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aarondid anyone see the email from Riddell?19:45
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clivejoahoneybun: which email?21:40
ovidiu-florinclivejo: council email21:55
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: yes I did21:56
clivejooh, forgot I was in this channel21:56
ovidiu-florinI'm thinking Skcarlett21:56
ovidiu-florinis the best option21:56
clivejoshouldnt really be in here21:56
ovidiu-florinbut, I'd say let's just put a smaller ammount in her patreon so that we can extend it for a longer period21:57
ovidiu-florinsmaller than a full montly sallary I mean21:57
ovidiu-florinany opinions on this?21:58
ovidiu-florinit's just an idea21:58
* valorie just sent two emails, one including Jon with thanks, one to just us with ideas22:57
valorieremember, this is logged22:57
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