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alibramonitor just started shutting down, switched to mageia, same thing. using ati with no problems before this. anyone have any ideas? Not doing it on win 7 so i take it not overheating.01:40
alibrajust goes black like it's shutting down but pc keeps running and can't get back up01:44
alibrapower settings are off and no themes01:44
alibrarunning dual monitors and both Kubuntu and Mageia run about 3 mins and shut down so it's not the monitor. didn't change anything in Mageia and running 2 weeks Kubuntu main no other problems.02:02
D-rexis it turning off or standby?02:04
alibrathey shut down the monitors  pc stays on02:05
alibrahit every button and nothing comes back on monitor wise02:06
alibraand moved mouse02:06
D-rexBut just to clarify the power of monitor is off or is the screen black but power to monitor is on02:08
alibrayes u correct02:08
alibrapower on screen goes black and shuts power off to them02:09
alibrascreen says no signal02:10
D-rexsounds like a driver issue02:10
alibraworked fine for 2 weeks no problem either distro? just started tonight02:11
alibrathought maybe someone heard of this before02:12
D-rexheard of similar issues that were driver related02:12
D-rexdid you try disabling screen energy sav emode02:12
D-rexwhat version are you running02:13
alibrai don't get why it would effect both kubuntu and mageia when i had no probs with either before02:13
D-rexmaybe hardware issue ?02:14
alibrahate to reload and try again, windows has no problem02:15
alibraThanks D-rex if it continues guess I'll just reload and see what that does.02:19
D-rexyw hope you fix it i hate issues like that02:21
MylonArgh.  Stupid computer locked up on me.02:23
MylonI installed Samba and something glitched and I wasn't able to switch tasks.  Had to restart.02:24
MylonOh hey, two touch scrolling is back...02:26
tavitoalguno habla español02:33
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.02:34
Unit193!es | tavito02:34
ubottutavito: please see above02:34
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bob2021hey... I'mt trying to give up on 15.10 and install 14.04, but my machine isn't seeing the livecd at boot time.  is there any way to run the installer without rebooting into the livecd?04:27
valoriebob2021: no, you need to have either a booted DVD/USB or a mounted ISO04:28
valorieand I've never done the mounted ISO way.....04:28
valorieI think that's only for a VM04:28
valoriebob2021: have you verified the image on the DVD?04:41
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:41
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noaXessfor kate.. wasn't there any option to convert charachters to htmlentities?07:27
noaXessdoes anybody have a good alternative to ktimetracker.. to record the time on a specific desktop? i used ktimetracker long time.. and its really nice to record the time only on a spec. desktop..07:56
lordieva1erGood morning.08:53
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noaXesshey lordievader09:02
lordievaderHey noaXess, how are you?09:06
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BluesKajHi folks11:49
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Guest65785Hi! Just install Kubuntu for the first time! So pretty!14:08
soee_hi Guest65785, good to hear you like it :)14:16
Guest65785Any advices about security/customization/update/things to do once installed?14:19
soee_are you on 15.10 ?14:21
soee_than only add backports-ppa and install updates14:22
soee_probably soon Plasma 5.5.4 will land there to14:23
Guest65785What is Plasma? :(14:24
BluesKajit's the kde desktop14:24
soee_what you see on your screen :)14:24
Guest65785Ok didn't know that KDEs version had nickname14:25
soee_KDE is a community14:25
soee_desktop environment, apps etc. was once called KDE3, KDE414:26
soee_but since some time we have KDE Community, that ships Plasma, Applications, Frameworks etc.14:26
soee_so Plasma is your desktop environment, Application teh apps you use anf Frameworks are used to build Plasma and Applications14:27
Guest65785Didn't know that, thx14:28
soee_Np. enjoy Kubuntu :)14:29
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jemandHi, how do I reset the graficadapter in Kubuntu?16:39
BluesKajjemand, which gpu ?16:41
jemandnot sure / build in16:41
jemandI switched the harddisk to a Thinkpad 50016:41
jemandIt came from a NVidia computer16:42
jemandKubuntu can't start grafik - says: no discrete graficadapter16:43
chr1sjernand: so you have your existing kubuntu installation on a whole new machine now (you moved the disk to a different computer)?16:48
jemandchrls: yes changed machine16:49
chr1sthere could be quite a few things that are different then (different driver for network card, sound, graphics, etc)16:49
jemandnetwork is running even in revovery16:50
chr1ssorry, lost my connection while i was talking to jernand16:51
