phillwJust in case anyone missed the news re:glibc bug, the isos have all been respun.13:42
wxlwell hello stranger! XD20:08
LStrangerI plan to release new LXDE packages this weekend (both upstream and Debian unstable). Only bug-fix releases, no new features. Do I understand right, it should be possible to get them into new LTS?20:11
wxlpossible MAYBE LStranger20:11
wxlDebianImportFreeze is tomorrow20:12
wxlso it would need some handholding for sure20:12
wxli'll check into exactly what needs to be done20:13
wxlsorry for the ignorance, but will the packages appear in Debian unstable (as available to the public) this weekend? or is there a lag time?20:13
wxlLStranger: ^^20:13
LStrangerIn my job search process I completely forgot about this freeze and some components have too many bugs fixed to be not included into LTS.20:13
LStrangerWell, they usually appear due to very few hours after I upload them to ftpmaster. :)20:15
LStrangerAnd I will upload each one right after I upload upstream tarball.20:15
wxlok well we'll have to alert gilir to have him stuff them in a PPA for testing to make sure we don't need any ubuntu-specific patches20:15
LStrangerIf you wonder, I happen to be main upstream developer and also Debian maintainer for all LXDE stuff. :)20:16
LStrangerThank you very much.20:17
wxlexcellent. thanks for all the work20:17
LStrangergilir never replied to my last letter to him.20:17
LStrangerso I decided to come here and ask. :)20:18
wxlLStranger: i know he's a busy guy. we'll track him down, don't worry.20:18
wxlLStranger: could you email me the changes you're discussing integrating? git logs work.20:18
LStrangersure, give me your e-mail, please.20:19
wxlLStranger: wxl@ubuntu.com. thanks!20:19
LStrangerwxl: so I extract only summary lines from log to make it easily readable, right?20:46
wxlyou can be as verbose as you want, LStranger. even a link to the commit or merge requests works fine for me, too!20:47
LStrangerwell, I can point you to the gitweb server pages if that's good for you. :)20:49
wxlLStranger: works for me. :) an email with links is more than fine20:49
LStrangerok, will do, thank you. :)20:50
wxlthank you, LStranger !20:50
LStrangerwxl: mail sent!21:14
LStrangerthough lxpanel may come a bit later in Debian since I plan to fix https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=785660 which will bring NEW queue but in Ubuntu it's *ubuntu2 already so anyway will be not directly imported.21:39
ubot93Debian bug 785660 in lxpanel "lxpanel: adequate reports missing-pkgconfig-dependency lxpanel => libfm" [Wishlist,Open]21:39
LStrangerThank you ubot :)21:39
LStrangerAnd may be fixing that will bring Debian package close enough to Ubuntu one to be just imported later.21:41
Unit193Well, Lubuntu still has the indicator delta.21:42
LStrangerAh, right.21:44
Unit193https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/0.8.1-1ubuntu1 lists most of it, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/0.8.1-1ubuntu2 has the rest.21:44
LStrangerThat libindicator is probably still Ubuntu specific.21:45
Unit193Well, Debian does have some of it, but it's pretty outdated.21:46
Unit193(For example, it has xfce4-indicator-plugin too, but outdated.)21:46
LStrangerAlthough some changes from *ubuntu1 should be in Debian package as well leaving only libindicator stuff in there.21:48
LStrangerSo I will ensure that. :)21:48
Unit193LStranger: I was bummed lxsession wasn't merged for wily, still had crappy ck stuff. :/21:49
LStrangerwhen I install 14.04 and do add-apt-repository for lubuntu-dev, I hold all lxsession and also lubuntu-* since current upstream isn't usable - no wallpaper for lightdm, no logout dialog at all, may be some other bugs as well, two previous are enough for hold21:53
LStrangerAnd in Debian BTS the lxsession has the biggest number of bugs between all LXDE packages21:55
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