ximionsgclark: I need to sleep (busy day tomorrow), but if you need any assistance, ping me on IRC or write an email :-)00:32
sgclarkximion: I found where it was resetting it. Thank you!!!00:32
ximionsgclark: awesome! does that mean it works now? ;-)00:33
sgclarkximion: pushing changes now, will test, but I am certain it will be fixed :)00:33
ximionsgclark: neat, thank you!00:37
ximionkeep in mind that appstreamcli will only return a > 0 exit code if it encounters serious issues (= errors), but not for e.g. warnings00:37
ximionyou pretty much always want to fix warnings though - pedantic or info-priority issues are suggestions though (but should ideally be looked at)00:38
sgclarkI can probably parse log for warnings 00:38
ximionthat's what I wanted to suggest - maybe not fail the CI, but ping the developers, if that's possible00:39
ximionotherwise I could also add something like a -Werror flag ^^00:39
sgclarkok, well we can definitely improve things now that we have a working base (assuming this is fixed)00:39
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lordievaderGood morning.08:53
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maxyzsgclark: ping, sorry I was away yesterday when you asked for the kdenlive repository uri. I think it's: https://guest@svn.linux-dev.org/svn/pkg under opt/mutt/mutt-colors-solarized/mutt-colors-solarized-dark-256.muttrc08:55
maxyzNot that's not the right clipboard08:55
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maxyzsgclark: I don08:55
lordievaderclivejo: Congratulations!08:56
maxyzI don't remember the password, but it should be trivial.08:56
jussievening all10:36
jussilong time no see10:39
lordievaderIndeed, how are you doing?10:39
jussicrazy busy irl, but good. also, soon will have real internet back... not this stupid dongle thing...10:39
lordievaderHeh, so expect more of Jussi in the future? :P10:40
jussilets see... I still have a job in a different field with no sitdown time and a family....10:42
lordievaderHmm... /o\10:42
clivejothank you lordievader11:12
clivejocan anyone see why this is FTBFS - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/239493322/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.kdesdk-kioslaves_4%3A15.12.1-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1_BUILDING.txt.gz11:26
BluesKajHi folks11:49
yofelclivejo: ../../svn/svn.cpp:112:49: error: invalid use of incomplete type 'const svn_sort__item_t {aka const struct svn_sort__item_t}'12:04
yofelmultiple times12:04
clivejoyofel: what does that mean?12:41
clivejomisisng dep?12:42
yofelmore like invalid API use12:42
yofelmaybe the underlying lib changed API12:42
bshahis anyone working on kactivities split?12:45
bshahyofel/clivejo : ?12:46
yofelit was split?12:46
bshahwell lots of thing moved out of it in all other places..12:47
bshah(at least it will affect CI branches)12:47
bshah(for now)12:47
bshahyofel: https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-frameworks-devel/2016-February/031299.html12:50
acheron88clivejo: congrats and well deserved13:23
BluesKajHey clivejo, Congratulations!, saw the good news on Kubuntu RSS feed :-)13:27
yofelah ok 5.2013:41
yofelbshah: at least I won't be doing the splitting for a while, sgclark or clivejo might13:41
sgclarkmaxyz: thank you, I never would have found that on my own... Do you know why kdenlive packaging is sooo far away from debian infrastructure?13:55
soee_[15:08] <Guest65785> Hi! Just install Kubuntu for the first time! So pretty!14:16
sgclarkclivejo: in regards to superkaramba - there was no release for 15.12.1 so if debain did need do a release you will have to ask them why/ how they managed without source. If they did not it will have to stay @ 15.12.015:38
sgclarkyofel: I do not see any of us doing libindi thoughts on how to satisfy this depend? there is a perfectly good ppa with consistent updates, but it has other stuff we probably don't want. Copy libindi maybe?15:40
sgclarkclivejo: how did marble go?15:41
sgclarkok I think I have spammed enough peeps this morning, putting on kde hat for a bit15:42
clivejosgclark: only took like 4 hours!15:45