chr1snot sure if you saw my message16:52
jemandno prob16:52
jemandyes sow it, network is running in recovery16:52
chr1sso if you moved the disk then there could be lots of drivers that are different now16:53
chr1sdo you know what graphics card you have on the new machine?16:53
jemandnot realy - T500 standard16:53
chr1sdo you at least get a log in on a console16:54
jemand1200 * 76816:54
jemandi'm in recovery console16:54
chr1sok, so you have something graphical to work with or your stuck on command line?16:55
jemandgraphical mode can't start16:55
chr1scommand line then16:55
jemandstuck on command line16:56
jemandIntel GM45 Chipset16:58
chr1swhat happens if you run startx16:59
chr1swhat does the output say when it fails16:59
jemandthere is an NVidia defined which can't be found17:01
jemandwhat wil happen if I delete xorg.conf?17:02
chr1sdo you have an xorg.conf?17:07
chr1sok, rename it:17:07
chr1smv xorg.conf xorg.conf.bak17:07
chr1sdefinietly it won't work if you have one17:07
chr1swithout it, X should try to autodetect stuff17:08
chr1stry startx again and see what happens :)17:08
jemandstill the error: No discrete VGA device found17:08
chr1sok so probably it doesn't know how to drive your graphics card17:09
chr1sit might be missing x drivers or it might be your kernel...17:09
chr1sever build your own kernel?17:09
chr1sok so hopefully just xorg drivers then17:12
jemandI set it up again. No big deal17:13
jemandextra /home partition17:13
chr1sit will be easier probably yeah17:13
chr1sok cool17:13
chr1sit's the quickest way otherwise you will probably spend lots of time figuring out everything you need17:13
jemandIt'll take not more than 20 min...17:13
jemandno work @all17:13
chr1syou could potentially cheat with a live cd to figure out what you need and then reboot and install the bits17:14
chr1sbut to be honest it would probably take longer than reinstalling17:14
chr1sgood luck17:16
jemandchr1s: THX for help. Installation ready- everything fine.17:30
denza242hmm, I'm having problems with Kontact/Akonadi17:39
denza242see, one time when I was prompted to punch in the password for kwallet when it was specifically for akonadi_imap_resource or something17:40
denza242and I accidentally closed the prompt17:40
denza242so now for some reason, Akonadi/Kontact can't access KWallet at all17:41
denza242I tried deleting every kontact/akonadi config file I could find but it still won't prompt me at all17:42
BluesKajdenza242, wish i could help , but i avoid the PIM packages and akonadi and kwallet like the plague since I'm merely a home user17:47
denza242why kwallet?17:47
BluesKajguess i never relly learned how to use it so i just disable it ...always seemed very clunky to me.17:49
denza242fair enough18:00
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MylonWhat's the keyboard command to stop the plasma flicker?19:03
MylonI hit shift + alt + f12 and now I can't switch windows.19:07
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MylonPlease help.  This is the second time this has happened in 2 days and it's really frustrating.19:53
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geniisoee_: "I hit shift + alt + f12 and now I can't switch windows."19:57
soee_switch how ?19:58
MylonAlt tab does not work.  Clicking on window titles does not work20:00
MylonCLicking on taskbar at bottom does not work20:00
soee_and you can click and interact panel, desktop ?20:00
geniiIs this in a VM?20:01
MylonNot a Vm20:01
MylonI can launch new windows.20:01
soee_well obviously something with desktop effects20:01
MylonSo killall Plasma?20:04
geniikillall plasmashell && plasmashell20:09
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MylonLast time I tried that the taskbar never came back.20:38
Mylonalt-space wouldn't work.20:39
MylonWelp, that didn't work20:48
MylonI ended up restarting20:49
kamilHello, I'm trying to install AMD proprietary drivers but I can't get the installer to work. The .run file runs for a few seconds but installer GUI doesn't open. How can I fix it?20:58
kamilHere's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/ieIWxG1.png20:59
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kuudesit seems I have https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=111&t=117704&sid=686f521603529fe20d895a722223d4cc&start=15 but I don't see having unclutter?22:33
kuudesie. alt-tab to browser, write input with keyboard, input goes to xchat application that is now in background?22:34
kuudeshttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2230407&s=7857fbbfd14c45146aafd24222d686c1&p=13144378#post13144378 is my current hope22:41
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ifohancroftHello, everyone. I am a bit confused about the EOL dates of different 14.04 subversions. Does the one currently on site goes EOL in 2016 or in 2019?23:58

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