bluesabreknome: why you sleeping people silly?00:20
knomei'm not sleeping!00:23
bluesabreTrying to figure out what is broken for clutter is a pain02:34
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bluesabreWell, parole starts now, but the video pops out into its own window02:42
bluesabreApparently, cluttersink is now clutterautovideosink03:18
bluesabreand has different properties03:18
bluesabreafter playing with that code for a few hours, no progress04:21
bluesabrenight all04:21
Unit193G'nighty, bluesabre.04:28
flocculantoh good lord - another rebuild 07:40
Nairwolfflocculant: I've haven't time to test new version of xubuntu, but how is the next xubuntu 15.04 ? Will it be a good version ? 08:02
flocculant16.04 is looking good :)08:03
Nairwolfoh, yes, we are in 2016 ;)08:04
flocculantNairwolf: I'll be wanting as many people as possible to test the beta 1 milestone next week - so you can have a go with that :)08:04
Nairwolfoh, good ! 08:04
Nairwolfokay, will you send a new mail ?08:04
Unit193flocculant: I've got 3 systems on it!08:04
Nairwolfgreat ;)08:05
flocculantNairwolf: yep - to the -devel list and directly to people in https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-testers08:05
flocculantUnit193: I knew I could count on you quietly :p08:05
Nairwolfwhere I can find what will be new in this version ? 08:05
flocculantand I see where you report things as well 08:05
Nairwolfa release notee08:05
flocculantNairwolf: for 16.04?08:05
Nairwolfis it already writen, or not ? 08:06
flocculantthere will be a release note and a website page08:06
Unit193Figured you might see reports.08:06
flocculantha ha ha - no not even started - I'll do that next week 08:06
flocculantUnit193: :)08:06
Nairwolfok, ok ;)08:06
flocculantUnit193: I dropped by -dekstop yesterday and dropped the gst issue in there - that'll get sorted now I think08:07
flocculantwith bugs being marked critical etc08:07
flocculantseb got it to fail in rhythmbox 08:08
flocculantpossibly would have been easier to find it fails in rhythmbox I guess :)08:10
dkesselflocculant: do you als have "parole displays all videos as green window in xenial"?08:41
dkesselvlc also only plays half the videos anymore08:42
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flocculantdkessel: that's a clutter issue afair bug 1513277 13:09
ubottubug 1513277 in parole (Ubuntu) "Parole does not show video when playing DVD" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151327713:09
flocculantchange to xv to use it13:09
flocculantno idea about vlc never use it :)13:09
flocculantjust so people are aware if they were intending to test trusty - another rebuild happening 'tomorrow' 13:28
Akxwi-davethx flocculant ..  date noted.. :-)13:37
dkesseloh good to know!14:41
knomeUnit193, krytarik: decided which media manager you are going to confess using?14:59
knomei'm so happy we have our own wiki now16:28
knomethe old one is pain to work with (and i just want to make simple edits)16:28
knomeit's the slowest in ages again...16:28
knomeflocculant, do we want to keep maintaining https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing/HardwareProfile somewhere?16:48
knomeflocculant, same for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Testing/TeamHardware16:49
flocculantknome: spooky ... I was looking at them earlier - was going to ask you how to kill profile - not sure about other one yet17:37
knomeso hwprofile is just obsolete?17:40
knomeor do we want a redirect?17:40
flocculantknome: hwprofile is pretty much obsolete - the only real reason was a copy of the thing that was on the tracker - which is now gone17:42
knomeoh bah17:45
flocculantalternatively - replace it with 'really ... '17:46
knomepleia2, just that you don't get a heart attack the next time you access a marketing page in the wiki - i have copied most of them to the new wiki with 5 sec redirects on the old pages19:16
knomepleia2, but obviously if you looked at your email, you'd know this already..19:16
pleia2updates from the wiki? the wiki can't email me at the moment, I need to switch off my @ubuntu.com address19:17
knomenvm then19:18
knomepleia2, how do you feel about https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Marketing/Projects/Flyers ? i would probably just point that to the repository (this page has no information that is useful)19:24
pleia2knome: as long as we retain the information that lived on wiki (main details, formats) I think that's fine19:26
pleia2could add it to a readme file in the repo or something19:26
knomethe intro is kept in x.org, the text ideas too, the formats is just for planning (and we don't plan to provide the flyer in *all* of those), and the design *is* in the repository19:27
pleia2so I think we're ok then19:27
knomeyeah, i'll point it to the repository19:27
flocculantknome: re announcement - website currently points to the .2 announcement/release note19:41
knomei don't think we have .3 announcement/notes19:41
knomethat's why it's doing that19:41
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krytarikknome: Remember my reasoning for not jumping in on the vote earlier?  That's valid for real now! :P  (Not using anything regularly myself currently.)22:02
knomei don't... :P22:03
flocculantvote? 22:07
knomedepends on the election i guess :P22:07
flocculantoh that22:14
ochosihey bluesabre, if you wanna get that patch into xfpm you better submit it soonish ;)22:21
ochosibluesabre: also, it might be a good idea to postpone some workitems from development so the focus can be laid on the ones that really should be fixed this cycle (fonts-droid, default LO theme, shimmer-themes packageset, x-core, and a few more)22:45
knomeif people want to try something new out, there's now a more integrated looking tracker at http://tracker.xubuntu.org/index2.php23:13
knomeor not really tracker any more - developer area23:14
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