clivejothat symbols file is a beast15:45
clivejo13k lines15:45
sgclarkeww :( is it finished though? can you mark it done15:45
clivejoIve uploaded a version I think is done15:46
clivejowaiting to see if it builds!15:46
sgclarkok, same for kdepim15:46
sgclarkwe are almost done yay15:46
sgclarkI am awaiting help for kdenlive.. it is in some random svn repo on the internet...15:47
clivejoneed to check if that last PIM merge I did built15:47
sgclarkyeah you did not mark your name on that!15:47
clivejooh sorry15:48
clivejotrello is being weird with me15:48
clivejoabout 50% of the time I go back to the board its a blank page15:49
clivejothere must be a timeout or something15:49
soeethis is madness15:49
soeei don't get it why there is no some better releasing software way than spending half life on some symbols15:50
soeewhy linux doesn't have some easier way15:50
clivejosgclark: whats going on with kdepim-runtime - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/+build/902426715:50
clivejoit looks like its stuck15:50
clivejoI thought Id attempt it while you were in bed :P15:51
sgclarkclivejo: well it looks like it failed due to missing dependency (probably kdepim). not sure why it is just sitting there in limbo though. cancel build seems our only option.15:54
clivejosgclark: Ive requested a rebuild of gwenview, it was looking for KDraw and Kipi libs which should be fixed now15:57
clivejoso fingers crossed that will go green :)15:57
clivejowow marble seems to have built, just lots of missing symbols!15:59
clivejoIll try and fix those later16:00
clivejoreally dont want to have to look through 13k lines again!16:01
clivejogwenview now has missing files!16:03
clivejosgclark: uploaded a fix for gwenview, should now rebuild ok16:09
clivejosgclark: would you take a look at kmag, I have no idea whats wrong with it16:09
sgclarkok, sadly pim failed16:09
sgclarkclivejo: done. dh_install: unknown option; aborting was the hint. dh_install was trying to pass --destdir=debian/tmp as instructed in the rules file. This flag is not available in the dh_install available in ubuntu for reasons unknown. I have removed the offending override in debian/rules (kmag)16:29
yofelsgclark: sounds like someone wanted to use dh_auto_install instead?16:40
yofelthat has --destdir16:40
sgclarkyofel: umm what is the difference? and what is the point? it already goes to tmp16:42
sgclarkthe build succedded16:42
yofelsingle-binary packages don't go to debian/tmp, so this was behavior streamlining I guess16:42
yofeland auto_install is what's responsible for "make install", dh_install does the split-into-packages after that16:43
yofelhence dh_auto_install --destdir, and dh_install --sourcedir if you want different dirs than the default16:44
yofelsomeone confused the two I guess16:44
sgclarkhmm CI seems quiet this morning16:45
clivejoIRC plugin is broken again16:46
yofelthe peace...16:46
clivejoyofel: why is this merge failing - http://kci.pangea.pub/job/merger_plasma-nm/550/consoleFull16:47
maxyzyofel: fixed, in the Debian branch, that was me migrating to ddeb.16:47
yofelclivejo: changelog merge is failing16:47
clivejoyeah but which merge?16:48
maxyzsgclark: the-me doesn't want to, we ask him to move the repos to our git, but back then he wasnt interested, after a while he tried, but then we had no time to teach him how to git, and when we did, he was no longer interested. 16:50
maxyzasked him16:50
sgclarkoh. hmm.16:50
maxyzWhat's wrong with the libindi from Debian?16:51
yofelclivejo: the last one before the failure. But to debug it you have to do the whole chain by hand16:52
sgclarkmaxyz: ok. so now I am unsure what I should do. I am not have luck with git svn fetch . can I create a new branch with git svn ?16:52
yofelotherwise you get a different result16:52
maxyzsgclark: Please use the svn as read only16:52
sgclarkmaxyz: probably nothing, but we do not have kubuntu branch, and I do not want to randomly create one, there seems to be issues with that :(16:53
maxyzCreate any branches you need in the applications/kdenlive.git repo16:53
yofelFWIW, if indi has no diff we need, just file a sync request for it16:53
