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cory_fuHey, question about charm2 upload and bundles for the uiteam.  I've been told that `charm2 upload` should just work with bundles, but I get a message about about it being unable to open metadata.yaml, which obviously the bundle doesn't have20:51
cory_fuIs this the correct command form?  charm2 upload ~bigdata-dev/bundles/apache-core-batch-processing20:51
rick_h_cory_fu: shouldn't need the /bundles part of the url20:51
baccory_fu: you need to give it a path20:51
baccory_fu: so if you're in the bundle, use a . after the upload command20:52
baccory_fu: but i've never used upload with a bundle, just charms20:52
cory_fubac: How does it know where to upload it into the store?20:52
cory_fuAlso, `charm2 upload --help` says to use `charm upload ~bob/bundle/django`20:52
baccory_fu: the help says that the directory of where the bundle lives is optional and the final argument is the charmstore namespace20:53
cory_fuHrm.  Using that form (bundle, singular) says it can't find my local path.  I think I need to use "bundle" locally as well20:53
cory_fuAh, I see20:53
baccory_fu: so if you don't give a local path it assumes it is in your JUJU_REPOSITORY directory20:53
cory_fuPerfect.  That worked.  Thanks!20:54
rick_h_cory_fu: so try charm2 upload . cs:~bigdata-dev/apache-core-batch-processing20:54
baccory_fu: that is why when uploading charms i always have my cwd to be the directory and use .20:54
rick_h_cory_fu: ok coolio20:54
rick_h_cory_fu: did you need the /bundle in the url or did you drop that?20:55
baccory_fu: yeah, could you paste the command that worked?20:55
cory_fuI will also update my local path convention to use "bundle" instead of "bundles" so that it matches the command's expectations20:55
cory_fuYes, I did20:55
cory_fucharm2 upload . ~bigdata-dev/bundle/apache-core-batch-processing20:55
rick_h_hmm, :( that the bundle was there20:55
cory_fuLeaving it out complains about metadata.yaml, so it must be assuming it's a charm20:56
rick_h_gotcha, yea that's :(20:56
rick_h_we'll have to work on that20:56
baccory_fu: i also like to use the 'cs:' prefix so it is obvious.  also it prevents ~ expansion if your local username is the same.20:56
bacbut clearly not a problem with your example20:56
cory_fubac: Good advice.  Seems like it'd be good to update the --help examples to use cs:20:57
baccory_fu: i thought i had.20:57
rick_h_cory_fu: it is, but in trunk and not in the release20:57
rick_h_bac: you did, but we've not released a new charm2 lately20:57
bacwe should do that.  :)20:57
rick_h_+1, hoping that we get that worked out and updated. the /bundle should be skipable as well.20:58
* rick_h_ files a bug20:58
cory_fuAre we going to get a new release of the GUI soon with the title updates to jujusvg?21:12
rick_h_cory_fu: soon, the title updates are in bjt needs a charmstore release21:19
cory_fuAlso, the X and Y values for placement... Are those for the top-left corner?  I notice that the circles for subordinates are smaller than normal services, so it makes calculating the placement a bit harder.21:20
hatchcory_fu: don't calculate the placement, do it in the GUI then export the bundle21:23
hatchmuch easier21:23
hatchand less error prone for typos :)21:23
cory_fuhatch: Any support for grid-snapping in the GUI?21:27
cory_fuWould be nice to have.  :)21:28
hatchyeah it's been on the roadmap for 3 years21:28
hatchbut to much else to do :)21:29
hatchbut honestly building bundles in the gui and then exporting it saves so much time than trying to write it by hand21:29
hatcheven if to just get it close21:29

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