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tseliotapw, rtg: hey, which branch shall I use to have code included in 16.04? master-next?14:31
apwtseliot, you should base pull-requests on master-next yes14:31
tseliotapw: ok, thanks14:31
apwtseliot, i don't suppose i want to know what this vomit it, but if it is what i expect then we'll want a bug for it please to tie the gazillion commits together14:32
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tseliotapw: it's all (upstreamed) open source code for amdgpu, and yes, I can file a bug report about it14:33
apwtseliot, that'd be lovely, put the buglink in all the commits please too,14:33
tseliotapw: sure14:33
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manjortg, apw looks like the patches to support http://is.gd/0GhbMU are in 4.1/4.2 any idea if we have this feature in xenial ? 16:10
apwmanjo, i have not, i'd refer you to slangasek or whoever is working it16:13
manjoyeah 16:13
manjoI will check with slangasek 16:13
nilujeis there a way to set isolcpus without rebooting and change the cmdline?17:43
nilujeI need to exclude several cores from the scheduler17:43
apwit depends what that actually does, does it unplug them or just ignore them17:47
nilujeapw: was that for me?17:47
apwniluje, yes17:48
nilujeI want to ignore them17:49
nilujeI have a DPDK application that calls setaffinity to use four cores17:49
nilujeI dont want something else to run on these cores17:49
apwniluje, anyhow the only thing that appears to update that is the early kernel parmeter, so i suspect not17:51
nilujethanks a lot apw 17:53
hallynapw: sforshee; so cgroup namespaces are now in linux-next.  Do I nee dto do anything to request them going into xenial kernel?  (I assume so...)  just an email to ubuntu kernel list?18:16
apwhallyn and they need to be in before tomorrow, so dont wait18:48
hallynapw: don't wait with what?18:49
hallynemail to kernel list?18:49
hallynor something else?  Pull request?18:49
hallyn(i guess i used the wrong list last week and earlier this week)18:49
argeshallyn: kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com18:58
hallynarges: thanks, just sent it there19:01
argeshallyn: it may help to have a pull-request of a tree where the specific patches are applied on top of hte xenial tree19:02
argesor just [PATCH] emails ifs its short and they cleanly git am on xenial19:02
hallynarges: ...  yeah, xenial is already pretty out of date so a pr may be worthwhile19:02
hallyni wonder whether my kernel.ubuntu.com git acct access is still valid - haven't used it since it migrated i dont' think19:03
argeshallyn: i see a /home/serge on that machine19:04
hallynhttp://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/?ofs=500  should really provide a [from-to] range under each # at the bottom of the page :)19:04
* hallyn shuts up before someone drafts him to web hack19:05
hallynarges: last touched 3 years ago :)19:05
lamontjsalisbury: next rock, pls?21:17
jsalisburylamont, ack, I'll let you knwo when the next one is ready21:18
lamontjsalisbury: bad.  next ?22:21
jsalisburylamont, ack22:26
jsalisburylamont, next kernel is ready22:53
lamontjsalisbury: should I be concerned that it's 4.2.0rc8 when the last known good was 4.3.0-7?22:55
jsalisburylamont, no, the naming is kind of weird.  The last kernel was bad, so this build is now back in time22:56
lamontit just means that Ihave to actually interrupt the boot process and pick one22:57
jsalisburylamont, the bisect bounces around allot, especially when there are merges22:57
lamontjsalisbury: good kernel.  next?22:58
jsalisburylamont, great, I'll start the next build22:58
lamontjsalisbury: and not that we care, but one monitor is screaming about "Out of Range"23:00
lamonth 48.2KHz V 44.3Hz23:00
lamont(yes the one that disappears in the bad kernels)23:01
lamontthere is just something satisfying about: sudo apt-get purge linux-image-$(uname -r) && reboot23:01

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