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arkinI'm trying to factor wget http://dev.mysql.com/get/mysql-apt-config_0.6.0-1_all.deb && dpkg -i mysql-apt-config_0.6.0-1_all.deb10:29
arkininto my init file10:29
arkinbut dpkg pops up a configurable option (which mysql version)10:29
arkincan I bypass this ?10:29
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smoserarkin, you have a couple options.14:08
smosercloud-init does its package installation with:14:08
smoser DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive14:09
smoserin the environment14:09
smoserand a install of14:09
smoserAPT_GET_COMMAND = ('apt-get', '--option=Dpkg::Options::=--force-confold',14:09
smoser                   '--option=Dpkg::options::=--force-unsafe-io',14:09
smoser                   '--assume-yes', '--quiet')14:09
smoserso you should be able to14:10
smoserDEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive dpkg --force-confold --force-unsafe-io14:10
smoserand get the same behavior14:10
smoserto dpkg14:10
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