to talk to us17:17
theblazehenLooks like it17:18
* inetpro wbbl 17:19
Kilosbentohi guys17:22
theblazehenHi Kilosbento. How are you?17:23
Kilosbentoi got kde instaLLED AND UPGRADED ON A SSD ON THE LAPPY17:23
theblazehenNice Kilosbento! SSDs are awesome!17:23
Kilosbentobut now all the extra istalls to do17:24
theblazehenAh well17:24
Kilosbentoit seems a bit faster yes17:24
Kilosbentobut now all my working stuff is on the hard drive and without a caddy you can put both in a lappy17:25
theblazehenHmm, yeah17:25
Kilosbentonow ill look for a caddy and put the hdd in the place of the dvd17:26
Kilosbentoor vice versa17:26
Kilosbento2 drives in one pc is lekker for moving stuffs17:27
Kilosssd out again too much setting up to do after a long hot day17:42
Kiloshi superfly 18:08
Kiloshi fusionsparc 19:04
fusionsparcHi Kilos19:04
fusionsparcHow's the week been?19:04
Kilos busy hehe and yours19:05
* Kilos waits for some sarcasm about the word busy19:05
fusionsparcSame..did manage to install Kubuntu.. :)19:06
Kilosi installed kubuntu 14.04 on a ssd today as well19:08
Kilosnice and fast19:08
fusionsparcwould think so..19:08
fusionsparcXubuntu was ok, Kubuntu looks much better.19:09
Kilosit is imo19:09
Kilosi love it19:09
Kiloslots you can configure19:09
Kilosdid you get 14.0419:09
fusionsparcyup...14.04.3 I think19:10
Kilosok lemme give you a link19:10
fusionsparcJust a question...now I know the old saying sez that linux needs no Firewall or a/v scanner. BUT....the old Windows side of me feels a bit concerned about security etc...19:11
Kilosi use gufw19:12
Kilosfirewall is good19:12
Kilosstop baddies getting in19:12
fusionsparcoh yes...used gufw on Xubuntu...a graphical extension of iptable...will install it..19:14
Kilosand you can get the virus tool to check emails so you dont pass them on to your windows buddies19:15
fusionsparcwill do..19:15
fusionsparcread somewhere that Sophos is a good one as well.19:16
Kilosi just use whats in the repos19:16
Kilosclamtk keeps up to date19:16
Kilosi think peeps use it on servers19:17
fusionsparcone app I love is 'guake'19:20
Kilosi have no idea what that is for19:21
fusionsparclol...drop down terminal...something similair to quake dropdown menu..19:22
Kiloswhats wrong with the normal konsole19:22
Kilosin kde terminal is konsole19:23
Kilosi set mine to open with ctrl+t19:23
fusionsparcdropdown effect just looks nicer to me.. :)...anyways..19:23
Kilosoh im half blind so pretty doesnt mean much19:24
fusionsparchehe...simple is good..19:24
fusionsparcdownloading kde-wallpapers btw..19:25
Kiloslol i dont even use them19:26
Kilosscreen turns off after 10 mins inactivity19:26
fusionsparcthought i'd have a look..19:26
Kilosthere are some beautiful savers19:27
fusionsparcfunny how most distro's  have a " 10/20 things to do after you installed"...19:28
fusionsparcyoutube is full of it..19:28
Kilosyes but its mainly personization19:28
fusionsparcthats the nice thing about linux these days...19:29
Kilosok bed for me19:30
fusionsparcsaw a KDE with compiz installation on youtube the other day..man this that look nice..19:30
Kilosnight all sleep tight19:30
fusionsparcok, pleasant evening Kilos.. :)19:30
Kilosyou okes and your eye candy19:30
Kilosyou too ty19:30
fusionsparcNight guys...19:34
SquirmActually, gnight20:47
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