duflurobert_ancell_: Thank you again. I should have made up my mind before I asked you the first time01:31
robert_ancell_duflu, :)01:31
dufluInterestingly it means that feature isn't blocked by the two bugs that we just fixed, but also one or two new bugs not yet reported01:31
dufluI may have to redesign the frame scheduling in Xmir to better deal with it. And/or (hopefully not) finish implementing GLX swap control01:32
dufluWeird one of the issues was noticeably lower smoothness in Unity8 vs Mir demo shells. That might be the QtMir issue already in my name01:38
dufluRAOF: The latest gcc for xenial got linking of mir_unit_tests from 3 minutes back down to 15.9 seconds. Is gold still faster?03:29
dufluor binutils... something fixed it03:30
dufluImpressive given bin/mir_unit_tests.bin is 241MB03:31
dufluSigh. If we stripped symbols after building and use the unstripped DSOs for the tests, that could be 100 times smaller still03:34
dufluAlthough symbol versions makes that very hard to do03:34
RAOFWe *do* strip the symbols after building the packages. Why would we build two sets of DSOs, one stripped one not?03:38
dufluRAOF: I mean build one with everything (so mir tests don't need to use object libraries) and then copy and strip the unwanted bits for release DSOs03:56
dufluOne set of DSOs built, but two variants of that build released.03:57
RAOFBut we don't *have* any superfluous symbols in the released DSOs?04:00
RAOFAh, no, I think I understand what you mean.04:01
RAOFI don't see why we'd bother, but I think I see what you mean :)04:02
dufluRAOF: In the least you get one shared copy of the test DSOs between mir*tests, instead of each getting its own04:03
dufluQuicker build and less disk space04:03
dufluMight be fun to try some day04:03
dufluAgain.. (I have tried similar in the past)04:03
anpokalf_: could your workaround fix RAOFs enable-lto branch?07:32
dufluFunny thing about mice being relative devices - you can have multiple plugged in and use any/all of them08:13
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anpokyay and use them to have multiple cursors on screen..08:24
alf_anpok: I don't know, let me take a look08:34
anpoki wanted to rebuild his branch as soon as yours lands.. it seems to not link pthread on armhf vivid08:37
alf_anpok: looking at the error message you pasted, it's the same thing my MP fixes (just for mir_demo_server). Given that RAOF's branch doesn't use ld.gold, it's a good chance that the problem is in fact in g++/libstdc++-4.008:42
alf_anpok: -4.908:42
anpokduflu: on touchpad scrolling.. there is another thing blocking us.. we still do report ticks even on touchpads... which are scaled (/15.0f) touchpad gestures..08:48
anpokif there is an integer conversion downstream.. we loose the accuracy08:48
dufluanpok: Yet nautilus and Gnome apps have one-pixel accurate touch scrolling... some other way08:49
anpokon top of mir too?08:49
dufluanpok: I'm only talking about Unity708:49
anpokjust curious if we need to offer both assumed ticks and the unscaled scroll moves too..08:50
dufluanpok: Both are required yes. You never know which the app is able to use08:50
dufluanpok: I did notice libinput synthesises a mouse wheel with two finger touches... Can now zoom with Super+two fingers :)08:51
dufluAlthough it's super-sensitive08:51
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Saviqalf_, looks like jenkins defeated your python foo after all :/ https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/qtmir/fix-orientation-after-unplug/+merge/286065/comments/72894510:07
SaviqI'm not sure what happened there10:08
Saviqalf_, OTOH it might actually be the fault of the -ci job, it passed the wrong build number10:09
greybackSaviq: it reports test fail10:09
alf_Saviq: greyback: What's the problem with the output?10:10
Saviqgreyback, but that's the correct run https://unity8-jenkins.ubuntu.com/view/Launchpad/job/lp-qtmir-1-ci/77/10:10
Saviqgreyback, and that one's passed10:10
Saviqalf_, PASSED, but all builds FAILED ;)10:11
greybackI dunno, just sawing what I see in the failed log10:11
Saviqalf_, someohow ${BUILD_URL} pointed at the previous run (again, rebuilds)10:11
alf_Saviq: ...10:11
Saviqgreyback, yeah, I know why the builds failed, but notice it's the same run https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/qtmir/fix-orientation-after-unplug/+merge/286065/comments/72890810:12
Saviqwhile it should be 77, which passed10:12
Saviqalf_, it's dumb, see https://unity8-jenkins.ubuntu.com/view/Launchpad/job/lp-qtmir-1-ci/77/console10:13
Saviqalf_, and then parameters for https://unity8-jenkins.ubuntu.com/job/lp-generic-2-update-mp/475/parameters/10:13
Saviqrebuilds seem to confuse jenkins these days a lot10:13
alf_Saviq: so when rebuilding ${BUILD_URL} contains the URL of the original build?10:17
Saviqalf_, seems so10:18
Saviqalf_, I'll have a few tries to see what's in env10:18
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Mirvanpok: any news on a Mir input info API to use from Qt Systems? you've reportedly mentioned it being in progress on Feb 4th12:50
zsombianpok: ping12:50
zsombiMirv: :D12:50
zsombianpok: my ping is for teh same as Mirv's :D12:50
Mirvanpok: we're just trying to figure out if we can get a Mir backend coding started for qtsystems12:51
pax55anpok, ^^13:03
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anpokMirv: still in progress.. the last two or three weeks other things were  more important13:20
Mirvzsombi: ^13:25
Mirvanpok: ok, thanks for the update13:25
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anpokkdub: yes i agree .. seems like a lot of stuff16:16
anpoki was thinking about the resize handling.. which is probably the usual case for having different sized buffers in the presentation chain16:17
anpokis the idea there to create the whole surface setup.. create a new chain.. submit buffer and then apply spec?16:17
anpokhm or would resize only change the buffer size but not the the other parameters of presentation chain?16:18
anpoks/would resizse only change/would resize only require a change of/16:19
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kdubanpok, the spec can be applied before the surface creation as well16:51
kduband which "resize"?16:51
kduba resize message, initiated by the shell/server would be a notification, and then in the case of MirPresentationChains, let the client-user figure it out, and in the case of MirBufferStreams, libmirclient will auto-manage the size transition16:52
anpokhm the resize as in the client decides to follow a resize event and submit the next buffer in a different size17:19
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