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jamie1hey how do i get wayland running?17:14
craysiiianyone know of a guide for migrating data to a new OS installation21:38
darkxstcraysiii, just copy your home folder into new install22:13
craysiiiright, but im wondering if there will be any negative side effects from doing it so blindly22:13
darkxstcraysiii, no shouldnt be, although there can be issues if you go backwards i.e. 16.04 home back to 14.04 maybe problematic22:22
craysiiiah i see22:22
craysiiiwell my drive is coming in tonight, its going to be a long one :P22:23
craysiiiwhere can i download the newest 16.04 image?22:23
craysiiiyou had me confused for a moment, wondering when they let c be a TLD22:24
craysiiiim reading that people recommend rsync over cp because of permissions, do you think i can just get away with cp?22:27
darkxst`cp -a` would probably work22:28
darkxstor use tar22:28
darkxstI think its timestamps that are the issue with a plain 'cp'22:34
AzarusMy Ubuntu Gnome is crashing because the Intel driver and doesn't work.  I would like to know how I can install Nvidia drivers from the command line.23:01
craysiiione set23:02
craysiiisudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa ; sudo apt-get install nvidia-{version}23:03
craysiiioh you need to apt-get update before you install23:04
AzarusCan't connect to the Internet...23:04
AzarusCan't fetch lists23:05
AzarusWill an Ethernet connection help?23:07
craysiiiare you on the same machine now23:08
craysiiiok lol23:08
craysiiiyes ethernet23:08
AzarusWill try23:08
AzarusGot an Ethernet connection, still can't connect... How do I enable you to the connection?23:14
AzarusEnable the connection *23:14
craysiiiwhat do you have in /etc/network/interfaces23:16
AzarusAuto lo, Iface lo inet loopback23:18
AzarusAnd a comment23:19
craysiiiyou need to add your eth23:19
craysiiihttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkConfigurationCommandLine/Automatic go to "Configuring an interface"23:20
craysiiii would assume23:20
AzarusCannot find device Eth0 or eth1...23:23
craysiiio.O i just checked on my machine and its eno123:25
craysiiithis is also more a general linux question you might have more luck there ##linux23:25
AzarusOkay thanks 👍23:26

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