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Guest2306Error : desktop:Exec:saihtml: found unexpected Exec with architecture 'all': ./qtc_device_debughelper.py06:21
Guest2306tried , build-> ubuntu->create click package06:21
forest_friends"appdevs" - ubuntu sdk ide - html project - > error: found unexpected Exec with architecture 'all': ./qtc_device_debughelper.py06:27
forest_friendstried: build->ubu->create click package. bottom right-green bar. but even then, ubu-sdk i386 (15.04) throws this error06:28
kiviHey my friend sent me an audio attachment via sms, and it says "Audio Attachment not supported." How can I get this audio attachment off my phone and view it?08:11
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JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy World Human Spirit Day! 😃09:51
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DanChapmanballoons, ping16:28
balloonsDanChapman pong16:29
DanChapmanballoons, hey! :-) quick question... are the calendar app ap tests supposed to disabled? I'm noticing they sometimes do & don't on different mp's.16:30
DanChapmanI have an mp https://code.launchpad.net/~dpniel/ubuntu-calendar-app/ScrollView2/+merge/285027 but it seems like every test is failing and the errors are just weird16:32
DanChapmanballoons, the mp's that are getting approved by jenkins are running the run-ap-tests-ci-no-tests job instead of the run-ap-tests-ci16:37
balloonsDanChapman, ohh really?16:37
balloonsOhh.. it might be just top approving16:38
DanChapmanballoons, as an example https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/ubuntu-calendar-app/bottom-edge see the difference in jobs between the first & second jenkins runs. Or am i just missing something :-D16:40
balloonsDanChapman, looking16:42
balloonsDanChapman, oh that's an old run. It's possible jenkins was configured differently at the time of th erun16:43
balloonswe went through some craziness earlier in the month with the krillin device going offline alot, so the tests got skipped16:43
DanChapmanahh that makes more sense then. :-)16:44
balloonsnew runs should not be that way16:44
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