coffeemughi 16.04 solved my blank monitor problem. i have a gtx 960 ssc and a 4k and hd monitor01:28
coffeemugi first tried 14.04.301:28
coffeemugonly non fatal error i got was fecs install had failed?01:29
coffeemugi'm using the tested nvidia prop drivers and it's a lot smoother than xorg01:29
coffeemuganyhoo it's the daily build for 16.04 i'll01:30
coffeemugdo i need to enable anything for system stats/feedback in xenial?01:30
coffeemugthanks folks :)01:32
CountryfiedLinuxWill we be able to move the panel to the bottom when 16.04 is out?07:54
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lordievaderGood morning.08:56
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BluesKajHi folks11:49
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jtaylorfirst upgrade attempt 1404 -> 16.04 was a great success13:55
jtaylorkernel paniced during the upgrade13:56
jtaylorvery weird13:56
jtaylornot sure how that can even happen13:56
lotuspsychjejtaylor: its not recommended to upgrade yet from trusty13:57
lotuspsychjejtaylor: clean install instead to test13:58
jtaylorlotuspsychje: someone has to test the upgrade13:58
lotuspsychjejtaylor: sure, but still not recommended in this stage13:59
jtaylorI'm aware of that13:59
lotuspsychjelets say you want to report a bug to 16.04 and you have some weird leftover from 14.0414:00
lotuspsychjenot very effective14:00
jtaylorI'm able to figure that out, but not what could cause a panic during an upgrade14:01
jtaylorit shouldn't touch the running kernel at all14:01
joumetaljtaylor are you trying recover that installation?14:19
jtaylorjoumetal: I'm currently doing so14:19
jtaylorjoumetal: interesting the kernel also panics on boot14:20
jtaylorbut by setting init to bash I can rerun the installation14:20
jtaylorlets see what comes out when its done14:20
jtaylormy guess is its somehow related to my lvm setup14:22
jtaylormaybe the upgraded migrated something on disk and the current kernel (4.2) could not deal with it14:22
jtaylor(or corrupted)14:22
BluesKajjtaylor, the latest kernel for 16.04 is 4.414:25
jtaylorbut 14.04 is 4.214:26
jtaylorwell not yet latest but soon ;)14:26
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic trusty14:26
jtaylorlts-wily whih will be default on the next point release14:26
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 29 kB14:26
jtaylorlotuspsychje: hats 14.04.014:26
jtaylorI'm on 14.04.414:26
jtaylor(not yet released)14:27
BluesKajthen what are you doing in #ubuntu+1?14:27
jtaylorI'm testing the upgrade to +114:27
nneulIs there a set time in the release schedule at which point it would be safe to rely on apt-get upgrade getting you to the same state as a fresh install of the release? In particular, at what point will that apply for alphas/betas/etc. of 16.04?14:27
nneulI thought that there were still points during the early alphas where changes to the install infrastructure could result in the final install being different?14:27
jtaylornneul: there is no set time, its always the case14:28
BluesKajjtaylor, do you have / and /home partitions?14:28
lotuspsychjenneul: its not recommended to upgrade until final, fresh install 16.04 for testing14:28
nneuljtaylor: so it's reasonable to rely on:   (install of release on april >21) == (install of alphas + apt-get upgrade on april >21) ?14:28
jtayloryou might accumulate some stuff thats not present in a clean fresh install14:29
jtaylorbut generally upgrading gets you to a very similar state14:29
jtaylornneul: local config files might differ though as they are creted at runtime14:29
jtaylorBluesKaj: no /home, but lots of lvm partitions14:29
nneulok, that works. those sorts of things are just normal expectations of any time you do updates...14:29
nneulThank you!14:29
lordievaderjtaylor: Is upgrading from Trusty already possible?14:29
lordievaderWith the -d flag or something?14:29
jtaylorlordievader: no14:29
jtaylorlordievader: possible yes, should you do it no14:30
lordievaderjtaylor: Wasn't planning that ;) Having one test box is enough.14:30
