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_SpongeBonjour tout le monde !06:02
dholbachgood morning07:57
popeydholbach: I appreciate the help with snappy yesterday, I carried on working during the evening on it, and nailed down exactly the specific libraries and perl modules it needed08:48
popeydholbach: I uploaded it to the store, so it's now sat in review :) https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/4540/rev/1/08:48
popeyWas quite enjoyable once I got into the rhythm of making the snap08:49
* popey relocates to czajkowski co-working space :)08:49
dholbachpopey, awesome :-D08:52
davidcallepopey: what have you snapped?09:34
dholbachcowsay :)09:34
MooDoohehe I just showed that to a friend, also cowthink :)09:39
popeydavidcalle: ya, cowsay and cowthink :)10:15
popeyarrrgh, power connector has failed on my laptop10:22
popeydholbach: did you venture into your laptop with a soldering iron at some point?10:22
dholbachpopey, I luckily never had to10:26
dholbachpopey, on the x220 I could exchange the power thing easily - I didn't have to solder10:27
popeymine, i have to hold the power cable to one side, I suspect it's come away inside from the board10:27
dholbachit takes a bit to disassemble everything, but it was quite easy to do10:28
popeymight have to bust it open over lunch10:28
dholbachdpm, one thing we didn't discuss (which was what I wanted to discuss originally...) was if we could interest the webteam in updating the style for text layout to be a bit more modern (like in the juju docs we looked at) or if we could add some overrides11:33
dpmdholbach, good point. I think the easiest thing would be to create a design brief for the web team to kickstart that. That's what they use to schedule their work.11:34
dholbachdpm, so no preliminary discussion with Peter?11:35
dpmdholbach, I already discussed it over e-mail a few months ago. Ultimately they end up asking for a design brief, so I would definitely have a call with Peter, but I think this time around I'd suggest to have the design brief in place before the call11:36
dholbachok, I see11:37
dholbachlunch time :)11:50
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czajkowskidpm: got a moment for a quick pm ?12:30
dpmczajkowski, back from lunch, sure13:21
jcastrohey does this new meizu pro 5 work in the us?14:57
mhall119jcastro: the MX4 did, so maybe?14:59
jcastroiirc the MX4 didn't do 4G/LTE15:03
jcastro"Meizu has no FCC certification in the USA and do not sell any of its devices directly to the USA. American buyers are unlikely to get stable 4G r even 3G) speeds."15:30
* jcastro shakes fist in popey's general direction15:30
popeyBlame your silly anti-competitive legislature my friend :)15:31
czajkowskipopey: arrives over, feed him get suggested I upgrade15:32
czajkowskinow waiting on upgrade to complete15:32
czajkowskido the needful!15:33
mhall119jcastro: tedg told me that his MX4 worked fine, on 3g and 4g I think15:36
balloonsit works with 3g + hspa16:00
* davidcalle quickly grabs a coffee and join the call in 2m16:00
balloonsno LTE.. so it's really the same as most older phones who don't have lte radios anyway16:01
balloonswith the prevelance of LTE now, it's a bigger deal though.  All new devices have support16:01
svijdpm: RE: UbuCon Europe: we could do another call between 29.02. and 02.0316:27
dholbachI call it a day - see you all tomorrow! have a good one! :-)17:11
dpmsvij, sorry, we were on the team call. I'll put something in the calendar then, thanks!17:24
wxlpleia2: can you change fridge.u.c to point lubuntu at lubuntu.me? i don't mind going to the wiki, but it seems all the other links refer to websites.19:51
wxljose: ubuntu flavors in the side bar19:51
joselet me see what I can do19:52
pleia2jose: you want to update under Links19:53
josepleia2: thanks for the pointer! was looking around.19:54
josewxl: should be all set now19:54
wxlthank you everyone :)19:54
knomejose, since you are there, please remove the www. from xubuntu19:54
wxland also..19:54
joseknome: let's take a look...19:54
wxlkidding :)19:54
wxli have another change i want to make on the wiki, but..19:54
pleia2jose: yeah, everything was moved around when they had to redistribute access (old links setup was admin only, and we're no longer admins)19:55
* wxl ducks19:55
josewxl: speak up now!19:55
josepleia2: yup. also, will look through the comments now19:55
wxljose: kidding, kidding. don't worry about it. unless you can make the wiki mutable :)19:55
josewxl: >.>19:55
pleia2jose: thanks :)19:55
pleia2jose: it's been a while19:55
wxldoes anyone know if we're going to be mutable by thursday? (14.04.4 point release)19:55
josepleia2: no prob! have some time now :)19:55
joseknome: should be all set now, can you please double check?19:55
wxland by thursday i mean tomorrow.19:55
josewxl: most likely, yes.19:56
knomejose, i believe i'm hitting caching19:56
wxlthx jose19:56
pleia2hope so19:56
joseknome: ctrl+f5?19:56
josewxl: no prob :)19:56
knomestill says www.19:56
pleia2it's updated, just heavy caching19:57
mhall119pleia2: do you have an rt# handy for getting access to the help wiki back?21:13
pleia2mhall119: 2795021:14
knomewhat about an/the EditorGroup for wiki.ubuntu.com?21:14
knomeshould we list people who should be in such?21:15
wxlisn't it dependent on successful SSO login, knome?21:15
pleia2for clarity of everyone:21:15
pleia2help.ubuntu.com/community/ wiki has the AdminGroup and and EditorGroup, both are adminish-level but EditorGroup has helped us survive the lockdown from early January21:16
knomewxl, no, EditorGroup means a specific group of people who have the editing rights even when the wiki is in lcokdown21:16
pleia2both groups there have community members21:16
wxloh i see what you mean21:16
pleia2wiki.ubuntu.com only has an AdminGroup AFAICT and that's Canonical-only I think, community members have no access to editing right now21:16
wxlas a temporary solution21:16
wxlbecause it would be nice to get through this freaking point release!!!21:17
knometemporary, and the editors have some extra powers too21:17
pleia2for help.ubuntu.com/community/ we have also proposed a ContributorGroup of known contributors in the community (not Admin or Editor) who are allowed access even during lockdown times21:17
pleia2without having to give them any admin powers21:18
knomeis there any blocker for having the same EditorGroup for both wikis?21:18
wxlif that's an option, i'd really like to see that implemented asap21:18
pleia2I don't know if there is a political reason for not allowing community members access to wiki.u.c21:18
wxlrelease folks really need it21:18
pleia2but syncing them up would be good21:19
knomeshould we just ask about this on #canonical-sysadmin21:19

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