blahdeblahHi all.  We've had another spam flood on the main wiki and I've set it to read-only for a while.  Is there someone around who can update #ubuntu topic (and any other relevant channels) with this info?00:05
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Unit193Pici: Mind if I poke jose about removing the IRC team meetings from the GCal?  (TBH, been bugging me for a while.)20:58
joseyou've just poked me20:58
Unit193jose: Shush, no I haven't!20:58
Unit193I'm not on the IRC council, I can't actually ask you.20:59
josebut you've poked me, though.20:59
PiciUnit193: I personally don't have a problem with it, but why don't we leave it for the next set IRCC folks.20:59
Unit193Well, just figured I'd ask, since they didn't meet all last year.  (And I was looking at my calendar for today.)21:01
Unit193OK, sure.21:02
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