BluesKajjtaylor, if you had a /home partiton then you could install to / and simply set the mountpoint for /home during the installion partitioning phase, and you'd have an up to date clean install if you chose a daily image iso .14:32
jtaylorBluesKaj: if I did not want to test the upgrade that would be option14:33
jtaylorbut I do ;)14:33
jtaylor(I expected it to fail, but not like that)14:33
BluesKaji don't see the point of testing theupgrade proces, but that's your call14:34
lordievaderBluesKaj: That path should also be tested. Quite a lot of people don't want to reinstall when going to Xenial.14:36
* BluesKaj shrugs, ok lordievader be my guest, have fun :-)14:38
lotuspsychjeupgrade proces will be tested by the devs too right14:38
lotuspsychjei dont see the point either14:38
lordievaderI'm not saying I'm going to test is. But I am saying testing the upgrade is valuable.14:38
lordievaderlotuspsychje: Most testers on iso.qa.u.c are volunteers. Probably only a handfull are developers.14:39
jtaylorlotuspsychje: upgrades depend on what is installed14:39
BluesKajthere are so any changes made everyday, i's like chasing bubbles IMO14:39
lotuspsychjeagainst wich file would a bug be filed for an upgrade?14:39
jtaylorlotuspsychje: it is impossible to test all permutations14:39
jtaylorlotuspsychje: (also I am a dev)14:39
lotuspsychjeupgrades are always tricky14:39
lordievaderIt is strange that iso.qa doesn't list any upgrade tests though.14:40
jtaylorhurray the borked upgrade has recovered and I have a working system :)15:32
jtaylorquite amazing that a 3000k package upgrade of a system actually works with only some minimal nodding15:34
joumetaldid you use update-manager?15:36
jtaylorbut that paniced at an unknown state, quite early15:36
jtaylorthe rest just dist-upgrade -f and install -f and some manual removals where that failed15:37
Guest60557is it normal, on xenial, that a normal user can do "init 6" in  terminal?17:32
joumetalinit 6 rebooted17:35
Guest60557sure, but for normal users???17:36
Guest60557on 14.04 it needs root rights17:36
Guest60557sudo init 617:37
Guest60557i am using ubuntu-studio 16.04, and i do not understand, that "init 6" is working for a normal user ...17:40
Guest60557any idea?17:48
lordievaderAin't that polkits doing? Since desktop users can reboot a machine, I suppose the same counts for running init 6. (Which will probably be translated to systemctl reboot)17:50
Guest60557what means desktop user? in the moment a normal user can reboot or shutdown (init 0) the server ... is that normal?17:53
lordievaderFor a server it might be different. But for the desktop flavours of ubuntu the normal users are able to reboot the machine.17:54
lordievaderAnyhow, like I'd said I'd investigate polkit for this.17:54
Guest60557since when is it normal, that a user. without su, can do init 6 or init 0?17:55
lordievaderI don't know about init, but like I said a desktop user should be able to reboot a machine. And since init is replaced with systemd...17:56
Guest60557ok, since when a user can do "systemctl isolate rescue.target", for exp.,  without root permission?17:58
lordievaderIf polkit is setup to allow that, a user can. Have you investigated the polkit settings?17:59
Guest60557sorry, but  what is polkit?18:00
lordievaderGuest60557: https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/polkit/18:00
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Guest65238lordievader, systemctl isolate ... .target needs root password, but init is working without password18:10
Guest65238any idea?18:13
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lordievaderHmm, that is odd. Especially seeing that run levels do not really exist anymore..19:03
dbarrosUnity launcher on the botton -> is it possible using current build ?21:00
k1ldbarros: no21:00
dbarrosnot even by a workaround?21:01
k1lthere was a patch proposed but not accepted. you could compile that patch in yourself21:01
k1lthis is the patch all the news sites say its already included into 16.04, but its not21:04
dbarrosI see21:05

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