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quicksilverhow do I pick a version of a file and record that?09:36
quicksilverif I bzr revert -r123 file.txt09:36
quicksilverI belive it will rever the text contents of file.txt to the text contents as of revision 12309:36
quicksilverbut it won't reset the rev-id of that file to the revision called 12309:37
quicksilverdoes that even make sense09:37
fullermdWhat "the rev-id of that file"?  Files don't have revisions, revisions have files.09:37
quicksilverfullermd: when I do a later merge into another branch09:39
quicksilverfullermd: I want it to think "this file is current as of rev-id X, so there is nothing to do"09:39
quicksilverfullermd: and I want it to use X as the basis for the diff it will build when merging09:39
quicksilverdoes that make sense?09:40
fullermdAs in forgetting the history and all the changes to it since then?09:40
quicksilvereffectively yes09:40
fullermdNo such thing.09:40
quicksilverI can make my situation more concrete if you like09:40
fullermdYou'd have to recreate the whole history from that point.09:40
quicksilverfile is in a good state in rev-id A, say09:41
quicksilverin rev-id B it received massive formatting only changes09:41
quicksilverin one particular branch, in rev-id C, those formatting changes were accidentally undone09:41
quicksilverso rev-id C is textually identically to rev-id A09:41
quicksilvernow all the other active branches have the file correctly formatted (B)09:42
quicksilverif I simply correctly format and commit I believe I will generate a new revision (D)09:42
quicksilverwhich might 'look like' B09:42
quicksilverbut because it has more history, it will conflict with branches from branch point B09:42
quicksilverif they ever make changes to affected lines (which is lots of them)09:42
quicksilverfullermd: does that sound like it makes sense?09:43
fullermdNot necessarily; 3 way merge should ignore all the stuff in the middle and just look at the LCA and end products.  Weave merge would probably blow beets on it, to be sure...09:43
* quicksilver googles LCA09:44
quicksilvercommon ancestor?09:44
fullermdBut you're essentially talking about changing the contents of a file in a revision [multiple, but same difference].  You can't do that without changing (i.e., replacing) the revision, and you can't do that without replacing all the revisions that follow.09:44
fullermdSo the only feasible way would be recreating some amount of branch history to eradicate the traces of such things.09:44
fullermdLatest Common Ancestor09:44
quicksilverI know how to recreate the history, done it before for worse issues than this one09:45
quicksilverI'll try the text revert and see if I get conflicts!09:45
fullermdIf you're needing to dispose of 2 revs from earlier today that aren't published, that's trivial; if it's 500 revs from the last 6 months that are all over the world...09:45
quicksilveror even if they're just all over 30 branches in this office it's still a pain :P09:45
fullermdQuite.  The pain goes all nonlinear as soon as there's more than one copy...09:46
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fmccannHey bzr folks, I’m trying to configure bzr to use vim for resolving conflicts. Is this possible? I’m tring to config either bzr.mergetool or external_merge for the extmerge plugin and I’m not getting anywhere :D20:34

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