sgclarkmaxyz: I am not trying to commit to kdenlive, I only want to do a debain merge into our branches16:54
sgclarkmaxyz: ok thank you16:54
sgclarkexactly what I needed16:54
yofelactually, it doesn't. So sync request it is16:54
maxyzyofel, It's still under discussion, right now, it would be better to ask the current maintainer, and if no answer is received or the maintainer prefers not to, then you could still create a git repository under the kubuntu/ subtree16:58
maxyzin particular for libindi, I think I've been doing most of the uploads for a while now. And I don't mind having the extra kubuntu_* branches16:59
yofelmaxyz: the only diff we have right now is symbol updates. So none really17:03
yofelsgclark: indi sync requested17:22
clivejosgclark: has the name of libkmahjongg changed?   https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-kdeapplications/+build/898574017:22
sgclarkyofel: excellent , ty17:22
yofeloh, done already. [ubuntu/xenial-proposed] libindi 1.1.0-1 (Accepted)17:22
sgclarkclivejo: no, that link is the main application.17:22
clivejoah, you have pushed the merge17:27
sgclarkyeah seems I did not do it, my bad.17:28
clivejodid you not take on the new debian name?17:28
sgclarkclearly I am still working on it.17:29
clivejolibkmahjongg > libkf5kmahjongg and drop the epoch17:29
clivejook sorry17:30
* clivejo wanders off for some food17:31
blazeno qt release candidate so far :(18:12
blazerelease going to be late18:13
soeei think we already get used to it :)18:19
clivejosgclark: looks like we wont be able to drop the epoch on libkf5kmahjongg :(19:34
sgclarkyeah looks like I did the merge in 15.12.0 and messed that up.. :(19:34
sgclarkseems like it should be able to delete in a ppa, but I cant figure out how19:35
sgclarkyofel ^ ?19:35
sgclarknot like we pushed to archive that I know of19:35
clivejoIve updated QA with the new name19:38
sgclarkclivejo: do you know how to grab upstream patches and apply them to  our packages? We absolutely need patch for #145172819:38
sgclarkhow do I link bug haha19:39
clivejogot it anyways19:39
sgclarkgot the bug?19:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451728 in ktp-accounts-kcm (Ubuntu Wily) "[master] kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error" [Critical,Triaged]19:40
sgclarkright. Martin just pushed final fix19:40
clivejowill it not be in 15.12.1?19:41
sgclarkuh no that is already released19:41
sgclarkso is 15.12.2 sadly19:41
sgclarkwill need to grab the patch19:41
clivejohow did you hear about it and where is the patch?19:42
sgclarkhe like *just* pushed it19:42
sgclarkI am subbed to the bug19:42
clivejooh I see 55mins ago19:42
clivejothis is the patch - https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kaccounts-providers.git&a=commit&h=2307d7df60ee8df6467157305a48e1b5bfd924b6?19:43
sgclarkyeah that19:43
sgclarkthis is a nasty bug been on going for over a year, we need to get that in lol19:43
clivejoneeds fixed then!19:44
soee_bug 145172819:47
ubottubug 1451728 in ktp-accounts-kcm (Ubuntu Wily) "[master] kde-config-telepathy-accounts package install error" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145172819:47
clivejosgclark: I tried to apply that patch to ktp-accounts-kcm, but it wont apply.  Should it be kaccounts-providers?20:30
clivejoyeah, Ive got it wrong!20:31
sgclarkclivejo: hold up, new message saying thing are broken with that patch :(21:13
clivejocant get it to apply :(21:13
sgclarkdon't worry about it, it is no good, they are taking a different approach21:13
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ovidiu-florinclivejo: ping sitter about the email22:06
ovidiu-florinhe solved mine22:06
clivejobut sitter doesnt work for Canonical?22:07
clivejoovidiu-florin: ah, I should read more - The script which creates the email aliases runs every 2 days. So please wait at least 48 hours before checking if the email is working (or leave it a couple more days to be sure). 22:08
ovidiu-florinthere you go22:08
ovidiu-florinwhere did you read that?22:09

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